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Tales Of Androgyny Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Hi there! This is a lewd game featuring characters with androgynous features, some male, some female, some…

Developer: The Majalis Duo – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Corruption, Futa/trans, Gay, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, RPG, Trap, Combat, Female domination, Mobile game, Turn based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Big ass, Big tits

Description Game

Hi there! These are obscene games that display characters with androgynous features, some men, some women, some … mucus? You play as a feminine man who looks like a girl, and you pour out things with guys, girls, monster guys, girl monsters, and … Slimes?

This is an Attitude-based RPG with the elements of Rogue-Lite and the number of linga that are constantly suspicious (ice? Odes?) Written, withdrawn, and programmed by us, the Majalis team, consisting of two programmers, one artist, one of the authors All, two! This is a game that is built specifically using LIBGDX.

Screenshots and Gameplay



New content:

  • Added Kitsune Anal art!
  • Added new Kitsune scenes
  • – Insult branch
  • – New knotplay scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed Kitsune display on title screen
  • Minor text edits


New features:

  • Added companions receiving eggs!
  • Added Harpy Wedding game over screen
  • Spontaneous encounters like birthing scenes now occur automatically when time passes and don’t require attempted movement
  • Added Valentine’s Day easter egg

New content:

  • Added Harpy Wedding art!
  • – During and after variants
  • – Occurs in some harpy endings
  • Added Ghost Oral animation!
  • – Now includes a non-spooky ghost variant
  • – Multiple expressions
  • – Multiple thrusting modes
  • – See-through and non-see-through variants
  • Added Generic Topping art!
  • – Both regular and backlit flavors
  • – Appears in encounters; will appear in battle once it’s animated
  • Added new character cock art!
  • – Beastmistress
  • – Centaur
  • – Unicorn
  • – Demon King
  • – Goblin
  • – Jester
  • – Lupa the Werewolf
  • – Mimic
  • – Naga
  • – Ogre
  • – Cleric
  • – Persephone
  • Added companion egging scenes (w/ Spider)
  • Added companion egg pregnancy scenes
  • Added companion post-eggnancy birthing scenes
  • Added new Harpy ending scenes
  • Added and expanded Ghost scenes
  • Added new Kitsune scenes
  • Added new Kitsune plug reactions
  • Added Kitsune color and outfit variant, only visible on Valentine’s Day currently
  • Added animated Misty Forest background
  • Added Wasp music
  • Added tons of new SFX

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Goblins should now enthusiastically mount Kylira and Trudy
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to rest/scout/stealth while a spontaneous encounter was occuring
  • Fixed Kitsune surrender blank screen
  • Fixed Hiro’s Handful-sized breasts
  • Fixed Ettin erroneously dying Hiro’s hair blonde
  • Kitsune no longer shows up twice in Pervert screen
  • Fixed Hiro’s mixed hair missing from Mermaid oviposition and displaying as black hair on Gadgeteer Pegging and Centaur Anal
  • Can now use Fire (Arrow) at point blank range, and Unicorn uses the normal centaur archer AI even when aroused
  • Fixed Dullahan head appearing when it shouldn’t
  • Modified some stamina/stability costs
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed typos



  • Added companions receiving eggs!
  • Added Harpy Wedding game over screen
  • Spontaneous encounters like birthing scenes now occur automatically when time passes and don’t require attempted movement


  • Added Harpy Wedding art!
  • – During and after variants
  • – Occurs in some harpy endings
  • Added new Harpy ending scenes
  • Added companion egging scenes (w/ Spider)
  • Added companion egg pregnancy scenes
  • Added companion post-eggnancy birthing scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Goblins should now enthusiastically mount Kylira and Trudy
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to rest/scout/stealth while a spontaneous encounter was occuring
  • Fixed typos


New features:

  • Allow landscape orientation in either direction on Android

New content:

  • – Added Kitsune art/animation/character!
  • – New encounter in Demon Realm
  • – Oral scenes
  • – Anal scenes
  • – Topping scene
  • – Mutual handjob scene
  • – Added Kitsune battle
  • – Added Kitsune portrait
  • – Added Kitsune combat dialogue
  • Added Spider (Arachne) Anal art!
  • Slightly expanded some Spider (Arachne) scenes
  • Added new character cock art!
  • – Cultist
  • – Ghost
  • – Harpy
  • – Dark Knight
  • – Wasp
  • – Minotauress
  • – Quetzal
  • Added Quetzal silhouette art!
  • Updated Buttbang animation
  • – Now uses Hiro customization
  • – New expressions and animations
  • Added animated Plains background
  • Added new Warlock Ass-Eating scenes
  • – More scenes and expanded scenes
  • – Can stroke her to completion with enough Crank Master skill
  • – Can kiss her balls
  • Added Minotauress battle music

