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Download High School Days Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

High School Days Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Follows the story of “Andy”, a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis.

Developer: El Ciclo – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: Adult, Big Tits, Blackmail, Handjob, Oral Sex, Teasing, 2DCG + Animated, Slave, Voyeur, Vaginal sex, Fendom, Footjob, Squirt

Description Game

The game is an Adult DateSim/Visual Novel made by with Ren’Py, it follows the story of “Andy”, a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis.
Having to move with here grandmother while his parents sort things out, in this new city, he will be reunited with friendly faces and meet new people, some which will be friends, and other not so much.

Screenshots and Gameplay

High School Days Download
High School Days Download
High School Days Download


New in version 0.12v
In this update, continue with an event started in the previous release, after you defeated Kana, and will add a new feature so the player can “collect” some items.

New in 0.12v

  • Added and introduce new character: Brianne.
  • Added a new event for Ashley.
  • Added two new outfits for Ashley.
  • Added a new outfit the MC (if you can call it an outfit).
  • Added a new feature to the game: Collecting Panties.
  • Added a new feature to the game: Masturbating .
  • Added 10 new videos.
  • Added 14 new images.
  • Added To-Do info to help even more with some passed events.

Fixed in 0.12v

  • Force starting the gala event with Sophie, Chloe or Ginger.
  • Force triggering Latisha convincing scene after the pool.
  • Sometimes Jessie doesn’t appear to give you the tickets for the gala.
  • Remove “To-Do” items from the gala event once is done.
  • Force open the Pub when is required.
  • Force open the Mall’s back area when is required.
  • Force open Ginger’s house area when is required.
  • Added more lines to the Debug screen.
  • Fix error when ending a date with Ashley.
  • Fix an error in the Phone while been in the mall.
  • Fix an error with Sophies variables.
  • Fix triggering Stella scene before it should.
  • Fix Ashley event triggering before the rave.
  • Fixed several English typos.
  • Fixed several Spanish typos.

New in version 0.112v
Fix release

New in 0.112v

  • Added not on how to make Kana visit you after you played her scene

Fixed in 0.112v

  • Fix bug when the MC tries to look for information on the PC
  • Fix adjustment on Jessie’s story

New in version 0.102v
Fix release

Fixed in 0.102v

  • After going on a date with ____ at night, the scene wasn’t triggering.
  • Giving Willy his payment in exchange for information, the option wasn’t available.

New in version 0.09v
In this update, we finished several events which didn’t had a proper ending:
– Violet’s story starts 5 days after the rave.
– Jessie’s story starts after the Gala event.
– Chloe’s story starts after the Principal’s last event.

New in 0.09v

  • Added and Introduce new character Elizabeth
  • Added new outfit for Stella
  • Added new outfit for Jessie
  • Added new outfit for Violet
  • Updated the “About Us” screen
  • Stella now is at the club on weekends
  • Added new minigame DRIVING
  • Added new event for Jessie
  • Added new event for Violet
  • Added new event for Chloe
  • Added 8 new videos
  • Added 22 new images
  • Added To-Do info to help player trigger Jessie’s events

Fixed in 0.09v

  • Redone Stella sprite
  • Force the Principal scene
  • Not having the Principal’s contact bug fixed
  • Not unlocking Felicia’s Gallery
  • Fixed several English typos
  • Fixed several Spanish typos

New in version 0.082v
Quick fix update

New in 0.082v

  • – Added To-Do info to tell player who to trigger event

Fixed in 0.082v

  • – Fix the Principal PC been locked if not finished Ginger’s Gala path
  • – Fix event not been trigger if not finished Ginger’s Gala path
  • – Fix fishes not been removed after selling them

New in version 0.07v
Let’s go to a Gala Party

New in 0.07v

  • Added a new event “The Gala Party”
  • Added new cloths for Chloe
  • Added new cloths for Ginger
  • Added new cloths for Sophie
  • Added new cloths for Amy
  • Added new cloths for ?
  • Added new cloths for Jessica
  • Added the Business Center with 4 locations
  • Added 7 new videos
  • Added 13 new images
  • Added 10 new lines to the “To-Do” system
  • Added a button to skip time until night
  • Lower the number of dates require to start working with Amy

Fixed in 0.07v

  • Fixed Amy chat
  • Fixed the caring minigame energy problem
  • Several Spanish typos
  • Several English typos

New in version 0.06v
A helping hand
In this release we swift our focus to a character whom we haven’t done anything and few players requested for her to take center stage, so we delivered.

