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Download Adventurer Trainer Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Adventurer Trainer Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Set in a fictional universe loosely based on Konosuba and other titles. 

Developer: PastryIRL – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.8b
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Animated, Harem, Loli, Teasing, Virgin, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, Dating sim, Fantasy, Sandbox, RPG, Turn based combat, Big tits, Big Ass, Handjob, MILF, Ahegao, Creampie, Titfuck, Incest, Exhibitionism, Vaginal Sex, Mobile game

Description Game

Adventurer Trainer is a free non-commercial fan-made porn-parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG elements, set in a fictional universe loosely based on Konosuba and other titles. You will meet familiar characters, embark on exhilarating adventures, solve mysteries and more!

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Adventurer Trainer
Download Adventurer Trainer
Download Adventurer Trainer



– Fixed an issue that could result in a crash when venturing to floor 5 in the Dungeon
– Fixed an issue preventing Chris’ Poison attack from dealing double damage out of Stealth
– Fixed an issue preventing some chests from dropping two items
– Fixed an issue resulting in a crash when wearing Kazuma’s Masked Thief skin when fishing
– Fixed an issue resulting in a crash with some traps
– Fixed a few lines with orthographic mistakes


– Added Web support. The game now has a Web build and can be playable from the browser
– Rudimentary mod support

Minor changes:
– Slightly reduced XP and gold rewards from Quests
– Collectibles are now non-interactive during the fishing minigame
– Regions on the Worldmap will now contain a warning if a boss is present in the level
– +1 Aqua skin
– +1 Darkness skin
– By popular demand, you can now invite Darkness & Megumin to your room for headpats again even if you’ve already finished those events
– Added a hard level cap to level 9 for the time being.
– Reduced days added to the counter after completing a quest from 5 to 4

– Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from using Skip button
– Fixed an issue allowing certain dialogues in Steph’s rescue quest to be played multiple times
– Fixed an issue that would cap bonus attributes from training with Darkness and Roxy at a lower value than intended. Applies retroactively
– Fixed an issue with a possessive pronoun in procedurally generated adventurers
– Fixed an issue with a certain foreground covering enemies in the dark forest
– Fixed an issue with Aqua dispelling self-applied Marked effect
– Fixed an issue with a missing displayable when visiting Gabriel
– Fixed an issue where you could still interact with objects after interrupting an adventure
– Fixed an issue with traps disappearing from the screen after an all-out-attack
– Fixed an issue with locked chests still being unpickable when Chris is in the party
– Fixed an issue resulting “Goddess of Calamities” event being available before Steal is learned
– Fixed an issue with scrollwheel not working in the shop menus


– +12k words, totaling 113k
– +451 images, totaling 4628
– +19 animations, totaling 89

– Added the Heist event chain + quest + 2 cinematics
– +1 Main Event
– +1 Chris H-scene
– +1 Yunyun Event
– +1 Succubi Dream H-scene (rat-themed)
– +1 Gabriel Event
– +1 Vanir Event
– +1 Roxy Event

– Upgraded to Ren’Py 8.1.2, bringing enhanced performance and numerous bug fixes
– Added a rudimentary lighting system for adventuring. Units will now get lit up and cast shadows during certain interactions or when AOE abilities are being cast
– The choice screen can now appear in different locations depending on the scene. This is to ensure it doesn’t cover characters’ faces in some cases
– H-scenes buttons now have their own style and are transparent
– Performance improvements % graphical updates for city & mansion screens
– General UI revamps & improvements
– You can now make “inventions” to sell to Vanir. Each product will generate a small amount of income every morning
– You can now feed Chomusuke in exchange for affection points and random rewards
– The Dreams in Succubi Cafe will now have “Ero Event” markers when available. After purchase you’ll be able to rewatch them for free (and not just from the gallery)
– Work at the guild option will now have a quest marker if there are any plot-relevant jobs available
– Added a new book: In The Veil of Night
– Added a new Feat: Vampire Seducer. Now we just need some vampires

