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Fashion Business Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – This Game is about Monica. Monica is a “Rich B*tch”…

Developer: DecentMonkey
Censored: No
Version: Ep. 4 v6.00 Extra
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian, German
GenreAdult, 3DCG, Female protagonist, Prostitution, Corruption, Blackmail, Oral sex, Masturbation, Rape, Sex toys, Sexual Harassment, Stripping, Voyeurism, Spanking, animared, footjob, lesbian, titfuck, creampie

Description Game

This Game is about Monica. Monica is a “Rich B*tch”. Monica is the Boss. Most of all Monica adores authority and to control people and she manages with everything not in a sensitive or delicate way. If Monica was your Boss, you would be likely fired.

For certain, everybody has ever met their own Monica! Take part in her luxurious life. Monica is sure that her existence is going to be always the same! What do you think? If suddenly you appear as witness of her falling down lower and lower in the social standing?​

Screenshots and Gameplay


Episode 4 – v6.00Extra
Good news, everyone! I am glad to finally present you with the next regular update of one of the most exciting games of the genre: “Fashion Business!
As always, I put all my effort and inspiration into this update.
It contains a lot of spicy scenes, which, I hope, you will find super exciting.
In total, the update contains almost 2000 new images and a ton of high quality animations.

What’s new:

  • Office: A big pool party public event scene. Will Monica decide to go swimming and what will happen next? (huge scene, photoshoot, animations, Extra content)
  • Victoria: How is Melanie doing after her secret engagement to Victoria? (Extra content)
  • Shiny Hole: The banker demands a new stage show. How will Monica deal with it this time and what role do Tiffany and Jane have in it? (animations, Extra content)
  • Falling Path: Will Monica be able to pay off her old debts at the hostel? And what does this have to do with Misty? (long animated scene, Extra content)
  • Phillip: Day 5. Hospitality Day. (long animated scene, Extra content)

Game update:
Please note that the game has moved to Ren’Py 8 (python3). The players who run the game from the Launcher will need to update it.
Thanks to the engine update, the ability to update the game using an update code (Windows, Android) is back.
The ability to update on Mac is still wip.
You will need to download this update in its entirety, but any further updates will be possible directly from the game.

Episode 4 – v5.00 Extra
I’m happy to present you a new flashy update for your favorite game “Fashion Business”!
I’ve been hard at work on this update throughought the holidays and the rest of January without a break and have put a lot of effort and love into it!
The update consists of 2084 new pictures and a lot of juicy hot animations.
What’s New:
Office: New dress code and the need to follow it. What Campbell will propose and how will the employees react?
Victoria: The beginning of Melanie’s transformation. What new things will Victoria propose and how will it end for Melanie? (big juicy animated scene, Extra content, poor Melanie…)
FilmStudio: What can make Monica return to the director’s set? What will the “little scene” turn into and who will Monica meet there? (big animated scene, Extra content)
Home: What will Julia and Betty’s plan lead to? What will Monica do when she finds out about Julia’s affair with Ralph? And how will that affect everyone involved? (large animated scene, Extra content)
Julia: What will happen during Monica’s random visit to her office in the reporting department end? (animated scene)
Shiny Hole & VIP Escort: Establishment’s anniversary. Monica is supposed to put on a show, but Claire and Molly are absent. How will Monica resolve the issue and what do the VIP Escort girls have to do with it? (Huge advanced animated dcene, juicy Extra content)
For Pole Dance fans, this update will put the game among the best in the genre.
There will be no Update code this time, because there are too many changes in the game’s assets so the players will need to re-download the complete installation.
Animations have been reverted to the WEBM format due to the complaints about the performance of the AV1 format.
Save Transfer (beta) feature has been introduced.
This function allows you to transfer your saves to another device, or download them after reinstalling the OS.
Your save files will be stored on a dedicated server owned by me. The saves will be encrypted with a unique key that only you will know. I won’t collect any of your personal data.
The limit on the total amount of saves that can be uploaded is 100MB. The saves will get deleted after a set amount of time. I’ll announce the exact details on the storage time limit a little later.
Chinese and Spanish languages have been added to the game, and the German localization has been completed.
We welcome any help in fixing translation errors. If you want to improve the quality of the translation, you can always join our localization team.
FASHION BUSINESS Episode 3 v16.01 – Completed
Episode 3 has been updated to version 16.01.
An animation control tool (Video Control) has been implemented, as well as numerous fixes for game-breaking bugs.
Added lanaguage support for Chinese, Spanish. German localization has been updated.
This update is only for Windows & MAC versions of the game.
An update of the Android version will be released soon.
I also have plans to rework Episode 2 in the near future.
The update will fix known bugs and make improvements.
Stay tuned!

