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LonaRPG Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG.

Developer: EccmA417 – Subscribestar
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Sandbox, Animated, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Rape, Bestiality, Monsters, Pregnancy, Urination, Scat, Combat, Graphic violence, Ryona

Description Game

Cold … bleak … Not mercy … turn off … this is the world of Lonarpg.
Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this world of Gothic and cruel.
Explore the world of Grimdark, rotate and open where one small mistake can cost Lona’s life …
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect the smile?)

Screenshots and Gameplay


-*fixed, autoPeePoo when sleep fix in 0761 is temporary rollback because i feels annoyed.(pee can still trigger by WeakBladder)
-*fixed, Overevent stun stuck the game when player is in overmap.
-*fixed, overevent PeePoo, milk, vomit cause 1 sec stun.(actually add in 0761, but i forgot put this in log)(test)
+Changes made in v0.7.6.0 below:


___shits in pics isnt included yet____

***prev stable will stop update for 2 week because 075x is confirmed pretty fucked**
***will wipe all Save Patch. will not support saves b4 0750**
-*fixed, range check bug in FishkindCave1_ToB2.rb
-*fixed, all score board is removed but NoerTavern(this need a unique ui to handle)
-*fixed, FishkindCave1_SeaWitchIdol ext follower range check reverse?!.
-*fixed, BasicSaintSmite now with longer skill ending frame.
-*fixed, TRY to fix bignum cannot trans to string when withdraw Bitmap from memory, now will return a blank image(hope everything is fine….)
-*fixed, TRY to fix a NaN crash when mouse update X or Y is 0.0
-*fixed, BossMama t2 remove begin dealy stance.(to 10frame. u can no more rush her)
-*fixed, Minigame controller error when mouse and gamepad both plugin.
-*fixed, basic sex wound chance based on RNG to RNG+DIRT and lower basic chance.
-*fixed, ghost dick bug when lona killed or stun a target during sex battle.
-*added, SouthFL add 3 loop quest, QuProgSFL_MonsterBone,QuProgSFL_BreedLingMeat,QuProgSFL_SpiderLeg
-*added, NPC:AbomBatHiveUltra
-*added, map:NFL_BatHive
-*added, map:r7_PineFroestMountain2


**reset the map if cocona is a follower**
-*fixed, Number popup now with popup str check condition.
-*fixed, New mod API. FileGetter.load_mod_lona_portrait_parts_dir. manual chs setup.
-*fixed, GrayRat,DavidBorn,FireMage,Cocona now will not use any skill when moving by non shift AssemblyCall.
-*fixed, Fireball skills do double take_damage(0720)
-*fixed, some time when revicer NPC killed during sex with other npc will cause npc stuck in death(since Abom lona)
-*fixed, Smite now set direction when take effects.(so shield wont do weird block dir)
-*fixed, drop NorthFL SouthFL will game crash.
-*fixed, Game_PorjectileCharacter cant hit anything on deep water tile(since 0302)
-*fixed, Game_PorjectileCharacter all skill now will hit user if user is facing on wall.(all missile skills should do the same)
-*fixed, U should not get wireless parasite from cancel a prostitute in SouthFL.
-*fixed, @slot_index nil crash in equip UI page.
-*fixed, NoerArena SexBeast ghost move after death.
-*fixed, Double sound_death playback when Npc dead.
-*fixed, MT_crunch skeletons should not delete after nap.
-*fixed, dup items from drop item then load game.
-*fixed, NpcWoodenSpearHeavy, NpcManCatcherControl, ManCatcherControl, NpcHalberdControl hit_frame from 10 to 29
-*fixed, move most record and dialog stats from actor to story_stats(core)
-*fixed, update_sex_exp, update_melanin_eff, update_melanin from actor refresh to each nap(core)
-*added, score board to record ur kill count in every town and noerTavern.
-*added, Cocona prostituationEV and playable in RecRoom.(Human,Moot only)
-*added, UniqueEvent_PeeWithCocona if cocona is in prostitute line.
-*fixed, CHCG rotate crash