New in 0.06v

  • Increased the amount of money earn working in the Coffee Shop
  • Added new clothing for Felicia
  • Added new Carrying minigame
  • Added new Bartender minigame
  • Added 7 new videos
  • Added 15 new images
  • Added the Felicia’s Apartment area with 3 locations
  • Added the Green Apartment Building area with 3 locations
  • Added 11 lines to the “To-Do” system to the guide it even more clear
  • Added a small pop up to show which scenes or characters were commissioned by patreons

Fixed in 0.06v

  • Added the ability to skip the massage minigame (Patreon version)
  • Fix the energy problem with the massage minigame
  • Fix the Android version UI
  • Solve issue of Felicia not been outside her office
  • Players can ask Felicia for Ginger’s address regardless where she is
  • Several spanish typos
  • Several english typos

Major code cleanup release

New in 0.051v

  • We change the main screen page to refer to the current version

Fixed in 0.051v

  • We change the in-game text messaging system to a simpler one but it still works perfectly with our game.
  • We disable the achievement system as it works with persistent variables, but we prefer to focus them on the gallery area.
  • We disable player blinking as it requires images to be too active every time a character is loaded.

New in version 0.05v
Something sinister is coming
New in 0.05v

  • Added new clothing for Amy and Darkness
  • Added new character: Dalyn
  • Added new character: Dylan
  • Added new driving a boat minigame
  • Added new picture of Ms. Principal
  • Added new selfie from Frida
  • Added new event The Ritual
  • Added 6 new videos with 2 variants each (12 videos in total)
  • Added the Lighthouse island area with 3 locations
  • Added new area for the beach
  • Added 31 lines to the “To-Do” system
  • Added more explained details to the story making it even more clear

Fixed in 0.05v

  • Change from PNG to WEPB making the game 40% smaller
  • All images where tide up with similar statement variables
  • Fix when some “runs” from Ms. Principal from been punished
  • Fix several unforeseen path from been trigged by the player
  • Fix the persistant variable issue
  • Added more “force” to some variables changes to avoid the game from jumping scenes

New in 0.042v

  • Added more instructions to the “To-Do” system
  • Quick fix update

Fixed in 0.042v

  • Fix Felicia dialog looping
  • Minor typos fixed in english and spanish
  • Fix game restarting phone was open in some areas

New in version 0.041v
Quick fix update

Fixed in 0.041v

  • Start Rave button crashed the game
  • Change the name of some variables hopping the persistent info doesn’t delete itself
  • Minor typos fixed in english and spanish
  • Added more lines to the To-Do system, making it more clear

New in version 0.04v
This release is focused on dating, we created a system to allow players date the girls, starting with two of them, on future releases and the story progresses, more girls to be added.

New in 0.04v

  • New World Map
  • Added new clothing to Frida, Ginger, Jessy and Andy
  • Added new character Amy
  • Added dating system: Schedule app and Q/A system
  • Added 3 new mini games: Walck the mole, Duck shooting range and Club Dancing
  • Added new 5 new locations: Club, Bar, Carnival, Ginger’s House and the Apartment building
  • Added Ginger dating event: 9 new images and 5 new animations
  • Added Frida dating event: 8 new images and 4 new animations
  • Added Jessy small intro: 3 new images for Jessy

Fixed in 0.04v

  • Remake the todo list sorting by current and future events
  • Chloe sleeping image remake
  • Chloe watching moves image remake
  • Ginger and Andy image remake
  • Remake the character status in the phone
  • Fixing font size problem in some phones
  • Fixing overlapping events
  • Fixing trying to text some characters

How To Install Game High School Days

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

High School Days Free Download



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