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Kalyskah Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Kalyskah is an Adult Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game where you control Kalyskah Karnstein.

Developer: Nobre Lobo Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Language: English
Voices: English
Genre: Adult, 3D game, 3DCG, Adventure, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Big Tits, Small Tits, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Graphic Violence, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male Domination, Monster, Multiple Penetration, Paranormal, Puzzle, RPG, Spanking, Teasing, Voiced

System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 10 64-bit
Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
DirectX Version
DirectX 11 compatible graphics card. DirectX 12 recommended.
Use the launcher to switch between DirectX 11 and 12.

Description Game

Kalskah is a playing game of adult adventures where you control Kalyskah Karnstein, a noble woman from a long-dead vampire family who woke up after thousands of years of sleep. What is waiting for the resurrection is the world that has changed getting worse. It’s up to you, the player, to help our hero heroes (or anti-hero, if it’s your choice) against the chaos and confusion of time loss and find out what happened in the years that have passed.

This game has a deep combat system with an RPG element, the open world where you can find a search with some ends and occasionally interactive sex scenes for those who play their cards correctly.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Kalyskah
Download Kalyskah
Download Kalyskah


  • Fixed ID on Kalyskah’s boots so it can be properly stored. I mean the Karnstein Legion boots, although the item is not available on the game yet.


  • Slight improvement in the animation blending when kalyskah rises from her coffin;
  • Footstep sounds should work properly depending on the surface you’re walking on in the landscape;
  • Reduced the sound of armour rattling;
  • Removed wolves and bears to give room to animals more fitting of the new environment;
  • Improved the animal spawn in the world to make the place more crowded;


  • The Island’s biome was Completely remade.
  • New Enemy: Raptor
  • Readded an old enemy: The same hounds that you could find on the sewers in the legacy version are now in the prologue world but without wounds in their skin.

Kalyskah 0.23.2

  • Fixed hundreds of duplicated meshes in the level design, which might improve the performance a little;
  • Fixed mesh clipping issue that generic female character’s breasts had while you were not talking to them;


  • Added physics to some flags;
  • Tons of improvements on materials in the level design and corrections to make things make more sense;
  • Improvement on the foliage around the University;
  • Improved symmetry in some parts of the dormitory and University;
  • The female massagist and also the Hexblade that Kalyskah can have sex with will have their hair pinned when Kalyskah is behind them, preventing mesh-clipping while she bites or kisses their necks;
  • Improved sound effects and the blending of animations when Kalyskah feeds from rats;
  • Improved the way Kalyskah attaches to humanoid enemy necks to bite them;
  • Human servants will no longer have vampire teeth;
  • Generic female faces will be a bit more different than Kalyskah’s in shape;
  • Heavily improved the lights and camera work on the speech Kalyskah gives to Brooke’s trainees!


  • Streamer mode is implemented in the speech Kalyskah gives to her acolytes. Now if you have streamer mode on, the camera angles while she gives a blowjob will be different in a way that it doesn’t show any genitals;
  • New Hairstyle: Catherine’s Bun. We’re also testing how this hairstyle looks in Amara until we can make her actual hair;

New animations:

  • Pillory Anal and Vaginal, with 2 interactions for each


  • Added roam points to Hexblades that weren’t roaming;
  • Fixed a crash that happens when you unload the open world;
  • Made tendency changes for both male and female masseurs match;
  • Minor refactor on how InverseY controls the camera to improve readability and also fixed an issue that was preventing it from working as intended;
  • Fixed Female Servant path (Both quest completion and post-massage scene);
  • Fixed characters T_Posing in gallery scenes;


  • Kalyskah should no longer comment about Alvina’s notes if she’s in dialogue or cutscene;
  • Further detailing and improvements on Kalyskah’s temple;
  • Added some sound effects to the massage scene with the female acolyte;
  • Added a way to disable NPC AI in the gallery, so animations don’t change automatically;
  • Added water sounds in the dungeon, next to the sewers;
  • Improvements in camera shake effect on the massage scene;


  • Made NPC maker accessible on the base game. Now our Nightstalkers can start creating their characters and sending them our way so we can populate both Kalyskah’s temple with more known faces, and also the town of Tupelo!
  • Made a slightly more SFW variation of the massage scene when the player has the Streamer Mode on, so no genitals will be shown;

Erotic Content (Toysystem)

New doggystyle interactions:

  • Breastplay
  • Dickslap

New BDSM animations (We were working on those before we did the poll):

  • Lesbian Pillory Fingering (Interaction)
  • Lesbian Pillory Breastplay (Interaction)
  • Improved lesbian pillory fingering loop
  • Cross Ass Fingering (Loop)
  • Cross Pussy Fingering (Loop)
  • Cross Pussy Fingering – Finger on Mouth (Interaction)
  • Cross Ass Fingering – Licking (Interaction)
  • Cross Ass Fingering (Breast Slap)

