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Pact with a Witch [v00.20.04j Premium]


Download Pact with a Witch Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Pact with a Witch Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Your roommate and best friend tries to rape Neus, the most introverted of the whole design school.

Developer: jonnymelabo Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Dating sim, Male Protagonist, Gender Bending, Oral sex, Rape, Mystery, Romance, Paranormal, Transformation, Mobile game

Description Game

Your roommate and best friends try to rape Neus, the most introverted of all school designs, which bite them right after you save it. You find that bites are not only for self-defense, it also contains a bewitching that turns your roommate by stepping into a girl. Who is the past everyday, he seems to have forgotten more than his past and becomes more interested in you. To save your friend, you make a pact with Neus to have 4 dates, and last night he promised to restore the form of his original man to your friends. Even though he seems to keep his word, there are evil things he hasn’t said.

Screenshots and Gameplay


PREMIUM 0.20.04

  • First minigame with Didac 4th night Finished (Some expressions are still lacking, but conversations are all there, Now is possible to do things with her mouth. — This minigame took me more than a year to finish… Damn…).
  • Anal is now available.
  • Oral is now available (with all its variants and possibilities when you end).
  • Part where Meritxell dominates you with all its variants is WRITTEN.
  • You need to dominate Hiromi and stick in her behind if you want to see an special ending when Txell dominates you.
  • PROGRESS. Now you will be able to see what parts of the game you haven’t played yet. Warning: There’s a chance that certain scenes can be locked even i you already played them in the past.

v00.19.06a Premium

  • Merixtell dominating you is almost finished in writing.
  • Minigame with Didac is remade in art and programming. (Other doggy style positions are now available).
  • Intercourse in her back part lacks expressions but conversations are almost done.
  • Actions with her mouth are still work in progress.
  • But all the rest is done more or less as I visioned long time ago. I made more progress in this last month than what I did in past, that at least mean I learned quite a lot on all this time.

v00.19.00e Premium

  • Dungeon Part with Hiromi is now at least playable . All images for se**al part are done, dialogues still missing. still work in progress.
  • Is possible to start the path to dominate the blonde, you can have a shower with her, (written part)
  • Dungeon part with her still in progress.
  • Path where she dominates you is still in process.
  • The part where you force her against her will is written (not translated in english).

All the art and functions of the dungeon are done, only lack adjustment in points, time and things that are possible, if she `s gagged she shouldn’t be able to speak, etc… Little details that once are corrected, do the blonde’s part should be easier.

v0.18.06 Premium

  • This PREMIUM version is still a TEST for the BDSM part at the DUNGEON with Hiromi, the friend of Meritxell (The blonde busty woman). Buttons just change visuals, no stats, and not translated in english.
  • A lot of new images in that BDSM part.
  • Images of the guys at the beach where Didac leaves you.

I spent a month doing a system that it wasn’t working, all buttons… You had to choose which part of the body, then which tool, then the intensity… it was too complicated and long to do a single action. I decided to then start over and do it with image Buttons, so now the screen probably looks with more buttons, but at least is faster and more visual.
Obviously is still work in progress and some buttons are not available, also no bars change, so buttons so far are basically useless, they only change the visuals depending on which objects you add.
The good news is that the whole system now is done, so I only need to add the text, repercusions, the stats, how much complicated is to do something, if you can do something, how painful it will be, how pleasurable… and in theory if everything goes smooth (rarely goes though) I should be able to do the blonde in this same system but obviously with different dialogues, different images and different resistance (and with a vagina instead of a penis).
I knew this minigame would take me time and effort, that’s why I left it for one of the last things, I hope to finisht it for the next update. ^^
Thanks for your support!

v00.18.02 Premium

  • In the beach the part where she goes with those other guys is narrated (not illustrated).
  • You can leave with Didac and try to have sex with her at home (jumping the second date with the blonde).
  • Two different endings available with Didac if you keep wanting to be with her and not going to the last date with Neus. (depending on if Didac is or not pregnant).
  • Sexual parts are still work in progress.
  • A bit more illustrated (and with a bit more music) the part where you escape with Neus in that dark place.

