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Course of Temptation Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is a detailed adult college life simulator.

Developer: Anthaum – Patreon – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0f Patreon
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Text-based, Simulator, Exhibitionist, Voyeuristic, Coercion, Mobile Game, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans Protagonist

Description Game

Course of Temptation is a detailed adult college life simulator. It’s text-based and runs right in your browser.
Featuring a detailed simulation with hundreds of possible events and erotic scenes, you can explore your exhibitionist, voyeuristic, and debauched fantasies through your character.
Play as male or female (with transgender options) or non-binary.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Course of Temptation Download
Course of Temptation Download
Course of Temptation Download
Course of Temptation Download

v0.5.0f Patreon

  • Over a hundred new events scattered basically everywhere throughout the game
  • Friendships and romantic relationships are now a two-way street and are no longer simply defined by how an NPC feels about you — you decide whether to count them as a friend, or decide together whether you’re going to date officially
  • Similarly, you can choose to have an ongoing rivalry with NPCs who dislike you
  • Lust-based relationships can also happen, with both friends and enemies
  • Form friendships and experience positive events that help you manage your needs
  • Form more lustful relationships to get more easy and casual sexual encounters
  • Form romantic relationships, including the ability to have an official boyfriend/girlfriend/partner
  • Form rivalries to have regular confrontations with others, with a boost to Composure if you come out on top
  • Dates, hangouts, and booty calls are now more important than ever, and help to nudge an NPC toward the type of relationship you want to have
  • Romances can be advanced through hitting particular milestones: the first date, the first kiss, and others. These can be done in any order
  • Each NPC has a favorite date location depending on their personality and interests, and taking them there is one of the milestones!
  • You can now choose your character’s turnons and turnoffs, which can impact your character’s reactions at times
  • Your character may develop crushes on NPCs if they match your turnons. You can follow your character’s whims or ignore the crush
  • Many romantic relationships are exclusive, but some NPCs are willing to have open relationships or may be polyamorous
  • Cheating on an exclusive partner is tracked, and if you’re observed, your partner’s suspicion may grow — assuming you’re not caught outright!
  • When suspicious enough, your partner may confront you, at which time you can confess or continue to lie. Results vary depending on the partner’s inclinations, your ability to lie, and whether you’ve been caught cheating before
  • If you displease your partner, they may break up with you, though there’s often a possibility of talking your way out of it. Similarly, you can choose to break up with them by first texting them and asking them to meet you
  • New date/hangout type: dorm study session, a way to get homework done while also advancing your relationship with somebody. And if you have a FWB relationship… it’s a classic pretext!
  • New date/hangout type: the Arcade. Good for fun, games, and romance!
  • New date/hangout type: the gym. Get a full workout while also having fun with a friend or date
  • Some NPCs are inclined towards D/s relationships in which the dominant can set rules for their submissive to follow
  • Some NPCs will be in exclusive romantic relationships of their own. This doesn’t make them off limits, but you’ll have a harder time tempting them, depending on their inclinations
  • New Cheater and Loyal inclinations affect how an NPC will respond to your advances when they’re in an exclusive relationship, and you can also unlock them yourself depending on your behavior
  • Existing relationships are now favored when it comes to socializing at the park, in dining halls, or at the bar, as well as picking NPCs for events in general
  • A portion of NPCs have never had sex before, and you can be their first time!
  • Added Demisexual, Asexual, and Aromantic inclinations that the player can choose at start
  • The Best Friend’s storyline has been slightly revised, giving you a path toward changing your relationship that does not require completing the quad party storyline
  • The Classroom Harasser and The Classroom Admirer storylines have both been revised, fleshing out their characters and giving them each a new event set at their own location where you can choose to interact with them daily if you want
  • Best Friend, Classroom Admirer, and Classroom Harasser storylines integrated with the relationship system
  • Attitudes will now gradually decay with people you haven’t interacted with recently
  • The Legislator menu has been refactored, making it easier to add new foods and have NPCs pick sensible items. No more vegans ordering steaks!
  • The inclination system is now smarter about prerequisites and opposites. You cannot embrace an inclination that’s the opposite of another that you have, and you cannot reject an inclination that’s a prerequisite for one you have
  • Though the River Rat is the place for casual hookups, you now have the option to ask someone for a date as you’re chatting at the bar
  • The much-asked-for ability to go for round two when you stay at an NPC’s place overnight
  • Ongoing saves will be populated with a few official friends and rivals to get things rolling
  • Misc fixes, tweaks, and a bunch of other stuff I have probably forgotten I did


