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Blue Swallow [v0.6.2 Hotfix 1]


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Blue Swallow Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Claire is a normal girl in a normal world, just living life.

Developer: Blue Swallow – SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.2 Hotfix 1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2dcg, Text-based, Female protagonist, Character creation, Adventure, RPG, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Pregnancy

Description Game

Claire is a normal girl in a normal world, just living life.
Without warning, her life becomes upended.
She is recruited to save her country.

No training, no experience, but now a spy with everything on the line.

You control the action of our main protagonist, our heroine who has been thrust from a normal life into going undercover to save her family and save her country.

Who is she?
How did she end up in this position?
Will she succeed?

…What will she have to do to accomplish her mission?

YOU decide.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Blue Swallow Download
Blue Swallow Download
Blue Swallow Download
Blue Swallow Download

0.6.2 Hotfix 1

What’s included?

  • Clean up, proofing and expansion of the Gang and Partier HSV (a few new sex scenes)
  • Clean up, proofing and expansion of the Popular and Sport HS Arc (a couple smaller, new sex scenes)
  • Addition of a Pregnancy chance in HS and University. And then a full arc as Claire navigates the repercussions.
  • Complete refactoring of stats in relation to the ‘mind breaking’ in the main game. It’ll now be easier to gain Stability and keep it in the Prologue. And if you manage to get to the main game too low? There’s an ‘easy’ button for a quick boost.
  • Addition and repositioning of when you choose Claire’s ‘first’ — you pick who she’s dating.
  • Addition of fidelity – is Claire a cheater, cheated on? Committed or not really a relationship girly?
  • A new sex scene as Claire experiments with her significant other
  • A few new random hookups to our list from YOU the players (Gang, Partier, Sport and Popular arcs)
  • 50 new pieces of passage art to enhance sections.
  • New Hometown accessories — your Claire is more unique based on where she grows up!
  • Claire can now actually win the Prom Queen tiara!
  • Including Piercings and Tattoos to University — maybe it’s time for Claire to adorn herself.
  • A new, surprise outfit for one path in Act I
  • Claire has emotional faces now!
  • The Shopping Mall has basic functionality and interface in Manila! Buy some new outfits for your Claire.
  • Alice now has her face in the game
  • The early game hints should look better and be clearer
  • The Back Button should be placed better and clearer
  • Buttons should look better
  • The Dossier should look better and have an improved interface
  • Including a potential SexSkills and Kink choice during Gap Year — unlikely, but possible.
  • A new Bad End
  • The shopping mall has gotten improvements in Act I!
  • Innumerable fixes and improvements to the game. Including: fixes to Act I Job paths that used to dead-end; correction to choices with Act I Tara; correction to text re: hooking up with the Boys; correction if it’s Claire’s first trip alone or not; fix to who can hook up with Kate in Bangkok; a fix to lesbian and bi scenes that were reading wrong; the Lead Singer during College Commencement can now be a ‘body; refactor and rework of how grades in University work — you should now actually be able to pass!; addition of spy portions of the dossier so you can now see how your Claire is being evaluated; fixed an issue with Angelo’s fight; fixes to coding that allow for flexibility sexskills to be granted; corrected how many people Claire hooked up with in college and allowing her to gain skills and kinks from it; the Seedy Casting Couch now works as intended and has no errors; cheering in HS should actually be easier to succeed at…and others I can’t dig through our commits to find.

This hotfix addresses a number of issues including:

  • Not being able to access First Sex scene
  • Fixes to losses of virginity that didn’t trigger
  • Lowered requirements for the Breeding Kink
  • Fixed coding within the Seedy Casting Arc
  • Fixes to character name rendering

0.5F Hotfix 3

  • Bad End / Cracking in Act I should be easier to avoid and there is a warning now as you enter Act I with a little ‘help’ button if desired. To wit, there shouldn’t be any Bad Ends yet.
  • Virginity was resetting every load. Shouldn’t do that now.
  • Gap Year has added Kink and Sex Skill levelling if Claire sleeps with enough people during that timeframe (very unlikely, but possible).
  • Some erroneous text has been fixed.
  • Edits to ‘realHeight’ more in line with reality for women.

How To Install Game Blue Swallow

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Blue Swallow Free Download

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