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Magic Academy Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Most of us are familiar with the story of a young wizard from England who changed the fate of the magical world.

Developer: WildPear Games – Patreon
Censored: no
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Tentacles(Can be avoided), Adventure, Fantasy

Description Game

Most of us are familiar with the story of a young wizard from England who changed the fate of the magical world. For many years, we watched as he grew up, studied at the Magic School, and gradually changed the world around him.

Have you ever wondered how such magical schools come into existence? Who creates them and when? Where do the teachers come from and why are these specific subjects taught?​


  • Famous universe – you will find yourself in a world you’ve read about in books or seen in movies. Learn more about how it lives and operates according to its laws.
  • Create your Academy – the entire plot will revolve around creating a new magical academy. You will go through all stages of its formation from getting permission to triumphantly rising to the top of the rankings.
  • Player-oriented development – our team has its own ideas for project development, but we will rely on your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.
  • Not just a novella – the game focuses on dialogues, but in addition to that, it includes many other mini-games, the number of which will only increase as we implement your suggestions.
  • Music – unique tracks written specifically for our project to support the magical atmosphere.

We invite you to find out an answer to these questions in our game:

  • Take the lead in creating a new magical academy
  • Make decisions that will shape its future and development
  • Shape the faculties to your liking
  • Maintain a balance between your own views, ministry requirements, and the parent committee
  • Seek out new teachers and build relationships with them

The list above is a statement of intentions – we will strive to implement everything that was indicated in it, but we need your support for this. You can find out the current status of the project from the notes or below in the section “Content available in the current version.”

Screenshots and Gameplay

Magic Academy Download
Magic Academy Download
Magic Academy Download
Magic Academy Download


  • Two new characters. Sisters Elizabeth and Louise (both chosen by patron vote)
  • Two new animated CG scenes. One with Louise and one with the Ice Elf (who was chosen by patron vote)
  • Brand new adventure mode with battles and events. You’ll encounter 6 different types of monsters and a variety of game events.
  • 4 Reward cards featuring characters from our Rector-level patrons, which can be unlocked and “upgraded” using resources from adventure mode.
  • Significantly redesigned quest lines – we’ve removed unnecessary clicks in some places, and you’re now automatically transported.
  • Changed Audrey’s quest line. Now it will start a series of quests dedicated to “Journey.”
  • A new quest dedicated to the first “Journey” experience.
  • A new quest dedicated to unlocking reward cards.
  • A huge amount of new and rewritten old dialogue (about a third of the game).
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Added sorting to the quest log so that uncompleted tasks are displayed first in the quest.
  • Fixed saving and loading with the old version.
  • Fixed tooltips – now they disappear correctly when the dialogue is closed.


  • Completely redesigned quest system: It is now closer to classic RPG variants, and quests are no longer tied to specific characters. This change will make it easier for us to add new quests.
  • All game quests have been redesigned for the new system. In some cases, it’s now clearer what needs to be done, and there are quests with several simultaneously active tasks.
  • A significant part of the starting storyline has been rewritten – the hero has become calmer and more balanced.
  • Descriptive texts have been added to the initial dialogues and quests to improve immersion.
  • The final button in the tutorial can now be simply pressed instead of held down (the need to hold it down was not obvious).
  • Due to the change in the task system, all quests have received names and descriptions.
  • Changed Lillian’s texture in the tavern while she’s working.
  • Changed Audrey’s texture in the workshop.
  • Fixed a bug that broke autosaves in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to select an unavailable dialogue option using the Numpad.
  • Added a new NSFW scene with Lillian.


  • Enhanced NSFW Scenes: All NSFW scenes have been reworked and expanded with descriptive text for a more immersive and engaging experience.
  • Audrey Scene Split: The variable scene with Audrey has been divided into two separate scenes, placed at different points in the story for better narrative flow.
  • Improved Lilian Animation: One of the scenes with Lilian has received a new and improved animation.
  • Audio Overhaul: The audio core has been rewritten to ensure smooth music transitions and more intuitive volume control.
  • Bug Fixes: Several typos in the text have been corrected, and an error that occurred when opening the message history in the Pensieve has been fixed.


New Features:

  • Academy Construction Overhaul: The location will now switch to the Academy when constructing buildings, and the new structure will be clearly displayed.
  • Button Visual State: Buttons now have a greyed-out state when they are unavailable.
  • Pensieve Scene Escape: You can now exit the Pensieve scene by pressing Escape.
  • Narrator Text (Testing): Narrator text has been added to some scenes in test mode.
  • Lillian Scenes Update: The first two Lillian scenes now include narrator text.
  • Joyce Scene Update: The Joyce scene has been updated with new animations and narrator text.
  • Project Panel Streamlining: Only Academy upgrades remain in the project panel; all other projects have been moved to tasks.
  • Quest Dialogue Indicators: Quest dialogues are now marked with an star.
  • Unavailable Dialogue Information: Unavailable dialogues are now visible, and hovering over them will display the reason for their unavailability.
  • Button Tooltips: Tooltips have been added to some buttons to indicate hotkeys.
  • Reduced Costs: The cost of many quests and upgrades has been roughly halved.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused music stuttering or sudden changes.
  • Fixed a bug that could break the game when exiting to the menu and restarting the same scene.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pensieve could play extraneous dialogues unrelated to the selected scene.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the background behind the character’s name to resize incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Rose’s “about you” and “about others” dialogues were swapped.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed asking Victoria about Audrey before meeting her.
  • Fixed an issue where points were not returned to Rose until re-entering the location.
  • Hidden an extra character from the quest log.


The beta version for Android
A new character
Two CG scenes
The continuation of Rose’s story
The beginning of the story of a new Character

Version 0.1.4 .2(Legacy)

Redesign of the main character
Resources have been optimized, which made it possible to slightly reduce the build size

Version 0.1.4 .1(Tech)

Fixed an issue where the “back” buttons on locations were not working
Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the game to crash if a save was loaded from an interactive scene
Fixed an issue where the game board in the mini-game could freeze and not clear after exiting the mini-game.
Fixed an issue where the Space button continued to restart the scene launched from the Pensieve

Version 0.1.4 (Conent)

  • Updated the final scene of the game.
  • Added a timegate mechanic that requires waiting for several days in-game to progress in quests.
  • Added a new music track.
  • Implemented a save converter that will be used in future versions to allow players to continue playing in a different version rather than starting over each time.
  • Developed a relationship system, where characters can have opinions of the player and certain dialogues are only available with certain relationships.
  • Integrated a consequences system, where players’ actions are remembered and occasionally reminded of them, with notifications given.
  • Included notifications in-game that announce new projects, relationship changes, and significant events.
  • Expanded the story with a party celebration of the opening of the academy.
  • Added two new scenes: One with Grace, and one with Lillian. Second have animations, and consist of four parts.
  • The interactive scene control has been moved to the bottom-right corner.

Version (Legacy)

  • The game version is now displayed in the game menu.
  • History of dialogues now open only when a dialogue is opened (mouse scroll wheel up or a special button on the bottom of the dialogue box), or if no other panels are open (using mouse scroll wheel upward).
  • The scene of the first meeting with Audrey now has variations, allowing you to choose the specific situation she finds herself in.
  • A new in-game scene with Audrey has also been added.
  • Some dialogues with characters have also been altered to align with the new scene for Audrey.
  • Several typos have also been fixed.

How To Install Game Magic Academy

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Magic Academy Free Download


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