  • Added extended bus groping scene with higher Disinhibition (contributed by Miles)
  • A new wardrobe malfunction event at the swimming pool (contributed by RyDog)
  • And another new hazard to your wardrobe has an event outside the Hallowell Building (contributed by KeepingItPro)
  • Sharing a public link to your toy may no longer be a good idea on esports game days
  • In fact, wearing a toy at all during esports games may be a bad idea thanks to a new event (contributed by KeepingItPro)
  • The event where you watch a girl being offered a milkshake at the quad party now has some additional outcomes (contributed by sleepy)
  • The event where you watch a girl being pressed to flash at the quad party now has some additional outcomes (contributed by sleepy)
  • One of the laundry scenes now better accommodates all genders (contributed by sleepy)
  • That other laundry scene now has a new oral variation (contributed by Enigma)
  • Added a Kind inclination, enemy of the Bully inclination, to gain Composure when being kind to people
  • Added an alternate version of a Niche.tv streaming event for non-breast-havers
  • Added a chance for people to get a view up the leg of your shorts in certain circumstances. The shorter, the riskier!
  • Added options to show the percentage value of meters and bars to improve screen reader support and for general edification
  • The clothing coverage dialog now has Xs to indicate which parts are covered for better accessibility
  • Added text to phone links that were just pointy brackets for better accessibility
  • The Story Hints dialog now shows a warning if a storyline is affected by disabled content options (the roommate’s partner is a common victim of this)
  • You can now ask NPCs to be more rough or more gentle in encounters. Many will comply, but if they’re at one end or another of the D/s spectrum, they won’t go against their nature
  • The football practice skillcheck events necessary to become a starter will fire more reliably and less randomly as your skills level up enough to pass them reliably
  • Made the football dash skillcheck easier to pass
  • Dorm inventory refactored to be more flexible, making it easier to add functionality to these items
  • Added dorm stuff inventory screen
  • Added some new decor for your dorm room
  • Added a coffeemaker and ground coffee for use in your dorm room
  • Loading up on caffeine now has diminishing returns in restoring the Rest need, and will subsequently cause the Rest need to decay faster. This effect only goes away with actual sleep
  • Improved logic for encounters where part access is restricted (gloryholes etc.)
  • Choosing to roll an Arcade side bet over to the next day is no longer a unilateral decision, and an NPC might refuse
  • NPCs who lose an Arcade side bet won’t necessarily pay out immediately, but may instead ask for a punishment or to roll the bet over
  • For solo play at the Arcade, you can now choose which game you want to play
  • Added a dance arcade game for some extra fun and reliable Dancing skill boosts
  • Added a claw machine to the Arcade so you can start a plushie collection
  • Starting money increased to $500. The part-time job prologue option now adds $500, and each point put into Money in quickstart adds $200
  • Some early events that have the PC blushing have been changed to be more reactive to your inclinations
  • You can now buy drinks for NPCs at the bar in River Rat
  • That one event where the roommate’s partner asks you about certain roommate activities should now fire when relevant more reliably
  • Added some clothing and hair suggestions. Lots of hair this time, especially braids and undercuts!
  • Spit or swallow? There is now an answer to this question in encounters, and some other NPC reactions to impending messes
  • Pulling out at the last second now involves passing a Willpower check
  • Added a small, occasional event set to the tend garden plot action
  • Added a branching event that can occur if the bus is very overcrowded (contributed by sleepy)
  • Added a new content option for scenes where you face namecalling or negative social consequences for having a high reputation for exhibitionism and promiscuity. Note that rumors will still spread regardless, and your stream’s chat may still be mean to you
  • You will tend to learn the names of NPCs you’ve interacted with multiple times more reliably
  • Some new kinky event variations at the quad party (contributed by Narcolepsy)
  • Footsie time during a dinner date may now go a bit further (contributed by Narcolepsy)
  • More variations in catching people being frisky around campus (contributions from Enigma and Arcus_Caelestis)
  • The various star athlete characters will now tend to actually be good at their sport
  • Many small fixes and tweaks


