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Rise of the Crime Lord [v0.12b Alpha 2 Extended]


Download Rise of the Crime Lord Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Rise of the Crime Lord Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – He lives a simple, whitecollar life, but receives no pleasure from it.

Developer/Publisher: IziRider Patreon,
Censorship: No
Version: 0.12b Alpha 2 Extended
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Language: English (Hungarian on Patreon)
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, MILF, Voyeurism, Vaginal Sex, NTR (avoidable), Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Handjob, Group Sex, Titfuck, Anal Sex, Massage, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Open marriage, Male protagonist

Description Game

The protagonist of the game is Rick. He lives a simple, whitecollar life, but receives no pleasure from it. His family is broken, his marriage is in shambles, and his boss constantly abuses him at work. Then, one day, thanks to unlucky (or lucky depending on your tastes) circumstances, he gets caught up in the addictive world of sin and power. Take on the role of Rick as he navigates his way through powerful gangsters, brutal murderers, and corrupt policemen who target him and his family. To survive, he (you) must make difficult choices. Will you take back control of your life? Or will you sit by idly as everything you’ve worked is torn apart in front of your eyes? Find out if you have what it takes to be a Crime Lord

Screenshots and Gameplay

Rise of the Crime Lord Download
Rise of the Crime Lord Download
Rise of the Crime Lord Download

v0.12b Alpha 2 Extended

  • “Rick and Cora’s trip” and “Cora alone trip” to the island (only this two storyline is complete)
  • 2900 pictures in the main story + 19 trophy pictures
  • 13 animations
  • You can also try the openings of the other threads, and a quarter of the “Rick stays at home” storyline can be played. Although they are still incomplete and may contain errors.
  • The “Darkness Falls on Ashley” extra scene and the “Thoughts of Reg” mini-scene.

v0.12 Alpha 1 Extended

  • The “Darkness Falls on Ashley” extra scene.

v0.12 Alpha 1 Normal

IMPORTANT: As I have written several times before here and on Discord, this version only includes the Rick-Cora trip from beginning to end, the rest of the story threads only have the beginning, and that’s not checked (there may be bugs). Also, in this version there are currently only 3 animations ready.

  • Rick and Cora’s trip to the island (only this thread is complete)
  • 1690 pictures in the main story + 14 trophy pictures
  • 3 animations
  • You can also try the openings of the other threads. Although they are still incomplete and may contain errors.

Not included:

  • The “Darkness Falls on Ashley” extra scene.

v0.11 Extended

  • Although the title is Part 2, and this completes Chapter 9, it is in itself as long as the previous chapters. So a whole new chapter.
  • 1970 images (74 only in the extended version).
  • Currently 32 new animations (3 in Chapter 9 Part 1).
  • A Trophy Gallery with 113 unique images.
  • A Replay Gallery with 73 replayable scene.
  • Extended Ashley sex scene, an extra Kendra scene and a scene in which the company’s CEO (Alec Freeman) and head of security (Robert Burke) talk about Rick only in the extended version.

v0.10 Extended
– A half a chapter, but don’t let that put you off, it’s the same length as the previous chapters.
– 987 new pictures.
– 11 new animations
– Minor improvements and bugfix to previous chapters.

v0.9.1 extended

  • Two new optional scenarios with Cora and Daniel. Which one you can reach depends on the relationship between Cora and Daniel.
  • 127 new images.
  • 8 new animations
  • Small repair and bug fixes to previous chapters.

At all new chapters with Rick and Cora
1675 new image
18 new animations (+ 2 new animations in prologue)
Additional scenes with Rachel, Terence and Shepard. *
Minor visual improvement in the previous chapters
Small repair in translation

  • It is important to note that extra scenes in the expanded version are no longer called countless stories. Just because not only one character is given extra scenes, and the length and placement of additional scenes it varies greatly. And will continue to do it in the future. However, the extra scene will still focus on side characters, but they will not have a title, and there will be more than them in chapters.

Completely new chapter
514 new images
3 animation
Minor visual improvements in previous chapters.
Prologue revision.
Completely new chapter
One countless story (Consigliere and Patreon contegylie)
973 new images
4 animation
Chapters are now in chronological order.
Many translation mistakes are corrected in the prologue and in another third article 3. Thank you, Louwill for that!
A completely new chapter.
766 new images on the main storyline
One of the countless stories: the face of the enemy, consisting of a total of 16 images.
Correction in translation in prologue and chapter 1

Important! There is no new chapter in this version, I only reprocess the first chapter and the game gets a new relationship system.
236 new images in the first chapter.
I have reworked a few old pictures, most of the background, but there are some big changes.
From now on, the new score-based relationship system runs in the background. You can’t see this, but it will really help me in the future.
The new storyline with Cora. You can decide that Cora remains loyal to Rick or not.
Kelly’s storyline has been reworked. If Cora doesn’t sleep with his colleague, then you can learn more about Kelly. This can be useful in the future.
In the second chapter, you can avoid sexual contact with a janc, except for one kiss.
I have fixed a lot of translation errors in the first half of the game.
Teaser of the third chapter.

How To Install Game Rise of the Crime Lord

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Rise of the Crime Lord Free Download

Android (v0.11 Extended): PIXELDRAIN

Walkthrough ModPATREON


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