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Family Trouble Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Explore a unique storyline with multiple branching paths.

Developer: Goth Girl Games – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Futa/Trans, Handjob, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Oral sex, Romance, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism,

Description Game

Explore a unique storyline with multiple branching paths. Control the fate of the protagonist in a supernatural conspiracy. Immerse yourself in a mix of romance, action, and the supernatural. Engaging narrative with unforgettable characters.

About the Game: “Family Trouble” is not just a game; it’s an immersive experience crafted by a passionate developer entering the gaming industry. This project combines the success of games like ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ with the humor and animations from ‘Solvalley School,’ bringing you a fresh and unique adventure.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Family Trouble Download
Family Trouble Download
Family Trouble Download
Family Trouble Download


  • Added two events with Luna that will test your knowledge about the Roman Empire. Additionally, two smut scenes featuring Luna and Kurt have been included, with a nice plot twist on their relationship.
  • Changed the random scenes. They will now occur continuously instead of appearing as full-screen movies, giving you more control over when you want them to end.
  • Werewolf defeat scene: Altered the werewolf defeat scene to be optional, allowing you to choose not to watch it.
  • Fixed the Title for Kurt, and a better explanation for how should you name the characters.

New Content:

  • 39 renders and 8 animations.


  • Chapter 1 Enhancements: Experience two thrilling new events featuring Keren, including some steamy scenes with Kara, Kurt, Lara, Akina, and the introduction of two new characters, Ravenna and Kiko!
  • Special Tribute: In honor of one of our oldest backers, Merlin, we’ve added him to the game (with his consent, of course)! Look for his scene if you’re on the sharing route with Keren. Want to be featured too? Reach out to me—it’s a blast to write these scenes!
  • Title Selection System: Now, you have the power to choose the titles for Kara, Keren, and Kurt use for you, as well as what you’ll use for them, and even how you address Steve. Obs, starting a new game will be necessary.
  • Shortcuts Feature: Hate sandboxing? Fear not! We’ve introduced shortcuts, allowing you to jump directly to the events. Just a heads up, though—make sure to train a bit beforehand, as fighting can get tough without it.
  • 35 new renders and 20 new animations!

Music: All music has been reworked with more legal options. I obtained them from a premium account on Upbeat to ensure no problems arise in the future.
Quality of Life:
Added several quality-of-life updates such as greying out options not available, adding descriptions, and new scenes from this update aren’t available for replay yet because I’m reworking how it works at the moment, which may take some time. You will understand why in the notes below. Also, added a warning when you’ve already seen everything from the new update, with a homage to JOJO, my favorite anime. (Muscle-bound, shirtless guys beating each other? I can’t resist. Tehee.)
Events: Two events with Keren and several other girls included. I think the pool scene is one of the best I’ve ever written so far, and I’m really happy with the results. Hope you all enjoy it. Also added a sharing route for Keren, which will be explored more in the future, or hoarding them all like a proper Harem. You decide.
Combat: Unleash all your exalted powers (remember to learn from Gogo beforehand) in this new combat system, with cool combos and powers.
Money: Increased the amount of money you get from working, making it less grindy like I promised.
Content: 113 new renders and 18 animations!
Plans for the Future:
I will try to integrate a custom title for how you call Keren and the other girls from her family, and how they call you, with the default being friend. Thanks to Warcraftfan for the idea! Because of that, I will delay the replay from this update, otherwise, it will revert to the default. In the next version, this system should be up and running already.
The next update will have two more scenes with Keren, exploring a bit more about her family and the newly added Fellatio club. And that’s all, hope you all enjoy!

– Since both Yumiko and Kara’s events for Chapter 1 are complete, I will begin writing Keren’s events next. Remember that both Yumiko and Kara may still appear in other characters’ events and could have additional sex scenes still in chapter 1. there’s at least one MFFF with Keren and kara planned.
– Minor grammar corrections.
– Added two scenes each for Kara and Yumiko, which further advance the story while offering plenty of hot, steamy moments.
– Replaced one music track to avoid potential future issues.
– Clarified multiple times that characters have no familial relationships, neither by blood nor law, with MC denying being an uncle in at least five scenes to stay within Patreon guidelines for this type of content.
– A total of 58 images and 16 animations!

