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Lecherous Village [v0.3.2]

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Lecherous Village Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is a fantasy rogue-lite adventure with a rich story and spicy encounters.

Developer: GameBear Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Corruption, Groping, Roguelite, Fantasy, Monster, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex

Description Game

Lecherous Village is a fantasy rogue-lite adventure with a rich story and spicy encounters. Journey forth into a dangerous realm to restore a small village, encountering adventures, battles, and plenty of sex along the way!​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Lecherous Village Download
Lecherous Village Download
Lecherous Village Download
Lecherous Village Download


  • Inventory is re-enabled and simplified
  • Special items section is added to the Inventory UI
  • Combat Rewards are added – from now on, some combat rewards will include special quest items for unlocking H-events with NPCs

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Made several adjustments to the interface
  • Goblin enemies’ hp has been reduced to make the combat faster
  • Bomb is removed from items granted upon embarking on a new adventure. It’s replaced with the “Old Cleaver” weapon.

Adult Content Additions:

  • Added three events for Gort. These are reworked and updated versions of older night events. All of them are grouped under new interactive event. Unlocked with a special item which can be received as a reward from combat and depends on the Lynn’s corruption level.
  • Added three new animations for Gort night events


  • World Map is out. Explore the Shifting Lands Map after finishing the intro quest line.
  • Inventory is currently disabled die to my concerns about its complexity. You’ll receive enough healing potions and bombs at the start of your adventure to handle combat events. In the next release, I’m planning to simplify the inventory.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Added an option to skip the intro scene when starting a new game.
  • You can now skip through text during visual events for smoother gameplay with space key or mouse click.
  • Made several adjustments to the interface.

Adult Content Additions:

  • Added two new events on the world map – one reintroducing an old character and another introducing a completely new one.
  • Added four new animations, including two for existing Trog events and two for the new events.

It took me more than six months to put this update together, and I’m thrilled to say that all the gameplay mechanics are now good to go. The global map and exploration features are next in line, scheduled for release in February. I’m giving them some finishing touches on the UI side of things.

In this update, you’ll find a bunch of cool additions like an updated dialogue system, village management tools, visual events with scene options, inventory improvements, village upgrades, sounds and more. Everything is right there for you to explore.

On the content side of things, I’ve given the game lore a major facelift. This means I’m tweaking a lot of the old game content to fit seamlessly into the new version. I’ll be reworking old events and adding in new ones that align with the fresh lore. Currently, there are six events available in this version, and I’ve got more along with the new ones in the works for the next release.

New events:

James 06
James 07
Gort’s Shop 07
Keira 06
Lynn’s Training 01 – unlocked automatically after Borus 04 event
Lynn’s Training 02 – unlocked automatically after Borus 04 event
Peeking on Ravena 01 – unlocked automatically after James and Ravena 05 event
Peeking on Ravena 02 – unlocked automatically after James and Ravena 05 event
Event changes:

Watermill 03 – added sounds to the animation
Technical changes:

Added support for animations containing sounds
Number of performance updates for existing mechanics


  • In the pond with Gort 01
  • In the pond with Gort 02
  • Alone in the sauna 02
  • Borus 02
  • Borus 03
  • Borus 04
  • James 04
  • James 05
  • Watermill 04
  • Watermill 05
  • Keira 04
  • Keira 05

Technical changes:

  • a number of small UI fixes


  • Intro – renewed, amount of slides increased
  • Intro – Pond – renewed, amount of slides increased
  • Helping hand 05 (previously James & Ravena 05) – animation added
  • Harold 12 – animation added
  • Watermill 03 – animation added
  • Alone in the sauna 01 – new repeatable scene added

Quests were revamped in accordance with new changes

Technical changes:

  • Huge gameplay changes introduced in this update. No more wasting time for running around the map.
  • UI updates
  • Most of the game mechanics has been rewritten in C++ to increase performance
  • Dialogue-like cut-scenes were added where needed for smooth transactions, hints and story progression
  • Quest and Scene Markers system has been implemented to improve the gameplay experience

How To Install Game Lecherous Village

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Lecherous Village Free Download



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