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LittleMan Remake Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – A man with a poor childhood tries his best to overcome and forget..

Developer: Mr.Rabbit SubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, MILF, Harem, Big tits, Big ass, Corruption, Teacher, Exhibitionism, Gloryhole, Lesbian, Voyeurism, Handjob, Shota, Mobile game

Description Game

A man with a poor childhood tries his best to overcome and forget, but nightmares pursue them, and he feels he needs to do something, by finding an artifact that will give him a chance to fix his life and bring him a lot of fun​

Screenshots and Gameplay


Changelog 0.43

Changelog 0.42

– More audio effects added;
– A new feature, notification when a new version of the game is available;
– Improved phone menu that shows where the characters are;
– Correction of some visual bugs regarding the game’s HUD.
– New feature, you can now see the characters you already know on the game map; – General fixes;

– Remake of the “Slap” scene with Linda;
– Remake of the “Grope” scene with Linda;
– Remake of the “Wash the Dishes” scene with Linda
– Remake of the hug scene between Linda and Brittany;
– New scene with multiple variations and animations with Lilly; – New cutscenes from the main story added;

Changelog 0.41

Joiplay compatibility added;
More audio effects added;
General fixes;
HIDE button added;

1 new scene with Celeste with multiple variations;
1 new scene with Celeste and Molly with multiple variations;
New cutscenes from the main story added;

Changelog 0.40

Keyboard shortcuts arranged in the correct number order;
Audio mechanics added;

3 new scenes with Celeste with multiple variations;
New cutscenes from the main story added;
New still buttons added.

Changelog 0.39

Changelog 0.38

  • General bug fix;


  • 1 new scene with Linda with multiple variations
  • 1 new christmas event with Linda with multiple variations;

Changelog 0.37

  • General bug fix;
  • Improved bedtime text now shows the correct time you want to wake up;
  • Update on how walktrought works in relation to Gypsy;
  • New item shortcut mechanics have been added to the game;
  • Shortcut to player’s room removed;
  • New items have been added (Coffee, Condom, Energy drink and Lockpick);
  • Improved character quests, the location is now changed to suit the context of the quest;
  • Lockpick minigame added to the game.
  • 2 New locations added.
  • Fixed the bug that was causing the game to freeze.


  • New NPC added;
  • 3 new scene with Alice with multiple variations;
  • A remade scene of Brittany (Stretch scene);

Changelog 0.36


  • General bug fix;
  • Fixed a bug in relation to Lucifer;
  • Walkthrough screen has been improved, active objectives are at the top of the list.
  • Improved gallery screen, added information about scenes that depend on important in-game decisions;
  • Inventory screen improvements.


  • New character added;
  • 1 new scene with Gypsy;
  • 1 new scene with Lilly;
  • 1 new scene with new character;
  • A remade scene of Brittany (Handjob);
  • New bust of a new character;

Changelog 0.35

  • General bug fix.


  • New intro with new artwork has been inserted into the game;
  • 3 new scenes with Gypsy, with variations and animation;
  • A remade scene of Linda with more animations;
  • New bust of a new character;
  • Lucifer’s bust has been improved;


Changelog 0.33a

  • Gallery improvement;
  • Fix some save games not being compatible;
  • Android version now has 50% of the common image quality (1920×1080);
  • Bugfix where changing your name on the game settings would hide the Textbox forever sometimes.

Changelog 0.33

  • A bug in Molly’s “Watch the class” scene has been fixed;
  • Layout of the game’s main HUD has been customized and improved;
  • Fixed the text where Gypsy’s lines were swapped.;
  • General bug fix.


  • 1 new scene with Olivia, with several variations and animations;
  • 1 new scene with Celeste, with several variations and animations;
  • 1 Remake scene with Linda (Bed Thighfuck scene);
  • New Hell Cutscenes;


  • General Bug fix;
  • Change in the color system of the options for information icons;
  • Classes are no longer mandatory, only the test to get a positive grade;
  • Some savegames may become incompatible due to changes in game mechanics;
  • Gym added to the game.


