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Waifu Dreams City [v0.9.6.5]

Download Waifu Dreams City Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Waifu Dreams City Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – ou dance and get Ladies to dance for you to earn money to buy more levels and unlock higher floors.

Developer: Waifu Dreams Studio – Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3D Game, Ahegao, Anal sex, Animated, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, Footjob, Futa/Trans, Lactation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral sex, Point & Click, Prostitution, Sandbox, Sex toys, Stripping, Vaginal sex

Description Game

A full 3D Auto-clicker game, You dance and get Ladies to dance for you to earn money to buy more levels and unlock higher floors with more ladies and animation to watch participate.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Waifu Dreams City
Download Waifu Dreams City
Download Waifu Dreams City
Download Waifu Dreams City

I’m already adding the option of multiple positions in the scenes I started with the scenes of floor 2 to test that it doesn’t have serious bugs, try them and if you have any problem tell me :3
the free camera button change to T so the poses can be changed easier by the numbers.

Added a button to remove clothes outside the scenes.
added 2k and 4k resolutions in the options.

Added 2 animations

-The system that turns you into futa is already well implemented, now you can change the size of the penis and you can change the position in the scenes that you can,
you can make it hard all the time or only in the scenes, the system is still under development and will be improved over time.
Floor2 cinema:
added “spy” costume.
Floor4 bdsm:
a new animation at the entrance,PS I’m creating some machines to expand it later 

Floor 6 streamer:
a new animation
Floor 7 showers:
a new pov animation
Floor8 cow:
3 new animations
Floor9 fantasy:
added mage costume
fixed a bug in the elevator when you press the E key it stays naked with the dildo in hand
fixed a bug where the UI didn’t display correctly in low resolutions
fixed a bug with the first angel, when you enter the scene the eyes changed color

Added 5 new animations, they will be the first 5 angels at the beginning, little by little I will be doing the others.
I’m fixing the start area
Improved the makeup UI
Added vending machines that refill your satisfaction completely and double the sex points earned in the scenes temporarily.
Added Hot Dog stands that refill your satisfaction and make it not decrease temporarily.
Added chili stands that allow you to run faster
Added clown costume in the makeup building.
Floor 5:
added 2 animations
added a nurse costume

I am fixing the lip material.
piercings are no longer changed in scenes.
added particles when you level up
New building to change piercings and makeup
-now you can change the color of your lips
-now you can change the eye color
-now you can change hair color
-You can add or remove glasses, 5 other accessories have been added.
-two new piercings
-added freckles to customize
4 new animations
fixed bug : when you became furry on floor 5 and changed color and then changed clothes, eyebrows changed color.
now the vaginal fluid is displayed correctly

Increased the amount of experience you get in scenes.
Now you gain experience when activating the climax
Adjusted the dance mini-game

New mini-game at the start that allows you to buy levels for money and earn money more easily, it’s in development
New option in the menu to change the penises by strapong (still doesn’t work with all the girls and the 3d model I’m going to improve it)

music added on floors 7 and 9, also at the startup
a new costume (it’s on the 10th floor) has some extra stuff that I won’t put in the notes
a new selfie animation
a new tattoo
new 90 fps option (I’m working on another system so you can set it right)
a new animation in the tattoo parlor

added 5 POV animations
still in development

this week i have been touching the code to be able to add more options to it in the future :3 so you will see few additions, but next week i will bring you more content as always.
I started to fix the 7th floor but it still has nothing or it’s disabled.

fixed the skin and hair material.

Now you can level up by having sex, the more sex points you get the more experience you gain, when you level up you earn money, I’m still working on the system.
Added a tattoo system, it is under development and will be expanded over time.

a new costume

4 new animations

fixed a bug with the milk machines on the 8th floor, the extraxtor didn’t appear when you were turned into a furry

things: next minigame I have to delay it to next week: too many bugs :I
I started to touch the resolution settings, black bars may appear on 21:9 monitors, I’ll fix it.


!!It may be necessary to delete the saved game in the options, I will try not to let it happen again!!

*added in the options change the maximum PFS of the game to 30, 60 and 144 and fixed the problem that the game was slower the less fps you had.

*now in the scenes there is a bar, when it fills up you don’t gain more sexual points

now when you fill the bar you can reach the climax, it’s in development :3


*enhanced the masturbation system to force you to buy the skill.


*added piercing in the customization in the scenes.

-2 new piercings

*added CUM for the ass

-3 varieties

*added an ability to earn more sex points in the scenes

*added an ability to increase maximum sexual points

*added a new outfit

*now there is no UI view in the scenes with the R key

*now there is free camera in scenes with the 1 key.


*fixed CUM shader in scene customization

*fixed the high settings to have 100% resolution

*fixed player model


blocked until completely fixed (many bugs :I)


a new animation


*improved interactions with NPCs, fixed collisions, they look at you when you talk to them, camera enters smoothly when talking and scenes, new way to display cost, name and sex points

*added four animations when talking

*added a new costume (cowgirl)

*fixed a bug that when speaking and quickly pressing accept the character was not placed correctly in the animation

*fixed the cow costume

  • Floor6:

    *added two new animations

    *some remodeling
  • Floor8:


    *added five new animations

    *added an unlockable room with one more animations

    *not my strong point but it already has music!
  • Important:

    *improved the NPC code so it improved the performance considerably, you can test higher quality levels


  • Added:

    *You can now resize the buttocks, and they have physics too! :3

    *Fixed a visual bug of the eyes of the base model (when looking from below it looked weird)

    *added angels with guides for the player

    *remodeled the startup

    *added new clothes (punk)

    *added an animation at startup

    *changed the elevator UI (I’ll try to improve it more)

    *added a bar to control the speed in scenes

    *fixed the lighting in some areas and reduced the brightness in general

    *all quality levels had a revision to improve optimization

    *improved CUM a bit
  • Floor5:

    needed a hospital caretaker, take a look at it :3 (in the future it will have more stuff)

    borr has invented a machine to turn you into a furry, use it at your own risk :3 (it’s in development)

    an added animation

    a little bit remodeled, I’ll touch it more in future
  • Floor2:

    added three new animations

    remodeled the floor

    one unlockable room with another new animation


  • BUGS:

    *fixed a bug that caused that if you won too much money it put the money in negative.

    *fixed a bug with icons

    *translated some dialogs and texts correctly
  • ADDED:

    *added very low quality, this option has problems with some objects but the performance increases a lot.

    *added new clothes (maid)

    *added a new clothing (rabbit)
  • FLOOR 3:

    *remodeled the floor

    *added 3 new animations

    *added a new unlockable room with another new animation

    *in the scenes the camera now moves by click

    *in the scenes added two buttons to activate and deactivate clothes

    *right click now activates CUM

How To Install Game Waifu Dreams City

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Waifu Dreams City Free Download



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