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Confined with Goddesses [v1.0 Premium + Legacy] [Completed]


Download Confined with Goddesses Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Confined with Goddesses Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is a light-hearted story based on hentai culture, in its “funny” aspect.

Developer: ERONIVERSE Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Voiced: English
Genre: Adult, 2dcg, animated, oral sex, male protagonist, milf, big ass, big tits,

Description Game

Device with Dewi is a light story based on hentai culture, in the “funny” aspect. My inspiration comes from hentai / manga, adult manhwas, and some adult games that I like.

MC has a boyfriend, but doesn’t think about cheating. Even he knew they could make it hard very easily, they were all in the partner so … “There is no danger”.
MC’s goal: He is surrounded by 4 girls, this is a good opportunity to try to understand a woman’s fun way, “discussing and observing” them, with the hope of being a better boyfriend.

  • How does that turn it out?
  • Will he learn things by doing more than “discussing and observing”?
  • Will the girl look at the MC someone who fits them more than their own friends?
  • Does he even want to go back with his girlfriend at the end of quarantine?
  • Or is he starting another relationship with someone else?

Screenshots and Gameplay


v1.0 Premium
– Better quest hints
– The option to unlock the whole gallery from the start

v1.0 Legacy
As the creator of the game, Confined with Goddesses is part of my artistic journey, allowing me to try new things and evolve.
What I propose here is the “original” version with the original artwork.
It’s sort of a bonus version for those who want to see the visual evolution I proposed during the creation of the game!
It’s mainly a few images and animations that will be different for the public release.

– New events at the jacuzzi and the cooking! One for each girl, with another scene for each if you have your stats at max. Also, an extra option for Berry if you don’t like one option.
– New little events when girls are Step 0 (new dialogue options) to increase the possibilities to get desire when you start the game.

– Some work on valerie’s final event, I do hope it’s gonna work better for those who had an issue with it.

– Rework of a few art and animations. Some scenes has changed from single image to animation. 30 Images, 8 New animations.

The new animations are:
– Party with Berry Step 2 oral,
– Berry’s first time with you during her events s*x,
– Berry’s bed room Step 3 s*x,
– Emma’s oral job during her event,
– Emma step 2 at the backyard oral
– Sarena step 3 at the backyard s*x
– Sarena’s morning scene step 3 s*x
– Sarena’s morning scene Step 1 HJ


– New events at the jacuzzi and the cooking! One for each girl, with another scene for each if you have your stats at max. Also, an extra option for Berry if you don’t like one option.

– New little events when girls are Step 0 (new dialogue options) to increase the possibilities to get desire when you start the game.

– Some work on valerie’s final event, I do hope it’s gonna work better for those who had an issue with it.

– I found out why replays are not saved on Android. Android does not save the persistent variables automatically like Windows does. I added a manual save at different moments of the game, I hope it’s gonna work better. Not retroactive.

Notes about the update:

These are the last new scenes for Confined with Goddesses, it was a huge journey! If I get bug feedback I will then fix it and post the game as Confined with Goddesses 1.0 Legacy on Patreon only. It will become like a welcome gift for new patrons.

There won’t be the skip past content anymore.


– Complete overhaul of the progression system.
Discover it by starting a new game!

– There are now indicators on the map when a new event (related to a girl’s unique event, not the repeatables) is available.

– Big review of all texts to fix a big batch of grammar & stuff

– Modifications to fix some animation crashes when you load.

– Rework of the UI of the MC and girl’s Tabs

– Fix of some replays that are not activated after seeing them.

– NEW EVENTS: There are now new TV events (Needs girls Step 4)
+ Extra: Sarena now has a scene at Step 1 in the backyard!! (She didn’t have any until now)

Notes about the update:

New progression system
: The goal was to make the “true” game-play for the final version.
Girls now have desire point that increases depending on your skills. These desire points will be required to continue the steps.

No more skill is required to progress.

I tried to make a balanced value, but it’s unfair because I already know what to do, so I’m counting on you to give feedback about the balance. At the beginning, you’ll have to look for events to progress, but once you have big skills it will go much faster.

Daily life scenes give you skill and give desire to the girls, proportionally to your skill used for the scene.

