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In Heat: Lustful Nights [v0.2.0 Steam]

Download In Heat: Lustful Nights Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

In Heat: Lustful Nights Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You’ve been hired at the Diamond Straits Resort and Spa as protection officer.

Developer: MonsterBox Subscribestar – Steam 
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0 Steam
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3d game, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, horror, vaginal sex, monster girl

Description Game

Ready for your new job ?
You’ve been hired at the Diamond Straits Resort and Spa as protection officer.
Unfortunately, the company has been going through a rough patch with various guests,
millionaires, and celebrities vanishing from the resort.
Your goal is to provide security to both yourself and our clients.

What to expect on your night shift:
Due to advancements in DNA splicing, we have been able to produce animal-human hybrids.
Unfortunately, they have a habit of exhibiting strange behavior at night.
Their typical actions involve damage both to the property and our associates, so security is essential.
During your shift you will be operating the doors on either side of
you to prevent these creatures from getting access to your office.
You will be provided with a company approved squeaky toy on your desk to assist in decreasing your stress levels.
Breaking down on the job is game over.
During your time here, you may be stationed at one of our four properties.
For example you may be asked to control access to our Casino, Bar, Warehouse,
or Administration office. Each of these locations have different mechanics that you will need to quickly adapt to.
Acclimation is the key to success!
Don’t worry about the vents.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download In Heat: Lustful Nights
Download In Heat: Lustful Nights
Download In Heat: Lustful Nights
Download In Heat: Lustful Nights



  • Water Levers can now be activated via Number Keys
    • Both Alpha & Numpad Keys are supported


  • Adjusted Nights 3, 4, and 5 to better match the Telephone Clips

Title Screen

  • Gallery is now generally available
    • Videos still need to be unlocked
  • Tutorial Levels are now mandatory to unlock the first actual Level
    • Players that have already unlocked Level 2 will not need to play the Tutorial to unlock Level 1


  • Added missing Wall & Floor colliders
  • Fixed Fern colliders being way too big

Security Office

  • Fixed Microwave Audio not being paused when the game is
  • Fixed Maddie getting stuck in the doorway


  • Fixed unlocked Levels sometimes not being saved
  • Improved Virtual Cursor accuracy when using a mouse


Button Hints

  • Updated Button Hints when Sammy is in Room

Characters (generally)

  • Adjusted difficulty


  • Changed Bomb defuse time from 2s to 1.5s


  • Now restores Sanity when successfully shaken off

Cleaning Robot

  • Now has an alarm lamp for improved visibility


  • All Plushies are now selectable in the Title Screen
    • Currently only Sammy & Poppi

Assist Mode

  • Now shows a *thonk* Subtitle when a Character moves to a window

Telephone / Tutorial

  • Added Telephone Clips for various Levels
  • Updated Telephone Clip for first Level


  • Now have a black background to set them apart from the Level


  • Fixed Virtual Cursor not working via Keyboard

Telephone / Tutorial

  • Fixed Telephone Subtitles never appearing
  • Fixed Subtitles not appearing when going to the Main Menu and back into a Level
    • Pausing & Unpausing made them appear again

Cleaning Robot

  • Fixed Collision Shape


  • Fixed Bomb not being planted if moving from Hallway or Window



Assist Mode

  • Removed Search


  • VSync not enabled by default anymore
  • Sometimes causes issues when in Fullscreen mode


  • Now increases Sanity Drain whilst banging on the door


  • Now resets all Characters movement cooldowns when coming into the office
  • Misty, Ari, and Ari BM are not affected by this


  • Decreased required movement to shake her off across the board


  • Decreased Poppi’s Bomb defusal time
  • Decreased Bomb Chance on some Levels


  • Now has a grace period before charming starts
  • Signified by a cool exclamation mark
  • Needs to be charmed even if Maddie is in the room again

Cleaning Robot

  • Added Move Points to the Left & Right Hallway

Power Panel

  • Added Sound cue when the Power Panel breaks

Security Doors

  • Fixed Doors playing opening Animation when starting a Level
  • Now start completely open

Power Panel

  • Fixed Power Panel Lever starting in the Up Position even though it’s not broken

Title Screen

  • Fixed Gallery Buttons still being selectable whilst in a Camera Transition


  • Fixed the REC Symbol + Text sometimes not cycling


Mouse Controls

  • Control Area Opacity now configurable in Settings
    • Adjusts both the Office / CCTV Controls and the Valve ones


