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Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms [v0.4.1 Ch.4]


Download Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Struggling to meet the expectations people have of the new princess and protagonist she finaly gets old enough to go to school to become a keeper.

Developer: Lumari – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.1 Ch.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Monster, Monster Girl, Multiple Endings, 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Rape, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian, Graphical Violence, Futa, School Setting, Lactation, blackmail, Female domination, Feet, Mobile game

Description Game

Struggling to meet the expectations people have of the new princess and protagonist she finaly gets old enough to go to school to become a keeper.
On her adventure she’ll eventually uncover secrets which even the former queen was unable to figure out.
Not knowing, that everything is against her from the very moment she was born.
A lot of new and old faces await you. Will they change the princess or not…

Meanwhile -in a very distant and foreign realm- a cow girl without any memories about her past begins her journey, not knowing that people are after her…​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms
Download Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms
Download Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms
Download Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms

v0.4.1 ch.4
-Tournament round 2
-Queen quests start (Tia)
-Dates and lewds~
-2 h-scenes

v0.4.0 ch.4
-New school lessons
-New Miuki mission
-Tournament round 1
-experiments phone tab unlock
-2 h-scenes (one so short that it shouldn’t count but still~)

-Tina’s Exam h-scene is now available in the gallery. (gets unlocked either when it happens or by starting the new update)

v0.3.1 ch.4
-Chapter 4, including one bad end again~

-New borders for the new queen menu to make it more obvious who you can visit and where to click
-Rumi phone fix (Missplaced text)
-Rumi phone fix (lists update correctly now)
-Yukine second visit crash fix
-Komuri stat requirement fix
-Shade species entry changes
-Maid entries details added

v0.3.1 ch.3
-Big holidays
-4 new maid visits (1 with a h-scene that can play out in 2 different ways)
-8 new queen visits (5 of them are new. 3 got an additional scene.)
-3 new endings (all of them while visiting queens.)
-New school year introduction
-Side story chapter 4 select render added. (chapter 4 comes in the next update~)

-New queenvisit select screen. This will most likely lead to buggs. There are just too many possible combinations now to test them all. So if something breaks let me know~this new select screen has a lot of information going on. Some of which will probably change. The goal was to make it easier to add new scenes later on instead of having to make a new menu every single time. This also means that you can’t load up any save made while visiting or selecting a queen to visit! If you want to use an older save you have to load it up in an older version and either rollback or continue out of it
-A new addition to the queenvisit tutorial right before you get to visit them for the first time. (most is self explanatory but I still added a couple lines for completion~)
-Toru stat fix
-Tia stat fix
-Azurel stat fix
-fixed Ayumi double dialogue
-Android: textsize changes and stats got moved lower

v0.3.0 ch.3:
~First exam
~holidays with Ayumi
~1 new h-scene
~Special menu rework

~Fixed Natsumi stat that got broken 2 versions ago (applies automatically at the begining of v0.2.5 and v0.3 in case you use a safe from there)
~Small addition to the succubus phone entry
~New progress flags to keep track of well… progress (for example if you completed v0.1 and so on) (Also applies retroactively by continuing from the last “save here” message)~

v0.2.5 ch.3
~1 new h-event
~Saya Mission and Date
~Natsumi side quest start
~Realm keeper meeting
~First exam preparation

v0.2.4 ch.3
~5 New h-events (No dicks this time~)
~1st year Tournament part 2
~Hikari’s secret reveal
~Experiments meeting (to give a rough overview on the current situation)

~New main menu and side story chapter selection menu.(currently very messy on android)

v0.2.3 ch.3
~Side story chapter 3 added
~Includes 1 “bad” ending

v0.2.3 ch.2
~Big Miuki h-event
~2nd Mission
~2nd mission side quest preview
~Start of Miuki’s harem route
~Miuki vs. Rumi fight

~Changed Sakiko’s name color (was too similar to Rei)
~Fixed a bug in Yukines 2nd scene if the timer runs out.
~Smaller grammar corrections to some older stuff

v0.2.2 ch.2
~First holidays
~New Toru scene and ending
~New Komuri scene and h-event
~New Yukine scene and h-event
~New Hibuki lewd scene
~New Aurelia Lewd scene
~New Tia scene and h-event

~Maids introductions.
~New Lexi & Lexa event and h-event
~New Narume event and h-event
~New myougi event
~New Leyla event
~New Marcie event

~Maids entry(first half) Added to the phone

~Thanks to a bug in the last update Torus and Yukine’s scene didn’t played out when you started a new game. Because of that you’re able to visit them twice for this update only!
(results in yukine telling you to come back later in her first scene but immediately lets you visit her after. This will be removed in the next update!)
~Added to vampire entry: able to transform non lethal body parts.
~Corruption stat is now color coded. Corruption of 100 or higher means ending~ (Not possible and not implemented currently)
~Changed discord and subsribestar render size because they blocked some buttons while saving/loading
~Fixed Somnia’s entry (After 4 updates she still had her copy pasted test note x.x)
~Removed replay function on every queen page -> all replays are in the main gallery
~Fixed changelog lines

v.0.2.1 ch.2
~Chapter 2 (includes 1 bad end)
~1 h-event in main story (Corruption locked. There will be more chances to get it later on.)
~Tournament match 1 and 2.
~Marika backstory
~New option for special menu

~Changed Tenko entry slightly (won’t be on the test ;p)
~Komuri phone entry flag had the wrong name. (play a couple lines to get it fixed)
~A Natsumi flag also got updated wrong. (Also fixes itself after a couple new lines)
~Fixed double dialogue on Shina’s date
~Fixed Natsumi mentioning you haven’t visited her althought you did
~Fixed special menu throwing you back in time
~Added a huge amount of new flags needed for future content

Known Issue: New species entries not getting updated immediately. You have to enter the species list twice for it to update once you get a new entry.

How To Install Game Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Keepers 2 : Shattered Realms Free Download



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