New indicators: Now you don’t have to follow any walkthrough or hints, just play, and you’ll find events everywhere.

I will remove the hints from the free version, so these indicators should help people easily find events. The hint will help you go slightly faster and focus on who you want first.

New scenes: There is no v*ginal sex this time, to bring a bit more variety. the TV is focused on the tongue, the jacuzzi on hand, and the Cooking on c*ck, the Cooking will be the only one of these events to have v*ginal sex.

=> If you want to help, start a new game and tell me if the progression is annoying or good and pleasant.
Quickly increase your skills, and you will earn more desire points at each event after that.
Don’t miss the new Sarena little event in the backyard when she’s Step 1.

For people that just want to see new scenes:
Just pass the past content
Sarena Step 1 event should be available regardless of her Step as long as it’s 1 or above.

– Go to the TV and make the 4 choices of movies to see the 4 variations.

– New event: Look at the door entrance in the afternoon, someone is here! The outcome will be different if you are in a couple with Emma or not. Repeatable. 4 New animations
– New event: If you’re in a couple with Emma, new event when you go to sleep. Repeatable. 2 New animations
– Global rework of the animation replays, all animations replay should be unlocked once you see them at least once and is independent of save (if you’ve seen it once, even if you restart, you’ll see it in all new games)
It will also show “unlocked” animations to see which ones you’ve missed.

It’s not retroactive with the old system, I added the option to unlock them all, only for this update.
I had to touch a lot of coding, don’t hesitate to save often and report if there is a crash at any moment. It will be the same thing for the 0.3.3

– New sex sounds & cum effects (not affecting all animations)
– Some text edit & renamed “level” to “Step”, because people were looking for earning experience (associated with the word “level”)
– Indications of the quest are more precise and tell you exactly what to do. It will not be the case anymore for free versions.

– Ending events:

When you reach all girls to level 3, a new icon should appear to guide you.
Go to the dining room once it’s available.
The new animations replays will be unlocked once you see them.

The choice of choosing love or not with Emma will impact the 0.3.2 and the final state of the house.

– New daily life events (all for level 3 characters):
Emma in the kitchen
Berry in the kitchen
Berry at her balcony
Emma at the backyard

– New daily life events (all for level 3 characters):

In the shower: Sarena
In the shower: Berry
In the PC room: Emma
In the backyard: Berry
At the balcony (East): Sarena
At the balcony (West): Sarena
In the Living room: Sarena

– Valerie’s story Lv 3

– Valerie’s daily life events lv 2:
In the shower
Glory hole now activated
TV scene if you choose Romantic movie
Jacuzzi if you chose her
In the kitchen when she drinks her coffee

– Valerie’s daily life events lv 3:
In the shower
Glory hole
Morning wake-up
Backyard when she’s in a bikini
In the kitchen when she drinks her coffee
When she does her work-out at the balcony
At the night party

– Replay window:
Now ordered by characters
When you level up, the daily life animations changes so you couldn’t see the one your missed or see it again. Now When you level up, the scenes from the previous level are now displayed. (The scenes you can’t see again anymore)

17 new animations in total!
I recommend to check all new events for Valerie level 2 (if you skip content you directly have her level 2) before you start her new quests

– Berry’s story Lv 3
– Berry daily life LV 3: Morning wake-up, party, in her room
– Work on Sarena’s final animation (can see it in the replays)

Don’t forget to checkout the other activities I know some people have missed many activities when they got a new level.

– Beta tester can now choose who took their virginity when they skip content.
– Completion of Berry level 2 Daily life events.
You can find them here:
– Take a shower when she does her workout.
– Party with her
– Spy on her when she’s working in her room (event has upgraded lv 2 ending) (Animated)
– Cooking activity, then choose Berry as winner. (Animated)

– Emma’s level 3
– Emma’s lv 3 daily life: Shower, Morning, Party
This new update ware very different for me as the creator.
I created a new process of work:
The results are:
– I could create a bit more images and visuals, and spend more time on animations.
– Some visuals are a bit more 3D, but honestly I myself prefer this result over my own full drawings
– Characters are more consistent, they don’t completely change their faces each new images
-As creator, I have not more pain. Previous update was really hard due to pain on my eyes and on my back, this is gone now, because my total amount of drawing time has ben significantly reduced due to my new method.