  • 1 new scene with Bernice at the Beach, with several variations and animations;
  • 1 new scene with Brittany at the Gym, with several variations and animations, is a random event that occurs when you go to work out at the gym where Brittany works;
  • 1 Remake scene with Linda;
  • New Cutscenes;
  • Bernice’s new variation of Bust;
  • 1 new character;
  • New poses and adjustments to MC’s Bust;


General Bug fix;
Gallery Unlocker Code;
Random Side Scenes;
1 new scene with Linda, with several variations and animations;
1 new scene with Olivia, with several variations and animations;
Linda Bust new outfit;


►General Bug fix;

► 1 new scene with Haze;
► Haze Bust new variation;
► Linda new bust outfit;
► Molly new bust outfit;
► Halloween special scene, with animations and variations;

►New Minigame implemented;
►Hell exploration system;
►Scenes involving more than one character in the gallery were separated into one category;
►General Bug fix;

► 2 new scenes with the Succubus (One scene with each.);
► Haze Bust Remake;
► Still Button Haze Remake;
► Haze Scene Remake;
► Brittany “Leg Hurt” Cutscene Remake;

►Goal menu removed from the cellphone and placed on the main hud;
►Gallery has been optimized, with 100 times smoother navigation;
►General Bug fix;
►Visual bugs in the Halloween events with Linda have been fixed;

► 3 new scenes with Brittany and several variations (I won’t list them here so as not to give a spoiler);
► Brittany’s new Bust costume variation;
► 1 new still buttons for Brittany;
► Several still buttons were remade (two from Linda and one from Brittany);
► “Dishwashing” Cutscene with Linda was remade.

► Bug Fixes;

► 2 New animated scenes with Brittany with bunch of variations;
► Mother’s Day Event;
► Linda Bust Improvement;
► Brittany’s New Still Button
► Linda Handjob Scene Remake.

► Bug Fixes;
► Speed of some of Molly’s animations was fixed;
► Adjustment in some Gallery scenes.

► 2 New animated Molly scenes with variations at school;
► New animated scene with variations at Molly’s house;
► New animated scene with variations with Molly on the beach;
► 2 Molly’s new outfits;
► 2 MC Cutscenes;
► MC Bust fixes;
► Linda kiss scene remake;

► Bug Fixes;
► Speed of Brittany’s racing minigame has been adjusted. (Strength is giving more speed, the MC is now faster).
► Adjustment in some Gallery scenes.

► New Animated Scene with Linda;
► New Animated Scene with Olivia;
► New Still Scene with Linda;

► Bug Fixes;

► Halloween event added;
► New Animated Scene with Linda;
► New Animated Scene with Molly;
► New Animated Scene with Brittany;
► Linda’s new outfit;
► Molly’s new outfit;
► Brittany’s new outfit;
► Brittany’s expression fixes;
► Brittany’s Bust fixes;

v0.15 public

► Several Bug Fixes (Brittany Related);

► New character added;
► New Olivia animated scenes;
► Olivia’s new outfit;
► New still buttons;
► Some details in the artwork have been fixed.


► Bug Fixes;
► Molly’s Minigame has had the difficulty reduced, it only needs to be done once per scene.

► Scenes of Linda chatting on the couch have been redone;
► Linda’s blowjob scene in the bedroom has been redone;
► Painting of Molly’s scene has been adjusted;
► Brittany’s bust was slightly adjusted;
► Olivia lick scene was redone;
► Olivia’s Halloween scene has been redone;
► Linda’s grope scene has been redone;
► New scene of Linda on the beach.


► Bug Fixes;
► New minigame
► Game size has been drastically reduced.
► The objectives menu has been remade, giving more precise information about what to do in the game.
► At the beginning of the game you can choose how to play, with cheating, with the content of the past build completed, or normal play.
► Added an icon to indicate what is clickable in the game, useful for mobile players. (Can be disabled in the options.)

► New cutscenes
► New Molly animated scenes.
► New still buttons.

N / A.

► New locations have been added;
► Bug fixes (many);
► Add a cutscene description.
► New mechanics in cellphone purposes, filtering with done and not done.

► Add more cutscene for “work” actions;
► MS character. Olivia has been added;
► New animated scenes with Linda have been added;
► New animated scenes with Olivia have been added;
► Still Olivia scenes with variations have been added;
► New background for new locations has been added;


Game mechanics:

  • 0.3 Savegames is compatible, but they can cause small bugs, no one blocks gameplay, but they are bugs that are only repaired with new savegame;
  • New grinds are added to the game;
  • New location is implemented;
  • Increase the objective screen on the phone;
  • Apply a tutorial, to help new players to better understand gameplay, can be accessed through the menu, “Help”;
  • Bug fixes: When an event occurs after using a door or entry in a new place, the game crashes when you try to save, now you can save without problems;
  • Small little men’s screen upscaled for more resolution.
  • General bug fixes.

    New art:
  • Some new scenes with Brittany;
  • New character, Lucifer;
  • New character, smog;
  • New animation;
  • New location, Lust Nightclub;
  • New location, in Brittany’s house;

How To Install Game LittleMan Remake

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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LittleMan Remake Free Download


WalkthroughDIRECT LINK 
Gallery Unlocker: DIRECT LINK



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