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Download Portals of Phereon Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Portals of Phereon Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls.

Developer: Syvaron Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, 2D game, Anal sex, Big tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Futa protagonist, Handjob, Male protagonist, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, RPG, Strategy, Text-based, Titfuck, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex

Description Game

There are 3 different maincharacters (women, men, futa) with different sets of capabilities / destinations, etc.
There will be many basic species
(At present 10 (animals, centura, harpy, succubus, mermaid, plant, insects, lavagirl, lizard and light creatures))
And all possible combinations as hybrids as your character to recruit / breed.
(+ Some special hybrids with more than 2 bases)
NPC will mostly become a variant of the species or is truly unique.

Go through a randomly generated portal, find / recruit new species, find interesting items / events etc. And bring your gift back home.
Some portals may require flying characters etc. To access.
Overworld maps are also tiled based.

Switch based on tile maps with maps. Characters have many unique abilities, passively based on species. First, all of your characters act then all the enemy characters. To make malls / injuries in this system not too frustrating, the ability ranges very limited so that the enemy cannot focus all their attacks on one of your characters, instantly killing him. Instead of characters can seduce others from afar, increase their lust. While their lust is above 50% they become much worse (take a double DMG, a half-half agreement etc.), so the character of “Ranged” still has a big influence on the game while not feeling too unfair. On 100% character lust cannot do anything except masturbation / making love, effectively amaze them for rounds.
Where and HP never emphasized naturally and gametime passed during the battle, making every important battle, forcing you to think about how you want to prioritize your resources (HP, which, time, etc.). (I always hate filling fillers that are completely meaningless in the game).

Beat your character’s character / statistics to make a team specifically tailored to your Playstyle and / or portal environment or to prepare certain full fights / requests etc.

Fight in Arenas.
Train your character / your sex and place it in brothels
build improved etc.
Do a search / interact with NPC

They will mostly be a sliding image with descriptions etc. (Maybe sometimes animation)
There will be many random events that occur based on parties / biome / rng etc.
NPC will have a more complex scene where you have many choices.
I try to have everything related to also having consequences of gameplay, so see sexCenes etc. Isn’t the prize itself, if it won’t feel weird to be punished because of gameplay-wise.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Portals of Phereon
Download Portals of Phereon
Download Portals of Phereon



  • maincharacter couldn’t freely replace uninheritable skills.
  • some issues with human species inheritance.
  • freeze didn’t count as negative status for lizard 5 synergy.
  • challenger achievement listed wrong goal.
  • could exceed max genes with farm potions.
  • gene enhancer didn’t always display increased max range.


  • Added a new unique.
  • Hatcher trait now let’s you instantly hatch one egg each day.
  • Fusing humans also results in different types based on genetics.
  • All types count as human for unique inheritances.
  • bonus fusion cost doesn’t increase in freeplay.
  • daily battles requirement always fit mc size.
  • changed some overworld effects/removed distortion.
  • spawned flowers have more mana.


1 new unique
added fungal spirits as unlockable starting option.
added electric base spirit. (also unlockable)
1 new special hybrid.

Added some bonus modifiers for various team setups with special effects.
Multiplier should more accurately show in total appeal.
Buying/Expanding rooms is cheaper. Even more on fast games.
Added a few actions/traits for shows

Endgame stuff:
Added challenge portals after winning. Each day you choose portals to open with increasingly high difficulty.
Enemies in there have a higher cap on level/party size.
Special rare enemies can spawn in there.

Should be much faster to open save window with many saves.
Now an additional file is created in the saveData folder, storing information.
The file isn’t necessary and could be deleted etc. temporarily removing info from the save window.
File is readable/searchable. Journal entries will be included there. They also appear as tooltip in save window.
Saves from the same start can be more clearly recognized by an id.
Can sort saves by name/id/character/date.
Can toggle a simplified view.