Version 0.23.0

  • Fixed Kalyskah’s and Amaras’ eyes on the first cutscene;
  • Fixed Brooke’s speech logic so the quest can now be completed;
  • Fixed vulva style slider on character customisation;
  • Fixed eyes on One-Handed sword idle pose;
  • Fixed Eyetracking logic, so Kalyskah should look up and down correctly while lowering her head during dialogues;
  • Fixed an issue that causes characters to blink during cutscenes where we didn’t want them to;
  • Fixed a minor memory leak on ToysystemController;
  • Fixed patrol of enemy NPCs like bandits and animals;
  • Fixed leather boots’ footstep sound so Kaly no longer sounds as if she’s barefoot;
  • Fixed the position of the sword on the Two-Handed idle;
  • Fixed Michael the wise being barefoot;
  • Fixed Kalyskah not being properly set as the active actor on a Toy-System scene, which was causing her to be misplaced when a sex scene would begin in a BDSM device. And also depending on your choice while negotiating with female bandits;
  • Fixed issue that was causing information to repeat on books and notes;
  • Fixed Farley’s duplicated voice at the beginning of his cutscene;
  • Fixed NPCs not starting sex scenes when Kaly was in a BDSM device;
  • Fixed error that was preventing players from loading saves coming from older versions;
  • Fixes a bug in the Toy-System where Kaly would return to the default standing position;


  • Removed several things from the game’s tick, which should improve the performance;
  • Refactor how the heart SFX is handled during blood buff;
  • Removed some unused codes from the project;
  • Made Alvina’s dialogue cinematic, adding more body language to her;
  • Added an alternate route to the lower part of the temple, which should allow NPCs to move up and down without needing the lift. Although until we make the NPC schedule system we won’t be adding too many characters there;
  • Added an icon on the compass for the Dungeon and the Training arena. They disappear when the player is too far, we’ll investigate why this is happening later;
  • Added more BDSM devices in the playroom;
  • Added some post-process effects during the dialogue with Laver;
  • Dialogue options that change Kalyskah’s tendency will now be labelled;
  • Added nav modifiers to prevent NPCs from getting inside the blood bath and also inside the sea area
  • Quest “Check on the Legion” will now trigger the next step so players can understand that we’re still working on the next bunch of content.
  • Added some water to the bottom of the dungeon so it’s no longer a black box;
  • Redone the whole lights on the whole open world;
  • Improved the architecture of the cathedral;


  • Trees, roads and camps are now scattered throughout the whole Island, and they can be explored. For now, we didn’t add content to these areas other than enemies that are spawned in. This area is between 2 and 3 times bigger than the playable area on the Legacy Demo.
  • New sliders to change Kalyskah’s muscle intensity in the character customisation;
  • Added 4 trivia books to Michael’s library;
  • Added the longest erotic scene we ever did. You can trigger it by entering the blood bath area. I suggest you save it before the scene starts because there are a lot of choices on it! Also, you might notice that sometimes the character’s hands will clip with Kalyskah’s skin. that’s Because the animations were done using the new rig but because we didn’t fully implement it on the engine yet, the animations are not looking 100% exactly how they should. But we’ll be fixing it next month.

Known issues:

  • The choices on the massage with the female character aren’t changing as many Tendency statuses as the ones with the male. This will be reviewed in the next patch.
  • When you close the game, it sends a crash message. This also happens when you leave the open world while loading another save or returning to the main menu. We are investigating what’s causing the issue.
  • There might be some stuttering while loading sublevels of the dungeon. But that’s because we are in the process of reworking how we did the world composition. This will be reduced as move forward with this task.

0.19.3 – 2022-03-17:

0.15.2 Hotfix – 2021-05-10:
Temporary fix for game crashing when starting the game in full screen with DirectX.

[Neonate+ Release] Version 0.15.2 – Vulkan support is back!0.16.8 – 2021-08-04:
We released a hotfix that hopefully will make the game shows the correct resolutions for your monitor and also have the dropdown set properly based on the one you are currently using when you open the menu.

0.15.2 Hotfix - 2021-05-10:
Temporary fix for game crashing when starting the game in full screen with DirectX.

[Neonate+ Release] Version 0.15.2 - Vulkan support is back!

Hello everyone, Corintio here!

We are making the last release of this month and hopefully, the last release before the new Milhaven town. This patch doesn't change much in terms of bug fixing on new features, but it is still a massive update in terms of how our game will be looking like!

How To Install Game Kalyskah

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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