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Brigand surprise attacks only occur when it’s actually a surprise
  • Can now use Seduce in Defensive stance
  • Fixed tooltip with player stats not appearing when hovering over Hiro portrait in battle
  • Fixed Demon Realm animated background
  • Fixed Kylira Top animation missing mountainman skin
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed typos


New features:

  • Companions (Trudy and Kylira) can now get goblin pregnant!
  • – Need to be seeded by a female goblin, then by one of the eligible “mamas”
  • – Can talk to them while pregnant, and also see a birthing scene when it comes time for it


  • Added new Hiro Facial animation!
  • – Splurt splurt (before, during, and after variants)
  • – Makeup and non-makeup variants
  • – Excited and less-so variants
  • Added new companion pregnant conversation scenes
  • Added new companion birthing scenes
  • Added a ton of new sounds to the Wasp encounter
  • Added new generic sounds

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash with the Doppelganger
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to steal items when it reported failure
  • Fixed softlock related to enemies in a bottoming-mood
  • Fixed Troja return scene condition
  • Fixed typos


New features:

  • Magic overhaul
  • – Awakened perk for determining magic aptitude – Each rank increases starting mana in mana pool by 1/4, up to a maximum of 3/4 at rank 3 – Mage starts with Rank 3, Paladin/Enchantress 2, Ranger 1
  • – Each point of base Magic increases mana pool by 4, rather than 3
  • – Added Spellblade perk which gives parry while casting or Incanting depending on rank – Paladin and Enchantress start with rank 1
  • – Added Incanter perk that gives evasion while Incanting – Mage starts with rank 1
  • – Added Archmage perk that draws mana into your mana pool while Incanting – Mage starts with rank 1
  • – Added Fizzle “spell” that will be used in place of other spells when you lack mana or to cancel casting a spell
  • – Added Quickcast spell that uses mana to immediately move into Deep Casting stance from Balanced
  • – Added Chant spell that channels a small amount of mana while blocking, learnable in Defensive stance
  • – Added Deflect spell that fully parries an attack with your weapon when used in Balanced stance
  • – Other adjustments to magic and related techniques down below
  • Added Inflict Wounds spell
  • Phallus types are now individualized on a per-character basis
  • Trip now lowers enemy stability without reaching the 100% full-trip threshold
  • Added Kiss skill in Ground Wrestle stance
  • Added new skills into Ground Wrestling stance
  • – Sit on It
  • – Grind
  • – Seduce
  • – Mermaid will use all of these
  • Naga (and Quetzal) now have the “Slither” technique
  • Added mousewheel scrolling for combat techniques
  • Added Stalwart perk as a base Paladin perk that gives +2 Charisma when not using it for naughty purposes
  • All-Out Blitz and Rage are now double-attack skills even when not dual-wielding, but lowered their base damage
  • Added unique enemy armor with various durability, damage negation, and special effects
  • Some magic-inclined enemies have a starting Phantasmal Shield
  • Doppelganger now copies the player’s stats and equipment
  • Natural weapons now have Strength scaling
  • Stealing success is now based on weight and value of items
  • Added Change-Up technique learnable in Blitz stance
  • Added Inner Focus skill in Focus stance
  • Added Trip skill in Counter stance
  • Yoink skill now available for the player as well, allowing for removing obstructions (pants/underwear/gags)
  • Enemies that don’t have feet redirect Foot-based attacks to their leg armor
  • Tall enemies have lower armor hit from higher height attacks
  • Added required stats for Perks
  • Off-Hand and Double Attacks now appear as such in the combat log for clarity
  • Evade and Parry damage reduction amounts now appear in combat log – block already does by virtue of being shield damage
  • Added Apply button back to level up screen

New content:

  • Added Jester Oral art!
  • – Deep dick variants
  • – Cum variants
  • Expanded Jester scenes
  • Added Troja animation
  • Expanded Troja encounter
  • Added Hiro portrait animation!
  • – Now displays Hiro’s current expression/gesture in place of the static portrait
  • – Also reflects Hiro’s full customization
  • – Hiro’s animation has been upgraded, and we’re going to be doing more work on it to make him more posable and fix some old issues
  • New Hiro expressions and gestures!
  • Added Slime Backshot animation!
  • – Has variants based on Slime’s current “size”
  • – Has Red variant for Strawberry Slime
  • – Added it to Facesitting stance in battle
  • Added Slime Doggy Red variant
  • Added Forest background animation/lighting
  • Added mountain background animation/lighting
  • Expanded Mermaid encounter and egg-hatching/laying scenes
  • Expanded a bunch of scenes related to oviposition and birthing
  • Added new Mermaid battle outcome from ejaculating inside of her
  • Made Mermaid riding take a little longer to end battle, and added dialogue
  • Added Brigand Nighttime “Backstab” scene
  • Expanded some Ettin scenes and added new Hiro expressions/gestures to them
  • Added new Hiro expressions/gestures to Brothel Madam scenes
  • Added Demon Realm animated background
  • Added Catgirl Battle music
  • Added Minotauress music
  • Added Dullahan Bridge ambient track
  • Added Forest ambient track
  • Added Magic Block sound


