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Klee Prank Adventure [v1.16] [Completed]


Download Klee Prank Adventure Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Klee Prank Adventure Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Jean has grounded Klee for the last time!

Developer: Pinkmochidango – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.16
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Blackmail, Corruption, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, 3dcg, Female Protagonist

Description Game

Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls – with a variety of lewd outcomes!

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Klee Prank Adventure
Download Klee Prank Adventure
Download Klee Prank Adventure


Hot Springs:

  • ‘THE FINALE!!!’ ADDED, WITH 10 AREAS, 22+ ANIMATED SCENES + CUMSHOT CACOPHONY! (Includes every Mondstadt/Liyue/Inazuma girl you’ve unlocked)
  • Ending Sequence, Credits and Aftermath added
  • Kujou Sara added to Hotsprings
  • Talk to Sara (Tic-Tac-Toe) added
  • Attack Sara (Rude Awakening) added
  • Ei reworked w/ new Model and attack (the ol’ one two) added
  • Keqing new Model and attack CG added
  • Fischl new Model and attack CG added


  • Message for the Shogun (Lift up 1) added
  • Message from the Shogun (Lift up 2) + Polaroid added

Mona’s Cottage:

  • Mona Bunny Suit Outfit added
  • Talk to Mona Bunny Suit (Dodoco says…) added
  • Mona Bunny Suit ANIMATED Random Event (It’s in my hair) added

Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Add Ei to Hotsprings (See-Thru-Shard) reworked

Comfy Room:

  • Lumine static image replaced w/animation


  • 3 new Finale voice lines added
  • Dion’s Bonus (13 unused images) added to Cauldron (after completion)
  • Prank List + Co-Op prank list GUI added, click on the Prank-o-Meter at any time to check your progress!
  • Renamed all Co-Op pranks
  • Added a notification whenever a girl’s title changes
  • Selectable Main Screen added (after completion)
  • FAQ added to main menu (after completion)


  • Notifications fixed
  • Ei Footjob added to Man’s Bonus
  • Pump Room music bug fixed
  • Hu Tao Outfit bug fixed


Knights Of Favonius HQ:

  • Use ‘Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion’ added
  • Jean Slime ‘Outfit’ added
  • Talk To Jean Slime Outfit (Clothes First!) added

Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Where’s Captain Beidou ANIMATED Event (Slut’s Alley) added

Alchemy Bench:

  • Sucrose Naked Random ANIMATED Event (Bench Licking) added
  • Ask about/brewing ‘Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion’ added
  • ‘Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion’ added


  • Rosaria Semen Demon Caught ANIMATED Event (…Now Leave) added


  • Hutao Spooky Strings Caught Event (Dick Rating) added

Mona’s Cottage:

  • Mona Goth Slut Caught Event (Photoshoot) added
  • 5 New SUPER LEWD Outfits with 3 Alternate Outfit States:
  • Rosaria – Semen Demon Outfit + Ponytail + Alt (No Pasties) + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid Added
  • Mona – Goth Slut Outfit w/Pigtails + Alt (No Crosses) + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid Added
  • Sucrose – Naughty Nurse Outfit + Alt (Bandaids) Added + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid
  • Hu Tao – Spooky Strings Outfit w/Twintails + Talk To + Added
  • Amber – Desert Concubine Outfit w/Bangs + Talk To Added

9 Completely Nude ‘Outfits’ added for:

  • Mona + Talk To (39 Inches!) added
  • Lisa + Talk To (Two Big Reasons) added
  • Noelle + Talk To (Cake?) added
  • Barbara + Talk To (City of Freedom) added
  • Rosaria + Talk To (Cool Leg Thing) added
  • Sucrose + Talk To (Klee’s Experiment) + Polaroid added
  • Jean + Talk To (On the Desk) + Polaroid added
  • Hu Tao + Talk To (Creepy Eyes) added
  • Amber + Talk To (Gift For Eula) + Polaroid added

Hot Springs:

  • Pump Room + Pre Finale Event added
  • Beidou added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Beidou (Playing Pirates) added
  • Attack Beidou (Prank on Ningguang) added