– Added Chris
– Added new enemies: Brigand Lieutenant, City Guard, City Guard Sergeant
– Added new bosses: Brigand Boss, Shadow of Joy, *REDACTED*
– New visuals for the brigands camp location
– You can now venture to the deep forest to fight the birdheads
– Added a new class of abilities with variable effects. They function similarly to how you switch weapons in combat: you can cycle through possible effects and choose one you need most
– Added a new ability for Kazuma, “Create Element”. It contains 4 different abilities (Create Water, Create Fire, Create Air, Create Earth) each of which can be used. Learn it from Roxy so she has reason to exist
– Added a new AbilityChain class for abilities that can (wait for it) chain effects.
– Added Drain Touch ability for Kazuma that can drain HP away from enemies in return for mana/health. That said, we won’t see it in action yet
– Added a Wet status effect. Units affected by it take extra damage from Lightning attacks.
– Added a Frozen status effect. Frozen units receive penalties to their speed and dodge
– Added a new Riposte effect. Units with Riposte will counter-attack upon being hit.
– Added a Fear effect. Characters affected by fear might skip their turn
– Added a Hunting/Tracking effect. Units affected by it gain bonuses when attacking Marked enemies
– Added a Weaken effect. The next hit Weakened units receive is guaranteed to be critical
– Added a Confused effect. Confused units will choose their targets at random
– The initiative queue is now dynamic and can change mid-combat with speed boosts or penalties.
– You can now use the mousewheel to increase/decrease boost
– Successful attacks will now shake the screen lightly to provide feedback.
– Missed attacks will not show graphical effects of the attack on the target
– Added Traps that will damage the party if they’re not disarmed
– Added Time Limited Battles (one in the Heist quest). You will need to last a certain amount of turns in order to win

– Balancing changes to monsters across the board
– Portable Toilet now applies Wet effect. Now there’s a line I never thought I’d write
– “Blessed Restoration” and “Divine Heal” upgrades of Aqua’s Heal ability now stack correctly
– “Blessed Restoration” heal percent amount decreased from 50% to 40%
– Aqua’s “Blessing” now applies a +10 buff to speed
– Darkness’ “Intimidate” now applies a -7 penalty to speed
– Added Fearless Feat to Darkness, rendering her immune to Fear effects
– Darkness’ Bolster Ranks and Intimidate received some skill upgrades
– You will now receive a Power Gem every time you level up. This change is applied retroactively
– Buffed “Blinding Strike” upgrade for Turn Undead to further reduce accuracy (20->40) and dodge (10->20)
– Balanced Sword now adds a flat +10 bonus accuracy instead of a +10% modifier (which makes it rather useless for Darkness)
– Increased accuracy for Steal ability
– Darkness’s strength gain increased to 9
– Kazuma’s HP gain reduced from 14 to 12
– Kazuma’s strength gain reduced from 7 to 6
– Aqua’s Blessing duration from 2 -> 4
– Megumin’s Concussive effect chance 30%->50%
– Jibril’s Cleanse ability will now correctly cleanse most dispellable status effects that are positive

Minor changes:
– You can now end the workday early when working at the guild. You should still work the entire day, of course. Your corporate overlords demand it.
– Slightly adjusted monsters’ death visual effect
– Removed some buttons from the game menu and the quick menu during replay mode cause some of y’all get overwhelmed by buttons too quickly
– Darkness’s Headpat invitation will be inaccessible once complete. For now.
– Animation enhancements for screens when working at the guild and receiving results
– Added a tint effect to units when affected by Burn
– Adjusted the collectibles’ glint additive quality to 0.5 so that it doesnt stand out as much
– Adjusted colors of the tray icon for Eris’s boons
– Percent-based Heal skills will now show their percentages in the Skill Upgrade menu instead of flat numerical amount
– Auto-battle hotkey is now hidden on mobile devices
– Slightly adjusted the notification popup animation
– “Retake the Library” guild job will now only appear if “Investigate the Farm” is completed
– “Investigate the Farm” progress per day upped from 25 to 35
– Updated the first background in “Investigate the Tomb” quest
– Converted adventuring backgrounds to webp, saving on space
– Quick menu is now properly centered on the screen
– Replaced the city day BGM with a different track that I feel fits better
– Slight changes in library background visuals in adventuring mode
– Slightly adjusted Kazuma and Darkness sprites when attacking with a sword
– The menu dropdown in top-left corner now activates upon hover
– Equipped items in the inventory screen will no longer show their full attributes, but instead only a summary
– Included a language override for people that used to play on translated builds (which sometimes results in no text displayed in main build)
– Added an animated pointer to options in Jibril fight to make it more obvious that they’re interactive
– Unlocking chests will now spawn a floating message to indicate success
– Jibril’s chess minigame is now replayable from the Replay screen
– Reduced the reward from working at the construction site from 75 to 25
– Added on-screen controls to abandon lockpicking when possible

