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Destroyer Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is an open-world HTML game where the whole point is to dominate and destroy every hole around.

Developer: Testoviron – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.96
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Bdsm, Corruption, Group sex, Harem, Humiliation, Male Domination, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Big Ass, Creampie, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Blackmail, Incest, Rape, Bestiality, Urination, Mind control, Text based, Gay, Transformation, futa/trans, sissification

Description Game

Destroyer is an open-world HTML game where the whole point is to dominate and destroy every hole around.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Destroyer
Download Destroyer
Download Destroyer

Go to the police station if you’ve already unlocked it, or continue through the game to see new content. Give characters doughnuts to make them like you, do paperwork and climb the police career ladder while unlocking more characters.
-The police station received a total rework new locations, new graphics, quests have been refreshed etc.
-The donut store received a rework
-Reworked patrolling, cut scenes sensibly, added a ton of text (11 events in total)
-Reworked superhero route, cut scenes sensibly, added a ton of text (11 events in total)
-Rachel received a rework(new 12 events + random scenes)
-Gianna received a rework(new 8 events + random scenes)
-Jayden received a rework(new 10 events + random scenes)
-Kendra received a rework(new 8 events + random scenes)
-Tommie received a rework(new 7 events + random scenes)
-Rachel, Gianna, Jayden and Kendra have been added to the basement
-Added detention center at police station with straight and gay content
-Added a lot of location/activity graphics
-Compressed the videos that appeared during sleep
-If you download the game from 0, I removed the files of the strange house. I added a special explanatory note during the intro for this thread. I was very keen on reducing the weight of the game, and this whole thread has to be redone anyway, so it will be gone for the time being.
-I reduced the weight of the game to fit in 5GB. To that end, I’ve added some changed files to this update to make the versions compatible with each other. It would be too much writing to list exactly what has been changed. In a nutshell, most of the gif files have been changed to webp and compressed, the mp4 files from the old characters that could last more than a minute each have also been cut, and those characters will wait for their rework. I managed to slim down the game by nearly 900mb with virtually no content removed. This was quite important, as more and more hosts are making the download limit at 5gb and more and more players were having trouble downloading the game.

-A new crime thread, to start it go to your goods warehouse in the ghetto location. If the warehouse is fully developed an event icon will show there.
-New characters Frank, Nikki and hotel recepcionist Billie.
-New location “Ava’s flat”
-New character Ava (at least 8 events)
-New character Kimmy (at least 16 events)
-New location “Hotel”. The player can sleep there for the time being and it is Nikki’s and Frank’s base.
-Bonnie received a rework (7 new events)
-Location “Nightclub” received a rework
-Location “Apartaments” received a rework
-Location “Tattoo parlor” received a rework
-Katrina received a rework (9 new events)
-Fixed a lot small bugs
-Adjusted the size of the location avatars in some places
-I added the first easter egg to the game. Try to find it.
-I’m sure there’s something else, but I’ve forgotten.

-The church has received a rework (I have changed this location and added a new location rectory there)
-Tasks from the parish priest received a total rework, scenes were cut to the normal 10-second length, text stories were greatly expanded. A total of 13 events.
-Characters that can be confessed have received a rework, all scenes have been cut to normal length, and hot stories have been added.
-Rebecca received a rework (6 new events)
-Alyssa received a rework (5 new events)
-Jenna received a rework (5 new events)
-A new character Sister Natalie (shemale) appears after the renovation of the rectory ( avoidable, 6 new tasks, Natalie also appears after the renovation of the dungeon in the church)
-New character Rev. Peter (gay) (appears in the game after passing all the tasks of Sister Natalie, if the player skipped Sister Natalie, the priest does not appear, 6 new events)
-The dungeon received a small rework (Here appears the character of the hunter who recruits workers for the dungeon, it takes 9 workers to continue the game and start the plot of Mr. Juice, along the way appears 1 event)
-Fun in the dungeon got a rework, from now on you can play with women and men depending on your preference
-Added many graphics in the church, random scenes when entering different rooms.
-Fixed couple small bugs
-After the rework of the sister’s story and mom’s story, Crystal thread stopped working. Now it’s fixed. Check the main character’s computer if you haven’t gone through it yet and you have corrupted your mother and sister.
-The size of the game has been reduced by half a gigabyte.

To see the new content head to the bulletin board again.
-Cherie got a rework (10 new events)
-Shyla got a rework (8 new events)
-Andi got a rework (7 new events)
-Demi got a rework (7 new events)
-Kerry got a rework (8 new events)
-Reed got a rework (8 newevents)
-New character Casca, she’s a PE teacher (7 new events)
-New character Emma (8 new events)
-Andi, Shyla, Demi, Emma have been added to the basement
-Random events (2 in your classroom, 1 in detention class, 2 in sports center, 1 in spanish classroom)
-Dean Mea and her office got a little rework
-4 school punishment upgrades, for the teacher points you get by teaching classes you can unlock various punishments, such as restroom punishments or unlocking the detention classroom and then more severe punishments. Go to the dean’s office to spend your points.
-A class for detainees and 3 different forms of punishment have been added. Divided for all genders, so there is something for everyone.
-Old content has been edited and compressed
-The graphics in the basement, neighborhood, office, university and the entire map in the “main” locations have been changed
-I fixed some bugs and edited some locations to make them more readable and pleasing to the eye.
-Probably something else but I forgot.

-The new location “village” has been expanded
-Several quests have been added to curry favor with local residents
-New character Mia, 9 events, less aggressive style, more romantic. Trying new things.
-New character Johnny. Johnny is Mia’s brother. The player has the ability to transform him. The theme of sissification mainly appears here, can be avoidable.
-Kacy got a small rework, Kacy is an old character and I cut the mp4 to some human type length of 10sec per scene. You can look at it if you win at dice with her father in the tavern
-added female and male whores in tavern
-Added dog as a companion
-Fixed bug with Justin, where in the situation when the player saw the scene of claudia while sunbathing, the event icon in Justin’s bedroom did not appear and the whole thread could not be started, fixed Justin’s gay route and fixed lexi office quest(go to lily)

-Reworked office location, go to the bulletin board again to go through the recruitment again and start the whole thread
-Reworked Lexi (5 new events)
-Reworked Lily (6 new events)
-Reworked Skin (5 new events)
-Reworked Hunter (5 new events)
-Reworked Shay (5 new events)
-Added new character Marissa (5 new events)
-Added repeatable scenes of each character
-2 promotions in office work to receive
-many different random events during work and more
-fixed a lot of minor bugs, compressed a lot files and reduced game weight by almost 1gb

How To Install Game Destroyer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Destroyer Free Download

Windows/Linux/Mac: QIWI

Incest Patch: MEGA
Play Online: OFFICIAL


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