  • The gender of professors is now indicated during character generation (contributed by drakon)
  • Phone UI revised (contributed by drakon)
  • More information about who you’re making a bet with in the Arcade (contributed by FastKoolUnwind)
  • Your phone reminders now include your current dare from the roommate’s partner (contributed by FastKoolUnwind)
  • UI pass on the People dialog and left panel (contributed by drakon)
  • A new laundry room scene
  • A bit more reactivity to being “messy” in some places
  • Tattoos can now have a (generally minor) effect on perceived style
  • You can now get the quad party invite event on campus, outside of your residence hall, to reduce the chances it’ll fire late
  • New sex act targeting butt-havers for those with a butt-fetishizing inclination and high Disinhibition
  • New world generation option: Traditional Sports Team Genders. You can uncheck this if you dislike the game’s tendency to create all-male football teams and all-female cheerleading teams
  • You now always learn the names of your teammates in pre-practice socializing
  • You can now pet the campus cats as well as dogs people are walking in town
  • Somewhat reduced days/shifts worked requirement for QuickieBurger promotions
  • UI pass on world generation options screen (contributed by drakon)
  • You can now directly ask for certain things to happen in encounters and NPCs will generally comply, depending on personality
  • You can now choose a favorite style during character generation to have a different outfit at game start
  • Every new character will now start with basic swimwear
  • Added a little yoga exercise event set to the gym
  • Thrift shop UI updated to be consistent with the new shop UI from the March update (contributed by drakon)
  • Added some of your clothing suggestions
  • You can now stow your bike outside your residence hall if you’d prefer to walk (but you don’t need to lock it up, it’s just an option)
  • Your homework grade now partly depends on passing a skillcheck relevant to the class (generally fairly easy, but this helps set the stage for one day advancing in year and taking harder classes)
  • Fixed a bug that’s been in since release(!) making homework significantly easier than intended
  • Added a couple dominant actions to certain positions for encounters (contributed by Falc)
  • Added some more opportunities for rumors about you to spread both on campus and in town
  • Added some more events for high reputations of various types
  • The streaming platforms now offer a little bit of merch. You might even get some comments!
  • Added a couple new decision points to esports game events
  • Added a new recurring practice event for successful esports teams
  • Added a couple minor “distractions” during swim meets
  • A brand new dare from the roommate’s partner! (contributed by Meat Glacier)
  • You can now choose to abort any ongoing encounter. Note that, naturally, this tends to make partners unhappy!
  • Changes to your cash balance in the current passage are now shown in the left panel
  • NPC attraction can no longer be completely disabled by the turnon/turnoff system, instead at worst just making them more difficult to pursue — this should keep things more consistent (for example, solving the fluctuation in the number of football players you need to pursue)
  • That one laundry event revised again, giving you even more control over the outcome
  • Fixed an issue that was making it difficult to recognize the bus tour NPCs later in the game
  • Many small fixes and tweaks

Added some new bus events
Added a new little branching class voyeurism/exhibitionism event
Summit Market event set expanded (contributed by Falc)
New option to show when selecting an option will result in a skill increase (toggle on in difficulty options)
Shop UI pass (contributed by drakon)
Consolidated and categorized the larger shop menus (contributed by drakon)
Various other UI improvements and style refactors (contributed by drakon)
Some new clothes, color options, and configurations (contributed by MCMic)
You can now save your preferred grooming style and return to it in one click (contributed by SunsetDreams)
Added a new remote control toy for butt-havers and adjusted toy events to account for it
Added toy events when riding the bus
Sorry, did you actually want to get stuck in the dryer? Become the master of your own destiny with sufficient Disinhibition
You can now customize your gender beyond the original six presets, choosing pronouns separately from your bits and so on (contributed by AltOfTime)
For your best friend, you can now select any of the six gender presets in prologue/quickstart
Many storyline characters can similarly be assigned a gender in the worldgen menu. The chosen gender must match your character’s preferences or it will be ignored
Fixed some issues in multi-person encounters that should help them to go more smoothly
More NPC personality traits are visible (contributed by Falc)
Added font style and size options for accessibility
Added option to display time in non-US format
Added a bunch of emoji icons to help with menu readability (these can be toggled off in accessibility options)
Added fast travel shortcut to left panel status (meaning if a class is about to start, you can click a link to go straight there) (contributed by drakon)
Low-level Dominance and Submission are now called Assertiveness and Compliance until the character has the opportunity to learn about these things
Added introductory events for a new extra credit volunteer task at the library, also introducing a new character
Fixed some events that presumed the player always had their phone, notably the weekly debt payments
Added a bunch of your clothing and hair suggestions
Content options are now more visible when starting a new game
Added “Butt Stuff” content option for people who do not like that sort of thing!
Added “Foot Stuff” and “Hypnosis” content options as well
Added “Groping” content option for groping and exposure that occurs without forewarning, and changed some events to use this instead of Bad Situations
Added two degrees of forewarning to content options
Added some foot sex acts
Applied some SugarCube updates and performance improvements, particularly with dialog boxes (which would cause a session to gradually become laggier as they were opened) (contributed by majou)
Cam stream viewers can now request you use any toy instead of always picking the first in a given category
You now recover Composure from being on the winning team
Many small fixes and tweaks

Further tweaks and fixes, including adding a new roommate’s partner challenge for penis-haver