– FINALLY FIXED THE ITEM DUPE BUG WOOOOO, thanks M-L for the help in troubleshooting this menace
– Fixed the bug preventing Luna’s “Greg” event from triggering. Thanks Leon for the report
– Fixed the bug causing an uncaught exception when using Auto-Battle option with Steph in the party
– Fixed the bug preventing the “Festival of Fortune” achievement from being granted
– Fixed the bug causing positive accuracy modifiers to further reduce Darkness’s accuracy. Thanks TheRapist for the report
– Fixed Snipe not applying +50% damage to Marked targets. Those stinky ToDos… Thanks M-L for the report.
– Fixed a bug that resulted in PerfectFit label be cut off when working at the guild
– Fixed a bug with animations being interrupted when shown results of working at the guild
– Fixed a bug preventing players from seeing locked characters when unlocking the gallery via a cheat. Thanks Chamnyne for the report
– Fixed an issue with custom names showing up as None in Replays (Replays now have their own canonized placeholders)
– Fixed an issue with some names going out of namebox bounds in the festival events
– Fixed some clipping visuals in the last cuscene of Investigate the Tomb
– Fixed the issue with freezing animation when opening a shop menu
– Fixed an issue that would result in a bug where it appears as if mana was used when a hero is attacked by a monster
– Fixed a bug that would result in some Status Effects not clearing properly at the end of combat
– Fixed a bug where Knocked Out status effect would stay applied to Megumin after casting Explosion, rendering her useless at the start of the next fight
– Fixed the bug causing an uncaught exception sometimes during the fight with Jibril. Thanks billyjoebobmartin for the report
– Fixed inconsistent text colors in item attributes
– Fixed an issue which could result in some status effects description displaying “0 Turns Remaining”
– Fixed some hints that could mislead players into thinking they had highlightable elements, thanks dragon++ for the report
– Fixed inaccurate description of Aqua’s Sacred Turn Undead upgrade, thanks dragon++ for the report
– Fixed an issue where a feat description was cut off in the feats section
– Fixed a bug with Bosses portraits having a blue (allied) background
– Fixed a bug where using Steal (or any other non-damaging ability) could trigger the Fickle Fate status effect
– Fixed an issue where skills could apply Fickle Fate to party members


– +20k words, totaling 101k
– +659 images, totaling 4177
– +10 animations, totaling 70

– +6 Main Events
– +1 Megumin H-scene
– +2 new characters
– +1 REDACTED Events
– +1 REDACTED H-scene
– +2 Luna Events
– +2 Quests
– + Yunyun recurrent event
– +1 Headpat Event for Darkness
– +1 Movie

– Added a new responsive cursor (as well as the option to use system cursor instead)
– Added a playtime counter which can be seen in the Stats screen. Since the previous versions did not track time spent adventuring, initially it will be a little off.
– Added 4 more narratives for the procedurally generated Guild Jobs
– Some choices will now be displayed and greyed out if the player doesn’t have the Skills, Feat, or Reputation to use them
– Updated the Cheats menu visuals

