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Uni Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Uni it’s the name of the city that the game takes place in and you play as a female…

Developer: Hizor Games Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
GenreAdult, 2DCG, Female protagonist, School, Dating sim, Groping, Corruption, Submission, Voyeurism, Prostitution, Bimbofication, M/F, F/F, Feet, Sexual harassment, Blackmail, Oral sex, Lesbian, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Female Domination, Mobile game

Planned fetishes include (Open to change): Mind Break, Transformation, NTR (Avoidable), Rape and even an interesting healslutting event branch that was proposed with the game console.”

Description Game

The Union is the name of the city that the game takes place and you play as a woman’s protagonist, a girl whose fate is completely up to you. Just like a dating-sim game, you will go to school, take a walk, take a job, etc. Because this game takes place you will be able to place it in different situations and experience different storylines.

Screenshots and Gameplay



  • -Added Matt Theme.
  • -Added Rivalry Theme.
  • -Added Nathan Theme.
  • -Added Danger Theme.
  • -Added Nate&Co Flashing Mini CG.
  • -Added Kate Undressing Mini CG.
  • -Added 2 more variations of the Kate Date CG.
  • -Added 2 more variations of Damien Date CG.
  • -Added 2 more variations of Damien Movie CG.
  • -Added Damien Board Game Low Confidence CG Scene.
  • -Added Matt CG Scene after Damien Board Game.
  • -Added a textbox quick menu to the Aeon U.I.
  • -Added a music player to the laptop.
  • -Added Music Player CG.
  • -Added 2 New Aeon Events.
  • -Updated Title Screen animation.
  • -Fixed the intro video not being properly skippable.
  • -Fixed and updated the quick menu hovers.
  • -Fixed ponytail bug.
  • -Fixed Kenzie Homework bug.
  • -Fixed typos across the game.
  • -Re-added the Hide button on the quickmenu.


  • -Added an Original Soundtrack (22 Music Tracks)
  • -Added Nathan Morin Route.(14 New Events, completed up to his Routelock, 1 CG Scene)
  • -Added Nathan Sprite.
  • -Added Madison Sprite.
  • -Added Connor Sprite.
  • -Added Dillon Sprite.
  • -Added Markus Sprite.
  • -Added BarretOfLaughsSprite to Aeon.
  • -Added CaptainJenkins Sprite to Aeon.
  • -Added Lilygant Sprite to Aeon.
  • -Added 5p4des Sprite to Aeon.
  • -Added August School Uniform.
  • -Added Ryan School Uniform.
  • -Added Tracy School Uniform.
  • -Added Karaoke CG Scene
  • -Added Cheer Volleyball CG Scene Part 2
  • -Added Cheer Flashing CG Scene
  • -Added Cheer Shower CG Scene (21 Variants)
  • -Added Nathan Routelock CG
  • -Added Matt Damien NTR CG Scene (One of Several)
  • -Added Track CG to scenes missing them.
  • -Added Damien Room Background
  • -Added Damien Romantic Home Background
  • -Damien Routelock Sprites Added
  • -Alex is slightly taller now.
  • -Added Cheer Girls Sprites to earlier events.
  • -Added Generic Sprite to Cat giveaway event.
  • -Added 5 Random Character Events for Tracy, August, and Sophie.
  • -Added 1 New Large Aeon Event introducing the “Faithful” party.
  • -Expanded Damien’s Routelock with more call options adding more ways that the routelock can end.
  • -Added 3 more “waking up” dialog comments.
  • -Day limit increased to 91
  • -Save Pages increased to 100. (The U.I does not keep track of the page number at the bottom, this is a Ren’py issue.)
  • -Save deletion button re-added.
  • -Fixed a clothing and background issue with the Rockhopper job. (Chelsea should now wear the uniform when working there)
  • -Fixed a bug where the rockhopper job would jump to the bakery setup instead of the store setup.
  • -Bought clothing is no longer persistent across saves.
  • -Added a small increase to payments from all jobs.
  • -Increased tips from corrupt cafe and bar job.
  • -Lowered Cat expenses. Cat food is now $25, and the cat bed is now $50.
  • -Cat food option should now appear after the first notification about low cat food.
  • -Fixed a typo in Aeon side events.
  • -Fixed a Bakery and Matt variable bug.
  • -Fixed a bug with Matt and Violet’s conflict event where you’d still get Violet’s routelock event.
  • -Fixed third Kenzie event triggering without homework.
  • -Added a corruption check to a “fuck” option at the party with Kenzie.
  • -Added corruption gain across the Kenzie party event.
  • -Fixed an issue with Kenzie Catfish breaking character routes.
  • -Fixed a bug with the peprally random event not setting your clothes back to normal.
  • -Altered turning in your homework before a Kenzie event triggers.
  • -Moved the “Should go to bed” notification to the map screen.
  • -Shortened the notification that pops up in the mall if your cash or corruption is too low by 1 second.
  • -Paying for damages at the Farmers Market has been lowered to $100 from $150.
  • -Participating in the Farmers Market scam gets you more money than before.
  • -Increased the reward for selling the Farmer Market info to $500.
  • -Fixed Damien homecoming dress CG placement.
  • -Fixed various outfit issues across the game.
  • -Fixed a Bakery issue meaning a Keith x Lisa sex scene/cg variant was never seen.
  • -Fixed a Bakery issue in which a generic male sprite would just sit in the corner for the whole event stalking Lisa and Chelsea.
  • -Fixed multiple instances of Damien wearing the wrong clothes
  • -Fixed bug were Chelsea would continue wearing the cheer outfit after practice.
  • -Several background changes where needed.
  • -Splashscreen now has a fadeout.
  • -Added Credits to the end of the game.