Two new scenes featuring Kara and Yumiko have been added as promised.
The entire sandbox framework has been implemented, although many features are still under development. It’s now ready to have information added to its framework.
All fight scenes have been redesigned. Now, there are no more sprites; instead, the entire fighting process is depicted through scenes. We’ve introduced 148 new scenes dedicated solely to fighting, and the improvement is significant, I assure you!
If you didn’t choose Kara or Keren to give a ride to in the prologue, you can now do so in sandbox mode with a new scene, rather than using the old one. (We had to create new scenes due to the scars!)
Additionally, if you missed the Mori diner scene in the prologue, you can now experience it again in the sandbox during Chapter 1 with an entirely new scene.
Keren’s first scene has been remade as well. We are slowly remaking everything that we found to be weird or too clipped, aiming for a better aesthetic in scenes. Now that we have more experience with game design, we’re confident in enhancing the overall experience.

In this latest update, we’ve addressed several issues and introduced exciting new content. Here’s what’s new:
– Corrected several sound bugs, such as Nina’s moans and gym background noise, adjusting them to more reasonable levels.
– Fixed a few grammar mistakes for improved readability.
– Due to scheduling conflicts with the model Tina, the character has been fully replaced, including all her scenes. Now, she’s envisioned as a Latin girl from the start.
– Added a steamy sex scene with Tina.
– Introduced a tantalizing sex scene with Pandora.
– Included another thrilling fight sequence.
Since Sandbox mode emerged as the winner in the poll, the next version will incorporate sandbox elements while maintaining the essence of a visual novel. You’ll have the freedom to choose which content you want to explore first, without any grind, maps, inventory, or confusion—I assure you of that. However, you’ll still have the ability to decide when to train, when to shop, when to hit the nightclub, and more. It’s all about giving players more choices and control over their experience.
Special Thanks to:
All my backers! Your support has been invaluable, and without you, I might have given up on this game. Your backing means the world to me, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy this latest version.
The models! Creating this game wouldn’t have been possible without them. They’ll be duly credited in the game with a fitting prologue ending credits sequence.

v0.9 beta
Added two optional sex scenes with Yumiko, one with the MC on her and the other with her on the MC, or both, You choose!!
Introduced one Fanny sex scene, where you’ll be prepared to have your soul sucked by your shaft.
Included 3 new characters:
Alexis: A feminine and androgynous guy, Nina’s boyfriend.
Lexi: Claire’s twin sister, a fierce and independent girl, almost complete opposite of her sister.
Esther: A diligent and businesslike Jewish girl, a hardworking student and a career coach in her spare time, have popular YouTube channel.
Implemented several grammar correction patches. I dedicated almost 24 hours to this task, utilizing Grammarly and ChatGPT. I believe the grammar has significantly improved. I plan to review the entire game soon to make the text more colorful, smutty, lewd, and vulgar, as it has been from the start.
We are close to progress towards the Sandbox version, where you’ll have the power to choose the girl you want to see content with first.
Promised no grind – a deliberate choice to focus on developing the story and delivering content featuring your favorite girls.
Transitioning from weekly to bi-weekly updates to ensure quality isn’t compromised. This adjustment will allow for more thoughtful and refined updates. I may even revisit older scenes like the Mori ambush to rewrite them and make them less rushed.

v0.8 beta
Version 0.8 Update is Live!

Greetings, everyone! We’re excited to announce the arrival of Version 0.8, marking our journey closer to the end of the prologue. Our goal remains steadfast – to include at least 28 unique characters and a minimum of 10 distinct intimate scenes for each character.

