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Download Monster Girl 1000 Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Monster Girl 1000 Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – A young, orphaned warrior lives as the sole male in a village of monster girls.

Developer: TwistedScarlett Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Turn-based combat, Big tits, Mobile Game, Monster girl, Harem, RPG, Pregnancy

Description Game

A young, orphaned warrior lives as the sole male in a village of monster girls. The local deity, the goddess of fertility, tasks him to breed with 1,000 monster girls to help leverage the population. He’s joined by an elf girl and a demon girl as he ventures out into a new, mysterious world full of monster girls to build his harem.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Monster Girl 1000
Download Monster Girl 1000
Download Monster Girl 1000


  • New Area, Underdark: Featuring 2 New Characters, 2 Sex Scenes and 1 Mini Sex Scene.
  • New Area, Eldar: Featuring 1 New Character, 2 Sex Scenes, and 1 Mini Sex Scene.
  • Added the final upgrade to Mistral Village shops, requiring an item from a new quest.


  • 6 New Weapons, 6 New Accessories, 6 New Armors and 2 New Blessings.
  • Improved the AI of tons of enemies, particularly in regards to being silenced. A lot of enemies now have a dedicated weaker attack when silenced.
  • Gemma’s Blessing: Removed +Max MP and +MP Cost Rate.
  • Revenga: Now gives 100% Critical Chance instead of Auto Bravery
  • Updated Gallery


  • Added alternate “chat” dialogue when Cheeki and Breeki are pregnant.
  • Added piercings to Liada’s sex scene.
  • Typos fixed


  • New Area: Lionshead contains 4 Sex Scenes and 2 Contracts.
  • New Optional Area: Hayakawa contains 2 Sex Scenes and 3 Contracts.
  • New Sex Scene with Gabbi: Chronologically appears after your first visit to Capital City, but will automatically play at any time visiting the Information Broker.
  • New Harem Member, can get pregnant at maximum affection.
  • Added 8 Weapons, 10 New Accessories and 2 New Blessings.
  • All (almost) Background Art changed.
  • Elysian Colosseum: New Ladder Match and New Area Conquest.


  • Marked for Death: Now attacks and causes an enemy to take 30% bonus damage for 3 turns.
  • Mistral Village weather and day/night are now fixed upon entering unless you sleep or complete a contract)
  • Stealing and Deck of Card skills now go into the “Special” category.
  • Gabbi now has unique dialogue that updates based on your last completed advancement contract.
  • Frost Walker Nerf: -20% Enemy Agility to -10%.
  • Decreased agility rubberbanding from a maximum of +6 possible turns to +4.
  • Gallery Updated
  • Cheats Menu Updated


  • Added L’ightning’s blessing to the Upgrade Hut.
  • Fixed Exclamation Icon getting stuck over the Wood Elf Kingdom
  • Fixed Magic Weavers being marked as completed prematurely.
  • Fixed Alice and Lyra’s blessing dropping twice.


  • Capital City Advancement 2 – The A-Rank, featuring 1 sex scene.
  • Capital City Story 4 – L’ightning Orchid, featuring 1 sex scene.
  • Side Quest: Cynthia at the Battle Shroom can now be flirted with, but she requires a little something out of you before the sex scene.
  • Massive Passive Overhaul: All passives now have an active ability. Almost everything has been changed, be sure to check out your “Special” skills.
  • Little Shroom City Townsfolk: You can now revisit both Dimple and Gemma after beating their contract. Dimple specifically leaves The Reach after this.
  • Improved Pregnant Sex Scenes: Alraune Sex, Mimi Cowgirl, Mimi Missionary, Tali Sex, Dobbi Missionary.
  • You can now ask Davy or Isadora for a Reverse Spitroast in Mistral Village.
  • Added Pregnant Variant: Davy/Isadora Reverse Spitroast.
  • Added a Day/Night cycle + Weather. Has no actual effect, but it’s cool! Different types of weather and times of day have unique ambience and music.