Next update will be about the second date with the blonde and “her” friend. Thanks for your support!

v00.17.08 Premium

  • The part where you escape with Neus after Ferris Wheel is now available (and partially illustrated). I hope you can tell me what you think about this new part ^^. You now can battle the mouse and see that part.
  • The part where Neus has a climax and what happens next should work in all computers, if you’re computer is 32 bits there will be a message telling you that the red orbs are in low-resolution.

v00.17.04 Premium

  • Neus ra*ing your ass is now with sounds, music and illustrated.
  • There’s available a gallery in the game, is not completed, but at least there’s the bad ending part that you can unlock to see if you played all of them. (The true endings are still no there because they are actually not illustrated yet).
  • If you start the game from zero now you can jump to further days if you don’t want to replay the game.
  • Improved art in several parts of the game, improved grammar, solved bugs, etc…


  • After 5 years of development, I finally found out why animations were lagging and moving weird… I hope it’s fixed and doesn’t give “Out of memory” problems. Animations now should look as I had visioned all this time!
  • Added + illustrations after disobeying Neus.
  • Added red eyes + sounds music for that part.
  • Started illustrating her “sodomy” to you.
  • Added SKIP and HISTORY quickbuttons right to the text box.

Improved Art (+ more fluid animations):

  • Mostly of the beach scenes with Didac are finished.
  • Strangle hands

Background Art:

  • Doorbell Txell
  • Police Station
  • Tibidabo Park Backgrounds

Bugs fixed, Some english Grammar.

v0.16.04 Premium
– First ending of the game (Neus alone) available and translated. Partially illustrated.
– The best way to achieve this ending and no the ending Neus+Didac (which is still not translated) is using the “C” button (or going to options and go to cheat options) and reduce the points of Didac in order to not have enough points with him and having the ending with Neus alone.
– Ending of naughty shot with Dídac and Meritxell in the enidng of the 5th night illustrated with sketches – (Oral, Front and Back positions).
– Hotel rooms Cemetery and hallway improved.

End of the game (Neus route) is written (draft mode and without many choices yet) only in SPANISH. I hope to have it finished and translated for the next month.
There’s the route with Neus alone, Neus with Didac, Didac alone, Didac Male at home, Alone at home, … (Harem route is not done since the Blonde route is still poorly developed yet).
Park scene (with Didac) is partially painted.

v0.16.00 Premium

PWAW changelog:

  • Improved art in the Beach scene with Didac.
  • Buttons fixed (including the smartphone button to acces the second date with the blonde, and the candles at the cemetery).

Secret GH changelog:

  • 8 Endings available. (So far the game is only Text without art nor music).
  • The game happens few years before the events of PACT WITH A WITCH.

Why is not there an ANDROID Version?

  • Because the new update of renpy has problems with Android, I hope in the future it can be fixed.

Why am I doing a new game without finishing PWAW and PWAW:Redemption first?

  • Secret GH is a short game. It should be done in two months, at least the writing (It’s already more than 60% of the game and I only dedicated to it 15 days). (I repeat, the WRITING part).

Why am I doing a Short game?

  • Basically because after so long time I needed to do something different and new.

Why not continue REDEMPTION instead of a new one?

  • Because Redemption will be as long as PWAW, so I won’t be able to try new things like in this short one.

What new things?

  • For starting, one of my plans is try to use voice actress and actors, with a huge game as PWAW right now is impossible.
  • Besides, the english is pretty bad translated so far.
  • In Secret GloryH I’m the one writing it in english (probably horrible in this first version, but I promise it will be improved).
  • Also I want to try to add a gallery, and it will be much easier doing that in a short one.
  • This game will have few and simple illustrations without animations.

How To Install Game Pact with a Witch

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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