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Guild of Spicy Adventures [v64]


Download Guild of Spicy Adventures Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Guild of Spicy Adventures Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Unleash your sword and embark on an journey with your beautiful companions.

Developer: Hikkeiru – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 64
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Language: English
Genre:  Adult, 2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Groping, Oral Sex, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Adventure, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Humor, Parody, Point & Click, Romance, Vaginal sex, Sandbox, Anal Sex, Big Tits , Stripping , Voyeurism, Spanking, Creampie, Pregnancy

Description Game

Unleash your sword and embark on an journey with your beautiful companions to conquer challenges in this harem adventure game.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Guild of Spicy Adventures
Download Guild of Spicy Adventures
Download Guild of Spicy Adventures
Download Guild of Spicy Adventures

Progression tracker!
Find out any next story you need to do by going through a very rare to this genre story tracker tree!Story continuation:
Ask Cylia what happened to the slime!
Someone joins you in the bath! New hentai-scene!

Huge story update with the game crossing 2k renders in total!
See preview here!


If you experienced before blue animations or stuck at kanae h-scene, it is fixed in 0.59.
Until then it’s safer to save in the roaming mode for compatibility purposes.

  • Longer story continuation event!
    Your lewd time with Kanae leads to full-filling the promise of taking her to the place she is so excited about! Several new animations for the new event!
  • Story localization.
    Make sure to travel at least once to another location, and it will migrate the story automatically to support localization and the newly put story! Ex. Move to the next street in the town. The story is now translated and scripts are created to only enable proofreading-mostly without translators needing to translate every single sentence. If you wish to help with translation in your native language you can report particular screen with bug reporter or DM me for better interface access.
  • Meeting screen name correct font.
  • Added several UI item translations.
  • Ping method now doesn’t block UI thread.
  • Initializing ink story on first accessed rather than on game entry.
  • Button text going out of bounds adjusted.
  • Two new audio background tracks.
  • Fixing choice buttons sometimes not working when clicked too fast
  • Putting new text animator effects to the use. The letters can now animate to make the story pop!
  • New hentai scene!
    10 Animations with full support for multiple perspectives and optional pregnancy visuals. The animation has alternative animation that has chance to show. This is to ensure it will appear less repeatable and more alive! Also this scene is designed to be repeatable!
  • 0.56.1 Fixes bg stuck at heart animation during Mara return from Cure for Emilly event. Thanks for reporting Anonymous. It’s possible that it also fixes similar issue during the last H-animation, although I can’t seem to find a way to reproduce it.
  • Story continuation: Kanae want’s to go fishing. You can take her there for a price…
  • Adding new gallery item for the new hentai scene.
  • Fixing history log not available in 0.55 .
  • Now the story initializes with default time.
  • Fix black background blink when undo or there was a bg clear. I.e. Happened when changing locations.
  • Internal ability to get and save time number to mark time in ink scripts.
  • Clearing weather with other bg clears. Preventing it appearing on undesigned quests.

This was quicker update than usual, but acts as a follow-up for the last event. At the same time brings a lot of stuff.

Regardless…as always Enjoy the game.

  • Continuation of the story.
    Follow up on the last accommodation event that ended on different note.
  • Weather system beginnings.
    Rain was added for the new event. It will reacts when free roaming around the town. Meaning entering buildings will stop and start the rain and the sound. It also has a chance to trigger after sleeping.
    Please use it if you see any problem, grammar, typo etc. It has slight delay when opening since it takes a save and a screenshot. Thank you for your contributions.
  • Now you can pass day by sleeping in your room.
  • Your room location was added.
  • Part of initialization has been moved in transition from starting game to menu, which removes confusing smaller freeze at the game launch.
  • Opalizations to UI.
    Now part of them don’t get re-instantiated therefore avoiding double costs. There is now separate persistent UI scene.
  • Now name gets changed right after MC learns the name. Previously it was shown differently only on speaker changing. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Now narrator is wrapped in [ ] characters to distinguish more easily from MC. I.e.” [She started singing, as you pounded her in the ass.]”
  • Fixing few lines out of place in optional event @SleepyInsomniac
  • Fixing few lines speaker out of place in optional event @SleepyInsomniac
  • New BGM added for new event.
  • Meeting screen now takes into account name overrides. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Reversed shop location naming fix. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Clownfish is a bit easier to catch and more expensive since it’s most rare. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Accessing hut is now possible again, visit Forest Entry to unlock the location. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Several grammar typos, actor typo and improvement to contextual story flow. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Day night fix when loading before time was first time set. Thanks @elitechaos
  • Fix one render appearing out of place in jail cell. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Added pause menu with splash.
  • Internal Ink API background memorizing place added for weather purposes.
  • Fixed few sprites. I.e. accommodation bed sheet covers overlapping, and different opacity masks.
  • Top buttons update their state after load.
  • Small graphical fix to the timer border.
  • Adding missing default preset setting.
  • Top buttons bit smaller.
  • Increasing Options size to make it easier to see.
  • Optional rich presence added.
  • Slightly shifting lower travel point to main street.
  • 0.52.1 Animation loop fix.
  • 0.51.1 Console key fix, android fix @JuanokuG4
  • 0.51.1 Passing time when leaving the hut with Cylia fix.