Seeds can contain things to modify them. (case sensitive. can use multiple)
“Crea/CreaM/CreaF”,”Evo”,”Druid/DruidM/DruidF”,”Other” to guarantee mc.
“Fav” for currently favourite gallery character/4th mc. (seed won’t be fixed with differetn selections)
“Fire”,”Water”… for affinity
“Fusion”,”Fusion+”,”Farm”,”Farm+” override default farmfocus
“Medium”,”Long”,”FreePlay”, override gamelength
Other selected traits: Gacha, Natural, Hard
Example: “FireCreaGacha69” = starts a run with Creation/Fire element and Gacha, while other stuff is random.
Each unique seed should always result in the same start more accurately now.

4 new difficulty modifiers and 2 new achievements/traits.
Added some town npc objectives/tasks.
Npcs now keep up to 2 actions for the next day if unused.
added some new events/gallery entries
Option to keep items in party stash when returning
many small changes

Sprout now costs 0ap. Druid hiddenpower skillnodes have bonus stats.
Buffed some slimebulb abilities. Crea gets a skill to throw bulbs. Infected also heals/damage 10% if it’s higher.
Spores created by spore effect have genes equal to their origin.
Item value no longer scales exponentially with upgrade ranks.

Noteworthy bugfixes:
Hostility didn’t scale correctly based on distance to portal. (could be a lot higher early on)
portals with all species had centaurs with twice the probability
tavern quests were halved while below 50 reputation, instead of -50
tanid team perk also gave the enemy a slimebulb.
many other bugfixes.


new date events
Some new town events for uniques.
Alternate path to secret ending (not requiring Terranva)
Changed some endings and added some story event pictures.
Normal/bad? endings have a special event/challenge after you won.

new boss fight in succubus world
3 new unique characters (all from new boss encounter)
Updated art: Mya, Godform. Added some clothing for Lumira,Mya.

Noteworthy species/character changes:
Summoned drones have abdomen trait, letting them collect energy through presenting.
Added presenting based global passives to Inara and morta
Added mc traits for Zil, Eisvyl and Ara.
Lightaffinity also triggers at combat start

Can toggle automatic loop/reverse and change speed. Skips not unlocked entries.
Changed some controls for expanded picture view.
Can now advance to next total picture, regardless of it being a variation/alt/next scene.
Can also change category and go backwards.

Starting portal is really easy now and can have any random subspecies. (on the first day the stable portal tab opens by default)
New players should be able to explore combat more easily with low threat now.
Peaceful modifier prevents scaling based on distance to portal.
Combat professions (knight,magician,battlemaster) are stronger
Replicate costs mana. (glowflies can’t use it firt turn)
After winning a battle you get a turn of ambush protection
tundra/desert events spawn more frequently

Fertility/virility genes also increase energy/milk capacity and regen.
The bonus essence choice for picking yellow profession is only consumed after choosing an additional option
Can marry any unique character for generic stat boosts/essence (unaffected by recruited town npcs)
Dating wife grants a temporary special card in your deck.
new achievements+ traits
Can see character tooltip from Fusion/Farm window.
removed the mark toggle from home screen to prevent accidental changes
many bugfixes. (Overlooked a new bug. the sharra upgrade actually upgrades Ara instead)

Next update is probably quite soon, mostly focusing on writing and cleaning up placeholders.



  • Sometimes passing day with too high or low rep caused errors/softlock.
  • lumira event increased current stam instead of max
  • level didn’t get inherited properly within ranges in some circumstances.


  • “Explorer” removes price scaling with upgrade rank. and only doubles wealth.
  • common items now scale 25% each upgrade (though forgot to update tooltip)
  • New bug: items with manacost above 5 get lowered to 5 on upgrade.



  • 6 new species (1 robot, 2 biome uniques, 3 evolutions)
  • 2 new uniques
  • added clothes/parts to some uniques/species


  • Can merge items. Sword + Sword = Sword+1 etc.
  • Each level increases item stats based on a percentage. More for higher rarities.
  • Can freely buy expensive basic items at the market.
  • Different options unlock with reputation.


