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Queens Brothel [v1.9.0]


Download Queens Brothel Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Queens Brothel Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is a RPG style game where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel.

Developer: DPMaker Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.9.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Animated, Fantasy, Anal sex, Interracial, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Management, Prostitution, Vaginal sex, Mobile game

Description Game

Queen’s Brothel is a RPG style game where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel. You can attract various clients through quests by leveling up certain body parts that they are attracted to. Complete quests to add more girls to your brothel!​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Queens Brothel Download
Queens Brothel Download
Queens Brothel Download


  • Added “Hounds of Love” main story quest
  • Added wolf outfits for Queen, Esxea, Scarlett, Ardura and Natasha
  • Experience required to level up has been reduced significantly
  • Girl’s stat gain per level has been increased slightly


  • Added “Township Rebellion” main story quest
  • You can now drag and drop mods onto the game window to import them
  • Added mod URL download option, this allows for mods on Android and browser

This quest is considered a main story quest so it has a tough boss battle and has more pictures than a regular side quest! Hope you guys enjoy!



Bug Fixes

  • Heavily reduced loading times
  • Fixed an issue where Android loading time would take extremely long

My Crazy Girlfriend Quest

Welcome to your first day at Easthollow University. Your parents told you to get good grades and stay out of trouble! Unfortunately for you, you sat next to Suki…

This quest is written in the first person point of view. The choices you make during the quest will effect how the story plays out.

Wolf Princess Quest

Greenhaven loses their alpha bitch, Thisa, right before a full moon. Alpha bitches are not easily replaceable, but Scarlett offers to keep the the dogs in line.

Patch Notes

  • Added “My Crazy Girlfriend” side quest
  • Added “Wolf Princess” side quest
  • Added Superior Orc outfit for Queen, Suki, Esxea, Scarlett and Natasha
  • Fixed gold coin animation being paused in cheat menu
  • Fixed an issue where variants would not load correctly when mods were enabled
  • Changed cumshot animation video format to hopefully fix issues with black screens
  • Fixed various issues with outfits
  • Fixed typos


  • Added “The Beach Vacation” side quest
  • Added “A Happy Taluga Day” side quest
  • Greatly decreased gallery loading time
  • Buying an outfit in the clothes shop now keeps the same character open and auto-selects the first outfit
  • Fixed some instances of text not appearing correctly when using Russian or Chinese translations


  • Added “Boy Problems” side quest
  • Added “Chameleon Paint” side quest
  • Added Russian community driven translation


  • Added “Tastes Like Candy” side quest
  • Added “Natasha’s Worst Enemy” side quest
  • Added visual cast bar for skills that last a long period of time


  • Added “Lucifer” side quest
  • Added “Lilith Comes Home” side quest
  • Added critical hit chance when pressing the “Fuck” button in battles
  • Removed Natasha’s “Nullify” skill
  • Added new ability for Natasha, “Lucky You”, increases critical hit chance to 50% for all girls
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) translation


  • Added “Stuck in the Stables” side quest
  • Added “Suki the Boy Toy” side quest
  • Added random daily outfit toggle in the outfits menu
  • Improved loading speed when opening outfits menu
  • You can now use “Space” or “Ctrl” to close images during dialogue instead of having to click
  • Fixed typos


  • Added “Scarlett the Tease” side quest
  • Added “Natasha’s Gloryhole Portal” side quest
  • Fullscreen setting will be saved on the Steam version of the game
  • Added cum to Suki’s face during the raft building quest
  • Fixed Jada’s name set to Jade
  • Added stamina text label to battle scene
  • Increased difficulty of the entire game by changing battle timers
  • Increased Suki’s base stamina
  • Default fuck speed increased by 20%
  • Girl’s stamina recovery heavily decreased
  • Most girl’s skill stamina cost decreased
  • Esxea’s Bukkake ability now adds 1 cumshot on all girls
  • Scarlett’s Charm ability stat increase reduced to 80 (was 120)
  • Scarlett’s base tits stat increased to 60 (was 40)
  • Ardura’s choke skill stamina cost increased to 2
  • Natasha’s Zap ability stamina cost increased to 3
  • Enemy shield now decreases their cum meter until popped
  • Nigel’s illusions now lock a girl, the player can not use her until the illusion is taken care of