New features:

  • Added Lubrication/Friction system!
  • – Lubed Ass/Cock status effects
  • – Added Lube Cock, Lube Ass, and Drop Pants techniques in Seduction stance
  • – Added Lube Up in Ground Wrestle stance (lubes up opponent’s ass) and Lube It in Handy Bottom stance (while giving a handjob, can lube it up) – or can ptooey in either case for some makeshift lubrication
  • – Objects have a friction coefficient
  • – Girthy objects produce more friction depending on how tight the orifice is
  • – Lubricants have a friction reduction factor – the current lubricants are saliva (weakest), cum, and lubricant (strongest)
  • – Saliva can be applied with anilingus and ptooey
  • – Objects that enter rub some of their “lubricant” off
  • – Added Lubricant item for sale
  • – Oil status effect also adds lubrication on either party
  • – Cocks with knots have variable girth depending on whether they’re knotted
  • – Butthole irritation should now fade faster with time
  • Added Darkness/Surprise system!
  • – Some backgrounds (eventually all – currently the cave-related ones) and characters are affected by the current light level – which is a function of the time of day (and phase of the moon), location, and your light sources
  • – Added Torches as a buyable weapon – not too useful as a weapon (though it does do fire damage), but holding one in either hand will give you a large amount of light while spelunking
  • – Added Blindfolds as a buyable accessory – it doesn’t totally blind you, but it reduces light to the lowest level regardless of your other light sources
  • – A bunch of encounters now check the light level to branch and have alternate things happen – from different scenarios to different dialogue to easier or harder skill checks
  • – Some characters produce their own light – the Fire Elemental notably (and you can, too, by just… being on fire!) but also…
  • – The Naga and Spider (Arachne) now show their bioluminescence, with a really cool new appearance that shows up in low light levels, including during combat!
  • – The lowest light levels will cause enemies to surprise you – the darker, the more the surprise, so even a little bit of light can help!
  • – A lot of things generate light – including a Fire Enchanted weapon, or even a Heated buttplug… and we’ve added a Glowing enchantment for shields that works as well as a torch
  • Added Inventory access in select locations during Encounters!
  • – You can use or equip any items during these respite periods in encounters, which are currently in the cave encounters to give you a chance to put on a torch or other light source and in the Arena
  • – These will be added to more encounters to give you more chances to use items like potions or situational equipment
  • – Can’t use town portals, sorry!
  • Added Inventory Sorting!
  • – Can now sort inventory in addition to the filters in both the Inventory screen and shops
  • – Four sort types: alphabetical, by type, by value, and by weight
  • – Can also reverse the sort order by clicking on the option again, or unsort by clicking a third time
  • Added learning characters names
  • – Once you learn a character’s name, it’ll appear in their speaker text and in any events related to them in the event log – event log is now dynamic
  • – The speaker tag system now accepts character name merges, so it can dynamically display character’s names and modifiers
  • – Few new names yet, just existing character’s names
  • Added Urka Rescue battle outcome!
  • Added Alma Rescue battle outcome!
  • Added Distracted debuff
  • Added Focused perk
  • Backgrounds are now persistent through different types of scenes, including battles
  • Added stance icons for both sides of reciprocal stances to differentiate them
  • Sneak Attack delay timer now appears paralysis instead, letting you see how much time left before you or the enemy can start acting
  • A few more shops will replenish their inventory, now, so you don’t have to start a new game to find the torch or blindfold
  • Combat paper doll now immediately reflects equipment changes (taking off pants or underwear, for instance)
  • Can now unlock the “daily special” at the Sperm Bank
  • Alternate shop endings depending on purchases; implemented for Sperm Bank
  • Added support for fully animated backgrounds
  • Added support for “dynamic” lighting in animated backgrounds
  • Added the ability to update Hiro’s appearance in real-time

New content:

