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My Brother’s Wife Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version –Three years ago, when Cole’s parents had just died, his older brother Alan, now his legal guardian, decided to send him to study at the other end of the world…

Developer: Beanie Guy Studio Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Big Tits, Cheating, Groping, Male Protagonist, Romance

Description Game

Three years ago, when Cole’s parents had just died, his brother was Alan, now his law guardian, decided to send him to study at the end of the world. Has rarely met each other during those years, the two brothers unfortunately were not too close. Now this prestigious school graduate, Cole returned to the country where he would live with his brother until he chose his new life.

Meanwhile, Alan married Jennifer, a good and beautiful young woman with whom Cole must also live. How does this cohabitation life develop? And Cole will be closer to his brother or more precisely to his beautiful wife? The choice is yours!

What to expect in this game :
It’s a story whose progression is close to what happens in a visual novel. Your choices will have a direct impact on the course of the story. Your behavior towards your brother and his wife will lead the way to 4 major paths, each with several endings,
Besides Jennifer you will meet different other sexy girls with whom you could have a relationship.

Screenshots and Gameplay


– First of all, it corrects an inconsistency in the hot tub event concerning the dare Jennifer had to remake. If in the two previous rounds you only chose truth, a new option has been added (thanks to gaby90 for pointing out the error).
– Then there was the possibility of the evening ending too early if you didn’t drink enough, but not if you drank too much. This has been corrected and a small sequence has been added for this.
– Finally, an alternative ending with Jen has been added. You can see it if you have more Lovepoint and if you’ve drunk too much.
– I’ve also added sounds to the sex scene with Justine. This is a first attempt at testing. In the future it will probably be done differently, but I look forward to your feedback on the sound.
– Finally, I’ve also added the ability to hide the interface for Android users. All you have to do is slide your finger down.
– To sum up, this patch brings around 50 new images, 5 new animation videos and 4 gem sound files.

– over 700 unique renderings
– over 800 animation frames in 26 videos, adding over 1 min 30 of animation in total.
-130 pages of dialog

– over 580 unique renders
-more than 500 animation frames spread over 11 videos adding more than 30 seconds of animation.
– Over 80 pages of dialog.

This update includes over 400 unique images and 5 animations


– It contains more than 480 unique renders.

– More than 250 (unique) frames of animation distributed in 8 small animated videos as well as some punctual animations scattered in the game.

The story takes place on Saturday and will see the appearance of a new character, Bella. And as it is the weekend it will be the occasion of an excursion outside the house.

-I also corrected some little bugs like an error preventing the correct display of the portraits of Diana and Melody

– I also changed about ten pictures of the day 5, (in the club), where this jerk of Alan had again forgotten to put his beard.

This update implements the day 6. As it is a Friday it means that Alan will finally make his return home. Enjoy the last few moments alone with Jennifer before your brother takes over as head of the house.
This update is more extensive than I had originally planned. I wanted to make about 200 frames and in the end there are more than 300 frames and more than 16 seconds of different animations.

-400 unique rendering images
– 6 animation of a total duration of 25 seconds made from 150 unique animation frames. The videos have been improved by AI increasing the fps and making them more fluid. So all the videos are now composed of +1500 frames.

Hi everyone here is the version 0.3 of my brother’s wife.
As expected this version implements the day 3.
This version contains more than 170 new renders and 200+ frames of animation. Enjoy


  • 0.1 Initial Release

How To Install Game My Brothers Wife

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

My Brothers Wife Free Download


Walkthrough Mod: PATREON
Walkthrough: MEGA



  1. How to change font color for Alan’s dialogues and few other’s dialogues? With a dark colored font in a dark background, we cannot see it properly.

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