  • Three Contracts: Little Shroom City Advancement, Story 1 and Story 2, features three new sex scenes.
  • Two new prologue scenes. Mary Oral and Bessie Voyeur.
  • New Tournament, Ladder Match and Area Conquest match in Elysian Colosseum.
  • Four Little Shroom City Minigames:
  • Fire Dancer minigame: Test your reflexes!
  • High Striker minigame: Test your strength!
  • Trivia Machine minigame: Test your knowledge!
  • Scratch Cards: 49 Different Prizes. With a chance for a double win, and a jackpot.
  • Battle Shroom Arena: Battle with endless waves of increasing difficulty! Every few waves, the party will suffer a new handicap. Your record will be stored, and you can try again from it!
  • Rewards Shop: Trade Shroom Points for 18 new Items/Equipment
  • Championship Battle: For those that own the Champion’s Belt and want a challenge.
  • New Completion System: Getting 100% in an area will give you a golden circle on the world map. Completion percentage is now based on the amount of golden areas you’ve achieved. Sometimes, golden circles disappear when new content appears in the area, e.g. updates or new contracts.
  • New Mechanic: Stealing, using the “Thief’s Ring” accessory, you can now steal from enemies.
  • Three new Mythical Weapons: Super Shotgun, Galaxian Glaive and Elemental Dancer
  • Three new Mythical Accessories: Champion’s Aegis, Critical Queen and Angel Wings


  • New Contract: Capital City Advancement – Grrrand Magus
  • New Alice Sex Scene: Reward for completing all goals. She can become pregnant after visiting the Capital.
  • New Area: Little Shroom City, has an intro and 1 sex scene only.
  • Added pregnant version of Alice’s missionary scene.
  • New Conditions for Wendy’s pregnancy: Automatically happens after visiting completing Yulia’s contract. Wendy’s blessing added retroactively.
  • New Main Menu
  • New Pregnant Belly Art for: Alice, Alraune, Dobbi, Elsie, Fiona, Hides-in-Barrels, Isadora, Keke, Mary, Mimi, Moona, Tali, Wendy, Yulia
  • New Colosseum Ladder battle (Level 28)
  • Final Training Arena battle (Level 99) added along with its three rewards.
  • New Mechanics: Defense Penetrate: Ignore a percentage of an enemy’s defense, dealing increased damage. +Max Stat Buffs = Increase the maximum stat buff from 130% in increments of 6. +Turn Duration to stat buffs = Make stat buffs last longer. +% Damage Cap = Bypass the damage cap of 999,999 by +%.
  • Defense Overhaul – Better Defense Scaling: Battlers now get more damage resistance depending on their defense, increasing damage resistance. Damage Resistance = 100/(100+Defense/2). 200 Defense = 50% Damage Resistance.) This makes defense and magic defense more effective late game, and it better stands up to the high attack scaling. Currently, no main storyline enemy gets more than +20% resistance from this change.


  • Fixed Stuttering on World Maps!
  • You should get a lot less lag in battles now!
  • Damage and Health over time effects now occur every turn instead of every 100 ticks.
  • You can now use Mini-Potions, Potions, Hi-Potions and their mega variants out of battle.
  • Davy’s Blessing now additionally gives +20/30/40% Water Resistance, and +5/10/20 Luck.
  • Protagonist’s Blessing: Now additionally gives +5/10/15% Physical Damage Resistance.
  • Guinevere’s Blessing: Now gives -20/40/60% MP Cost Rate.
  • Sybil’s Blessing New Effect; Auto-Berserk +10/20/30% All Stats
  • Cheeki Breeki Blessing New Effect: +4/8/12 TP Regen. +5/10/15% TP Charge Rate
  • Polishes Many Spears New Effect: +5/10/15% Outgoing Damage.
  • Dimple’s Blessing New Effect: +10/20/30% Outgoing Elemental Damage.
  • Various unlisted minor blessing buffs.
  • All Armors Nerfed: Attack Scaling from +5/15/25/35/50/60% -> +5/10/15/20/25/30%
  • Building Upgrade Shops have been combined.
  • Blessings can now be optimized
  • Dimple’s Shadow now has a body
  • “Love Making” now has a 25-turn cooldown.
  • Cheer and Focus now only last ten turns.
  • Alice Sex Scenes now start automatically once unlocked.
  • Luck no longer increases evasion.
  • Gallery updated to include Capital City.
  • Alraune’s Luster is now a sword. It now additionally gives +15% Max MP.