  • Main story complete. Enjoy!
  • Added all Underworld outfits
  • Added all Witch outfits
  • Added new image to Lilith’s quest


  • Main story progression
  • Added “Ardura the Knight” quest for paid players
  • Added Ardura titfuck animation
  • Added new background image for the crossroads
  • Added new background image for Nigel’s castle
  • Added image for when you meet Arietta
  • Added image for when you meet Sabrina
  • Fixed clothes shop tabs glitching after buying an outfit
  • Fixed quest log showing the character’s outfit id instead of the name
  • Fixed dialogue for answering a question in the “Human Cow” quest
  • Fixed corrupted save files crashing the game

• Main story progression, Lilith’s quest
• You can now choose between story mode or gameplay mode when creating a new save file
• Added Ardura anal animation
• Added 7 new images for existing main story quests


  • Added Scarlett Hucow quest for paid players
  • Added Frat Party quest for paid players
  • Added c*mshot animations during battles
  • Added Ardura throat animation
  • Removed brothel management

• Added drag and drop in brothel
• Updated brothel rooms to show sex scenes
• Updated brothel rooms to have a better UI
• Finishing a client in the brothel now removes the girl from the room
• Girls no longer use stamina in the brothel
• Added quest log button to brothel
• Add spinning gold coin animation for when you receive or spend gold
• Changed King of Avia’s scale

• Fix Scarlett’s forest outfit face being messed up
• Fix non-bedroom body parts being reset in the brothel

• Added brothel management
• Brothel management does not replace the battle system during quests
• Brothel management replaces battles in the brothel
• You can now level up girl’s body part stats in the brothel
• Temporarily changed the introduction to be straight to the point
• Quest log updated to show upcoming quests
• Upcoming quests will show requirements in the quest log
• Mouse clicks are now treated as touch controls, letting you scroll by clicking and dragging
• Replaced Diary button with Boss Battle button, in house
• All maps now have building highlights when you hover over them

• Natasha’s Quest is complete
• Added 58 new outfits
• Scarlett’s default outfit has been changed
• Updated existing images to match Scarlett’s new outfit
• Starting production of map highlighting when hovering over buildings on a map
• Two new images for the Orc War quest
• Added gold cost to outfit buttons in Cassie’s shop
• Made vertical scrollbars bigger
• Added an “Add All Clients” button to the brothel


  • Main story update
  • New images
  • New animations
  • Added modding
  • Added werewolves

• Queen’s Brothel has been re-written using the Godot game engine. Expect postive performance enhancements
• New battle mechanics
• UI for most menus has changed
• Some image quality improvements
• New animations for battles
• EXP is now rewarded for every ‘attack’ a girl does to the client. This includes DoT skills.
• Updated map art for Easthollow University
• Lots of texture management enhancements that lower the amount of RAM needed to play the game
• Added image of Queen getting a cumshot by Darren
• Added image for Nigel’s introduction
• Re-wrote Scarlett’s questline
• Added sound toggles to gallery
• Added battle UI skill animations

Bug Fixes
• Characters are cleaned before a dialogue starts (cum is not cleared off of girls)

Known Bugs
• Text does not look clear on some devices
• Girl moans always start from the beginning of the sound file, instead of a random position
• On slower devices, you can accidentally double click menus to open two of them


  • Added Queen breast animation
  • Colored Suki’s p**sy animation
  • Added picture of Lilith prepping a minotaur
  • Added picture of Suki being taken away from a minotaur
  • Added picture of Queen and Suki kissing in the morass inn
  • Added picture of the girls after the morass boss battle
  • Added picture of the Orc campsite background

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typos

Version 0.12.8

  • Added Substitute Art Teacher side quest for paid players
  • Added info for free players to help understand what the difference between the free version and paid version of the game is
  • Scarlett’s Hucow quest now appears after the introduction of the orcs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lots of typos
  • Fixed Suki’s futa scene images being swapped

How To Install Game Queens Brothel

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Queens Brothel Free Download



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