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Download Book of Lust Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Book of Lust Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus..

Developer: KanashiiPanda – SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Possession, Mind control, Incest, Body swap, Infidelity, Resource management, 2dcg, Animated, Furry, Incest, Male protagonist, Paranormal, Transformation, Creampie, Gay, Lesbian, NTR, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Corruption, Rape

Description Game

You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus (with a bit of a catch) and gets access to both her spell book and herself​.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Book of Lust
Download Book of Lust
Download Book of Lust

-Fixed duplicating character sprites during dialogue on occasion which could cause slow downs when skipping through dialogue.
-Fixed Katherine’s dialogue box not working properly during her dorm room visit

-Fixed UI not disappearing when using ‘sex’ option.
-Fixed Jake “helping mom” not triggering.
-Fixed one of Mel’s pictures not appearing properly in Olivia’s Soul Passenger.

-Added Dom Mind with Olivia while playing as Jake at Late Night while she’s “dating” Mel.
-Added Olivia’s Soul Passenger scenario in which she can call Mel to have sex with her at the flowershop during lunch.
-Added on to Chapter 2’s story.
-Added Katherine Nguyen as a character.
-Added Katherine Nguyen’s room.
-Lined and Colored a few more pictures of the Raven Mother festival scene.
-Removed some unnecesary lines in the Raven Mother Festival scene.

-Added Memory in Mel’s dreamwalk of Olivia giving Mel a blowjob. The two of them must be sleeping together.
-Added Sketch/Writing of Valerie’s Dreamwalk scenario.
-Added the introduction to ‘Veronica the Knight’ in Valerie’s Dreamwalk. This is only available after the Raven Fair.
-Added option to summarize the events of the Raven Fair since it’s a really long cutscene and there’s not really any decision making in it.

-Fixed misaligned Valerie dialogue box when not in 16:9 aspect ratio.
-Fixed floating characters in the Raven’s Fair cutscene when not in 16:9 aspect ratio.
-Small change to the character portrait script to insure they don’t “float” in other resolutions.
-Fixed Valerie’s portrait showing up when Mel has sex with Olivia in her soul passenger.
-Fixed some typos.

-Lined and Colored Mel’s Visit with Olivia including shower scene in her soul passenger.
-Lined and Colored around 8 scenes from the Raven Mother Festival.
-Added follow-up conversation with Valerie about the Raven Festival.
-Fixed oversized Sol Theater Button.
-Fixed some anatomy on Mel’s portrait.
-Fixed up a bit of the Raven Fair dialogue.

-Fixed various typos.
-Fixed Soul Link causing orgasm after Raven Mother’s festival.
-Fixed Valerie impersonating Jake’s speaker portrait having a blue shirt instead of a green shirt.
-Fixed Valerie impersonating Julia’s speaker portrait having a peach and white shirt instead of a green shirt.

-Added memory sequence onto Julia’s dream of Olivia having drunk sex with her. Access by casting dreamwalk on her after the memory of her parents.
-Added conversation with Caroline to continue Fiat Iustitia (Act 2 main quest).

-Fixed softlock when using hotkey for G’nisi’s temple in Bus/Car menu.
-Fixed bus not being available at Maple Street.
-Fixed new locations being set to incorrect resolutions.

-Added onto the Fiat Iustitia Main quest that involves the Raven Mother’s Fair.
-Added Blue Lightning’s theme.
-Added G’nisi’s Temple.
-Added Raven Mother’s Field.
-Added Sol Street.
-Added Abandoned Theater.
-Added BlightFire to the Character Stats menu.
-Added Blue Lightning to the Character Stats menu.
-Added Serena to the Character Stats menu.
-Bus now goes to Maple Street.
-Fixed Caroline swapping with Julia animation not showing up when Caroline is pregnant.

-Added some alternate dialogue to the alternative method of getting Caroline pregnant during her quest when talking to the Succubus and Caroline about it afterwards.
-Fixed Julia’s Soul Passenger option to tease/cucumber masturbate at Night working without Soul Passenger and mana requirements.
-Fixed various typos.
-Fixed various incorrect portraits.
-Fixed incorrect cutscene when waiting in Valerie’s Den as Julia and with Valerie imitating Jake.

-Added alternate interaction when impregnating Caroline for the first time when talking to your succubus about Caroline then impregnating her. Gives +5 Trust/Mood instead of losing -15 Trust.
-Added another Valerie hypnosis scene while playing as Julia in which she impersonates Jake.
-The new scene can be repeated while waiting in the Price’ den while unpossessed Valerie is present.
-Changed design of Natalie’s Hrenisa pin and book in the news segment. It felt too similar to G’nisi’s Symbol.
-Fixed being able to have a threesome with “Jake” and Julia despite Jake not being present.
-Fixed typos.

-Fixed Resist not working during Julia’s Evening hypnosis.
-Fixed Character Stats menu resetting some conversations with Caroline.
-Fixed some incorrect speaker portraits.
-Fixed various typos.