  • -Added Cheer Beach Trip Sunbathing CG Scene (40 Variations)
  • -Added Cheer Beach Trip Volleyball CG Scene (36 Variations)
  • -Added Sprites to Kenzie Party Event
  • -Fixed a small error in Mia’s outfit
  • -Fixed a few grammar corrections
  • -Fixed the Text Opacity option not displaying.
  • -Corrected the timings with the Kenzie Party.

Uni 0.48.109 Changelog:

  • -Fixed the character perspective in Aeon Side event.
  • -Fixed track event relationship checks.
  • -Added New Yearbook event.
  • -Added 2 New Kenzie Girls events.
  • -Added Naked Mia, Kenzie, and Simone sprites
  • -Added Kenzie route fail concequences events.
  • -Added 10 new character text events. 2 for Kate, Matt, Damien, and 5 for Violet (3 Split between sub & dom)
  • -Added 16 Rockhopper Store Events. (Sprites To Be Added)
  • -Added Rockhopper Outfit for Chelsea
  • -Added Beach Background to Cheer Club Beach Trip
  • -Added Swimsuit outfit to Ms. Vicky
  • -Added Swimsuit to Clayton

Uni 0.47.108 Patch:

  • -Updated Ren’py Engine
  • -Added Sprites to Track event
  • -Added Sprites to Aeon Side events.

Uni 0.47.107 Changelog:

  • -Fixed Cheer Swimsuit buying event always claiming you were seen at the car wash event.
  • -One-piece choice now displays regardless if your money isn’t enough to pay for it.
  • -Increased Bad Area event trigger to 33% from 16%.
  • -Fixed Matt Event variable never setting to the Matt Bad End state.
  • -Delayed Kate’s Phone messages a week.
  • -Remade Olivia’s Sprite to work with the new sprite layering system.
  • -Added Olivia’s first stage of corruption outfit.
  • -Cheer Beach Trip Event Added
  • -Track Meet Event Day 2 Added
  • -Added an Aeon Side Quest (Side Events)
  • -Added 4 Generic Sprites to Aeon
  • -Added Zaboo Sprites to Aeon
  • -Added HitMe Sprites to Aeon
  • -Added HeroicPrincipal Sprites to Aeon
  • -Added Damien Dinner CG Scene
  • -Added Matt Gym Storage CG Scene

-Increased Aeon Trigger event when walking around 26% > 45%
-Removed textbox opacity variable from being persistent across saves.
(Should fix the opacity being set to 0 by default)
-Homework Icon should now correctly be displayed when you have homework.
-Fixed Aeon U.I bug
This patch fixes a few of the U.I bugs and makes it easier to trigger the Aeon download event when walking around.


