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High-Rise Climb [v0.94a]


Download High-Rise Climb Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

High-Rise Climb Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Is about Byron, a financial analyst recently started fighting…

Developer: smokeydots Patreon – Discord
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG; Corruption, Harem; Slice of Life, Rape, Futa/Trans, Cheating, Drugs, Group Sex, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Voyeurism

Description Game

High climbing is about Byron, a financial analyst who has recently been struggling. Help Byron climb corporate stairs to become the strongest man in the world. What will you do with that power? Will you use it to help people around you, or do you want so much before you, broken?

Screenshots and Gameplay


v0.94a Patch Notes
Major Changes:

  • 451 Stills
  • 24 New Animations + 9 Background change animation

Added 6 Izumi Endings:

  • 3 Relationship endings
  • 3 Fear endings

Added Invite Izumi over to the Penthouse Condo. (REQ Sex with Izumi at her bedroom):

  • Added Izumi condo tour
  • Added Izumi conversation about AI
  • Added Dinner with Izumi and Sora
  • Added Sex with Izumi at the Condo
  • Added Encounter with Sora at the Condo


  • Added Izumi endings to the Gallery
  • Added Sora encounter to the Gallery
  • Added Izumi condo sex to the Gallery

Game Start:

  • Added second tier cheat after completing an Izumi ending and a Grace ending at the start of the game giving up to 6 million dollars.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed shorting brown Grace quest where your money disappears. (Got messed up last patch.)
  • Fixed Shorting brown Grace quest bug where you can not progress sometimes. (Got messed up last patch.)
  • Fixed shorting brown Grace quest dialogue issues.

0.93c addon
Fixed Dissolve transition bug in Bella Carter Night Club Dance
Fixed Dissolve transition bug in Grace ending 7
Fixed Dissolve transition bug in Grace ending 11
Fixed Dissolve transition bug in Grace repairing relationship conversation
Turning On the X-ray when talking to Luna during Bella and Carter’s event at the Night club now jumps to the correct label (Was jumping to Alice’s event before).
Working/investing/researching all work properly now at the mansion/condo (Fixed issues with 2-4 hours)

0.93.1b Patch Notes (Bug Fix Patch)
Bug fixes

Inviting Grace to the Condo req. indicator for Rel and Fear is wrong
Changed the trigger for Real Estate calling you. (Changed to when the player sleeps so it is not missable.)

0.93.1a Patch Notes
Minor Additions

Added Izumi’s Gallery
Bug Fixes

(MAJOR) Fixed unable to unlock Grace’s house when going down Izumi’s path unless you follow her.
(MAJOR) Fixed not being able to go into Grace’s house even after being invited by Grace in various situations.
(MAJOR) Fixed Threatening Grace in her bedroom not working properly (Izumi’s Secret Path)
Fixed Grace’s past present future not transitioning properly.
Fixed Grace Opportunity is sized wrong for one quest.
Fixed Grace Opportunity alert bubble not appearing.
Fixed Gallery Start points for Threaten Parts
Made minor improvements to Grace’s Opportunities.
Fixed Grace Opportunities showing as completed when they aren’t.
Fixed Izumi Opportunities showing as completed when they aren’t.

0.93c Patch Notes.
Fixed Izumi’s house not appearing on the map when going down the fear route. (Major Bug – couldn’t get to this location unless you followed her earlier than required)
Improvements to Izumi’s opportunities to prevent getting lost
Fixed one of Izumi’s animations playing in the background causing high memory usage
Fixed various Izumi scenes where the first image doesn’t transition correctly
Fixed Izumi’s House Skip time button displaying the wrong scenes
Fixed Izumi’s House Skip time button skipping to the wrong time during the mornings.
Fixed Izumi’s Piano Chat on the Weekend crash
Fixed not being able to check micro-cams when micro-cams are installed in some locations and not others

0.93b Patch Notes
This is a bug-fix version:

Fixed Garage on the map going to AI Research Center (Major Bug)
Fixed being able to buy AI Research Center lot without having 20 million
Fixed wage indicator after buying Mansion or AI Research Center and having less than 7.5 million dollars
Fixed investment income gains after purchasing Mansion and AI Research Center and have less than 7.5 million dollars
Automatically get a loan up to 7.5 million dollars after buying Mansion or AI Research Center when you have less than 7.5 million left over.
Fixed Goals Opportunities getting stuck at “Make 20 Million dollars” (This is just a display problem).
Add some Izumi Opportunities Improvements I have been working on (Not fully completed)

0.93a Patch Notes
AI Research Center Progress
Grace Ending (11 Endings)
Add Gallery Framework (Only Grace)
Added New Game + Framework (Only Grace)
Added More Grace Opportunities to point that makes it harder to get lost.
15 AI Animations
18 Grace Animations
Bug Fixes
Fixed 3000+ Grammatical Errors
Fixed Grace Progression Bug that swaps relationship and fear
Fixed many more bugs that I have forgotten

How To Install Game High-Rise Climb

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “High-Rise Climb.exe” to start playing.

Just unzip into game folder (Works for all PC, MAC and LINUX)

High-Rise Climb Free Download

Android (v0.92a): GDRIVE

Walkthrough: DIRECT LINK



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