-Added hypnosis scenes with Valerie while playing as Julia. There are a total of 4. 3 of which are erotic.
-The three erotic hypnosis scenes are being made to eat Valerie out, Julia being eaten out by a phantom tongue, and an amnesia scene.
-The three erotic hypnosis scenes are repeatable if waiting in certain areas such as Valerie’s room or in the school lounge while Valerie is present and has 70 or more lust at certain times of day.
-Fixed Valerie’s morning hypnosis triggering below 70 Lust while playing as Jake.
-Fixed various typos.

-Fixed inability to have sex with “Jake” as Caroline during her quest.

Book of Lust v0.1.12.1a
-Added Dominate Mind sex with Jake as Julia.
-Added special scenario if having dominate mind sex with Jake as Julia during Late Night. “Jake” Must be Under Dominate Mind. Mia must not be possessed. Mia must be in her bedroom.
-Added Mia speaker portraits for when she’s cosplaying as Julia.

Book of Lust v0.1.11.1b
-Fixed Mia’s pregnant nude delved sprite not having her face dots.
-Fixed up last picture in Mel’s dreamwalk scenario where Jake gets genderbent.
-Fixed missing color in Cass’ hair in one of Mel’s dream walk pictures.
-Fixed various typos.

Book of Lust v0.1.11.1a
-Added Lined and colored path of Genderbent Jake in Mel’s dream.
-Added scene at the end of Genderbent Jake’s scene after watching the previous wayward one’s cutscene.
-Updated Jake’s speaker portrait.
-Updated Jane’s speaker portrait.
-Updated Jack’s speaker portrait.
-Added option to replay Wayward ones scenes from Mel’s dreams.
-Fixed generic wayward ones scene not playing after already having viewed fertility temple scene in Mel’s dream.

Book of Lust v0.1.10.1a
-Added Lined and colored Mel’s dream scenario in which Mel is genderbent.
-Added Sketched version of Mel’s dream scenario in which Jake is genderbent.
-Added Lined and colored scene for Wayward Ones when playing Mel’s genderbend scenario after watching at least the first Wayward Ones cutscene.
-Added new BGM to the Wayward Ones scenes(excluding the first during Caroline’s dreamwalk).
-Lined and colored Horizon Street background.
-Fixed soul link triggering the night after television segments and succubus feeding scenes.
-Fixed various typos.
-Some coding rework for how Time and Day advancement is handled.

Book of Lust v0.1.9.1b
-Fixed softlock during Mel’s visit.
-Fixed softlock when “Making Julia get dressed” during her soul passenger.
-Fixed Cassandra’s birthing scene not showing the first picture.
-Fixed Aspect of Lust buff not disabling when succubus gets pregnant during her hunger scene.

Book of Lust v0.1.9.1a
-Lined and Colored Cassandra’s birthing scenes.
-Added lined and colored Hunger scenarios for Possessed Valerie, Julia, and Mia.
-Added option to get let succubus impregnate herself during her hunger scene if you have Fuck Other at Rank 2 and one of the impregnation spells active. (Does not work for Delved Valerie).
-Succubus’ hunger scene now reduces her Inf by 50.
-Having at Rank 2 of Fuck Other reduces her inf by 10 during her feeding scene instead.
-Increased succubus hunger gain per night from 8 to 10.
-Bodyswapped Caroline should now lose 20 Lust instead of gaining 30 when having a threesome with Julia.
-Added option to make Julia abstain from masturbation in the early morning.
-Removed Masturbation command from Cassandra’s dominate mind.
-Adjusted some anatomy on Cassandra’s pregnant sprite.
-Adjusted some anatomy on Cassandra and Possessed Cassandra’s speaker portrait.
-Fixed “Jake” being referred to as Mistress during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger while Julia visits while playing as Caroline.
-Fixed succubus theme not playing properly when summoned.
-Fixed Soul Passenger not moving player to proper locations.
-Fixed Julia not having a stat check when asking for threesome as Jake.
-Fixed G’nisi stating the incorrect number of times you have to help her to get the next crystal.
-Fixed Caroline and Jake not having a stat check when asking for a threesome as Julia.
-Fixed Possessed Julia not reverting to her undelved state after a threesome with Caroline as Jake.
-Fixed Valerie’s shadow not having red eyes when possessed during her birthing scene.
-Fixed Cassandra getting pregnant while having sex with Mel as Olivia during his visit.
-Fixed being able to raise Lust’s hunger above 100 and below 0 through cheating.
-Fixed G’nisi’s stats not visually updating in the menu when raising them through the cheat menu.
-Fixed Trish’s stats visually reading as 0 when using the cheat button.
-Fixed a a copy of “Caroline” showing up when inviting Julia for a nap as Caroline.
-Fixed Dark background of the mall appearing in Julia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Possessed Julia not checking player’s Stamina/Mana while having sex with her as Valerie.
-Fixed character sprites unloading too early when seducing and flirting with Donovan.
-Fixed some typos.
-Fixed some portrait errors.

How To Install Game Book of Lust

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Book of Lust Free Download

Android (v0.1.11.1b)MEGAGDRIVE



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