**HEAVY CORE CHANGE. MUST DO CLEARN INSTALL. backup ur gameLona.ini and SAVE**
-*fixed, API: support use custom icon, custom graphics file for event, custom graphics path for ACH.
-*fixed, BattleStandard is remove from SaintFieldSupporter trait.
-*fixed, Skills with is_support tag now wont effect by terrian.
-*fixed, MT_crunch_ThatUndead.rb, follower_in_range? check fucked.
-*fixed, if Lona skill hit the grabber when grabber hit Lona with sex skill at same time. Lona will stuck in grabbed animation.
-*fixed, EliseGynecology Weird event playing when nearly give birth and do Miscarriage event.
-*fixed, NoerRelayOut PoorBoy quest stucked if PoorBoy aggroed and player just leave without kill him.
-*fixed, Mouse DPI now fit to window size.
-*fixed, Npc combo skills now will interrupt by death.
-*fixed, RecQuestSouthFLMain, hide timer, timer frame from 600 to 1500. hive hp ftom 1000 to 500.
-*fixed, Npc_AbomHiveLink: master NPC never aggro because typo.
-*fixed, AbomSpider and AbomBreedling sex fucker sprite missing.
-*added, npc:AbomBatHiveBig,AbomBatHiveSm.(console test only)
-*added, npc:AbomHiveHeart2(console test only)
-*added, weapon:ItemShSaintProtect, with HeavyBattleStandard(sell in SaintMonastery, can get by event reward)
-*added, weapon:ItemShSaintPurge, with HeavySaintJudgment(sell in SaintMonastery, can get by event reward)
-*added, Load game in system menu.
-*added, 3 more ext slot.
-*added, improve equip UI, with page button and EXT item icons.
-*added, region maps. r29_SYB_KeepAbom1,r30_SYB_KeepOrk1.
-*added, new encounter NFL_GobRaider on rg 19 28.

v0.7.3.0 Beta
**HEAVY CORE CHANGE. MUST DO CLEARN INSTALL. backup ur gameLona.ini and SAVE please**
-*fixed, TRY to fix double hits when skill with 0 hit_frames.
-*fixed, NoerPrison ExitToilet Error.(0723)
-*fixed, BasicNunHeal: Launch_since from 10 to 20. launch_max to 40 to 21. sta cost from 3 to 2. with a buff ATK/DEF to target when CON trait > 20.
-*fixed, BasicBattleStandard: form channeling holding skill to typical holding skill, STA cost = 5.
-*fixed, SaintSymNormal sta cost from 10 to 5
-*fixed, Cocona add PortraitShield skill, and fix her minion’s friendly fire bugs, and can only have 5 minions at same time.
-*fixed, GrayRat’s basic attack skills now with no_interrupt. move_speed form 2.5 to 2.7
-*fixed, DavidBorn’s now with a unique AI, and his Roar skill usage now more reasonable.
-*fixed, most undead now with is_fish tag so they can walk in water.(because jonny derp is awesome)
-*fixed, OrcCatcher, fix sprite and skills
-*fixed, follower direction under AssemblyCall click mode is no more fixed, and now will lost its target when clicked.
-*fixed, attack npc when its in Sex_reciver mode will cause their animation broken.(by take_skill_effect,check_skill_cancel_by_hit)
-*fixed, healing a NPC already died but in Sex_reciver mode will broke its sprite.
-*fixed, KatanaControl buff: with no_action_change tag, ParryStun effect frames from 28 to 42.
-*fixed, KatanaControl buff: when user made success XY transfer and target is in action, target hitted will stun for 2sec.
-*fixed, HobgoblinShaman: upgrade its AI. skill usage now more reasonable.
-*fixed, During sex mode, can no more use sex attack to a target already dead.
-*fixed, lactation_level gen by WombSeedBed now based on Sat.
-*fixed, BroadSwordHeavy now replaced by WoodenSpearNormal.
-*fixed, fix more varible condition bugs in DfRefugeeCamp quests.
-*fixed, SaintPriests now cast shield spell, and add NpcCurvedSaintSmite attack spell to fit their background.
-*added, TestProtectShield(console test only)
-*added, TestSaintSmite(console test only)
-*added, HobgoblinRaiderArcher(console test only)
-*added, HobgoblinRaiderSpear(console test only)
-*added, OrcPriest(console test only)

v0.7.2.1 Beta
-*added, ElfArcher,WarSister Portrait
-*fixed, boss mama’s charge stance stucked when target stay in same XY.
-*fixed, all toilet now use same RB and DEF. and u can collect extra peepoo from toilet(for green enegy fetish)