  • Wealth is now a percentage value.
  • It acts as a multiplier for base resources/gold gained.
  • Also affects chest/combat item’s level each 100%. (340% = itemlevel +2, with 40% chance to be +3)
  • Always start with a fixed special portal (either desert/tundra or caves)
  • full reveal range of hidden tiles (deep forest etc.) based on half your vision instead of 1.


  • New town events/date events
  • Updated some pictures.
  • New brothel guests.
  • reputation can be between -100 and 100 granting various effects at certain thresholds in both directions.
  • (visible on map screen)
  • some new fer/vir based settle options letting you control portal populations.


  • Changed Oriel start and added quick tutorial from start menu.
  • (Less overwhelming and easier. Get characters as they become relevant for the guide)
  • Added “Durable” modifier, doubling all hp growth. (test for less glass cannon battles)
  • Evo’s flexible trait also allows access to her unlocked skills for all allies.
  • Lure is less restrictive.
  • tavern quests with resource objective won’t also have a resource reward.
  • many bugfixes and small changes



  • events in portals with native shadowgirls could cause a softlock.
  • some wrong date cards/targets
  • antidote item skill didn’t work on infinite poison
  • stone affinity started with +2 armor.
  • portal tooltip on overworld was placed in wrong position.


  • S_unit event won’t reapeat after winning a few times.
  • S_units can be build and spawn among other robots.
  • Ambush chance on starting portal is 0.
  • After fleeing/getting ambushed, gain protection from ambushes for 1/2 turns.
  • Limitbreaks are a bit easier/have less resistance.
  • Home in dates is more likely to generate character events at high lewdity.
  • All date events now have generic tooltips to tell what the basic values are.
  • Added a home event to add excited once per date (keep lewd when changing location)
  • removed a few high lewd cards in starting decks.



  • 6 new species
  • 2 New uniques.
  • Some existing characters/species have a new type of global passive that can affect anything.
  • Active when character starts on the field. (works similar to teambonuses/essences)
  • Insect special trait to count them for certain effects/bonuses.
  • Some new skills.

Dating rework:

  • Changed most things about dating.
  • Generally simplified stats and more controlled access to events/increased porn density.
  • Removed stances and seperate deck types.
  • Card upgrades are a lot more impactful.
  • Starter cards can only be upgraded once, encouraging adding new random cards for variety in run.
  • New utility card type that can be played for free, but not two in a row.
  • casual/lewd skillpoints converted to utility for more control over your deck
  • category requirements only require either target or used part to be of the category
  • Also added many new events.
  • Some recruited unique characters can appear as random events in certain locations.
  • Also acts as more solid foundation to add more events in the future.


  • Party can have lasting effects.
  • Visiting your first portal each day and camping gives well rested buff, temporarily removing movement stamina cost.
  • Can use workforce to hire scouts for bonus vision.
  • Can spend morale to increase movement speed for a while.
  • Some tiles (deepforest etc.) don’t fully reveal until standing next to them. (still count for exploration)
  • Enemy parties now have a chance to ambush you when moving away, while adjacent.
  • Otherwise they won’t engage when moving.
  • Chance mainly based on power difference and battles won in the portal.
  • New common events based on native species of a portal. (incompltete)
  • Rescue and ambush events have some more variety.
  • Anomalies prioritize unexplored tiles.


  • Gallery now has tooltips for passives/skills.
  • New achievement for mushroom starting trait.
  • Some basic arena battles have species requirement but higher rewards.
  • Careful with voltblades! (they can hit any other character now)
  • Many bugfixes/other small changes.



