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Dying Dream [v0.6.5]


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Dying Dream Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – This game is for adults who value storytelling, branching choices, comedy, and drama.

Developer: Skoegul Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Creampie, Handjob, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Dating sim, Fantasy, Humor, Management, Puzzle, School setting, Superpowers, Sandbox

Description Game

“Thanks to an unexpected twist of fate, you find yourself in another, completely unfamiliar world. Choose your own path in a big world with lots of secrets and mysteries. Explore the world, develop your character, date girls, climb to the top! Maybe even save the world in the process! And that’s not all…”

This game is for adults who value storytelling, branching choices, comedy, and drama.

– More than 20 girls to choose from. The personal story of each character develops throughout the game and directly depends on your decisions.
– Your choice matters! There are at least 3 main endings planned for each character, not counting the secondary endings.
– No grind. Instead, shape your main character with 25+ hidden characteristics through quests and dialogue.
– Simple, intuitive interface. The game is designed in such a way that you will not miss a single scene.
– No running around the big map, no clicking through tens of screens. Access all available tasks and quests from single menu.

And there’s much more I don’t want to reveal because of spoilers. Even for promoting the game. I know this all sounds very ambitious, but I’m not looking for easy ways. All the more reason to download the game and check everything yourself!

Screenshots and Gameplay

Dying Dream Download
Dying Dream Download
Dying Dream Download
Dying Dream Download

– Added Gallery. If you start the game from the beginning, it will open in the main menu, after the first game day.
To unlock the gallery on an old save, just pass the time in the game in the evening. This is the first version of the gallery, it will probably be improved in the future.
– New «G» hotkey that opens the gallery.
– New hotkey «X», which closes game menus.

You can also use hotkeys a second time to close the menu you just opened.
– «Safe mode» is now «Story mode», that’s a more appropriate title. You will still have full influence over the fates and will be able to choose your path, but you will be insured against losing important characters, which in turn can lead to the most unexpected consequences.
– New «Bonus mode». A kind of legal cheat. If activated, will give more rewards and resources in quests. Right now the bonus can be obtained in quests: Janitor, Fishing Tournament, Shoplifter.
– «True random. Activated by default if you start a new game. Please activate it manually on old saves, from the «Advanced» menu. Every dice roll will be different if activated.
– Skill icons in notifications, now you can see which skill has leveled up.
– Secondary skills (if you have them) are now displayed on the character screen, under character experience.
– Skipping time in the game, can now fix some bugs. There shouldn’t be any, but just in case. If you have something stuck on the screen or a sound bug, try skipping time.
– A few new small tutorials, in places where some players had questions.
– Restored 1 missing animated scene with Ellie during One Hot Day quest. You can check it in the gallery, if you don’t plan to rerun the game.
– Lots of minor edits and fixes.


Hello! To avoid problems with the new version:
If your last save in the previous version was during or after my closing speech, please roll back to the last scene with Penelope and continue playing from there.
To avoid such problems in the future, I’ve added a warning to the game at a point after which it’s best not to make saves.

New content:

+ The end of Penny’s quest from the last update.
+ One new, rather big quest.
+ 8 various events (school, exploration, etc.)
+ 1 new location. (shop)
+ 645 CG
+ 20 animations
Many small improvements and bugfixes from previous version.
• Kentaro got new haircut
• Reworked school roof location

The game has changed so much that the old saves won’t work if you somehow still have them. I apologize for this, this should not happen in the future.
I have highlighted only the main changes below, because it will take a very long time to list everything.
• Prologue finished, + one new big event in the prologue.
• About a month(game time) of new content after the prologue.
• Role-playing system and 90% other game mechanics added to the game and working.
• Massive improvements of almost everything: lighting, shadows, image quality, effects.
• Tons of new animations, videos, music, sounds.
• Reworked locations and several main characters.
• New UI.

Just a small patch. Tweaked and fixed some things:
– Fixed a rather rare opportunity where the player could get stuck in an infinitely repeating loop. Testing with a large number of players rocks! Thanks to Subnero for that one. It took some time to find solution.
If you have the same problem – rollback several events before you got stuck, or load an early save. I playtested it several times, should be fine now.
– Fixed some typos (Big tnx to all people who found them)
– Added new music and tips here and there
– Fixed some scenes

Although the game version is 0.3, this is actually the first public release. This version contains an almost complete prologue of the game.
Prologue, you say? Probably, there are like 10 minutes of gameplay…
Don’t worry, I tried to do enough to last for a couple of hours, of course, if you read everything and delve into the plot.
According to my estimates, the prologue is something about 3-5% of the entire game that I have conceived. Stick around to find out what will happen next!

How To Install Game Dying Dream

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Dying Dream Free Download

Android (v0.4)PIXELDRAIN


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