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Download Some Modelling Agency Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Some Modelling Agency Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – A variety of women will come to your office looking for a modeling career.

Developer: T Valle Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3D Game, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Big tits, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, groping, Internal view, POV, Spanking, Stripping, Teasing,

Description Game

A variety of women will come to your office looking for a modeling career. Your job is to rate them based on looks and personality. Over time, your rating changes females showing up, Example: rating 10/10 -big chest females- will cause more -big chest females- to show up (same goes for promiscuity). This Improving effect only happens on certain days of the week.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Some Modeling Agency
Download Some Modeling Agency

Not available.


  • A new emotion (relief) has been implemented to act as a pain buffer. As a result, dealing with the models’ increasing pain is less difficult.
  • Bribing a model increases her resistance to decreasing the relief emotion when these bribed interactions occur.
  • The models will have alterations in their emotions according to their oxygen saturation (I can’t give more explanations about this.., you know the r-word stuff.)
  • The visual appearance of the worn-down holes varies depending on the size of the object that wears them.
  • When the player undresses the models, they may cover their private body parts.


  • Holes were not decreasing pain gain as they wore down.
  • Even after accepting removal of certain items of clothing, the models did not remove them.
  • The shapes of the swimsuit, stockings. and sexy underwear have been improved.
  • Some enhancements to the skirt skinning


  • When the relief emotion (thin purple bar) is at its maximum, its bar is invisible, and when it is at zero, its bar is at its maximum. This was done to ensure that the player only sees important information on the UI.

Known issues

  • Eyebrows won’t display under her glasses.
  • Skirts still need more skinning adjustments.
  • The relief emotion description is still missing from the “How to Play” menu

– Pants, skirts, and shorts can be interacted with.
– Corrected the Normals for most items of clothing.
– When dispatching to other agencies, there was an error.
– Even when the models are bribed, some interactions make them upset.
Known issues
– The stockings and swimwear have grid-like shapes.
– Skirt skinning requires some tweaking
– Models will not remove their accessories

-Massage and pick interactions have been combined. It’s still sketchy, but this adjustment was made with VR implementation in mind.
-Interactions with bras are now available.
-The previously unstable tweak to the hero’s height is now ready for usage. (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
-Stripping models will give them a modest amount of pleasure; this is done to trigger verbal reactions.

-Characters’ body-part weights will be changed when their sizes alter.
-GPU Skin deformations are now scaled in accordance with hero scale.
-When the hero is very little, the camera collision system will not break his posture.
-Scale affects hero movement speed.
-The default hand position of the hero varies with scale.
-Many other minor adjustments for Hero’s height.

-I recently played RES4 VR and noticed Ashley’s ballistics, and, yeah… VR is truly the way of the future.

Known issues
-Models will become upset after receiving payment for oral sex and being forced (bribed) to strike a pose.
-The inputs guide is still not up to date.

– The player can save and load outfits
– A cheat to change penis stiffness has been added
– Models can wear glasses
– Some accessories

– The player’s hand camera will draw the ceiling.
– It was impossible to remove clots that did not cover any body part.
– It was possible to force a model into a pose without bribing her first.
– Many minor errors

-Now, models can be bribed.
-Three new types of bribes have been added.
-Calculations for butt and breast colliders are more precise.

-Now the penis is less likely to look like it’s under her skin.
-A few minor tweaks.

-Controls for scene lighting have been implemented.
-The user configuration now includes toggles for post effects.
-Upscaling is now done by AMD FSR.
-Some generic dialogues were Totally misplaced. Ex: “it feels nice ejaculating in my self”.
-On high quality, the X-ray blur is fixed. (Low quality lacks this blur effect)
-If you turn off all lights and are no longer able to see anything, delete the InterviewLighting.sav file from the “TValle Games/Some Modeling Agency/Config” directory and restart the game.

– Nine different sets of moaning and orgasm sounds have been added.
– All moaning and orgasm sounds are lip-synced.
– Updated unity version.
– Updated HDRP version.
– When females are estimated, there should be a little more facial expression.
– Voice volume control is added. -Breathing volume control is added. Fixes
-Custom poses: Dragging bone mode is finished before ending pose editing mode.

Minor bug
– The dental lip animation was not executed.
– Some mouth gestures were being performed incorrectly. –
– “Can I” dialogues had some errors. -Genetics: The random generator was improved on genes using indexes. These genes are: hair type, eye type, skin type, eyebrow type, etc.
-Genetics: The random generator was using default values of zero on many genes.


-Auto Ratings, at the start of the interview. (if the player is using a profile for that group)
-Now you can restrict the Hue of: hair, eyebrows, eyes, lipstick, nipples, clothes (some), underwear (some). -> Gameplay Option tab.
-New option tab: Guide. Please read it.
-All UI fonts improved.
-Rating a slider at zero, will produce random genes for that slider
-The default hole “wear away” of a model, won’t affect calcules from physics nor AI
-Genes will have more control over the iris color.
-Had to add 30+ more fields to the Profile Complete Mode.
-Simple Mode for Profiles uses facial types rather than face part sizes.
-Instead of earning decimals for each model in the finalist pool and a level when the finalist pool fills up and is emptied, a single model in the finalist pool now earns a full point, but gene pools will NOT be finalized until only one model remains (before there were 4 models). The twins detector is less sensitive, which means that models in the same pool will be more similar to one another, extending the number of interviews required to narrow the pool to a single model.
-When a group’s pool narrows to a single model, it is added to the pool of finalists. Rather than waiting for another nine models to create a new super pool, this model is now used as the basis for the generation of new models within the same group, ensuring that the algorithm is constantly fed.

-fixed auto sex speeds calculation
-fixed physics force direction from hole tightness and depth.
-typos: plural/singular stuff vs plural/singular verb

How To Install Game Some Modelling Agency

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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