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TITLE: Ace Campus Club
GENRE:Indie, SimulationStrategy
RELEASE DATE: 1 May, 2021

Description Game

The club simulation game where you will play the role of the club president at the university, with big ambitions but does not have money to grow, encourage and develop the club below you to become a super popular club called.
For the sake of inheritance that you are not sure whether they are even there, and dreams in your heart to pursue, you must lead clubs from unknown obscurity, to become school seeds.
You will be 50 opportunities to act, with time not on your side, you have to do whatever you can to get funds, plan how to use it, get sustainable attention and influence on the club, and finally increase their popularity to achieve. your destination.
Even though you are single for now, but we also hope you can find your true love along the way.

Main Features

  • Story rich with exclusive storyline for 5 women’s heroes, coincidence meetings, Shurbaba Storylines!
  • Up to 60+ scenes, with almost 100 random events, and dozens of elite club members, there will be opportunities everywhere!
  • Give your name, with the name provided!
  • Create a phone call, note the news to collect Intel, and rationalize the schedule to achieve your goals!
  • Steam board (only available on Windows for now)
SIMILAR GAME :  Gloomhaven [v0.2.14213]


  • Zhu Xueqin (CV: muriko)
    Vice president of the student council, rather missy, has made a killing within the capital market, no leisure time. Good at writing official document, love cat and scared of mouse.
  • Ming Yuanxin (CV: Cotton Candy)
    Legal Loli, and a fun loving prankster. The cooking instructor of the “Divine Church of the Flying Spaghetti”, rather active with the school’s scientific endeavors.
  • Bian Yu (CV: Xiange)
    A young girl that is emotionless, quiet and rather hard to understand. Came from a not so well-off family, and is off school to support her family and her grandfather’s medical bill by repairing damaged electronics, and has zero knowledge in regards of physiology.
  • Jin Ni (CV: Kagamikuma)
    An idol who entered the college after graduating from an idol group. Has been pursuing the field of art, and with her being doing some E-commerce, it would seems she has been getting the bad habit of leaving things everywhere.
  • Lian Huishan (CV: Luttefair)
    Solid, pure and professional, with an internship, a small budding business, and a part time amateur ero manga artist. She’s The big sister with a strong sense of eldership within her.

Screenshots and Gameplay

System Requirement

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7+
Storage: 1 GB available space

How To Install Game Ace Campus Club Crack

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Ace Campus Club Free Download


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