– Sarena’s level 3
– Sarena’s lv 3 daily life: Backyard, Morning, Party
– Emma’s lv 2 daily life: Party, Living room
– Rework of Sarena’s model, and her artwork at the backyard

– Special quests
– New Emma’s lv 2 daily life:

– Valerie’s level 2
– Valerie’s level 2 daily life: At balcony, cooking, backyard, Morning, Party
Her others will be filled in the future.
– Emma’s level 2 morning scene

– Completing daily scenes of Sarena’s level 2
Talk to her at balcony
Showering with her
Talk to her in the living room
Cooking with Valerie after she leaves

– Berry’s level 2 After leveling up, unlocks 5 daily life scenes: Kitchen, Berry’s balcony, Morning wake-up, TV, backyard

– Emma’s level 2 (After that it unlocks lv2 for cooking, kitchen at night, Jacuzzi, backyard, At the PC)
– I changed the “toy” aspect of Sarena’s story level 2, now she considers “your cock” is her toy and not “you”.
– I added a tiny detail on a place that gives a hint on upcoming content, will you find it?

Rework of few images/animation on the introduction

I added Sarena’s story level 2.

Beware, this time it didn’t unlocked every daily life actions, only half of it.
=> Morning, Party, balcony next to Berry’s room, TV, Backyard.

fixed a bug at the end of Emma and Valerie’s jacuzzi event.

0.1.7 is a “soft” update that adds content that were in a place holder until now. We gonna continue girl’s content next month with the level 2 of Sarena.
What’s new:
No more “Desire” stat, but there is now “Affection” stat between girls (or bounds)
Dinnertime: directly accessible, it increases affection for everyone.
Cook is now available, it require level 1 for all girls’ duos
TV is now available, it require level 1 for all girls’ duos
Jacuzzi is now available, it require level 1 for all girls’ duos and buy a swimwear.
You can now rename the MC and the girl’s surnames whenever you want.
I added 300$ for this beta test

Valerie’s level 1
I changed a bit of coding that happen during the roaming map step, if there is a problem, don’t panic and report it by giving details.
I also updated her basic model and a little bit her face/legs on her dancing animation.


  • Emma’s story.
  • New voice during Sarena’s animation (HJS and TJ)
  • New voice for berry dream scenes. I hope it won’t bother too many of you who can expect something else but this is what I want. Be careful it gives instructions / spoiler directions berry.

Like Sarena, don’t forget to interact with Emma again to see the evolution of all her daily events! (Every daily event has been actualized)

  • all above
  • Dream animation features
  • Play the animation (not containing animation that you can find during repetitive events)
  • Small things like a better description of Girl’s first task, icons when you receive packages etc …

I tried to revive the cumingiimasiimasi woman, you will tell me how you found it! I really like it personally: D
I intend to change how MC Cums in the future we will see it again updates!
I might change the current notification system in the future, it creates a few bugs to some people and it has happened to me (you can easily fix it by turning a wheel mouse and comeback but it’s still annoying and can’t appear if you are in a scene )

V0.1.3 Patreon.

  • Sarena content! Just follow the indication on the girl tab in the game ^^
  • Inventory and store systems
  • + $ 5 The customer now has a “cheat” version, when you load your old save or when you start the new game you get $ 1000 (don’t bother storing / loading it will not function XD).
    I add new additions every month that will add to your game.

Personal note:

  • Not 100% satisfied with Semence’s image, I hope I will get better ^^
  • Some very “cartoon” images, it’s normal, I try to optimize my drawing time ^^
  • At the end of this new scene, Sarena’s daily life changes a little. Different sentences, and will evolve like this every new step relationship.
  • New visual daily life is in the morning and in the bathroom. (After you complete the content now)
  • I will add more modifications to everyday life to release in a week: new action in the backyard, new evolution on his party’s path (new animation), and may also be more on the West balcony.
  • The game will need a little adaptation regarding the wishes and skills of players who are currently not used.

How To Install Confined with Goddesses

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Confined with Goddesses Free Download


The “original” version with the original artwork.

Incest Patch: QIWI


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