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FemCity Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – In this game you play as a boy…

Developer: Kiriowo – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Futa, Anal sex, Oral sex, Female domination, Sci-Fi, Slave, Humiliation, Prostitution, Mobile game,

Description Game

In this game you play as a boy,
who stuck in the city where males are discriminated while females rule everything in this dark cyberpunk future.
Will you able to survive and more of that, manage to escape from the FemCity?​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download FemCity
Download FemCity
Download FemCity

-Significantly reduced the game size by additional image compression
-New smartphone interface(chats are not active at the moment and will be added in future updates)
-The main story continues, multiply new scenes available after purchasing the communicator(price is lowered to 3k femcredits)
-Expanded Rayne leg shaving scene
-Added new scenes to the high security prison for Lydia
-Added new scenes to the high security prison for Cassidy and Dara
-Added new encounters in the club including scenes with Claire during bar shift, another femboy introduction and random chance to find him at the gloryhole
-You can now find Beth in the club toilet at Friday(watersports content)

-Added RU translation.
-Fixed problem Judy shop scene doesn’t trigger properly
-Lowered affection required for chastity access permission and increased affection required for Rayne to take you from the police


-Added Beth to the the gloryhole

-New waterpsorts focused scene with Hanako in the club

-Added new location Gym

-New scenes and jobs with Jessie in the Gym

-New scene with Judy and her toys

-New location Police station

-New scenes with Ada at the police station including Beth and new character Maggie

-New location High security prison with some more new scenes

-Fixed some bugs
-You can now consume cum filled condoms, gaining cum addiction, and additional energy, if you are already addicted
-You can now press the pleasure bar in glory hole to fill it
-Added a little tutorial for better understanding glory hole mechanics, when you visit it for the first time

-New location MedCorp with character Nova responsible for different procedures over males, multiply scenes mostly focused on milking
-New stats of arousement, anal and oral skills, which are able to make you more or less effective at jobs
-Expanded glory hole interactions and added new cock to serve there
-Cum filled condoms now can be collected and sold to the MedCorp for researches
-Expanded some interactions with Rayne on the couch, you can now talk to Rayne whenever she is working on her pc, depending of your relationships with her and other stats, you can now ask her to open public access to your chastity cage
-Added multiply scenes with dildo, if you gift it to Rayne, she can use it as strap-on and dildo will now appear in the shower, so you can also play with it
-New scene with Rayne using magic wand on the cage, if you gifted her one
-New scenes with Lisann, if you sharing the access to your cage, which is able to end up with another scene mc getting in trouble with the police
-Added map, the icon is aviliable next to the healt bar, if you have the smarthphone. Map allows you fast travel between locations
-New big scene with Rey, ask her about work and travel to her location via the map
-New powerful stimulator “ULTRA” which currently can be obtained by increasing relationships with Nova

Initial Release
Current version of the game includes intro and few steps on the city streets.

How To Install Game FemCity

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

FemCity Free Download



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