Episode 4 – v4.00Extra
This update, as always, has been crafted with a lot of effort and creativity.
It includes over 1900 images and plenty of cool, hot animations.
In this update, I’m excited to present a new feature: the ability to manually change camera angles during cinematic animations. I believe this enhances the immersion in the H-scenes and adds more emotion.
I hope you’ll appreciate this new addition. If you like it, I plan to implement this feature in previous updates as well.
What’s new:

  • Office: The continuation of the husband casting. Who will be the next candidate? (hot photo session, animated scene, extra content)
  • Home: The good housewife and caring neighbor. What has Fred prepared for Monica? (big hot animated scene)
  • Julia: What do Julia and Betty have in common? A plot behind Monica’s back (animated scenes, extra content)
  • Falling Path: Marketing lessons for Monica (hot scenes, animations, extra content)
  • Philip: Continuing the contract with Philip (big scene, animations, extra content)

With this update, the game is moving to a newer version of the Ren’Py engine, 7.6.3.

Episode 4 – v.3.00 Extra
Hey there!
I’m happy to announce the release of the new cool update for “Fashion Business”!
I did my best to make it special and up my over all quality of work.
I had to work with barely a day off, but I’m happy with the results I’ve got and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy them in full.
This update includes around 1600 new images and many cool animations!
What’s new:
VIP Escort: New girls enter the workplace. What awaits Tiffany and Jane and how will their new co-workers treat them? (two animated scenes, Extra content)
Victoria: Victoria’s and Melanie’s friendship grows stronger. Is Melanie actually happy about it? (animated scene)
Home: Competition with Betty for the role of the house’s mistress. How challenging will it get for Monica? (animated scenes, Extra content)
Office: Husband auditions. First date. What will ensue? Will things go according to Monica’s expectations? (big animated scene, Extra content)
Office: Due to Issac’s blackmail, Monica has to participate in an audition from a director he knows. What is all that really about and what path can that lead Monica onto? (big animated scene, Extra content, including some extreme content)
As always, I welcome your feedback and would be thrilled to learn what you liked about the update.
Your support is very important to me. It always gives me strength to continue being creative and productive.
After resting for a couple of days, I’ll start working on the next regular update.
On another note, we’re still looking for translators!
We welcome any help with languages that are either not yet present in the game, or are not fully implemented.
We’ll be happy to have you on board if you decide to help!

Episode 4 – v2.01 Extra

  • We’ve fixed a bug where quests in the Event List don’t appear. The quests in the game are active, but they can’t be seen in the journal if the game is loaded from a save. This bug has been around since the first version of EP4, so some players might have encountered missed content in the previous update as well.
  • We’ve added the ability to activate Philip’s quest without loading a save. To do this, you need to visit his house

Episode 4 – v2 Extra
This update includes around 2000 pictures and many cool animations!

What’s new:

  • White: Grace’s lucrative offer. Will Monica consider it? (story scene)
  • Office: Tech support guy is trying to get to the bottom of Monica’s motives. A date with John or Greta. (animated scenes, Extra content)
  • Falling path: Tough competition leaves Monica clientless. What will she have to do to attract more clients? (animated scene, Extra content)
  • Shiny Hole: Ashley plots behind Monica’s back. Where will Monica end up when trying to find out what’s going om? (animated scene, Extra content)
  • Julia: Betty is Julia’s new affair. How will Monica react?
  • Home: Wife competition. What will it lead to and who will suggest the best solution for Ralph? (animated scene, Extra content)
  • VIP Escort: Jane also finds out about Monica’s secrets. What will Monica do to stop Tiffany’s and Jane’s blackmail? And what does Steve have to do with it? (long animated scene, Extra content)
  • Victoria: What games will Monica have to play because she missed a payment to Victoria? And what other friend of Monica’s will take part in them? (animated scene, Extra content)
  • Philip: Third day of the contract with Philipp. What else Will Monica have to endure to reach her goal? (animated scene, Extra content)

Episode 4 – v1 Extra
It includes ~1400 new pictures and many hot animations.
You can expect for up to 8 endings to gradually appear in the upcoming updates for this final episode.

What’s new:

  • Office: Monica gives a presentation to the investor board as the head of magazine;
  • Office: rumors about Monica’s photoshoots spread among the company’s employees;
  • Steve: Tiffany requires Monica’s attention (animated scenes);
  • Slums: the rent discount grows (animated scene, Extra content);
  • Victoria: Melanie’s pre-wedding photoshoot. What awaits Monica at that shoot? (long animated scene, Extra content);
  • Phillip: Monica continues fulfilling her contract with Phillip. She is faced with new challenges (long animated scene, Extra content).

