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Hero Siege [v5.9.3.0]

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TITLE: Hero Siege
GENRE:ActionAdventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
DEVELOPER:Elias Viglione
RELEASE DATE: 29 Jan, 2014

Description Game

Hero Siege is a hack ‘n’ slash game with Roguelike – & RPG elements. Destroying a horde of enemies, grow your talent tree, grind a better booty and explore up to 7 enhanced actions with beautiful pixel art graphics! This game offers countless gameplay and online multiplayer players online!

17 classes to choose from!
Choose from up to 17 classes for your trip through the Hero siege world! 8 classes are available in the basic game and the rest can be opened as additional content through DLC! Each class has 2 unique talent trees, set capabilities and unique sound acting!

Loot & inventory!
Like a good hack game, the hero Siege has a booty / inventory system. The breakdown can be from several different scarcity such as normal, magic, rare, legendary, myth and demon! The booty system gives you the opportunity to build your hero as you want!

Multiplayer online for up to 4 players!
Collect up to 3 friends and fight together against the power of crime! Multiplayer online also has a leader board for the level of hero and the ratings of worms. Each class has a solo leader itself board. At the end of each season, the best players are given with seasonal gifts!

Randomized world!
The world is randomly produced so the zone is always fresh and different filled with secret basement, crypts, treasure and danger! This game consists of 7 rounds with 5 levels + end of each. The level of the secret basement can be explored.

30+ unique bosses for fighting!
Hero siege contains a warehouse and a different boss. This game accommodates more than 30 bosses made with unique and varied enemies rarely and have special attacks. The higher scarcity enemies give more experience and a better, but dangerous and more difficult to be killed!

Screenshots and Gameplay

How To Install Game Hero Siege Crack

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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