New Additions in this Update:

Fanny: Meet Fanny, a captivating character possessed by a succubus, ready to entice our main hero.
Yagiri: Explore the story of Yagiri, a conservative Japanese mother and wife to Yumiko, striving to maintain her marriage despite her husband’s transition.
Additional Highlights:

Mori’s Intimate Scenes: Delve into various intimate encounters with Mori.
Anna’s Intimate Moments: Experience a range of intimate scenes with Anna.
Akina’s Special Scene: Witness a unique intimate moment with Akina.
New Ranged Combat: Engage in a thrilling fight with an innovative ranged combat mechanic, seamlessly blending fist fighting and guns, reminiscent of John Wick’s style.
‍ Development Insights: I’ve poured my heart and soul into this week’s work, ensuring a seamless experience for all players.

Thank you for your continuous support, and enjoy the latest updates!

v0.7 beta
New girl added: Claire, an innocent, cute, and shy Christian girl with upright morals, ready to be corrupted.
Skills! Now, training and stats four times give you access to skills, which can be consulted on the stats screen: Combo, Grappling Master, Brute, Second Wind.
Pandora switched again for a more fitting mom to Keren and Kara, but fret not; the old Pandora will be used for Cass, a new character who will debut later on.
New sex scenes with Pandora, Hel, Anna, Nina, and Erika.
Fixed some grammar mistakes.
Fixed sprites size (maybe not everything).
Fixed Tina replay crashing the game.
Added a picture for Kara’s sweet lovemaking scene.
Added two controversial scenes, Masturbation and Femdom Pegging. Those are completely optional and for people trying to unlock all the replay scenes without watching them, there’s a way to do it.

v0.6 beta
– We have added a replays gallery for players to enjoy their favorite moments from previous playthroughs.
– A secret scene with Pandora has been introduced, adding depth and mystery to the game’s lore.
– Several grammatical errors have been corrected to enhance readability.
Please let us know if there are any more that need attention.
– Claudia, a new character, has been added to the roster. She is a gangster, prostitute, and streetwise woman with multiple ways to handle situations.
– We have included one oral scene each with Keren and Claudia, respectively (obviously, Keren has an oral fixation).
– A 3some scene featuring Keren and Nina has also been added for those who enjoy such content.
– Combat has been completely remade from scratch, resulting in a more visually appealing and fair experience for players. Additionally, we have included a new fistfight and gunfight to keep things interesting.
Unfortunately, the sprite sizes are inconsistent and need to be fixed in the upcoming version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
As Promised before 0.5 is now public and free!

v0.5 beta

  • New status screen.
  • New stat added: Karma. It will generate better rewards and more softcore scenes.
  • Remade combat to use its own menu, not the Renpy menu, making it clearer, including adding tooltips to its actions.
  • Introduced a new character, Sam, the tomboyish military brat.
  • One oral and One vaginal sex was added with Tina.
  • Added one handjob and one anal scene with Keren.
  • Fixed several grammatical errors.
  • Fixed the Save Pages background; now you can move back and forth.

v0.4 Beta
Greatly improved grammatic and writting: While not 100% and not perfect, till I get a premium Grammarly I will be improving bit by bit, But it’s MUCH BETTER than 0.3.

Added more sex scenes.
1 anal scene with Kara.
1 anal and 3 oral scenes with Keren.(She is a natural born cocksucker, face it.)
1 vaginal scene with Anna.
1 oral scene with Anna.
Added tags: Breeding, forced, submission, corruption.
Akina’s model swapped to a prettier one.
Several sex-texting scenes.
Unfolding a bit more about the plot.
Fixed some bugs showing the wrong character speaking.
Fixed some bugs concerning skills and choices.
Added better health bars.
Added 1 extra training session.
Improved combat where the enemies can attack even if they get hit.
Tina’s motel scene was remade from scratch.
Added one more combat scene.
More music.
Better moaning sounds.

Hope you all enjoy *_*


Please report bug when you find it ^^
Currently i’m still working on, is the Celphone transition.
Also Tina sex-texing for now is a placeholder, will be added on next version.

v0.3 Beta
Initial F95 Release

How To Install Game Family Trouble

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Family Trouble Free Download


Gallery Unlocker: DIRECT LINK
Incest Patch: DIRECT LINK


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