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Download Milfairy Tales Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Milfairy Tales Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master his family sword-style.

Developer: LeelaK – SubscribeStar 
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Voiced, Fantasy, RPG, Combat, Big ass, Big tits, Incest, Milf, Spanking, Voyeurism, Cumplay, Facial, Anal sex, Tentacles, Female domination, Monster, Monster Girl, Lactation, Anal creampie, Cum eating, Handjob, Blowjob, Sex toys

Description Game

Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master his family sword-style. He is the son of the legendary heroine, who once saved the world from chaos. His mother’s fighting style draws powers from one’s inner sex drive, but she thinks she can’t fully teach him all the principles. So he will have to learn even more from his foxy masters, on how to turn his sexual tension into power! Yet, little does he know that his journey will be the beginning of something much greater and that the land might be in need of another legendary hero soon enough. Join him and his colorful party of sexy Milfs on a magical journey through Milfairy! A fantastic land of many mysteries, protected by the Goddess of absolute love!

Expect a mixture of a traditional JRPG, with combat, dungeon exploration, dating and sex games with the girls from Milfairy! Embark in a story that will join two unlikely star-crossed lovers in a quest to save their world once more and for all!​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Milfairy Tales
Download Milfairy Tales
Download Milfairy Tales


– Added Part 1 of Chapter VI
– New Area: Salamander Dunes
– New Town: Merchant Town Abar
– New Party Memeber.
– New Skills added for all characters.
– Side-Quests: Bronze Hunt #9 added.
– 3 Main Quests added
– 4 new scenes added
– Gallery up to 577 CGs (pics 562-569 unavaible for unlocking yet)
– Tons of new npcs and interactions added
– New Love Mode interactions
– Level 4 Intimacy available
– New spells and skills to learn
– Many Balance/Description adjustments: items/skills/enemies
– Love Love Status Screen revised
– Date and Perfect Date counters on Love Love Menu properly register how many you’ve had.
– Some Dating Mode fixes and adjustments, major revision and scenes coming up for next update.

If you’re stuck with the second Mariah in her room, talk to the scarecrow next to Sparring Joe, he’ll apply the old fixes but a new one for that glitch. The double Mariah happened because her second Special Event (???) was selectable before the right time. It shouldn’t be selectable anymore for new playthroughs, but do avoid it just in case.

New quest for Ammy’s storyline:
-talk to Scotty in her house.
-head to the arena and talk to Emma to watch the first scene.
-go to the lake and find Scotty in the area with the Pharos Bloom
-deafeat the boss
-go back to Ammy’s house and pick her new training option
-go to the arena and win Ammy’s second Lust Battle.

The Lust Battle minigame is still under construction so somethings might not behave as well.

– Chapter 5 concluded.
– New main chapter events added.
– New Replay mode added. Includes most scenes available.
– 2 new bosses.
– More gift routes added (Mariah, Grace, La’Yla)
– Mariah’s new Love Love events added (home/night) with 3 new scenes and 1 new CG.
– New dating location added, Valerye (more girls to be added in the upcoming expansion)
– Some combat balance
– New scenes added
– Gallery goes up to 476 (Scroll of Unlocks V available at Chapter’s end)
– Farm updated, more seeds to plant and new enemies to fight.
– Many secret areas accessible by growing Springballs from Bouncy Seeds.
– Hunt #04 bug should now be fixed and it’s accessible again. If it still doesn’t work, talk to the fixing scarecrow in Mark’s home.
– Many small adjustments to items, spells, equipment, etc.
– 3 new hunts added.
– New side-quests added.
– 6 new scenes added
-Full walkthrough added to the main folder.
-Raphy’s hints for Chapter V have been added.
– More stuff that I forgot to write down T_T

– An expansion is planned down the line for some artwork that got delayed due budget.

– V.0.4035 to V.0.4105-Expansion

– Some new menu icons might pop up on the screen. Press ‘S’ to get rid of them.
-Added a few new maps/rooms: Southern Road and Western Road. You can access them from the village.
– Added first full LLM scene with Ammy. Go to her house after finishing ‘Up ‘n’ Coming Part 2′ quest.