v0.7.2.0 Beta
-*fixed, chcg1_subpose2_equip_DancerTop layer priority issue when preg > 1.
-*fixed, npc @sensor_freq now reroll each skill launch.
-*fixed, NPC OrcCommoner, OrcClub, skill rewrite.
-*fixed, overkill animation now shorter.
-*fixed, remove Morality decrease from killing fat guys in SMCloudVillage.
-*fixed, rare crash when lactation_level <1 and >0 like 0.5.
-*fixed, saltpeter, Carbon, Oil, phosphorus is no more edible.
-*fixed, can no more disband cocona when RecQuestCocona progress at 20.
-*fixed, all prostitution item reward now use item hash
-*fixed, WIN32API WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString now replace with IniFile.rb.
-*fixed, when combat state stated fade and when max_state >1, add_state(sameState) will not works.(fix “def state_addable?)(note for myself)
-*fixed, Console window redesign.
-*fixed, banditCamp should only summon BanditCampFixedGuard8 and BanditCampFixedGuard2 once.
-*fixed, MAP_VP4_Z from 150 to 1145.
-*fixed, Command_SelfMilking now offer options to milk all at once.(lactation_level must >= 600)
-*fixed, RecQuestAriseVillageApe quest stucked if player visit monkey house b4 accept quest.
-*fixed, SaintSymNormal now a 70 frame holding skill.
-*fixed, BasicControl now a 50 frame holding skill.
-*fixed, Npc Combo skills now will stop update when message is busy.
-*fixed, NoerBackStreet_Nap will crash if thugs is dead during rapeloop mode.
-*fixed, all range attack NPC will try move toward target if no skill in range.
-*fixed, dodge function now works on npc(UniqueBossMamaT2 only, for now)(test)
-*added, ACH RecQuestCocona_28.
-*added, last Cocona Quest line. and ending ship seat for her.(side HEV isnt there yet)
-*added, AidLactation and AidDress to Elise’s store. and roll back ItemSexyHeadEquip setup.
-*added, weapon: ItemMhKatana and skills
-*added, Npc: UniqueBossMamaT1,T2
-*added, map: BossMamaDual

please reset the map so u wont crash from previous saves!
-*fixed, aggro_allowed? keeping ask self to friendly self.(core bug since 0641)
-*fixed, all fishkindF npcs now will not attack Lona with TrueDeepone form.
-*fixed, when switch pages wont update icons.(by 0690)
-*fixed, molotov and lantern buring dot effect now scale to SUR.
-*fixed, firewall casting animation from 90 to 52 frame.
-*fixed, firewall DOT now can effect Game_DestroyableObject.(test)
-*fixed, AbanHouse3: should able to sleep when u killed all evil hobo.
-*fixed, SetTrap skill now with Shift mode. hold shift will force to use rock without use EXT1,2 items.
-*fixed, SetTrap skill now will automatic pick rock if player have no items in EXT1,2.
-*fixed, when in hell or higher diffcult, narture NPC death now will trigger a AOE aggro and overwrite its fate_enemy data.(test)
-*fixed, eat pee,poo,Vomit with state “Mod_Taste” now will increase abit SAT(still need Omnivore trait to eat)
-*fixed, AbomLona now ignore AbomAcid area.
-*fixed, EXT slot follower basic movement now with pathfinding.
-*fixed, baby_health now will display in UI if lona know shes pregnant.
-*fixed, baby_health MAX now will update when pregnant, and every nap.
-*fixed, removed most baby_health decrease from \Batch\.(vag and belly punch still stay)
-*fixed, u can equip MH SH weapons with SexySet.
-*fixed, TRY to make 21:9 work in fullscreen.(test)
-*fixed, Map alert trigger: now include and NPC.master.npc.master(ex: cocona’s army).
-*fixed, forget to input SexSet’s anti dirt data? WTF?!
-*fixed, lona’s lactation_level regen when nap and walking now based on SAT.
-*fixed, Humanoid rebirth now must have Baby in inventory. or given babys to Nun in SaintMonastery.(lost baby from any event except drop by player or send to Nun now count as bug)
-*fixed, Player humanoid baby now a npc.
-*fixed, Storage system now with item blacklist, and u cant put babys to Bank.
-*fixed, shy moving sprite wont change opacity when toggle from sneak(since 0660)
-*fixed, AidModSterilization not works.(since 0681)
-*fixed, ScoutCampOrkind reinforce never show up if Lona rush into victim area.
-*fixed, RecQuest_Df_TellerSide quest add ItemMhBoneStaff as reward.
-*fixed, ItemMhBoneStaff,ItemShAbominationTotem,DancerSet only lootable from chest after specific quests is done.
-*fixed, dancerSet now have to unlock sales from “RecQuestDancerSetReturned” quest.
-*fixed, skill: basicControl rename to BasicDodge and become a basic skill.
-*added, skill: basicControl replace with Ram skill, when hit, will forward a tile and knokback target.
-*fixed, skill: ManCatcherHeavy,BasicHeavy,HalberdHeavy should get “no_interrupt” effect by “Weapons Expert” trait.(since 0641?!)
-*fixed, skill: ManCatcherHeavy,BasicHeavy,HalberdHeavy now is holding skill. full charge will offer extra hit. and sta cost to 2.
-*added, skill: AbominationTotemWorm, and replace to BoneStaffNormal.
-*added, 4 more hidden ACH.
-*added, NoerRelayOut add a side quest.
-*added, new map SMCloudVillage.

How To Install Game LonaRPG

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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