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The Fiery Scion [Update 18c]


Download The Fiery Scion Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

The Fiery Scion Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – It is a fantasy story about a young mage being released into the world after his long..

Developer: Vander Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Update 18c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, MILF, Stripping, Handjob, Harem, Interracial, Lesbian, Exhibitionism , Virgin , Oral Sex , Creampie, Masturbation

Description Game

It is a fantasy story about a young mage being released into the world after his long, isolated schooling, a world under a Curse that makes most babies be born female.
Follow him as he goes on adventures, fights, forms relationships, has a lot of sex, and makes lots of babies.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download The Fiery Scion
Download The Fiery Scion
Download The Fiery Scion

Update 18c
-624 renders
-43 animations.

Update 17:
-646 renders
-17 animations

17a: Typos, Sayers, and remade 2 renders because of a missing character.
17b: Typos, sayers.
17c: Typos

Update 16:
-1022 renders
-88 animations
a, b : typos

Update 15:
-693 renders
-48 animations
a, b , c and d: Typos and wrongly attributed diialogue

Update 14:
-527 renders.
-18 animations.

14a: Typos.

Update 13:
– 786 renders
– 40 animations

13a: typos
13b: typos + bugs in the codex

Update 12:
-562 renders
-27 animations

12a: typo, bug that made the game crash on day4.

Update 11:
-580 renders
-18 animations

11 a, b and c: Typos.

Update 10:
-502 renders
-22 animations
-one day and an half in-game

5a: Typos
5b: typos

Update 9:
-521 renders
-18 animations
-Half an in-game day
-Added music and ambient sounds (it is a first “draft”, I will refine and extend that part of the VN in further updates)

9a : Typos

Update 8:
-Morning of day 16
-489 renders
-21 animations
-New UI

8a: Typos

8b: Adjustments of the UI

Update 7:
-1 in-game day
-483 renders

7a: typos

Update 6:
-1 in-game day
-385 renders
-10 animations

6a: Typos

Update 5:
-1 in-game day
-864 renders
-20 new animations

– remade a few renders with the wrong character in it.
-missing render

Update 4:
-1 in-game day
-565 renders
-17 new animations


Update 3:

-2 in-game days
-833 renders
-3a: Typos
-3a: Misattributed names

Update 2:

-577 new renders
-27 new animations
-2a: Typos
-2b: Typos, corrected wrongly attributed dialogues, remade a couple of renders due to wrong clothes.

Update 1:

542 new renders
Numerous grammar errors were corrected.
14 new animations

5 days in game, roughly 1880 CGs.

How To Install Game The Fiery Scion

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

The Fiery Scion Free Download

This is part 2. If you are a new player, please download part 1 below. If you are a returning one, your save should be transfered autmotically, as long as you saved at the end of update 12, when it asks you to.



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