  • Fixed Capital Repeatable not getting harder.
  • Fixed unlocked areas on world map not appearing green.


  • 2 New Story Contracts.
  • 2 Sex Scenes.
  • Major Weapon/Armor/Item Overhaul: All items now have a line of lore in addition to the mechanical explanations. This includes information on who can equip what item.
  • New Feature: Percentage Completion now appears on your save file and on the world map. This number will update on the world map, and reflects the % of the game completed as of the current patch. Including all contracts, NPC sex scenes, girls pregnant, training arena fights and colosseum matches. The game will attempt to automatically update your save file’s progression when you visit the world map after completing Story 1 in Capital City.
  • After completing any contract, or battle in the colosseum, it’ll be marked with a [Done].
  • Resource collection is now sorts all gains into a single cumulative box for Common, Rares, Legendaries, Ores, Profits and Tokens. This decreases the amount of textboxes significantly.
  • New Training Arena Battle: Guinevere, Level 45.
  • New Limit Breaks: Savage Form in the Skill Shop has been replaced by Celestial Form with 7 new spells. Ultimate Shot has been replaced by Succubus Form with 7 new abilities. Ultimate Slayer has been replaced by Time Warp: User can act three times in a row.
  • New Event: Elysian Colosseum Survival Game. If you beat it on you first time, you’ll get a huge bonus. (This is borderline impossible even with cheats)


  • Deathclaw and Broomstick have been properly added with new stats.
  • Mine resources have been completely rebalanced, Sapphire, Emeralds and Diamonds have much higher drop rates.
  • Mine Quantity Upgrade 3 new effect: Gain 2x drops for all mine resources. (Stacks with the others, giving 4x of each resource and 2x Legendary Ore)
  • Mega Berry Buff: Restores 60% HP to party -> Restores 66% HP and 66% MP to party.
  • Cherry Bomb Buff: Deals 500 + 1% HP damage twice -> Power 16 + 1% HP damage twice. Can now critically hit.
  • Devil’s Pupfish Buff: No longer gives the disadvantages of Berserk, and provides an additional +8% Attack and Agility.
  • Golden Tooth Sawfish: +12% Attack to all allies -> +Bravery, +Faith, +6% Attack and Magic Attack to all allies.
  • Remedial Herb Buff: Now targets the entire party.
  • Infinity Rod now actually gives its effect and not the “No Limitz (Legendary)” effect.
  • “Girls Impregnated” added to save file screen.
  • Default text speed is now instant.
  • Reflect now only gives 50% Magic Reflection rate. (This is to avoid cheesing magic-only bosses.)
  • Added piercings to Yulia’s second sex scene.
  • Blessings: Pure Attack and Magic Attack blessings have been rebalanced to be more interesting. Since they were all the absolute best in slot blessings, they now have small downsides that make stacking attack and magic attack a risk/reward.
  • Repeat Contracts now award slightly more experience at high levels. (From 1% per level, to 4% + 4 per level)
  • Minor improvements to menuing when starting a new game.
  • Bandit Rouges now have a 50% chance to drop Golden Coins.
  • Ray’s Attack: Past a Misty Woods, most of Ray’s offensive weapons now replace her attack with “Flare”, and defensive weapons replace it with “Pray”. Flare is now considered a normal attack.
  • You can now upgrade Capital City equipment.
  • Blessing Upgrades are now sorted into categories spanning several cities.

Bug Fixes:

  • You no longer get informed that resource collection is available before you reach Mistral Village.
  • Several backend improvements to reduce lag on lower spec devices.
  • Slipstream Intro won’t happen if you skipped it using Episode Select.
  • Fixed a soft lock in the threesome in “Story 1 – Rule of There”.
  • 12+ Typos Fixed

How To Install Game Monster Girl 1000

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Monster Girl 1000 Free Download




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