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SexNote Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Living with his two adoptive mothers and stepsister made him shy with girls…

Developer: JamLiz Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Dating sim, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Incest , MILF, Virgin, Big ass, Big tits, Lesbian, Mobile game, sex, Incest (Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Aunt/Nephew), Paranormal

Description Game

Living with his two adoptive mothers and stepsister made him shy with girls, until one day, he was sitting in the classroom and saw a book falling from the sky… That book was a SexNote, a book that will introduce him into the magic power, where he will acquire a lot of magical skills with the help of Brixxida the guardian demon of the book, changing his life forever and the way he interacts with his friends, family, and new enemies…​

Screenshots and Gameplay

– 6 New Animations (Completely redraw and animated)
– 5 Animation Reanimated From 2 FPS to 60 FPS
– 3 New Wallpapers
– New animated main menu.
– Patch to fix the gallery lock bug with Kylee, Jane, and Mrs. White
– Improvements on the files system to reduce size.
– Bugs fixing from previous versions.


  • 11 New Animations.
  • 8 New costumes.
  • 5 New Scenarios.
  • 4 New Wallpapers.
  • 3 New Animated Wallpapers.
  • 2 New Character redesign.
  • 3 New Characters.
  • 1 New Minigame.
  • 1 New Location.
  • New animated main menu.
  • Improvements on the files system to reduce size.
  • Bugs fixing from previous versions.


  • 15 New Animations (10 Redraw and re-animated).
  • 5 Re-animated animations from 4 FPS (Before) to 60 FPS (Now).
  • 4 New Wallpapers.
  • MC redesign.
  • New animated main menu.
  • Gallery improvements,
  • Bugs fixing from previous versions.


  • 3 Re-animated old Jane animations from 2 FPS (Before) to 60 FPS (Now).
  • 11 Completely new High-quality animations (60 FPS)
  • 5 New Wallpapers.
  • 2 New scenarios.
  • 1 New location.
  • 1 New minigame.
  • New splash animated Logo
  • New Animated Menu.

8 New Animations (6 redraw and re-animated).
6 Re-animated animations from 6 FPS (Before) to 60 FPS (Now).
New Mrs. White redesign.
Bugs fixing from previous versions.
New animated main menu.
New start mode allows skipping to the new content.
Gallery improvements,


  • 12 new sex animations (60 FPS).
  • 6 hot new wallpapers.
  • 2 new scenarios.
  • 1 new minigame
  • Bugs fixing from previous versions.

8 new sex animations (60 frames per second).
4 hot new wallpapers.
1 new location and 3 new scenarios.
4 new characters.
Debugging from previous versions.

7 new sexual animations.
3 new hot wallpapers.
4 new clothes
New and improved animation system with 60 frames per second.
Debugging from previous versions.
This particular update is going to be a little short, with only one show, but with 7 really cool new animations! We also offer a new animation system which you will see in future updates from now on!

New sexual animation.
8 new hot wallpapers.
1 new mini-game.
1 new hero.
2 new locations.
New event with Dr. Johnson and Angelina.

Improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous version 0.10.x.

2 new scenarios have been added.
11 new sex animations have been added.
10 new simple SFW animations without detailed styles.
3 new full HD wallpapers have been added
Revised Lisa’s storyline.
Old storage compatibility is guaranteed from 0.08.
New hero image import improvements.
SexNote’s typing system, gallery, error correction.


  • In this update we have integrated a new mini-game where we have to take a picture of Kylie in her new outfit. It is our job to concentrate properly so that the photos have the best quality!
  • We also want to bring you 8 full HD wallpapers! In the SFW and NSFW versions. They have just been released for users at different levels and from the start date everyone will have access to them from within the game.
  • This new update brings you 12 new animations! (Yes, every time we bring you more content). New heroes and 3 new scenarios.

How To Install Game SexNote

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game
Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

SexNote Free Download

Android (v0.15.0e): FILESFM – MIXDROP – WORKUPLOAD

Gallery Unlocker ModWORKUPLOAD



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