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Wild Life [Build 23.06.2021]

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Wild Life Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – We live in a mad universe… indescribably vast… full of wonders…

Developer: Adeptus Steve Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows 64Bit
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, 3D game, Anal sex, Animated, Combat, Female protagonist, Furry, Gay, Group sex, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Monster, Oral sex, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Virtual reality

Description Game

We live in a mad universe… indescribably vast… full of wonders… and terrors. And amidst all the chaos, sometimes things even turn out.. sexy! Play as one of many possible characters, female, male*, or creature* and fight and fuck your way through a wild experience. Our story plays on a small and rather unknown planet called K’apal.

Only few civilized humans have ever ventured here, some miners guilds to claim the precious rare minerals that can be found here, scientists studying the natives and the flora and fauna. And also raiders and poachers trying to make a fortune selling rare creatures to rich and eccentric collectors and off-world beast arenas.​

Screenshots and Gameplay


Uncensored $10 Patreon Build

Build 23.06.2021 Public


• Added 5 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here

• Added Fisher Chief outfit for Gulhragg (work in progress)

• Added Straps and Lingerie outfits for Serenia

• Added MayaXRawn and MayaXKral sex minigames for all Maya based females


• Resolved characters floating above the ocean while swimming

• Resolved NPCs not being able to attack after a sex minigame

• Resolved footstep sound spam

• Resolved items breaking when moving them around in the inventory

• Resolved missing input rebinders (Interact, Toggle Clothes, Place Item)

• Resolved input conflict between quick item and ejaculation

• Resolved sex minigame not advancing automatically in some cases

• Resolved random crash on game exit

• Resolved rare crash with NPC sex routines

• Resolved rare crash when aiming with a bow

• Resolved not being able to spawn characters in the Jungle Blockout level

• Various improvements to animations

• Various improvements to dialogue

• Various improvements to level models and materials

Known Issues:

• Reflection issue with our new hair technology

• Shorty’s Side Bet quest shows the number of sexual encounters you have had, but quest completion condition is the number of white ribbons you have received

• Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear

Build 17.06.2021


• Added over 40 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here

• Added 2 new sex minigames with over 15 animations each (MaxXAlissa, MayaXKral)

• Added 25 new animations to MayaXRawn sex minigame (Doggy, Boobjob, Throatjob)

• Added a bunch of new dialogue

• Added several new NPC routines

• Fully implemented Alissa quest

• Added 2 new hair styles with our new hair technology (Maya + Max)

• Added 3 new outfits to many of our female characters (Lingerie, Mechanic, Straps)

• Added new poses to character poser

• Added new pubic hair styles for males and females

• Added combat range to test our reworked combat (Please send us your feedback)

• Added free cam feature to sex minigame


• Various improvements to characters, animations and physics

• Adjusted lighting in Fisher Village level

• Various improvements to level models and materials

• Reworked combat and combat AI

• Changed some inputs as part of the reworked combat

• Improved dialogue

• Improved NPC routines

• Started implementing sound effects

• Reworked UI (Not fully completed, yet)

• Improved climbing and falling (Currently only for Max and Maya)

• Resolved cum not sticking to characters outside of sex sequence or poser

• Resolved cum disappearing after a while

• Resolved rare issue where sex animations could desync during sex minigame

• Resolved animations not looping when talking to an NPC during their routine

• Resolved crash when talking to Maya as Maya

• Resolved characters sometimes sinking into the ground during sex sequence

• Resolved combat AI getting stuck

• Resolved guiding AI standing still when the player moves too far ahead

Known Issues:

• Reflection issue with our new hair technology

• Characters float above the ocean water while swimming

• Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear

• Cant spawn characters in the jungle blockout level

• Holding ejaculate button opens quick item menu due to double assignment

Build 2020.09.17


• Resolved a case where the camera could glitch underground while in poser or intercourse
• Resolved textures not fully loading in
• Resolved AI’s not losing aggro when player flies away
• Various animation improvements
• Resolved Maya not having footstep sounds

Known Issues:

• Jungle Trees in Fisher Village have no collision
• Wrong camera angles in dialogue with sitting or lying NPCs
• Pants sometimes disappear when entering sexytime


• Added about 100 new animations, see the full list here
• Added new character: Gunjar the chief of the Fisher Village
• Added new character: Karra the tiger lady
• Added Fisher Village level where our demo will take place
• Added new outfit system for mixing and matching clothes
• Added tan lines to character customization
• Added checkboxes to enable/disable character physics in the character poser
• Added arrow key binds to change brightness in showroom


• Maya uses the new animation system with various improvements
• Many NPCs have routines now
• Improved physics handling for futa accessory
• Resolved cinematic and dialogue camera letterboxes for ultrawide resolutions
• Resolved beds not advancing time

How To Install Game Wild Life

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “WildLifeC.exe” to start playing.

Wild Life Free Download



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