  • “Resonance” could be used on any enemy.
  • When enemy uses “Martyr”, it healed player units.
  • Evolution skilltree radiation immunity was lost when transforming. (could miss new event trigger)
  • Changing skills of wife or unit with flexible would still put adapted trait on.
  • Lumira wife trait partially applied always.
  • Mya increased brothel income instead of Flora.
  • Strong fusion focus didn’t have the crystal cost reduction.
  • Special of Suzy as mc didn’t work on strong lifesteal.
  • Could close hatching window during selection, losing the character.
  • Sextraining used old fertility formula and didn’t consider traits.
  • Could remarry same character after they got defeated in battle and got stat buffs again.
  • A spirit genes skillnode in crea plant tree was bugged.


  • Wormaids had aquatic movement, making them weird for desert movement.(also had default growths)
  • Drought passive buffed.
  • Now, only half of magic strength is added to spirit genes.
  • Added cheat “mctrait (name of genetic trait)”
  • Buffed some old special hybrids/their unique skills

Game modes:
More clear distinction between different game lengths.
Added 15 day runs as an option.
Free play: can freely open special/story portals after reaching certain world levels.
There shouldn’t really be anything exclusive to non freeplay runs anymore.
Removed the longest time limit modes, as you can basically set your own for free play.
Added an easy mode in difficulty modifiers. (Doubled mc stamina regen)
Renamed “casual” modifier to “gacha” to not imply a difficulty decrease.

Base species:

  • Starting species will determine some starting essences.
  • Each species has 2 essences. First a small general effect, second often incentivises focusing on that base species for combat etc.
  • Either get 2 rank 1 essences or both of one species.
  • Team Synergies:
  • You get various party buffs based on your team’s base species count.
  • Each unique species will add towards their base species count.
  • Enemies will also have access to these perks based on their team.


  • Ryxhora event triggered daily
  • Resurrection effects caused some issues
  • Arena service affected all battles
  • overworld heal could heal less than expected
  • Crea corruption
  • Enemy overworld parties didn’t move when resting on portal tiles
  • loadout sizes weren’t saved
  • loadout difficulty didn’t update immediately


  • world changes a bit daily (forests grow/expand etc.)
    some objects/encounters/events etc will be replaced/removed each day
  • hives don’t appear in stabilized portals anymore
  • new structures with various effects.
  • workforce as a new resource which lets you just use gold to make some orders.
    get more from reputation/kingsquests or firing high relation characters.
    Druid starts with more and higher basic increase
  • new special biome
  • Special biomes worked incorrectly and generally only generated max 1 per portal
  • Can send items/resources on floor home without leaving. (from portal/camp tiles)
  • Some more special stuff in Avy’s home world.


  • New spirit (5 new species. Can’t be chosen as starter)
  • 2 new uniques
  • 3 new other species
  • new skills etc.


  • Added limited rerolls per date. (bonus for each unplayable card)
  • Added more pictures to dates (mostly Hebi/Devy)
  • Added other pictures to gallery (many exclusive to it)
  • Elites are only limited to one per species (testing for now)
  • much higher recruit chance if only one enemy left.
  • Additional early common essence portal at day 2 to get started
  • Brothel-score regarding tips has diminishing returns
  • Partner dating cards now generate partially based on current lust value
  • Can sort by time since you got the character
  • Character selection always shows their current location
  • Lure now spawns a random enemy party nearby
  • Morta got a unique genetic trait
  • swamp slimes can replicate
  • Gene info on quick manager shows if a character is adapted
  • some other small changes

Noteworthy bug fixes:

  • firedragons couldn’t evolve
  • celia date crashed game
  • anomalies could teleport into impassable terrain
  • some tavern quests couldn’t be completed
  • AI ignored some type of skill requirements
  • In dates partner sometimes generated a play card
  • daily material income was kept over when creating a new save
  • event tiles in special portals didn’t renew daily
  • slime kept spreading after hive removal
  • Game is locked to one instance now (might prevent some weird bugs where it opened multiple times and deleted saves.)

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

How To Install Portals of Phereon Crack

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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