Halloween is scheduled, longer and more complex optional story event!

This update took over a month to make. For the people who support my work. Thank you for allowing me to continue making this game ❤

  • Huge continuation to story for halloween!
    To start Halloween ask Dalia about it after the fishing story. It is marked with pumpkin icon.
    Halloween event ignores jumpscare and bloody preference setting.
  • Over 12 spicy animations!
  • Multiple different outcomes!
  • 0.50.1 Adding quest for easier tracking. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • 0.50.1 Several lines speaker id fix. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • Halloween h-scenes were added to gallery.
  • Thanks for proofread. Ryleona thewhitespirit LIFE
  • Extending icon parsing for choices text.
  • New icons were added to choices for Halloween.
  • Now instead of asking for data privacy you can just choose to don’t answer feedback in the feedback story. This is to avoid people getting scared even though it was just randomized id and was only used to see which part of the story people liked the most.
  • Custom characters names removing _ character.
  • Cure for Emi for public should come within next month.
  • Some events requiring time have temporarily removed time requirement to prevent very rare save time soft-lock. It’s gonna be fixed in minor patch Thanks @EliteChaos


  • Story continuation
    • Upon entering main street you get a new quest.
    • Pursue continuation about it with Kanae.
    • Open Emilly shop and press her about those items. Someone may come to your help.
  • Town extension.
    • Union location has been moved to Main street.
    • Downtown main street.
    • Downtown main stairs street.
    • Downtown amity street.
  • 0.49.1 Traveling icons have been decreased in size, default color has been changed and it has now similar animation across all clickable objects.
  • 0.49.1 Fishing slider animation speed changed to more accurately reflect the underlying value.
  • 0.49.1 Small fix to fishing cursor position detection.
  • Day and night locations has been implemented. The event to change time will arrive next update.
  • Fishing, when reeling line doesn’t break as fast. Now there is a 3 second timer when fish is escaping before it snaps. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • Fishing instructions has been improved. Reeling doesn’t show click.
  • Cleaning up a rod sprite which caused a moving vignette shadow.
  • Locations icons have been changed to be more consistent with each other. There is also new type of icons which are separated by entry or location spot.
  • API implemented to handle day and night cycle checking for ink story.
  • Shop item tooltip and inv tooltip now shows rarity name. Previously only item name was colored by rarity.
  • Card meeting buttons UI was changed.
  • Card meeting name font density increased for readability.
  • Card meeting image has now shiny animation.
  • Version title UI has been modified and added to main scene.
  • You can now freely toggle console with f2.
  • Several utility console commands have been added.
  • 0.48.5 – UI fix. Input code connector now closes when clicking out of the dialog box. Thanks @Imbibitor Lunae
  • 0.48.4 – Quick hotfix inventory invisible during some scenes due to button not found.
  • 0.48.3 – Quick hotfix button not found during fishing preventing fishing.
  • 0.48.2 – Cleaning shop feedback text on entry.
  • 0.48.2 – Clearing travel to Dalia clickable background. Preventing of double clicking which soft-locked Dalia first entry story.
  • 0.48.2 – UI fix for resolution setting.
  • 0.48.1 – Quick fix item id definition missing from runtime item.

How To Install Game Guild of Spicy Adventures

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Guild of Spicy Adventures Free Download



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