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Long Story Short [Renpy Version] [v0.9a build 37]


Download Long Story Short Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Long Story Short Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You will play as a man, who has never been really clicked with too many girls…

Developer: Kamo Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Corruption, Cheating, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Blackmail, Mobile game, NTR (Avoidable), Voyeurism, Lesbian, Group Sex, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Group sex, Cheating, Romance, Exhibitionism, Big ass, Big tits.

Description Game

You will play as a man, who has never really been clicked with too many girls. You prefer to spend your time on a computer than dealing with real life relationships.

However, everything will quickly begin to change for a moment after diving into the story. Your best friend, Joe, has made a significant change in his life, and he is there to pull you out of your comfort zone into a new lifestyle.

Vanessa’s girlfriend, Joe, and Ann, her shy friend, is only two of the girls that you will meet early in the story. Will you build a relationship with sweet, shy, Ann? Maybe you will damage it? Heck, why not try stealing Vanessa from Joe?

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Long Story Short 
Download Long Story Short 
Download Long Story Short 

Version 0.9a build 37 – 2024-04-29

Added: 0.9 story content:
* Vanessa morning
* Ann Dorm call with Ivy (Ann Love)
* Goofing off with Emily in the morning
* Bus ride with Vanessa
* Vanessa at bar with Chris (variations: Vanessa leading/MC leading, Vanessa/MC/Kim threesome, Chris + Vanessa NTR, minor variations)
* Bus ride back with Vanessa at night (variations: Vanessa leading/MC leading, choices made at bar)
* Ann dorm night conversation (Ann Love, non-NTR and NTR w/control off variations)
* Ann dorm night conversation and cheating with Chris (Ann Love, no corruption, dating Chris, MC tells her to stop seeing him)
* Ann visit MC’s house (Ann Corruption)
* Sleep in Emily’s bed at night
* Jenny text message in the morning (Dating Jenny)
* Emily practice date
* Alex first date
* Sleep in Emily’s bed second night
* Emily morning discussion
* Ann text message (Ann Love, no corruption)
* Ann car ride to motel (Ann Corruption)
* Ann motel (Ann Corruption, multiple variations)
* Ann car ride morning after motel (Ann Corruption, multiple variations)
Added: 5 new Alex Insta posts
Added: Changelog to main menu
Added: 1 new Ann Insta posts (Ann Hate)
Added: 21 new gallery images
Added: 14 new scene replays
Added: Ann Hate dialogues through end of V0.8
Added: Joe Rival dialogues through end of V0.8

Changed: Upgraded to Ren’Py 7.7.1
* Enabled Ren’Py Sync (for save transferring between devices)
* Minor dialogue adjustments to previous story content to match new version

Fixed: On day 9, if you didn’t previously romance Jenny and Emily, an error occurs while talking to Mysterious Girl
Fixed: Incorrect partial image reference for Vanessa conversation in v0.8
Fixed: Various dialogues with say arguments specified due to Ren’Py 7.7.1 update
Fixed: Phone glitch after talking to Vanessa before meeting her at the park

Fixed: Settings menu alignment for handheld devices

Version 0.8b build 30 – 2023-08-01

**Use a save prior to 0.8a or at the very beginning in order to see all new content**

Added: 0.8b story content
* Ann sex before library (Ann Corruption)
* Ann texting MC from Chris’ place (NTR, Ann Corruption, Ann also dating Chris)
* MC/Ann/Chris at Chris’ place (NTR, Ann Corruption, Ann also dating Chris)
* MC + Ann in the alley with hobo (NTR, Ann Corruption, Ann also dating Chris)
* Emily Kitchen Night (with and without her ex variations)
* Emily and Joe conversation and follow-up with MC (NTR, Joe Rival)
* Meet Jenny at the bar (Joe Rival)
* Vanessa + Grandpa (customer) at hotel (Vanessa path, give him what he wants)
Added: 5 new Ann Insta posts (5 Ann corruption) (1 Ann hate)
Added: 3 new Jenny photos to morning text message conversation
Added: 7 new replay gallery scenes
Added: 21 new gallery images
Added: Opacity slider for dialogue box

Changed: 0.8b story content
* Dialogue for day 11 Vannessa + MC at the park
* Dialogue and pathing for day 11 Joe texting MC
* Dialogue for day 11 Jenny Date
* Dialogue and pathing for day 11 Vanessa + MC at night
* Dialogue changes (minor) for Emily ex-bf text messages (Joe Rival)
* Dialogue and pathing changes for day 8 Emily morning conversation (Joe Rival)
* Dialogue and pathing changes for day 8 Ann + MC pre-photoshoot conversation (Joe Rival)
* Dialogue and pathing changes for day 9 Joe text message and Joe gym (Joe Rival)
* Dialogue for day 11 Joe + Vansesa + MC threesome
Changed: “Let me just stretch” replay broken up into two replays
Changed: Replaced all images with TTrick’s compressed images
Changed: Added heart indicator to Insta profiles to show all photos MC has liked
Changed: Various dialogues for Ann Corruption route

