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Goblin Layer Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – A man on a mission to wipe out every goblin nest..

Developer: Parodos Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Male Protagonist, Male domination, Ahegao, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Groping, Cheating, Big tits, Big ass, Humor, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated, Teasing, Spanking, Parody

Description Game

A man on a mission to wipe out every goblin nest (and with a serious goblin fetish) arrives in a frontier town… where all the men have all mysteriously gone missing, and all the women are becoming increasingly horny.

Will he ever be able to form normal human relationships with the thirsty townswomen, or will he lose himself to thicc goblin girls?

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Goblin Layer
Download Goblin Layer
Download Goblin Layer

0.44.2.B Extreme Home Makeover // Spring Cleaning Edition
Spicy Art/Story
Small scene in which Goblin Layer has a drink in the tavern and things escalate, can start after Amazon quest.
Added pinup(s) of of a secret character, can be found in a secret place during one of Anvil’s quests (when looking for the leaves).

Normal Art/Story
Bunch of sprite art updates
A tiny (it’s not tiny) edit to the tileset, you probably won’t notice (You will notice)
Added lore books spread out around the world, might be used in a future Town Hall quest.
Edits/Additions/removals to/from the game icons
Better fitting door for the cottage
Gneral sprite/icon/tileset clean up/touch ups

Continuing to restructure things beyond the scenes…
There’s been a shitload of edits to items, changing slots/categories/prices/bonuses/status boosts/adding new items etc…
Revamped all loot chests, using a new system for randomized loot lists. The basics are in place, but will polish it in future updates.
Some new sound effects
Clicking a key item will open it directly, instead of click->use->click, which saves you one click per item.
Clicking a weapon or armor in the inventory will take you to the equip menu
Cursor will change to a hand when hovering over an “event” (doors that go somewhere, npcs with dialogue etc, lootable objects)
The inn in Capital City will be open earlier during the watertown quest
Minor performance improvements on a few scripts
The Hubtown shops will now have less items at the start of the game, but as the story goes on, more stuff will be added
Updated hall of fame
Update cheat room
Edited the “rest at farm” to make 100% sure the whole part gets healed
Remade the final leftover maps with the new tileset
Chapter select will work slightly better with the new quest structure, still needs more polish though
Improved tileset behavior, it’s still a bit janky, but I’ve played through the whole game for this update, so all the important places should be accessible
Many items, like potions etc, are stacking again. This means potion x3 instead of potion, potion, potion…
New loot is starting to make it’s way back into the world…
Better sounds effects for a bunch of events

Bugs – Fixed
Fixed a potential bug where Anvil gets blocked during the titty enlargement scene and freezes the game
Fixed an infinite potion loot bug in the Watertown Dungeon
Fixed some unequippable accessories
Fixed a bug that cancelled amazon’s practice fight if you were about to win
Fixed a bug that caused the cheat skill to return even though the player disabled it at the start
Fixed (probably) a bug during Smith Girls’s hammering event
Fixed a shop bug that didn’t let you specify quantity
Fixed a tree that was glitching out in hubtown
Fixed a pretty big bug that involved all of map 110 going missing lol (that’s the place you get the leaves with Anvil)
Fixed Amazon’s Abode (cleared) being cluttered by random stuff
Fixed lots of map/tileset bugs

Bugs – Added (due to construction work)
The Quest Journal/Chapter Select sidequest option needs to be updated to use new variables

Some maps might be (will be) kinda wonky at the moment. There’s a 87.6% chance of you clipping through an object or something at least once. I’ll appreciate any bug reports! If screenshotting/describing takes too much time, just mention which map had the problem.

This will all be sorted out in due time of course.

In other news
Upscaling textures for 3d models
Updated light shader
I’ve had a lot of low quality assets for the models, which I am now in the process of either upscaling or replacing
Did a complete playthrough, incl sidequests, of the game to hunt for bugs.