  • 1 New TTG (TTG12 – Phone Exposure + Additional Cauldron Images) added
  • 1 New TIG (TIG3 – Desert Whores + Additional Cauldron Images) added
  • 10 new Polaroids (2 in Dion’s Recommendation, 8 Extra)
  • Added ‘The Man’s Bonus’ to Cauldron includes 42 Bonus Renders
  • Remade ‘Hole In Wall’ Prank now FULLY ANIMATED + new renders/dialogue/animations
  • Remade Jean’s Bikini Armor renders + rewrote Give outfit/Talk to scenes
  • 2 New Noelle Greetings + 2 Non verbals added
  • 2 New Jean Greetings + 17 Non verbals added
  • 6 Intro Jean Voice Lines added
  • Intro VOICED, optimised + Klee Polaroid + Updated warning screen added
  • Replaced Mona’s Cottage Background
  • Replaced Jean standing portraits in Rosaria Co-Op Prank intro
  • Replaced BG for Lisa x Fischl caught event
  • Improved animations for Rosaria co op
  • Tons of dialogue/sound/render/image/bg/animation optimisations throught the game
  • Added new Notification Box/System
  • Added ‘Undress All Girls’ to Cheat Menu
  • Changed Potion use color to Mint


  • Fixed Katheryne refusing to co-op/Kat not in Hot Springs bug
  • Added option to give Rosaria Latex Nun Outfit more than once
  • Fixed total amount of Primogems
  • Lots of dialogue, transition, sprite placement optimizations


Knights of Favonius HQ:

  • Watch Barbara’s Stream (5 Animations + Faruzan Teaches Anatomy) added

Outrider Camp:

  • Ask for Amber’s Co operation added
  • Amber Co-op Prank w/minigame (Once and For All) added
  • Slime Loss Scene (Slime Time!) added
  • Eremite Loss (Through the Bars ANIMATED) added
  • Cicin Loss (Il Dottore’s Machine ANIMATED) added
  • Treasure Hoarder Loss (Not Again) added
  • Mirror Maiden Loss (Bring me Sushi) added
  • All Enemies Clear Ending Scene (Expectations… Met) added


  • Barbara Commission (Choir Group) added
  • Barbara E-girl Outfit + Alt Outfit added
  • Give Barbara E-girl Outfit added
  • Unlock Barbara Alt E-girl outfit added
  • Talk to Barbara E-girl/Alt E-girl outfit added


  • Lisa Sumeru Scholar Outfit added DONE
  • Give Lisa Sumeru Scholar Outfit added
  • Talk to Lisa Sumeru Scholar Outfit (Jiggle Physics) added
  • Lisa Caught 2 (Sumeru Squat) added
  • Lisa’s Bookmark + Polaroid Random Event added


  • Kokomi Hotel event (Divine Princess Coconut) added

Hot Springs:

  • Kokomi added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Kokomi added
  • Attack Kokomi (Enemy Spy + 3 Polaroids) added


  • 9 new Polaroids + 1 Premium Polaroid (2 in Area 1, 1 in Area 2, 2 in Area 3, 4 Extra)
  • Added Amber Co-op flashback to Hu Tao Co-op
  • Added a feature that tells you when you have all Polaroids in each area
  • 1 new BGM added
  • Added new Title for Barbara
  • There may be some unusual Outfit changing in the Barb Camgirl quest, this is because it’s going to be earlier in the game and before festival outfits are available, It will look normal when played in order.


  • Removed Genshin Logo in Cathedral Background
  • Fixed double Barbara/Sucrose bugs
  • Fixed Ayaka Polaroid hint
  • Reduced requirements for Hu Tao Co-op
  • Fixed Dion random events trigger


Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Katheryne Co-Op alternate options (Zhongli – Pillar Practice, Kaeya – Naked Duties, Itto – Big Dick Energy) added
  • All Solo Pranks Completed Event (I need help!) added
  • Katheryne + Jean Caught (Shut her up) added
  • 1 Katheryne Outfit (D.Va) added
  • Add Yoimiya to Hot Springs event (Lost Phone) added
  • Add Ayaka to Hot Springs event (Overly Attached Kamisato) added

Dions House:

  • 1 Noelle Outfit (Lewd Maid) added
  • Talk to Noelle Lewd Maid Outfit (Cold Butt) added
  • Give Noelle Lewd Maid Outfit added