Fixed: Bug where Ann talks about blackmailing Vanessa when MC doesn’t actually do it
Fixed: Bug where right-clicking on save slot activates confirm delete prompt
Fixed: Bug where “I saw Vanessa’s nudes” option does not appear if you saw them
Fixed: Bug where MC’s thought “Fuck it! I’m gonna go there” shows up unintentionally during texting with Jenny
Fixed: Bug where the wrong dialogue was shown when Vanessa is leading MC for their “bet” (Vanessa + MC at park)

Version 0.8.3a build 27 – 2023-05-07

This is an alpha build! Returning players should keep their old saves. New players should make saves when prompted at the beginning of 0.8.3 content.

Added: v0.8.3 story content
* Emily morning kitchen
* Ann morning call
* Vanessa morning conversation
* Ann date (Ann Love corruption and no corruption)
* Emily and Ann movie night
* Vanessa naughty SMS (disagreed with her that she’s perfect)
* Joe and MC morning chat (Joe friend)
* Emily ex arrives (NTR, only if invited)
* Alex house
* Vanessa and MC at park
* MC chat with Mysterious Girl about Ann & Alex conversation
* MC and Vanessa meet grandpa and his granddaughter at the coffee shop (Vanessa path)
* MC and Vanesssa take Angela and her BF to the beach (Vanessa path, find dirt on customer)
* Second date with Jenny
* MC/Joe/Vanessa threesome
* Emily night masturbation
* V8 Vanessa/MC night
* Emily and Ex sex (NTR, only if invited)
* Ann webcam at dorm
Added: New Jenny SMS image from day 7 (v0.6)
Added: Image gallery
Added: 8 new replay scenes
Added: Built-in gallery unlocker

Changed: Renamed “Gallery” to “Scenes”
Changed: Added filters for Scenes
Changed: Some minor UI updates
Changed: Refactored some Insta code to make my life a little easier

Fixed: Bug where Vanessa fucking Mario scene doesn’t show when you agree with her that she is perfect the way she is
Fixed: Certain replays not ending on their own
Fixed: Bug were Ann’s clothes would change to Pure Love route clothes in one scene at Alex’s house
Fixed: Bug where MC’s clothes re-appear during the underpass scene
Fixed: Bug where any choice decreasing relationship points would set it to -1.
Fixed: Various minor bugs

Version 0.5 and 0.6 build 20 (initial Ren’Py port release) 2023-02-26

Added: v0.6 story content
* Ann at MC’s house morning (Ann Love – no corruption)
* Vanessa at MC’s house morning (Ann Love – corruption)
* Emily bedroom
* Emily shopping
* Emily coffee
* Ann library (with and without Chris variations)
* Ann audition (corrupted)
* Vanessa shopping
* Vanessa house (Ann Hate, Ann Love – corruption, Joe Rival variations)
* Underpass (Ann Love – corruption)
* Vanessa customer at bar (Vanessa blackmail/rude to customer)
* Chris bar with Merry (accepted proposal to share girls/if missed on different route in version 0.5)
* Jenny SMS
* Alex easter egg (if missed it the first time)
Added: New gallery items for version

Fixed: Insta post comment box not aligned with photo size
Fixed: Prevent walkthrough notices from displaying in Insta after the event has passed
Fixed: Missing variable for tracking if you tell coffee shop customer to fuck off or not

Added: v0.5 story content
* MC bedroom after party (Ann GF, Ann Hate variations)
* Vanessa’s house visit (Joe friend and Joe rival variations)
* Emily returns home (Joe friend and Joe rival variations)
* Joe beach/meet Jenny (Joe friend)
* Emily beach (Joe rival)
* Ann movies (Ann Love and Corrupted, Chris variations)
* Chris bar with Merry (accepted proposal to share girls)
* Morning with Vanessa (Ann Love and Corrupted, Ann Hate variations)
* Sex with Ann (Ann Love and Corrupted variations)
* Alex easter egg
Added: New gallery items for version
Added: Built-in Walkthrough (Enable through Settings screen)
Added: Option to enable/disable name saving
Added: Swipe gestures for mobile.
* Swipe down to hide UI
* Swipe left to rollback
* Swipe right to skip text
* Swipe left and right to open the game menu
* Longpress a save file to delete

Changed: Reduced dissolve transition time to 0.4 seconds
Changed: Added text outlines to who and what text (for dialogue)
Changed: Reduced blur on gallery to provide more of a hint
Changed: Prevent alternate scenes in replay unless they’ve been unlocked

Fixed: Prevent Ann Insta from being created at club event if she is GF status
Fixed: Bug on Ann hate path where checking her phone at the library without asking who it was does not show conversation
Fixed: Performance issue loading Insta with many images
Fixed: Bug on Ann love path where return stack is not popped causing the game not to end properly

How To Install Game Long Story Short

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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