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Doomsday Paradise

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TITLE: Doomsday Paradise
GENRE: Casual, Indie, RPGSimulation
DEVELOPER: Lemonade Flashbang
PUBLISHER: Lemonade FlashbangAstrolabe Games
RELEASE DATE: 9 Nov, 2023

Description Game

Don’t Die Single

Hang out with a cast of absurdly beautiful hunks and hunkettes. Date a vampire, who thinks he’s got magic powers. A monster girl, who’s in love with Halloween despite not knowing when it is. Or explore your villainous side- and romance the Spider Queen herself. There’s someone incredible looking for love around every corner. Of course, if you’re feeling a little spicy- you can break some hearts instead and friendzone them all. With a whopping 400 funny scenarios and a staggering 120 different endings, every choice you make counts in crafting your own love-filled apocalypse!

Vando – The Wizard

Vando’s magic powers have come at great cost. He suffers from an array of severe allergies- from the inability to eat most foods to a nasty sunlight allergy, he spends most of his time cooped in the local castle. Vando loves to host extravagant parties, take care of dangerous beasts, and set his enemies ablaze.

Haley – The Monster Girl

Haley loves everything spooky, and Halloween most of all. She leaves the local dungeon every day to go trick-or-treating among the locals, and eat their precious candy. She doesn’t know when Halloween is, so she goes out every day- and the locals never correct her because they like having her around so much.

Frank – The Doctor

Cursed with a severe case of bad luck. Nothing seems to go Frank’s way. Yet, despite it all, he remains cheerful, optimistic, and upbeat. He loves his community and will do anything to see you smile.

Cleo – The Retired Hero

Cleo’s just now retired from the hero lifestyle, and is trying to enjoy her free time off. Problem is, she’s fiercely competitive and obsessed with victory at any cost. Retirement may not have come easy to Cleo but plenty of other things have- such as her ability to crush boulders with her thighs.

Al – The Pirate King

Al just wants to have a sweet time. He loves to try crazy stunts and can’t help but party the day away. But don’t let his rowdy exterior fool you- he’s a marine biologist and fierce animal conservationist. Most of all, he’s the most loyal friend anyone can ask for.

Tessa – The Merchant

Tessa’s made plenty of money, and is definitely wealthy enough to retire. Her problem is- she loves crime. Can’t get enough of it. Her mood ranges from manipulative to crazy- and she knows it. Do you hate the system? Would you like to overthrow it, while setting everything in your path on fire? Do you want to wake up the next morning naked in a different state, with your hands tied behind your back? Well I have just the girl for you.

Dating with Absurd!

At the core of the game lies an abundance of humorous scenarios, supporting both single-player and up to four-player online gameplay. Your choices will impact character stats and the content of townfolks’ dialogues. Each day in the game, you have the freedom to decide where to spend your time and whom to engage with. Different locations will grant corresponding stat boosts.

Based on your choices during encounters, the townsfolk’ affection towards you may either increase or decrease. At the end of each event, you’ll receive rewards such as items, stats, and skills that could power you up. Every few rounds, you’ll engage in thrilling boss battles, earning cumulative scores based on the damage you inflict.

Lastly, as doomsday looms, we can wait and see if you have what it takes to drive evil back and earn your happily ever after. Or, maybe, blow it all off to party instead- and hope the followers you send in your place can pick up the slack. Let’s wish they could got it covered. Each party member will surely receive an ending that reflects their actions throughout the five days.

Love Match – Cooperative or Competitive!

Experience an even more amazing love party in multiplayer mode! The more players there are, the more chaotic the game becomes, as each player’s choices impact the overall storyline. Trust me, the more friends you play with, the more perfect and crazy the party will be. Each player will be assigned a unique set of core storylines. After a round or two, the choices made within these clues will lead to a series of subsequent developments that eventually lead to the endgame.

The party isn’t just about dating your crush and showcasing yourself. The choices you make also round you out as a person- balance creating a powerful character with chasing after the date of your dreams while competing against your friends for the title of Legendary Hero. A tip only for you: Exploring undiscovered areas will yield additional score bonus!

Doomsday Paradise is a delightful and relaxed game where you can savor the thrill of pre-apocalyptic romance at your own pace. Will you save the world, or at least save your own world? Right?

Screenshots and Gameplay

System Requirement

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows XP Professional
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 4 GB VRAM
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: Most computers should be able to run this with no problems.
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

How To Install Game Doomsday Paradise Crack

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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