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Seaside Mystery [v18.0 Cracked]


Download Seaside Mystery Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Seaside Mystery Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – The Next installment of The Twist?​ 

Developer: KsT Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3d game, Male protagonist, Milf, Big ass, Big tits, Character creation, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Handjob

Description Game

The Next installment of The Twist?​


Little by little the new game is growing into actual game, not just a tech demo. The main core of the game, I’d say, is almost done and at the state there it’s ready for the content to be added (like characters, story, scenes) .
The next big thing in the line is the UI after which the development of content for the game will start.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Seaside Mystery Download
Seaside Mystery Download
Seaside Mystery Download

V18.0 Changelog:

-Location update:
Walkable space has been expanded, several buildings has been added and front yard layout was changed.

-New characters:
Oliver and Juan. Two more college students has been introduced.

Progression updated.
New scenes.
New clothing, makeup, hairstyle unlocks during the progression.
After certain point of progression she will appear on the couch at the pool instead of hot tub with 50% chance.

Progression updated.
New scenes.

Progression updated.
New scenes.
Now she can appear in the shower while visiting her home.

Progression updated.
New scenes.

Technical update. Now she is converted to the optimized customization system.

-Audio update.
Now in the options audio can be adjusted separately: Ambient, effects, moans.
Also sound effects volume has been adjusted.

-Characters customization.
Color presets now will remain if you leave the customization screen. It will resets only if you leave the game.

VR controller code has been updated. Now the VR mode should be little less buggy, but VR mode is still in preview mode. Not all scenes supports VR mode yet. The number of scenes will be expanded with every update.

v0.13.1 Beta
Key features in this build:
-DLSS and FidelityFX support

It can be enabled in options menu. Please note that DLSS requires the Nvidia RTX graphics card while FidelityFX will work on both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.
-New location: Park
Currently park is just for testing purposes, there is no action yet. The park location can be unlocked at any time at the MC’s room via “Unlock cube”, later the cube will be removed and the location will be unlocked through the progression.
-New feature: “End the day”
Now there is a little icon next to “Skip time” button, clicking on it will end the day immediately.
-Peeping system reworked.
Now there are two separate bars “Danger” and “Progress”. This change will give player better understanding how long you can peep.
-Updated: Diary
New scene at the diary.
-Brenda’s progression updated.
-Emily’s progression updated.
-Janice’s progression updated.
-Michelle’s progression updated.

v0.11 Beta
-New character: Michelle Anne

Michelle Anne is another familiar face from The Twist that is coming to the game.

-New location: Old Town
The old town is a location there will find various shops, street cafes and other public encounters.

-New Phone feature: The messages
Now your phone can receive messages.

-Updated: The peeping mechanics.
The peeping mechanics has been updated.
Now then you start peeping (at the shower) the risk indicator and progress bar will appear.
How it works:
The more you lean the faster risk indicator will light up and the progress bar will move faster. If the risk indicator reaches its brightest state, you will get caught. To dim the risk indicator lean back behind the wall.

-FPS can now be enabled/disabled in the game settings.

-Brenda’s customizations is no longer in BETA state.

It will unlock only after certain point of Brenda’s progression and more customization options will be unlocking through the progression of the game.

-Several UI updates
money and current location name is displayed on the UI.
-Brenda’s progression updated.
-Emily’s progression updated.
-Npc now appears on the beach and old town.

v0.10 Beta
Key features in this build:
-New character: Professor Lin

Professor Wei Lin has been introduced to the game. You will meet her inside the college building.
-New location: College interior
College interior has been added.
-New location: The garage.
Now then you click on the garage doors outside MC’s house, you will enter the garage.
-Brenda’s progression updated.
-Brenda’s shower peeping scene updated.
-Janice’s progression updated.
-Mini game : Volleyball added.

The beach volleyball with Janice added to the beach location.
-New swimsuit for Janice added.
-Janice’s dream scene updated.

Now the dream scene is split into several parts with extra animations added.

*PLEASE NOTE! Old savegames will cause various issues, since many critical things have been changed.*

v0.07 beta.
The first beta made here!
This game has all the essential systems needed to build content, so it’s time to increase it to beta and it will be available for visitors level experts 🙂

What’s new in building this:
-Tro scene. The first part of the main intro is in the game now.
-NPC system. The first NPC character appears in the game. The NPC character means you cannot interact with them, they are here only to make the game look more alive.
You can meet the NPC character in the first intro scene (on the bus) and in college, on the bench. In the Intro scene, NPC presets are randomly arranged.
-Dream scenes. After the MC meets Janice on the road, he will get a dream at night 🙂
-Pov. This allows to change from a camera that orbits to the POV camera. This feature will only be available on certain scenes (most sex scenes) and it will be shown by the small POV icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Then you see this small icon, you can press the “C” button to switch between the camera.

This building is largely focused on testing a new camera system. The new camera follows the MC and can be done with the right mouse button. Because the new camera system requires additional work on the scene itself, currently, only available in these 3 scenes:

  • Pool (daytime)
  • Hallway (daytime)
  • Living room (daytime)

Please share your thoughts about Build this test and which camera system do you like.

Besides the camera, there are also new characters in the game. His name is Emily, he can be found reading books in the living room and in the pool.
There is a new button on the top left, it opens the “Character” window, there you can check character statistics.

Quick tip: You can customize Brenda by visiting him in the bedroom, usually he is at 10pm.

N / A.

New Game – Pre-Alpha Demo is very early

How To Install Game Seaside Mystery

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Bonus Code:
DressUp (Unlocks all characters for customizations)

Seaside Mystery Free Download


Walkthrough: DIRECT LINK



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