Episode 3 – v16 (Not Activated)

Episode 3 – v15 Extra
It contains 2338 new lines of dialogue, 2242 new images and many hot animations!
What’s new:
: There’s a new maid in the house. Does that mean Monica will no longer need to do cleaning duties? (multiple scenes, including animated ones, Extra content)
Office: Monica is getting closer and closer to returning into her Boss seat at the Fashion Magazine. Will Monica be able to persuade Campbell to hold a board of investors meeting?
Victoria: New hot workout session at the gym.
Victoria: What will Melanie have to do to show Dick who’s the person that really loves him? (animated scene, Extra content)
VIP-Escort: Tiffany gets a gift from her partner. What’s inside the box? (big animated scene, Extra content)
White: Devilishly hot photoshoot at White’s studio (big animated scene, Extra content)
Philip: Will Monica be able to persuade Philip to invest in her magazine or will she need to agree to his conditions? (start of a big quest at Philip’s place)

  • Bug fixes.

Episode 3 – v14 Extra
What’s new:

  • Home: meeting with the neighbor. What will it entail for Monica? (animated scene)
  • Steve: Steve’s new demands regarding work ethics. Monica can’t accept them. What will change in Le Grand’s operations? (big scene, Extra content)
  • VIP-Escort: Monica’s routine in the VIP escort. Familiar clients. How long will Monica put up with this? (big animated scene, Extra content)
  • Public Event: big event at the investor’s yacht. New opportunities for Monica. Will she be able to use it? (big animated scene, Extra content)
  • Photoshoot: new hot photoshoot “The Queen of Angels” at the investor’s yacht. How will Monica react to a doing photoshoot in front of all the guests? (big scene, Extra content)
  • Victoria: Victoria’s new schemes. Girls go to the gym. What will happen to Monica and Melanie there? (big animated scene)


  • Gallery was updated. You can now stop replaying the scene in the gallery by pressing the “Stop” button.
  • Bug fixes.

Episode 3 – 13 Extra
What’s new:

  • White: getting to know Grace
  • Ryan: a difficult conversation with an unexpected ending (long animated sceneExtra content)
  • Steve: Tiffany puts another cunning plan from Steve to work (long animated sceneExtra content)
  • Shiny Hole: Monica becomes the pub’s administrator. What changes are going to take place at Shiny Hole? (multiple new scenesnew animationsExtra content)
  • Falling Path: Working for Mommy. A new client (animated scene)


  • Bug fixes

Episode 3 v12
This update includes 1774 cool images, many hot animations, and 20223 words worth of dialogue!

What’s new:

  • Office: Monica continues to ‘bond’ with her colleagues at the office (animated scenes)
  • Steve: Steve continues business negotiations with his new partners. These include Monica (big animated scene)
  • White: Monica decides to make use of White’s offer and take part in a photo shoot for her magazine to make money. (hot photo shootadditional content in the Extra version)
  • Julia: A scene where Julia gets jealous and punishes Monica. (animated sceneadditional content in the Extra version)
  • Slums: Monica gets dragged into another fraudulent scheme run by Misty. Where will this lead her? (animated scenesadditional content in the Extra version)
  • Victoria: Victoria wants ‘friendship’ with everybody. What will Melanie face for her careless remarks at the photo shoot? (long sceneadditional extreme content in the Extra version)


  • Bug fixes

Episode 3 v11 Extra
Extra Content

Episode 3 v11

The update includes 1,382 images and lots of hot close-up animations!

What’s new:

  • Shiny Hole: Ashley’s business difficulties. Will Monica be able to come to a favorable agreement in a business negotiation with the banker? (large animated scene).
  • Home: will Monica be able to contain her new unusual feelings when dealing with Fred? :) (animated scene + another animated scene in the Extra version).
  • Steve: serious business negotiations in Steve’s office (large animated scene + another animated scene in the Extra version).
  • Victoria: will a rising model Victoria manage to outshine Melanie on set?


  • Bug fixes.

During this update, I had to reorganize my working pipeline a little. But despite all the challenges, I always try to get the work done as quickly as possible.

EP3 v10

This update includes 1240 new pictures and some hot close-up animations!

What’s new:

  • Office: casting scene at Mrs. White’s apartment. Is Monica brave enough to do it? (big animated scene + extra animated content in the Extra version).
  • Home: Fred will put forward the new conditions of his professional game to Monica. Can Monica prove she’s a professional housewife? ;) (big animated scene).
  • Falling Path: more work for Mommy. Two new scenes with two new clients for Monica (two hot animated scenes).
  • Victoria: what will Melanie have to do for her friend Victoria this time? (animated scene).
  • Shiny Hole: Monica starts attending to her royal duties (animated scenes + additional animated scene in the Extra version).


  • Fixed bug with the starting of quest “Love Triangle”
  • Other bugfixes.

How To Install Game Fashion Business

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Activator Notes: Unpack to the game folder (where the exe is), overwriting any existing files.

Fashion Business Free Download

Win/Linux (Extra 1080p, Not activated): GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – UPLOADHAVEN










ExtrasVISUAL MOD – Walkthrough



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