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Download Apocalyptic World Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Apocalyptic World Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You’ve survived nuclear war but at what cost?

Developer: ttyrke – SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.27a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Creampie, Rape, Male protagonist, RPG, Sandbox, Cannibalism, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Anal sex, Post apocalyptic, Slaves, Combat, Anal sex, BDSM, Graphic violence, Male domination, Management, Masturbation, Oral sex, POV, Real porn, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Gilf, Pregnancy, Gay

Description Game

Open world, RPG, sandbox. You’ve survived nuclear war but at what cost?
You survived in a bunker while others had to adapt to live their brutal new lives.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Apocalyptic World
Download Apocalyptic World
Download Apocalyptic World
Download Apocalyptic World


  • .Only not virgin slaves who are horny will ask to fuck them (Basement)
  • Fixed auto bandages if you have doctor or have bandage in inventory
  • Character/slave/guest random overwrites while using growth potion
  • Typos (contr. Seeedaum)
  • Vincent car steal event. Wrong guests were killed
  • Male fuck – titfuck was available


  • Reworked NPC visual (body and breasts part). In the future opens all kind of a possibilities. Visual tits size, tatoos, scars, etc. Skin color can be custom in the future (Changes allow to set girls skin tone to any)
  • 5 new clothes (tops) for girls
  • Customize girl clothes
  • Can give axe to npcs to increase bonuses if assigned to forest
  • Increased how much your store can buy/sell for most used items (food/rope/plastic, etc)
  • Moved guesthouse, workbench, nursery head images to background.
  • Replaced male dolls with corresponding skin tone.
  • Gardener skill gives bigger bonus
  • Cheat menu: Option to increase all npc happiness to max.
  • Settlement stats (bedroom)
  • Settlement customize (change name/color/flag)
  • Back button in top of the guesthouse/basement/greenhouse
  • Workout reworking to moddable folder (contr. decker666)
  • Sex chance will take into account horny, submission, etc. (Now guys who are not gay but has 100 submission will have 50% chance to say yes, instead of 0 as before) (contr. decker666)
  • After won fight additional info about defeated enemies (approx age and beauty)
  • Added moon phases. When collecting mushrooms, chance to find also food (for you and companions) (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • NPC info. Hide some fields under “More info” link. Not all stats/info about NPC is relevant.
  • NPC girls added creampie count
  • Reworked happiness. Less penalty are more ways to gain it.
  • Reduced travel time inside (x2) Underground city
  • Bathhouse schedule. Enabled male & trans Npc’s. They will also use shower automatically
  • While looking for berries, regarding moon phase, option to see wolf and hunt him (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Learnable “cook” skill (When 100 days work in kitchen)
  • In NPC you can see stats how days they have worked in x job.
  • Learnable cumslut trait (cum 100 times in her mouth)
  • Reworked default sex scenes with NPC’s. (Right now only will be enabled for guests for testing and your reviews) (Thanks to decker666 for ideas)
  • More learnable traits: cumslut, deepthroat, nymphomaniac (contr. decker666)
  • Sad guests will leave (-50 happiness) (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Offer slave guy to slave trans girl (contr, saman853)
  • Event: [Explore] (existing. Added chance to find gas mask in police car)
  • Settlement automatization (Gives automatically items for a specific jobs, etc). (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event: Lesbian sex (contr. decker666)
  • Event [Cabin]: Late dance (For supporters)


  • Growth potion.
  • Loop on sleep sometimes if rotten food event was active (decided not to throw food out).
  • Eye colors adjusted regarding hair/race.
  • Footjob not increasing horniness.
  • NPS’s were washing even if you didn’t had bathhouse
  • Morning message hunter messages showing under slaves category.
  • Dom journal tip days fix (nightclub)


  • Cheat menu [Random events trigger] (For supporters)
  • Event [Blair] – pregnant talk
  • Blair can now get pregnant repeatedly. (Works same as usual NPC’s)
  • Event [Explore] -Toxic cave
  • Event [Dom] – (Existing) event with mother and two daughters. Option to also enslave them
  • Event [Base attack] – (Existing). Guards will also help you to fight intruders. (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Offer slave to slave] – (Existing). Allow/Deny cumming inside. YES! Other NPC’s can make your girls pregnant! (40% chance)
  • Event [Basement] – Hangman. (Keep your slaves happy)
  • Event [Shower] – Guest joining while you masturbate
  • Additional clock on mobile phones so you see it without toggling side menu.
  • More help hints inside journal (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Vincent] – Infiltration of The Sanctuary.
  • Event [Garage] – Problems
  • Event [Garage] – Repairing guest (repeatable)
  • Event [Explore] – Beak humans (Existing). Added option to follow them (Additional scene for supporters)
  • Event [Cabin] – (Existing) Kid stealing food. Option to invite him to live in your nursery.
  • Event [Basement] – Offer male slave to male slave. (contr. saman85)
  • Event [Basement] – Offer trans slave to male slave (contr. saman85)
  • Event [Dom] – Help from The Sanctuary.
  • 12 new gifts for NPCs (contr. decker666) (Available in random shops)
  • NPC’s likes/dislikes for gifts (not all NPCS will like same gifts, some might give penalties) (contr. decker666)
  • Event [Laura] Breeding potion
  • Now you can give your guests/slaves breeding trait.
  • Guy punish. Checking gaysEnabled checkbox. If disabled, only option will be to beat him.
  • ???? Event [Sanctuary] – Fuel deal
  • New location: The Sanctuary (Now only with shop)
  • Wedding ring to marry Npc’s available in sanctuary shop


  • Some texts
  • Trans with breeder trait
  • Blair didn’t had orientation
  • While doing workout she will refuse to fuck if not interested in men.
  • Octavia events triggered in the wrong order.


  • Morning messages. Added message if you’re bleeding or used automatically bandage
  • Settings. Option to disable Trans and gay content
  • Cheat menu: Add energy
  • Cheat menu: Increase basement cell limit
  • Bedroom, kitchen, basement room image replaced with background images (If someone was assigned there, uneccesary scrolling)
  • Clickable childrens from guesthouse and basement
  • Women after giving birth won’t be able to get pregnant for 6-9 months (random period for each npc)
  • Wake up above morning messages will show only if you have more than 7 messages.
  • Hunter job. Npcs with skill ‘woodcraft’ can be assigned. Will bring you food or wolf pelts. (Need to give bow to npc)
  • Happiness stats for NPC. (Later will use for events, mood, etc). Right now decreases if works on street and increases if using bathhouse.
  • NPC inventory system. Now you can give her your items (For now only knife nad bow (Knife to increase dmg in fights, bow for hunting)
  • Background ambient sound (Option to disable it)
  • New sex action: footjob
  • Option to disable fast travel via settings
  • New item: gas mask
  • Reduced size (some videos compressed and gifs changed to webp). Size smaller than previous version.
  • If you offer slave to other slave offered slave relationship will decrease. If slave orientation isn’t straight that there will be additional penalty (+hapiness decrease)
  • New item: car part (For car fixing in the future updates)
  • New item: metal (For base upgrades in future updates)
  • Prepared things for Sanctuary location (Will be introduced in 0.26)
  • New item: towel (Craftable in workbench from cloth)


  • In streets when clicking on your working guest it always opened last one.
  • Slave wash fuck. Virginity wasn’t removed.
  • Workout fuck. Virginity wasn’t removed.
  • House party threesome. Virginity wasn’t removed.
  • Adjusted npc visual on mobile phones (small screens). Not npc doll should be in the same level as stats.
  • Vincent santuary event – only additional scene if both companions are females.

How To Install Game Apocalyptic World

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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