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Heroes Rise: Prison Break [v0.13]


Download Heroes Rise: Prison Break Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Heroes Rise: Prison Break Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You fall into another world, where the heroes were defeated and imprisoned.

Developer: Skeep Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Oral sex, POV, Rape, Prisoner, Public

Description Game

You fall into another world, where the heroes were defeated and imprisoned, and the villains rule everything. But once in the other world, you realize that you did not get into it in your body, but in the body of a traitor who betrayed all the heroes and because of which they were in prison. You have to get acquainted with many characters and justify yourself in front of them, as well as draw up an escape plan from this prison.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Heroes Rise: Prison Break
Download Heroes Rise: Prison Break
Download Heroes Rise: Prison Break
The new update will concern the continuation of the quest with Emma.
Small changelog:
– Added continuation of the quest with Emma.
– Added 3 new scenes.
– Added a scene with Power Girl (optional)
– Added new bugs))

v0.12 Release!

Hi people! It’s time for another little addition to the previous update! It also applies to Power Girl.
Small changelog:
– Removed the fork after fighting Power Girl in the gym.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– After getting the “All cats love petting” achievement, the cat will sleep on the bed at night.
– If at the time of the denouement with Power Girl in the gym you had the achievement “All cats love petting”, then you will receive a new scene.
– Old saves may not work as new variables have been added.

– the conditions for obtaining some achievements have been corrected
– we have moved the game to a new version of the engine and are testing the Android version. If one of the patrons of at least $ 10 wants to participate, write in private messages.
– added an achievement to the update with Jenny, to open it, you need to raise the level of relations with her to 30. The reward is worthy, believe me

– The branch with Emma was redone
– Added a new character: The Joker
– Added about 10 new scenes
– Added day actions
– The conditions for obtaining achievements have been simplified
– Fixed a bug with a key from Harley’s room
– A bug with the purchase of tickets has been fixed
– The code of Harley’s room has been completely rewritten
– Added new bugs

– added scenes with Natasha
– added scenes with Harley
– added few animations
– added new locations
– bugs fixed

– Added scenes with Natasha
– Added scenes with Harley
– Added new block A
– Added few new locations
– Added animation
– Bugfixes


  • Scenes added with Power Girl
  • Scenes added with Tatsu
  • Scenes added with Huluk
  • Add new characters
  • Add Demitrescu Content
  • Change some art on a new one
  • Updated relationship system (Discover in Notepad)
  • Achievement system added (Discover in Notepad)
  • Systems are changed Quests
  • Gallery is updated
  • Fix bugs.


  • Add a Poctet inventory, two pocket slots and system items for events
  • Add a stable functioning event system
  • Fixed big bug (0.6 version functions now)
  • Save old doesn’t work!


  • Scenes added with Harley
  • Add mini-game fishing
  • Add a new location
  • Add new characters
  • Add the main menu and new music


  • Add a photo portfolio for Gwen on the site
  • Fixed bugs


  • Add photos with crows in the portfolio of the cam site


  • Add scenes with Tatsu
  • Scenes added with Power Girl
  • Scenes added with Jenny
  • Add cam sites
  • Add a pocket device
  • Adding Novigator Quest in Notepad on a Pocket device
  • Add a prize money at the start of version 0.4
  • Fixed bugs


  • Scenes added with Tatsu
  • Add a new location


  • Scenes equipped with Harley


  • Add photos with Emma Frost
  • Add photos with huluk
  • fix bugs
  • add music and sound everywhere
  • All photos are converted to webp
  • Add a mini game in the Harley room

N / A.


  • Add new scenes with Natasha, Harley, Tatsu and Ho-Hulk
  • Add a normal chat on a tablet
  • Add cam sites
  • All selling prices have been upgraded
  • Spy cams added in a new icon on the tablet


  • fix bugs


  • Add location: lab, block a
  • Add new characters: She-Hulk, Tatsu, Rocket, Hawkeye
  • Add scenes with Emma
  • Scenes added with Huluk
  • Scenes added with Natasha


  • Change space and emma scene
  • Add hot boxes
  • Fix the screw, the screwdriver is not still in hand after walking
  • Fix the image / miniature in the code where the error is

Scene added with Emma Frost
Scene added with black widow
Scene added with Harley Quinn
Add a work shop
Added tablet.

How To Install Heroes Rise: Prison Break

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Heroes Rise: Prison Break Free Download


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