  • -Fixed map issues that would cause all the locations to be shown at once.
  • -Added Sprites to Damien Route lock.
  • -3 New Damien expressions added.
  • -Uni icon thumbnail updated.


  • -Added 6 New Damien Events
  • -Added Damien Route Lock.(Still needs sprites added)
  • -Daylimit increased to 90 days.
  • -Fixed Matt showing up at the parent teacher conference event if already dealt with.
  • -Added New Ending images for routes completed.


  • -Added Convenience Store Job (Rockhopper). Only 3 Basic Events.
  • #Accessed through getting fired at the Bar.
  • -Can now quit the bar properly.
  • -Added Landlord Blowjob Scene
  • -Added Bar Route lock Event
  • -Added Bar Route lock CG Scene
  • -Added Matt Route lock + 2 Matt Events
  • -Added Kate Route lock Event.
  • -Added Violet Sub Cleaning 2 CG Scene
  • -Remade the first Matt Blowjob CG Scene. Also expanding on the scene with more images.
  • -Fixed a Gallery Bug
  • -Fixed Bar Conflict issues with Damien and Matt appearing when they shouldn’t.
  • -Fixed Event trigger timings for Bar and Matt.
  • -Fixed Missing Background for Matt-Damien NTR event.
  • -Fixed Kenzie confronting you in bathroom if still friends.
  • -Fixed Samantha Record Store Loop
  • -Fixed Being able to fuck Matt at the aquarium even if you’ve broken up with him.
  • -Fixed Damien Conflict issues.
  • -Fixed Damien Dating Dialog not trigger in some of Violet Scenes.
  • -Fixed Sprites Overlapping in CG Scenes.

-Python Fixes that fix integer errors with the achievements.
-Fixes to the Naked Casualwear “outfit”.

-Fixed Matt/Damien NTR event trigger
-Added Missing Violet Gallery CG Scenes
-Violet/Damien Conflict Fix

-Added 3 New Alice events (cleaned up and edited)
-Added 2 New Kenzie event (cleaned up and edited)
-Added final Damien Bar conflict event.
-Added final Matt/Bar conflict event.
-Added extra (and optional) Damien NTR scene with Matt/Damien Conflict.
-Added 2 New CG Scenes to the Damien Aquarium Date
-Added 1 New CG Scene to Bakery/Matt Conflict
-Added 1 New CG Scene to Violet Dom Mall event.
-Added 2 New CG Scenes to Violet Dom and Violet Sub Mall event.
-Fixed Spelling errors
-Fixed issues with boob job refusals in the Bakery.
-Fixed conditional dialog in the bakery.
-Fixed Lisa phone error. Again.
-Fixed Corrupted School outfit reapplying each time you sleep.
-Updated mod folder with further phone system instructions.
-Can now use the bottom back button in the phone menus.
-Naked Casualwear option added in wardrobe for NG+.
-Textbox has been updated. Moved it down some, move the name box over, and extended the text length.
-Android Textbox U.I has also been updated. Hopefully this fixes a lot of the text issues people were having with smaller screens
-The phone button is now slightly larger.

-Fixed Lisa inital text trigger if you skipped the intro.
-Fixed Phone breaking after trying to text lisa.
-Fixed Damien track event running over into Damien cheer event if you decided to go home immediately.
-Fixed issue with Violet Dom Music CG scene.
-Fixed Android Quick Menu not appearing caused by a Ren’py update.
(Note: Small Screens will still have broken text alignments until we make dedicated time to develop the Android U.I for different screen sizes.)
-Added Instructions for extracting the example events in the mods folder.
-Added Examples for how to add phone texting events in the example mod.

How To Install Game Uni

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Uni Free Download



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