  • Added Orc Mating Press animation!
  • Added Hiro Sign Girl art!
  • – Has an anal variation as well
  • – Expanded the scenes a bit
  • Added Giantess animation!
  • Added Trudy and Kylira bunny boy outfits!
  • Added new Kylira and Trudy expressions and updated their animations (Kylira is now properly freckly)
  • Added Warlock Anilingus animation!
  • Added Sphincter animation!
  • – Now properly reflects lubrication, amount of cum, current gape and overall status, updated live in battle
  • Added new Sperm Bank nurse scenes
  • – For ordering and swallowing different daily specials
  • – Specials have new item icons
  • – Scenes differ depending on whether you know what the “milkshakes” are and whether you’re familiar with their specific taste of the special
  • Expanded Spider birthing scenes
  • Added more companion chatter
  • Rectum display now also properly shows cum and plug removal/insertion and tentacle removal/insertion and appears in combat correctly
  • Added new cave backgrounds and variants for light level
  • Added Lubricant item icon
  • Added Blindfold item icon
  • Added new buttons to Inventory scene
  • Added Urka rescue battle ending scene to Harpy encounters
  • Added Alma rescue battle ending scene to Werewolf encounter
  • Added Alma rescue battle ending scene to Catgirl+Werewolves encounter
  • Added new stance icons
  • – Bottom variants: 69 Bottom, Cowgirl Bottom, Ground Wrestle Supine, Ground Wrestle Prone, Pronebone Bottom, Standing Anal Bottom
  • – Top variants: Autofellatio Top, Bondage Top, Doggy Top, Facefuck Top, Facesit Top, Fellatio Top, Full Nelson Top, Handjob Top, Knot Top, Missionary Top, Ouroboros Top, Reverse Cowgirl Top, Spank Top, Wrap Top
  • – Brand new stance icons: Mouth Knot Top, Mouth Knot Bottom, Oviposition Bottom, Oviposition Top
  • Added new Tavern scenes with Trudy and Kylira and without them when you offer to “help”
  • Added Cave Background animation
  • Added Deep Cave Background animation
  • Added Mimic music
  • Added Volcano ambient track
  • Added Shack ambient track
  • Added Cottage ambient track
  • Added Ruins ambient track

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash bug when stealing
  • Big performance improvements for World Map
  • Updated a bunch of old art
  • – Gape (other adventurer)
  • – Quetzal (other adventurer)
  • – Keyhole
  • – Cultist Ritual
  • Fixed Cold Enchant not appearing in the upgrade menu
  • Tweaked Harpy encounter for continuity
  • Fixed Oral Fixation check text
  • Made modifications to animation placement code that also fixed the placement of a bunch of animations
  • Potions and arrows are now much more affordable
  • Fixed Cold Enchant on weapons
  • Tweaked some auto-equip logic – weapons and shields won’t force out your existing equipment if you have it anymore when you buy them
  • Added more information to error reports to help with debugging
  • Fixed some translation strings
  • Adjusted some text to not overrun the window
  • Fixed stealing scenario from Weapon Shop to have parity with General Shop
  • Fixed stamina destruction skills not working in sex stances
  • Fixed Focus perk not properly improving Perception in circumstances where it should and vice versa
  • Fixed Beast-Slaying and Demon-Slaying Weapon enhancements
  • Fixed Feminizing Cage enhancement
  • Fixed Grapple Status for Put On Knee skill
  • Fixed perk calculation when climaxing from anal ejaculation
  • Fixed shading on Shopkeep art
  • Adjusted Kylira and Trudy help thresholds, making them more useful in combat – Trudy now casts Titan Strength at higher HP levels if you have more affection with them
  • Improved encounter loading performance significantly
  • Improved world map loading performance significantly
  • Changed backgrounds for some encounters now that battles will have the same background as their surrounding environment
  • Added a new specific phallus type for the Quetzal Goddess
  • Fixed softlocks where enemies wouldn’t rest long enough to get the stamina needed to complete a grapple
  • Fixed certain techniques that should not have been usable at 0 stamina
  • Fixed tentacles getting stuck (naughty tentacles)
  • Fixed supporting character position in battle
  • Fixed Surprise mechanic so that it only affects certain battles
  • Made enemies use new skills more actively
  • Adjusted the size of some assets
  • Fixed crash bug on some screens like Inventory and Save/Load caused by a null parent
  • Deleting save files now properly deletes save files instead of reducing them – you may notice some “ghost” save files in the Save/Load screen, but these can be deleted without issue
  • Instantaneous results panel during encounters now expands smoothly without text overflow, scrolls if there are too many, and can be scrolled manually with click-drag, and looks much better
  • Compressed a bunch of assets losslessly to reduce filesize
  • Improved Save/Load performance for people with a lot of save files
  • Updated cowgirl bottom stance icon
  • Fixed Brothel Madam scene
  • Added Minotauress Titjob to Pervert screen
  • Fixed one-off error in handy/oral/anal/anilingus perk calculation
  • Fixed belly size not updating in real-time
  • Fixed Jester Anal animation placement
  • Fixed positioning of Werewolf x Trudy art, Victory art, Golem Closeup art, and Demon King facesit art
  • Bunch of code refactors to simplify things
  • Removed unused assets
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed typos

How To Install Game Tales Of Androgyny Crack

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TalesOfAndrogyny.exe” to start playing.

Tales Of Androgyny Free Download

Linux (v0.3.41.0):- GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN

Guide: MEGA


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