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Surrendering to My Crush [v0.7]


Download Surrendering to My Crush Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Surrendering to My Crush Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – A twenty-year-old guy moves into an apartment block where his crush.

Developer: BolskanLewd Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian (not official)
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Female domination, Handjob, Humiliation, Sissification, Slave, Footjob, Masturbation, Teasing

Description Game

A twenty-year-old guy moves into an apartment block where his crush, Aiko, also lives. He has always been a very kind and shy boy so he never told Aiko how he felt about her, but almost by accident, she finds out. He will discover that Aiko is not as sweet and innocent as she seems.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Surrendering to My Crush
Download Surrendering to My Crush
Download Surrendering to My Crush


MC is going to go out dressed as a girl for the first time, in addition to that, he is going to go to Aiko’s school, where he will meet Azami, one of your Misstress’s classmates and Saya, the teacher.

*New* Crossdressing
*New* More than 1400 new lines of script
*New* 280 renders
2062 total renders


The mysterious blue pills make MC’s dreams seem almost real… in them he only thinks about cumming, although deep down he knows that it can’t happen outside of those dreams.
*New* Creampie, ballbusting (optional)
*New* More than 1800 new lines of script
*New* 309 renders
1782 total renders


A new day with Suki and Aiko, they continue to educate MC accordingly, his sissification process is increasing.

*New* Censored beta porn, sissygasm, shrinking penis in chastity
*New* More than 1400 new lines of script
*New* 314 renders
1473 total renders


Depending on the ending chosen in the previous version, you will have a totally different development of the story, Aiko returns to the MC’s dreams, although this time, everything goes a little further. MC will live new experiences and his sissification will start to take shape.

*New* Pegging, M2F, sissy hypno, soft trembling and soft cuckold (optional)

More than 1800 new lines of script

844 Renders


First release
Full intro episode


Continuation of the story, MC spends her first night in chastity and has very hot dreams because of it. Mistress Aiko continues with her training, it is something light to start with, since from here on everything will get complicated.

*New* Android port

*New* Fulll HD resolution

*New* Cum eating (optional) and facesitting

More than 1300 new lines of script

New options that will lead to different lines of the game

Two different endings

Russian translated version (not official)

478 Renders

How To Install Game Surrendering to My Crush

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Surrendering to My Crush Free Download




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