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Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness


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TITLE: Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness
GENRE:Indie, RPG, Early Access
DEVELOPER:GrapeOcean Technologies
RELEASE DATE: 26 Aug, 2021

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Black Geyser: Darkness courier. Explore the warrior land, sampar and mysterious kidnapping, and reveal your hidden heritage. Recruit strong allies for your purpose; achieve your goals through magic, clandestine, silver tongue or rough power; and find the truth of the black geyser.

Developed by a small indie team and inspired by CRPG Classics such as Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, Black Geyser features that challenging tactical battles of real time with pauses, deep knowledge and memories, all located in a spacious and unique fantasy world.

Black Geyser is set in Jerengal, a world where god Dark does not carry anything other than Venity and greed.

For centuries, Rothgor gods have spread fear and terror, fighting in mortal races. Finally discarded, the Isilmald nation has enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity. But dissatisfaction had begun to rot once again, and the war of the bloody brother tried between the capital of Isilbright and the mining city of Deron-Guld rich.

Choose from 5 played races (human, dwarf, elf, feldegug and rillow) and 13 unique classes of 4 class groups (priests, criminals, soldiers, and wizards).

Watch Combat Play Out in real time with the option to pause action and issue new orders when needed. The battlefield control uses dozens of spells and skills, all while adjusting your party with various weapons, armor, and items.

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