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Uni Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Uni it’s the name of the city that the game takes place in and you play as a female…

Developer: Hizor Games Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
GenreAdult, 2DCG, Female protagonist, School, Dating sim, Groping, Corruption, Submission, Voyeurism, Prostitution, Bimbofication, M/F, F/F, Feet, Sexual harassment, Blackmail, Oral sex, Lesbian, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Female Domination, Mobile game

Planned fetishes include (Open to change): Mind Break, Transformation, NTR (Avoidable), Rape and even an interesting healslutting event branch that was proposed with the game console.”

Description Game

The Union is the name of the city that the game takes place and you play as a woman’s protagonist, a girl whose fate is completely up to you. Just like a dating-sim game, you will go to school, take a walk, take a job, etc. Because this game takes place you will be able to place it in different situations and experience different storylines.

Screenshots and Gameplay

-Fixed Lisa inital text trigger if you skipped the intro.
-Fixed Phone breaking after trying to text lisa.
-Fixed Damien track event running over into Damien cheer event if you decided to go home immediately.
-Fixed issue with Violet Dom Music CG scene.
-Fixed Android Quick Menu not appearing caused by a Ren’py update.
(Note: Small Screens will still have broken text alignments until we make dedicated time to develop the Android U.I for different screen sizes.)
-Added Instructions for extracting the example events in the mods folder.
-Added Examples for how to add phone texting events in the example mod.

-The Giraffe tongue during the Kate Zoo date is now the correct color.
-Small fixes to all of Violet’s Car CG scenes. (Seatbelt placement and small details)
-Small fix to the homework bullies to prevent them from showing up too early.
-Cheer Practice CG Scene Fix (Chelsea’s hair is now in a ponytail.)
-Cheer CG with Coach Clayton has been fixed to include Chelsea’s ponytail.
-Cheer CG with Damien under the bleachers has been remade.
-Ryan is now much more expressive (Additional Expressions added)
-Removed the Stats Screen when using the laptop to prevent errors.
-Fixed Stripclub event progression.
-Fixed Matt Blackmail Bad Ending from not triggering in certain scenes.
-Added an additional dialog branch in the case that you did not play S&M (Swords and Magic) with Levi the first time.
-Added Basic Mod Support (Example mod can be found in the mods folder. Modding Guide to come later.)
-Added Fancy Restaurant Background to Violets dates.
-Added Track Meet Background for Track Meet events.
-Added a Violet CG Scene when you’re putting on the blue dress.
-Added a Violet CG Scene when you’re on the way back from the restaurant.
-Added larger tips in both Cafe and Bar.
-Increased final Bakery payout.
-Added Matt Lending CG Scene.
-“Blowing” rent now gives corruption for doing so.
-Tracy now has toes in her Bikini outfit.

-Fixed a priority issue with the second Matt event that could potentially cause it to not occur.
-Fixed a missing Yearbook Club Background
-Fixed a bug with Matt-Violet conflict event trigger.
-Fixed a bug with Matt shown beat up despite the events of the Damien-Matt conflict.

Uni 0.39.98:
-Fixed Bar-Violet Event overlap.
-Increased Alice Event Chances.
-Consistency issues with Damien during club visit fixed.
-Reworked Mia’s face.
-Added Aquarium Background.
-Added School Hallway Background – Still a few areas needing it.
-Added 2 Violet Selfies depending on which route you’re on with her.
-1 New CG Scene Matt Sex Scene after Aquarium
-2 New Alice/Kenzie Events.
-2 New Kate Conflict Events (Violet & Damien).
-Increase Bakery and Cafe Payout.
-Fixed Conflict Events overlapping Bar events.
-Fixed being able to enter the stripclub without doing a certain choice.
-Fixed Damien Dating Error.
-Lowered initial karaoke event trigger chances.
-Removed Default Clothes button and added the Default Casualwear to the wardrobe.
-Refusing to go to the Mall with Damien no longer breaks his route.
-Fixed final MafiaMatt favor event from immediately triggering when waking up.
-Fixed Matt-Damien Conflict event not triggering.

-Minor image fixes to track outfits.
-Missing Sprites added to Damien events.
-Fixed sprite overlap on Damien’s movie date.
-Fixed a background issue in the Cafe Raise scene.
-Fixed an event trigger conflict between MattMafia and Violet events.
-Fixed an event trigger conflict between Damien and Violet events.
-Fixed background issues in Damien’s events.
-Fixed Damien Aquarium Date trigger.
-Rearranged Damiens Club Appearances (Haven’t tested with yearbook yet).
-Added 3 New CG Scenes for the Damien Aquarium Date.
-Added 3 New Conflict events with Kate.

-Fixed a missing comma in the event triggers causing errors.
Uni 0.36.95
-Fixed Damien route progression passed homecoming dance.
-Fixed Violet-Damien event trigger conflict
-Fixed Alice clothes in her second event.
-Fixed missing dialog during the homecoming dance in Damien’s route.
-Fixed Sprite Placement in Cafe.
-Fixed Clothing error in cafe.
-Can now trigger Damien’s mall date by going to the mall.
-Fixed consistency with a random cheer event should you have a cat.
-Fixed inconsistency caused by the first bar event triggering too early.
-Removed Minigames icon in the laptop menu.
-Fixed an odd background change when going to bed.
-Fixed Matt Bar conflict appearing even if he had been dealt with.
-Added Coach Rudy Sprite
-Added Coach Clayton Sprite
-Added August Casual Clothes Sprite.
-Added Cheer Practice CG Scene
-Added Coach Clayton CG Scene
-Added Mr. Davis Photo CG Scene


  • -Fixed a dialog typo in the cafe route.
  • -Fixed Matt Mafia CG Error
  • -Added Matt-Bakery Conflict CG Scene
  • -Can no longer bring up the phone when going to bed to prevent potential breaking of the day system.

This patch adds in the final CG Scene that was in the works for 0.35.94 and fixes a couple of bugs that we didn’t get too during the development of 0.35.94.
A few more are on the list, but they were pretty minor and time was out for getting this patch out to start work on 0.36.


  • -Town Map code overhauled and reworked
  • -Town Map images have been resized properly
  • -Added Bar Grope CG Scene
  • -Added Bar Daniel x Chelsea CG Scene
  • -Added Bar Kate Restroom CG Scene
  • -Added Bar Muscle Guy CG Scene
  • -Added Bar Restroom CG Scene
  • -Fixed a few typos
  • -Date Icons are no longer used and date events now fire automatically on the specific days.
  • This is to prevent people from accidentally missing certain date events and breaking the routes.
  • -Earnings at the Bakery have been tweaked you’ll now make more at the bakery.
  • -Tweaks to sprites and day progression during some events.
  • -Bug with the price changing on the Slit dress fixed.
  • -Added more corruption gain in the Bakery.
  • -Tweaked corruption gain in Cafe.
  • -Added a little more wage gain to the Cafe job.
  • -Fixed a Violet continuity error with the Bar job.
  • -Fixed a corruption bug in the stripclub.
  • -Fixed the startAlign bug.

How To Install Game Uni

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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