– Added Divine Boons, which are a new type of Curio that can be found during adventuring. They are stronger than conventional buffs and may offer unique effects, but can only be applied to one hero. Hades fans will know what I’m talking about
– Added a new boss fight (which was the most fun for me to implement so far)
– Added Encounters (meeting NPCs while adventuring)
– Certain dialogues in quests will now only happen once instead of every time they are triggered
– Added a new status effects: Shielded, Disarmed, Silenced, DeathCurse
– +6 new enemy types
– added custom loss conditions for certain quests
– some options (like Attack, Flee) will now be disabled based on StatusEffects or the quest
– Added additional on-screen controls for the lockpicking screen
– Updated enemy AI to have memory for more complex decision making
– Duplicate Status Effects will now be consolidated into one icon, reducing visual clutter.

– Added a Casanova feat (a chance to get extra affection at the end of an event), learnable from a new book
– Added a Monster Hunter feat (extra 10% damage to Monster type), learnable from a new book
– Raised Megumin’s base Willpower to 25 and willpower increase on levelup from 7->8
– Megumin’s Explosion can now be used indoors with “Minor Explosion” upgrade
– Some Status Effects that deal damage over time now deal it in % of the units health
– Megumin’s Intense Burns now deals 10% of the target’s health every turn instead of 10 damage
– Cowering now increases unit’s protection to 75%
– Sacred Dispel will now also remove Silence, Disarm, and Death Curse effects
– Darkness’ Bolster will now also apply Mark on her
– Mana Potions will now restore 50 mana instead of 15

Minor changes:
– +2 Books
– +4 Gifts (eventually might be moved to a different shop)
– +4 new Achievements
– You can now work at the construction site during evenings
– Slightly reduced likelyhood of rain on any given day
– Updated the Job selection screen to highlight choice selection (and hide exploits/dangers when no choice is selected)
– Added a game over warning & tutorial when the timer is down to 1 day (because so many ppl have no idea how to play the game)
– Added a fallback system to remove duplicated books when trying to read them for the second time
– Adjusted some popup hint messages to appear at top-left of the cursor instead of behind it
– Added navigational arrows to each Girl info page to provide an easy way to cycle through all girls
– Added an animated glint to collectible items in the background to make them easier to spot
– Reencoded the intro movie in VP8
– Chris can now teach you Advanced lockpicking techniques
– Applied blur to the farthermost background layer in adventuring
– Books can now apply feats to heroes directly
– Books with more than 3 pages will now only show the counter instead of one icon per page in the Book Reading screen

– Fixed the jerky camera upon entering a new room while Adventuring
– Fixed a bug with book reading which could result in “There are still some pages left to read” message displayed even after you finish the book
– Notification screen not showing up SHOULD be fixed now
– Fixed issue with text overlap in Guild Job Result screen
– Fixed a bug which could result in an uncaught exception being thrown in guildwork
– Fixed a bug with Skeleton King AI that could result in an uncaught exception
– Fixed improperly looping animation in Darkness’ “How Far I’ve Fallen”
– Bit of a band-aid solution but achievements not being granted should be fixed
– Fixed Item effects being boostable
– Fixed ability tooltip that could mislead players into thinking Item effects were providing boosts
– Fixed a bug with some status effects not triggering during turn start/end
– Fixed a bug with ability modifiers, preventing ability upgrades from increasing/decreasing damage via multipliers. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug that would case some StatusEffects to be removed after combat, even if they were meant to stay
– Fixed a bug that would reset heroes’ health to max when overhealed and then healed via regular means. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug that would reset overhealed amount when heroes level up. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug where a boss fight could not be instantiated properly. Thanks Leon for the report
– Fixed a bug where using arrows in girl tracker info screen could select locked characters. Thanks Leon for the report
– Fixed hero portraits not using the correct skin when in quest selection menu. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug which would result in an uncaught exception thrown if the last enemy dies to a Damage-Over-Time effect. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed medals not displaying correctly in the Hall of Fame

How To Install Game Adventurer Trainer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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