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Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Tower Defense

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TITLE: Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Tower Defense
GENRE:Indie, Strategy
DEVELOPER:Ironhide Game Studio
RELEASE DATE: 25 Jul, 2016

Description Game

The most demonic defense game in the world back – Welcome to the Rush Kingdom: Frontiers!

Bigger and bad than before, royal rush: Frontiers is a completely new level of very fast and charming gameplay that makes the original title award-winning hit. Command your troops through an epic adventure (eg) when you maintain exotic land of dragons, human eaters, and terrible termination of underworld – all with new towers, levels, heroes, and more items to help you destroy your enemy porridge. (Don’t worry, we still have all the good items from the last game too. It’s vintage now.)

Rush royal: borders pack in lots of content, it’s like a fully enhanced artillery explosion from delicious, pixelated excitement launched directly into your small face smiling … and it hurts so well!

Main features

  • Fantastic Tower Defense game with many strategic decisions. Things are great users like reinforcements, meteor strikes, heroes, and others.
  • Fortifying borders on exotic news land – hold the line in the desert, forest and even the underworld!
  • New Eight New Tower Upgrade! Iris, hiss, and stepped on your enemies with arrows, Templar Perkasa, Necromancer, and even the earthquake machine – Hey, we said we rocked everything.
  • More than 18 tower capabilities! Remove the death driver, cloudboard, or killer who stole and killed your enemy!
  • More than 40 enemies with unique abilities! Stay at your feet when you fight through sand sand desert, tribal shaman, nomad tribe and underground terror.
  • 9 legendary heroes. Change your champions and practice their abilities! Each has a unique specialty that matches a different play style! And again what will come!
  • Special units and features at each stage! Be careful with black dragons!
  • Boss mercilessly fight! Hey, we said to get the upgrade …
  • Update system allows you to tower min / max to your choice strategy.
  • Gameplay clock with more than 70 achievements!
  • Classic, iron and heroic game modes to challenge your tactical skills!
  • Three difficulty modes! Are you ready for a real challenge? Go with hard mode!
  • The charm is intoxicating with rousing scores, sound-overs of overs and art cartoons with love! (Complete with blood cartoons, of course.)
  • Encyclopedia in the game! True warriors know your enemies … and their tower. Study!

Screenshots and Gameplay

How To Install Kingdom Rush Frontiers Crack

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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