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Silicon Lust [v0.26b]

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Silicon Lust Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – A game from the famous creator of the WhoreCraft game series

Developer: Auril3D Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Female Protagonist, 3d game, masturbation, exhibitionism,

Description Game

A game from the famous creator of the WhoreCraft game series – Auril.
This is an erotic game about a girl who stayed home alone while her parents went on vacation. She is looking for classes to her taste.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

In this update, Kira wakes up from restless sleep on a Friday the 13th. She wants to review the night’s footage with Justin and finds out Jill has already made herself at home on Elk Street.
– Added two new scenes on Thursday – Friday
– Added support for ray tracing shadows, reflection and refraction (still in beta) (found in options menu)
– Many little changes on levels, fixed some bugs

– Minotaur Slave-scene completed
– Added two new scenes on Thursday (the most recent day)
– Added Chinese language option
– Multiple bugs fixed, thanks for reporting

Patch notes: In this update we’ll get to share Kira’s experience in the enhanced VR gaming scene, meet Justin’s most loyal friend, and get a taste of our own medicine from the neighbours.
– Justin’s dog’s model updated. The black, red eyed dog model was ditched due to it lacking features for animation.
– Added scene from “Minotaur Slave” the VR game. (Oculus not needed)
– Added scene featuring nosy neighbours
– Blackout segment should not be so overwhelmingly dark anymore
– Added UI for Kira’s phone
– Small changes multiple previous animations.

– Added two new scenes
– Updated school map
– Added missing sounds
– Fixes to model illumination in dark areas

Patch notes: In this update, we conclude Kira’s visit to her neighbors.
Thanks to Kira’s newly acquired skills with the video camera, we can now re-watch all her scenes in the gallery found on her computer. Additionally, there are improvements to the shower scene and fixes to camera focus and lighting to multiple scenes. French localisation is also updated.


  • Add the interior to the Justin trailer
  • Increase Justin and Albert’s body for a bigger one
  • Add a new clothing set to think
  • The “No” option is now available for Alice’s invitation on the morning of 3.

The last time on Jalan Deer Nymphomaniac Busty next door finally caught thinking about her forbidden pleasure between her and her brother. After the incident, Kira went to sleep by redding in his face, vowed not to indulge in voyeurism again, or at least for more hidden about it. Next Nooon, he was filled with fear when he was awakened by the doorbell.

  • Add a third day. This is triggered by observing neighbors with video cameras.
  • Add the interior right to the house next door.
  • Important: On the third day there should be wake up to the doorbell, but his voice is gone. The first goal is to answer the door.
  • On the third day there is a choice – select “Yes” because the alternative “no” has not been implemented.
    Stay here because a little surprise comes before Christmas.

In this update, Kira Braves, attic, but will he find an answer between forgotten trash? Meanwhile, the Feod neighboring family takes a turn of a stranger.

  • Added to peek at the neighboring scene in the morning
  • Attic can be accessed after the rabbit window scene
  • Add items that can be added to the attic, some with related animations (neighbors, swimming pools, cam)


  • Kira vs. Not invited guests
  • Peek at Nerd continues
  • VR Gaming.
    Lost sex sound, it will be added for the next update.


  • Add new day and night lighting settings
  • Men’s room scene has been enlarged
  • Kirak received the second shipping
  • Other visits from nosy neighbors
  • things become agile after dark at home next door
  • more strange events around the house

N / A.

First launch

How To Install Game Silicon Lust

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Silicon Lust Free Download






  1. This version v0.25b is for my PC like FurMark. There is no FPS limiter? I have two 360mm radiators and still my rtx 3070 heat up to 90` and then crash 😀 Wow. I didn´t have this issue with previous version0.24. which have more settings for video.

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