  • Sports signups open up the second week of classes! You can choose football, cheerleading, swimming, or esports. Each sport has its own unique set of events, including regular practices, games, and character events.
  • Spectate games happening on campus for a relaxation boost.
  • Talk with and tease your professors, either after class or during their office hours! Build favor with them by being a good student or, you know, other ways. Spend your favor to boost a poor grade or to get extra credit.
  • Sometimes just being in your professor’s good graces isn’t enough to justify special treatment. You may get assigned special tasks around campus and suddenly find yourself a volunteer at the clinic, an art model, or the subject of a psychology experiment.
  • Story Hints button added, giving you an idea of what to do to advance certain storylines or character relationships. This system directly tracks various game variables and will update as conditions change.
  • The encounter system now supports multiple partners and there are several threesomes among the new events.


  • Integrated majou’s SugarCube mod, including its improved save system and a whole bunch of performance improvements. (Huge thanks to majou for helping out with this)
  • Restart button moved to Options dialog.
  • Fast travel is now the default and you can click anywhere on the map to go straight there, unless you’re streaking or noticeably messy.
  • Base event chance slightly increased.
  • Certain events can now become overdue, increasing their chances of firing day by day. For example, you should no longer go too long without seeing the Classroom Harasser.
  • New event sets for four sports, including practice events, game events, and storyline events for each.
  • New interactions with professors, both during and after class and during office hours on weekdays.
  • New event set for helping out your professor around their office or classroom.
  • Various thematic events like jocks causing trouble around campus and the rivalry trophy exchange.
  • New Bully inclination and related events and event variations.
  • New Free Use inclination unlocked through certain events and encounter types.
  • New Chaste inclination. Mostly just makes some NPCs really hard nuts to crack, but the player can get it too if they’re abstaining for some reason.
  • New Squirter inclination, unlocked through a certain event.
  • Build Favor and Lust to change how your professor reacts to you.
  • Spend Favor to boost a bad homework or exam grade, or gain extra credit. Extra credit can boost a class’s grade to A++, increasing your overall GPA and maybe making up for a class you’re not doing so well in.
  • Three new event sets for special tasks around campus. Your professor may give you a special task as a condition of special treatment.
  • New NPCs added to fill out sports teams and act as upperclassmen outside of the player’s usual cohort.
  • Rival sports team (The Falcons) added and NPCs generated for it.
  • Each professor now teaches just one course, doubling the number of professors.
  • Added uniforms for each sport.
  • Added the ability to buy sets of clothes, replacing only what you’re missing.
  • Added a bunch of new clothes (with contributions from CadiaCreations, Falc,and MCMic).
  • Added new styles for the player character and NPCs: hipster, scene, and conservative.
  • You can now relieve yourself in the pool, you filthy animal. (Contributed by Z)
  • Full implementation of watersports inclinations with new sex acts. (Contributed by Z)
  • You can play video games in your dorm if you have a computer. (Contributed by Z)
  • New, more diverse hairstyles added. (Contributed by Falc and Buttons)
  • Storage system added, keeping track of whether you can carry your laptop, your textbooks, or even just your phone. Free backpack provided to every student. (Contributed by MCMic)
  • More flexible clothing layers, allowing you to do strange and exotic things like wear leggings under a skirt. (Contributed by MCMic)
  • New variation on quad party bathroom scene. (Contributed by Meat Glacier)
  • Additional reduction in weekly loan amounts if you’re successful at sports.
  • Streaming end time extended to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • More indicators on the map and the fast travel screen, helping players find the quad party, planned dates, and more.
  • Your roommate will now be up to different things in your room. (Contributed by Z)
  • Your roommate will (usually) notice when you’re undressed and generate an exhibitionism memory.
  • Trans and nonbinary characters will discuss their gender with you as you become closer, instead of only revealing it in an encounter.
  • New possible events when retrieving your laundry.
  • You can now choose to throw a lounge bet video game.
  • During worldgen, the game will detect and correct if too few NPCs will be attracted to the player.
  • You now have the option of attempting to hold back an orgasm. Success depends on Willpower.
  • People dialog now has a tab for special characters.
  • People dialog now has a tab for teammates if you’ve joined a sport.
  • Phone’s existing Calendar app renamed to Reminders.
  • New Calendar app added to show the entire month (as well as other months).
  • New option to cheat during exams and some consequences for getting caught.
  • You can do well in classes to help manage your Composure.
  • Bus event set refactored to allow more variety in the future, and one new event for now.
  • Bags can now hold snacks.
  • You can now read books to learn things. Find out more at your local library! (Contributed by Falc)
  • NPCs can notice your muscles if you’re in a skintight or sleeveless top.

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  2. Play the game

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