Mona’s Cottage:

  • Mona Caught 2 (Reverse Cowgirl Kimono) added

Hot Springs:

  • Yoimiya added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yoimiya (Borrow ‘a Fireworks’)
  • Attack Yoimiya (Where is it?)
  • Ayaka added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Ayaka (Too much?) added
  • Attack Ayaka (Naked Fan Dance) +3 Polaroids added


  • 2 Greeting voice lines added for: Amber, Barbara, HuTao, Jean, Lisa, Mona, Rosaria, Sucrose (May be muted from Preferences using the Voice Volume slider)
  • 2 ‘Non Vocal’ sounds added throughout the game for: Amber, Barbara, HuTao, Lisa, Mona, Rosaria, Sucrose
  • Improved Dialogue, SFX, BGM, Volumes, Backgrounds, Transitions, Zooms, Pauses and Misc other QOL optimisations for the entire game!
  • Progressively lewder ‘Title System’ added
  • 1 new TTG (Lewd Maids Edition) added
  • 7 new Polaroids (1 in Area 2, 2 in Area 3, 1 in Festival Area + 3 Extra)
  • Option to continue taking Polaroids in each area added
  • Option to remove Eula’s panties from poster added to cheat menu
  • Added Katheryne Co-op Flashback To Hu Tao Co-op Prank


  • Fixed Butt Flash bug in Kat normal clothes
  • Fixed Kat Naked Butt Flash pose
  • Fixed Sucrose’ breasts in Breast enlargement scene
  • Fixed backgrounds in all Mona Mora scenes
  • Fixed Sucrose quiz cheat
  • Fixed add mora and primogems cheat
  • Replaced Sneeze Prank background
  • Replaced Funny Pictures background
  • Fixed Audio problems in Barbara’s Secrets prank + some other areas

Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Ask for Katheryne’s Co-operation (Tier 5 Manual Override) added
  • Katheryne Co-Op Prank (Unusual Requests) added

New Outfits:

  • Mona Sapphire Yukata Outfit + Talk to (Panties/No Panties) added
  • Amber Ruby Yukata Outfit + Talk to (Elemental Burst) added
  • Sucrose Emerald Kimono Outfit + Talk to added
  • Lisa Mystic Kimono Outfit + Talk to (Buzzing?) added
  • Hu Tao Qipao Outfit + Talk to (2Spooky) added
  • Rosaria Amethyst Yukata Outfit/Nude Vibe Outfit + Talk to (Press 3/Press 3 again!) added
  • Katheryne Geisha Outfit + Boob/Butt Flash added
  • Katheryne Completely Nude Outfit + Boob/Butt Flash added
  • Noelle Normal Clothes + Talk to (Tent) added
  • Noelle Sakura Yukata Outfit + Talk to (Sticky…) added
  • Barbara Silky Nightie + Give (I can see) + Talk to (Bees?) added


  • Yae x Raiden event (Spanking) added

Hot Springs:

  • Katheryne added to Hot Springs (Swimsuit/Ripped Swimsuit)
  • Talk to Katheryne (Robot?) added
  • Attack Katheryne (Kat vs Shenhe 2) added
  • Xinyan added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Xinyan (Rockstar) added
  • Attack Xinyan (Klee wants claps) added
  • Yunjin added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yunjin (Mayo) added
  • Attack Yunjin (Deposit) added
  • Yae Miko added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yae Swimsuit/Nude (Spanking/Bazongas) added
  • Attack Yae (Sneaky Snip) added


  • 1 new Poster (Xinyan dreamin’) added
  • 7 Misc collectibles (5 Flyers, 2 Double-Sided Signed Prints) added
  • 2 EASTER EGGS (SPLAT, Klee dies) added
  • 22 new FESTIVAL Polaroids Including 4 Premium Polaroids (15 Festival Area, 7 Festival Story) added
  • Added 5 new BGM.
  • Expanded ‘Destroy the World’


  • Fixed Rosaria Latex Nun outfit bug
  • Changed Barbara’s ‘Give Clothing’ so you can give multiple times
  • Fixed EVEN MORE typos (thanks to Stefano on Discord)

How To Install Game Klee Prank Adventure

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Klee Prank Adventure Free Download


Walkthrough: DIRECT LINK


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