0.43.9 “Baking Edition” aka it’s another fucking wall of text changelog

### Art/Scenes ###

New Animations/Scene! Gobsicca inaugerates her office. (this happens after you renovate the office in this Cottage)

New Scene – kind of! Amazon combat training (this happens in town, directly after the intro cave & Goblinette). (Uses already existing art in a new context)

### Gameplay ###
(finally) Added the first iteration of the official child suppport debt increasal system framework, it not fully complete yet, kinda “tech demo-tier” at the moment. You can go knock up Gobsicca in the cottage office to try it. It should work something like: Bun in oven —-> player walks x amount of steps (time passes) —-> finished baking. You can give the kid some life advice before they set off on their own path (they grow up fast). I’m gonna add some more special art for the impregnation & different stages, better dialogue and interactions etc in the future updates, just wanna let you people get a chance to break the system first.

Added a new plugin that puts the Quest Journal displayed directly on screen, so you can just click it directly for quick access. It might be disabled during certain scenes and the intro. The code for the plugin was actually written by chatgpt (after a lot of trial and error, I don’t think programmers have to be worried about losing their job for quite some time), please let me know if there are any bugs. At the moment the icon is always visible, but I’m planning to have it auto-hide during scenes.

Added “Book of Offspring” to the same menu as the quest journal. It will show how many kids Goblin Layer has made, and with whom, as well as a way to track the pregnancy status etc.

Skeletons on the ground should now be interactive/lootable – for the most part, if they’re are not covered by something. Want to make the environment a bit more interactive.

Added YEP Synch FPS plugin. It syncs the game fps to your screen fps or something? Fuck if I know. If your computer is shit, and you cant get 60fps, turning this off might be helpful. If your computer is good turning this off might instead turn the game into an adhd-friendly adventure. Basically if things are already running smoothly, dont touch it. If things are slow, try turning off. It might help, it might not.

Added sound effects here and there, and adjusted sound levels here and there. Report sounds that are too loud or silent! Relative to the other sounds in the game.

Goblin Layer no longer has the combat cheat skill by default, you can choose if you want it or not at the beginning of the game. Or talk to the old lady in Hubtown.

Switched out SRD_NameInputUpgrade for YEP_KeyNameEntry, this means you can switch between keyboard input or on-screen keyboard input in-game. For example when entering a password or something like that. If you’re not able to use a keyboard, you could just switch to the on-screen one.

After the intro, Amazon will offer a small optional combat tutorial (She’ll be gone after Chapter 2, aka Goblina’s quest)

Added Olivia’s anti-stress plugin (always dash, start with low volume to avoid broken eardrums, better error msgs)
Added YEP battle AI core plugin, should make enemies a little smarter and improve their decision making
Plugins might get removed later on, depending on feedback. Wanna see if they work or not for everyone first.

Various tileset touch ups.
Improvements to the intro.
Adjustments to the quest journal.
Started improving some loot lists
Tiny tiny improvement to Farm girl’s 2nd floor scene.
Made the plants during Anvil’s quest slightly more visible
Made the buy/sell buttons a bit more consistent
Increased casting speed of holy light by 15
There are 3 autosave slots now.
Removed casting animation for skill-type(non-magic) special skills
Better animations for various skills
Some rebalancing of equipment, it’s a work in progress.
New password for Cheat rooms + slightly quicker straightforward password entering process
//Updated hall of fame (I actually forgot, realized it just after uploading), but will fix next update!
Adjusted the tentacle encounter with Anvil, so the dialogue triggers during the first round of combat

Off-Screen I’ve also worked quite a bit on upscaling & optimizing textures used for rooms, items, skin, clothes etc

### Bugs ###
Blocked of the Gentle Glade area after the quest, probably gonna make the kuká leaves regrow in some future update, so they can be harvested & sold. Can actually use the pregnancy tracking system to grow plants and shit as well lol. Might accidently end up making Stardew Valley at this rate. Is a garden something you’d want for the Cottage?

Fixed walkable places that should’ve been non-walkable, but still was. And the opposite of that.
Fixed player ending up in the wrong spot when entering cheat/patreon room
Fixed an error with the gold icon
Disable the cinematic in Amazons basement for now, keep getting messages from who had it freeze.
There’s a bunch of other bugfixes as well, from 0.44. This time they should fix more than they break, Hopefully.

How To Install Game Goblin Layer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

The current password is:

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