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BizzareHolyLand Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is a fantasy themed visual novel revolving around the story of angels and demons

Developer: HMO Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2dcg, adventure, anal sex, vaginal sex, big ass, big tits, corruption, fantasy, female domination, harem, male protagonist, oral sex, prostitution, religion, vaginal sex

Description Game

BizzareHolyLand is a fantasy themed visual novel revolving around the story of angels and demons. You, as a mysterious holy boy, will journey across the wonderful world and have intimate relationship with all kinds of angels and demons!

Game Features:

* A morality and health system

* Battle with monsters and girls

* Characters are all animated in Live2D

* Lots of sex animations!

* Crafting System

* Exploration System

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download BizzareHolyLand
Download BizzareHolyLand
Download BizzareHolyLand

Town of Lust revamped with more dialogue and NPCs to talk with
Labyrinth of Sweet Dream added as a new Gallery for the demon route
Gallery functionality replaced by Quinn’s Memory Palace and Labyrinth of Sweet Dream
New character Tihana and a new scene with her added

* Update on Moon Island. More angels to talk to. A short event with Luna, and a hot spring for MP regeneration
* All Luna’s models revamped

* Main Angel Route updated with news characters, cutscenes and new animations

Angelina’s first scene revamped
* Vanaland’s map updated with new angels and a new scene to boot
* Nest of Knowledge revamped with new dialogue and lore
Memory Palace added in the Nest of Knowledge with Quinn and a new scene with her
Sophia’s bed scene revamped with dialogue rewritten


* Angelina’s story revamped(new writing, one new h scene with Angelina, new model for Angelina for the baking section, new model for Mira, new model for Fiona, new revamped h scene for Angelina)
* Angel main story chapter3 revamping(Accalia’s manor is redesigned, early parts of the story is being revamped, Accalia’s h scene revamped with two new animations. New model for Farah )

* Bugfixes

* OwO Cuddling Cafe added in Vanaland Residential District with a new character Mabel and a new H-scene with her
* Grand Cathedral expanded a little bit(four new zones and some background images revamped)
* Main story Charlotte Curing revamped (animation and story mostly reworked and Charlotte’s model updated)
* Louise’s model and H-scenes updated (with more details and better lighting)
* Main story Luna Rescue updated (Accalia’s manor reworked, new H-scenes replaced the old ones, and a new maid Amelia added to the story)

* A new mini-game Blackjack added to the casino
* New food items added in casino exchange
* Lauren’s challenge added in the casino
* Grand Cathedral expanded
* Two new characters Mia and Chloe with short events added in the Grand Cathedral
* Main story chapter 2 revamped with updated background art, dialogue, and H scenes.
* Eleanor’s model updated and one new H scene added in the main story

* Luna’s side story completed
* All backgrounds in Luna’s side story are revamped
All H-scenes in Luna’s side story are revamped
* New character Elizabeth added in Luna’s side story
Casino shop added
* Casino Kristine’s ‘special service’ added
* Slot machine added in casino
* New character Lauren added in casino
* New ‘Hide’ button added for mobile version

* The story in Seablue Island is rewritten
* The story of Moira is also rewritten
* Backgrounds in Seablue Island is revamped
* Some backgrounds in Town of Lust is revamped
* Moira’s model and H-scenes are all remade
* Alanis’s model and H-scenes are all remade
* Pamela’s model is revamped
* Amor’s model is revamped
* Angelina’s H-scenes in Seablue Island’s arc are revamped
* Crystal’s model is revamped
* Crystal’s H-scenes in Seablue Island’s arc are revamped
* One new scene for Accalia in the Dark Swamp
* New area – Residential District is added in Vanaland
* New character Diana and her short event are added in Floral Workshop in Vanaland
* New Louise’s side story is added

* Resting Church storyline expaned.
* Valentina’s model reworked
* Valentina’s first H-scene reworked
* All background images in Resting Church reworked
* Three new characters Fidelia, Catherine, and Hadria introduced in the Resting Church storyline
* Five new H-scenes are added in the new Resting Church storyline
* Luna’s model revamped
* Moon house onsen scene reworked and rewritten.
* Two new moon house onsen scenes added in the original story
* Eden Arena side story wrapped up
* Alessia’s model revamped
* Victoria’s model revamped
* Accalia’s model revamped

– Bugfixes
– New side story Miracle Practitioner added in the Hall of Holy Magic.
– New character Lydia added in Hall of Holy Magic
– H scene with Sophia added in the prologue
 Demon route is now accessible. Renee will appear when the timer reaches 2:00am
– New short event with Andra added in the Hall of Guardians
– New short event with Charlotte added in the Hall of Guardians

– Vanaland exploration area added
– Day-night cycle in Vanaland added
– Chapter1 exposition revamped
– New characters Kristine and Gabriella are added in early game
– Christmas event story revamped
– Christmas hide-andseek mini game added
– All christmas H-scenes reworked
– Two new characters with new outfits and H-scenes joined the christmas event

* All H-scenes of Eleanor have been reworked and rewritten
* First gathering mission of Elves’ Realm expanded
* Second gathering mission of Elves’ Realm added
* Luna can now receive gifts to increase affection
* Luna’s affection story added

* Bugfixes

* First Dungeon in the Tower of Sun added

* Seven new enemies and two new weapons added in the first dungeon

* Blacksmith Forge added in Vanaland where you can upgrade your weapons

* Hot spring in the Little Moon House upgraded

* Hot spring upgrade materials added in gathering missions

* Gifts can now be made in the Little Bakery

* Sophia and Angelina affection stories added

* Bugfixes

* Seven levels of Heaven level2 completed
* Seven levels of Heaven level3 completed


  • Repair damage


  • City of lust is expanded
  • Olivia side quest wrapped in
  • The main angel route stage 2 is mostly rewritten
  • Dark swarm maze expanded on the main Angel route stage 2
  • Main Stage 2 Angel Route Completed
  • Music added in the nest of knowledge, a small house, the realm of crystal, large cathedral, Eden, bordin paradise and pure love manor

How To Install Game BizzareHolyLand

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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