-Grace’s LLM scene is replayable and updated. To get access to her scenes talk to Mariah at the end of the Chapter (in the first floor’s stairs at night). After that just talk with Grace in any spot you can get access to her Intimacy mode, she must have Intimacy Lv3.

– New Love Love Mode includes more items to use. A new Target Scan so you know the exact spot to trigger a target (they sometimes differed from the image). New critical and score tracking for future rewards based on the most efficient way to get the max score in each scene.

– All previous LLM scenes will be revisted and fixed to the new standard in the next chapter.
– Added the Lust Battle Duel minigame. Tutorial duel and first challenger duel added for now.

– Added Hunt #04
-Revamped some stores, in particular you can get the new Love Love Mode items from Emma’s stores.
-Added new Intimacy scenes for La’Yla and Mariah at the Amazon Hotsprings
– Replay for all Chapter IV scenes are now added to the Memory Lane (replay mode).
– Small bug fixes and corrections.
-Some items / spells fixes.
– New Mrs Ammy dialogue bust artwork.
– Fixed the enemies in the Casual/Nightmare spars for Jakku’s chapter IV battles.
– Added the properly balanced first summon spell.
– Can change Day/Night at the Amazon Village’s Inn
– Added a new dialogue route to La’Yla’s Intimacy chat after she sends you to the date.
-Mariah also gets an extra scene in Chapter IV after you first visit the Amazon Village (Hotsprings).
– New Villager’s Quest: You can do a quest for Jack (He’s in the Amazon Village Arena).
– Added Gallery pictures 320 to 334.
– Added a new scene with La’Yla in the Hot Springs (footjob)

– Some other stuff I don’t recall right about now… x_x’

– V.0.4020 to V.0.4035

– Fixed Grace’s third blue chest in the backroom of the pub. It’ll show up without needing to finish the raft puzzle for the waterway chest first.
– Scotty’s locker no longer moves after his quest’s done.
– Emma (Arena) will give you a quick tutorial of the Dating Mode after you finish Ammy’s quest.
– New LLM item added. Dull Memory Card (F) to reduce a girl’s Climax meter so you can get more tries at finding their hidden bonuses.
– Minor fixes of spelling, graphics and pricing.

– V.0.4020
– Chapter IV is now complete.

– 2 main story quests
– 1 story dungeon alt
– 1 new boss
– 2 new side quests
– First “What If” game over scene added. You can’t let it play in full otherwise it’s game over.
– Gallery count is now 318
– 7* new scenes / 8 new cgs and variations (1 scene on hold for the expansion*)
– 1 new Love Love Mode
– Dating System introduction
– New “Darts” minigame
– Some bosses, skills, items, etc. were adjusted for balancing purposes.
– Locked “Row” command to avoid bugs.
– Added item descriptions to the select item screen (farm, gifts, books, etc.)
– Items are better categorized and will be properly integrated as the game progress.
– Revamped item descriptions are coloring system. It’s not fully done, still in progress. New descriptions will only effect *newly acquired* equipment.
– New skills / items available
– Party Switching added!
– 2 new skills for Grace. (1 is a hidden/extra secret)
– More secret rooms are accessible now.
– some new meters will pop up in old saves, remove them by opening the “Mastery Menu” (press S)
– There will be an expsansion* for this update in about a month.
– Some other stuff I definitely don’t rememeber right now…

– fixed a bug where Mariah’s shower scene pick would get stuck to the screen.
– fixed the rewards O’ra gives you for the Hunt trades. Should work properly now.

Chapter IV “Expansion”:
*An “update expansion” is planned for January, some stuff had to be postponed due time constraints:

To be added in the “update expansion”:
– Ammy’s Minigame and LLM
– Two artwork (mage dialogue art, and La’Yla spring art)
– Replayable Dating with Grace
– The ability to use the Summon Fairytear.
– Ammy LLM scene will be added in an upcoming “update expansion”*.
– Replay gallery is being improved and the replays for Chapter IV will be added in the upcoming update expansion.
– Raphy’s hints will be added.

How To Install Game Milfairy Tales

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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