  • Fixed Levels sometimes not ending correctly

Title Screen

  • Fixed random UI SFX being played when entering the Title Screen
  • Fixed the Title Screen sometimes starting at the wrong Camera

Security Room

  • Fixed Misty Minigame Button not being interactable
  • Fixed Show Room Camera Movement being 37.5% slower than all others
  • Fixed Restaurant Cracks sometimes switching colors
  • Fixed Stage Room Hallway clipping
  • Fixed Valve Microgame still displaying its Outline when already in the Subcamera


  • Fixed Misty not stopping to bang on the door after the Game ends


  • Fixed being able to interact with stuff in broken Cameras


  • Fixed picking up anything breaking Gamepad Controls
    • The player wasn’t able to interact/pick up anything via CCTV

Mouse Controls

  • Fixed Office Mouse Controls only actuating once
    • The player had to leave and re-enter the Control Area to actuate them again

Button Hints

  • Fixed Level Selection Button Hints being incomplete
    • Was missing a “Select” Hint
  • Fixed Confirmation Screens now updating the Button Hints


  • Fixed Graphics Settings not being loaded correctly if an invalid Quality Setting value is saved
  • Fixed Settings freezing the Game if any value in the config.ini is invalid
    • Now reverts to default value




– Tweaked overall difficulty.
– replicated previous version’s camera angles.
– removed old placeholder barriers.
– iterated menu visuals.
– placed sanity overlay on all in-game menus.
– heavily altered lighting (again).
– made the funny t-pose rarer.
– added a temporary porn gallery.
– swapped videos over to bink.

v0.8 alpha
TBH its not the same backend anymore?
1. Reimplemented misty’s door mechanics (with tweaks),
2. Changed lighting and camera positions,
3. Fixed camera rotation bugs,
4. Added basic quality presets,
5. Added basic volume sliders,
6. Altered sound attenuation settings,
7. Changed main menu background,
8. Added ambient sound,
9. Added and altered some of the jumpscares,
10. Fixed some sounds,
11. And many many bugfixes.

Directions for 0.8 Testing

During a night, the girls will move towards you in a pre-determined path then attempt to get into your room. At the same time, certain mechanisms in the map will be broken which you’ll need to click on to fix. The amount of mechanisms currently broken is displayed in the color bar above your desk and range from green to yellow, to red then to purple.

In the meantime, a video can play at random moments during the night. Both the video playing and squeezing the plushie too often risks causing a character to attack immediately if their door is open in your left hallway. Survive their attack by repeatedly pressing the red button that appears.

Fix all minigames while closing the doors before the girls get in, click on the plushie in the desk to regain sanity spent having the doors closed. Losing all your sanity will result in an immediate gameover, so will letting all mechanisms in the room break down. Survive until 6AM.

The same as above, now with 5 Poppis roaming the world much faster. The level only ends once you get all 20 eggs scattered around the map.

Experimental Patch 0.7.5
* Changes videos to electra plugin for better streaming performance
* Changes clear night button behavior and location, to avoid the scripted night 0 prologue
* Fixes several video unlock criteria to actually be possible
* Moves nightclub onto its own (hidden) night counter, and ties AI levels to it
* Several small changes
Known Issues: Watermark hasn’t been updated, Will get that adjusted with some more stuff very soon!

Experimental Patch 0.7.4
* Implement a temporary prologue sequence.
* Implement draft 2 of the tutorial sequence.
* Moves nightclub to its own night tracker (not reflect on UI yet)
* Changes main menu layout to allow proper selection of which map
* Implements the ‘staring at Nile’ mechanic in its first iteration.

Funny Known Issues
*Misty is able to dunk on you still in the tutorial, She is too strong for cages and thus will obliterate you. Diamond Straits will get a new cage in the next build*

Known Issues
*Problems with HD resolutions with the unlock board
*Minigames sometimes trigger on the nightclub and Admin incorrectly
*Unlock Criteria for lights video is bugged
*Staring at nile while she is at her starting position will not effect her movement* (potential feature)
*Borderless Fullscreen can break some widgets*
*You can cause yourself tinnitus by clicking on Ari rapidly*
*Kass’s end screen will loop*
*Camera will still play sounds if not moving if your mouse pointer is in a specific position*
*Porn blocker is broken*

How To Install Game In Heat: Lustful Nights

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

In Heat: Lustful Nights Free Download



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