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Star Knightess Aura [v0.11.0]


Download Star Knightess Aura Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Star Knightess Aura Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya.

Developer: aura-dev – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2d game, adventure, big tits, fantasy, female protagonist, ntr, turn based combat, rpg, text based, paranormal, mind control, corruption, drugs, sexual harassment

Description Game

Follow the aura adventure when he was pushed into the world of Fantasy Roya. What was originally he believed to take part in conventional plotlines “called to another” -story quickly turned into his worst dream. Damned by the devil king, the aura now has to fight every night to track the nimis and finally hit him.

But his enemies not only lurked in Roya. After entering his mind through the curse of Demon King, another enemy tried to brainwash and a corrupt aura from within. Faced with a two-branch attack on his body and mind, can aura complete his worst enemy without losing him?

Star Knightess Aura is RPG with NSFW erotic content, made with MZ RPG maker. This game displays the theme of corruption, brainwashing, mental change, ownership, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Star Knightess Aura
Download Star Knightess Aura
Download Star Knightess Aura
Changelog 0.9.2 (13.08.2021)

  • Added Rose standing images


  • No changes


  • Fixed typos and editorial improvments
  • Fixed some passability issues in Barracks underground dungeon

Changelog 0.9.1 (07.08.2021)

  • Implemented Story Mode
  • Implemented Hide Text plugin to hide message boxes via rightclick / or “H” button
  • Added send to Clear Room at current end of festival
  • Added meta information to self made plugins (version, license, link to gitlab)
  • Generalized event for lighting light sources
  • Improved positioning of well water bucket in Riverflow


  • Increased Max MP gain from Mana Capacity training at spellshop to 8
  • Increased Max MP gain from enhancing with Mutated Spores to 10
  • Increased Max HP gain from enhancing with Living Heart to 20
  • Increased Max HP and Corruption gain from drinking Sweet Memories Drug to 15 and 2
  • Improved an ambush path in Norhern Forest of Runes


  • Fixed typos and editorial improvments
  • Fixed passability issues in new maps
  • Fixed teleport positions when revieweing lewd scenes
  • Fixed being able to view “Tutoring Alicia 5” before “Going Home With Alicia 4”
  • Fixed soft-lock when not talking to Demon Worshipper at underground dungeon before Confrontation With Demonworshippers
  • Fixed double dialogue when talking to Edwin
  • Fixed consuming Sweet Memories Drug increasing HP when consumed by someone besides Aura
  • Fixed storage tunnel bandits counting towards necessary bandit kills to free refugee at bandit hideout
  • Fixed summoned Mature Spides never using Web skill
  • Fixed some missing or wrong names in text boxes of intro

Changelog 0.8.0 (26.06.2021)

  • Added mental changes for unlocking computer and uninstalling FunMaker
  • Added mental changes for removing braids
  • Added scene “Sexual Harrassment 1”
  • Added scene “Aura Reading 2”
  • Added scene “Tutoring Alicia 4”
  • Added scene “Aura Going Home Alone 3”
  • Added scene “Aura Late to School 1”
  • Added scene “Removing Braids 1”
  • Added scene “Removing Braids 2”
  • Added scene “Removing Braids 3”
  • Added scene “Removing Braids 4”
  • Added lewd scene “Maid Job 2”
  • Added event for meeting with Desmond
  • Added event for reporting investigation results to Desmond
  • Added event for meeting Julian in underground dungeon in barracks
  • Added quest stub “Locate the Abductees”
  • Added tunnel dungeon connecting bandit camp and Trademond
  • Scripted system for resisting status effects a limited number of times per day
  • Added skill “Tenacity I”
  • Added option to learn Tenacity I from Julian
  • Integrated FSM tileset
  • Improved mapping of Trademond
  • Improved mapping of Refugee Camp
  • Improved mapping of Riverflow
  • Improved mapping of Atac
  • Implemented non-corrupt path to gaining entry to Arwin’s study
  • Implemented investigating Arwin’s study
  • Scripted dialogue for Desmond and his thugs
  • Added item “Poison Coating”
  • Scripted unlocking Poison Coating at worshop level 5 at Alchemist
  • Added POISON resistance to vermin- and demon-type enemies
  • Increased victory score max to 24
  • Increased mental changes max to 28
  • Paper stack in Aura’s home turns into a magazine stack after “Aura Going Home Alone 3” and “Aura Late to School 1”
  • Integrated Aura Maid Uniform into Maid Job lewd scenes
  • Added corruption passive “But It’s So Cute!”
  • Upgraded to RPGMMZ 1.3.1


  • POISONED now only lasts for 3 turns
  • Reduced base price of Blessed Water to 100G but increased it’s price for every day by 2
  • Reduced POISONED damage to 10% per turn


  • Fixed inconvenient display location of Aura image in Alchemist lewd scene
  • Fixed visual glitch with hole in bandit storage tunnel
  • Fixed incorrect interaction with shoe shelf after mental change
  • Fixed typo in Alicia and Rose mental world scene
  • Fixed Forest of Runes being populated before map transition
  • Fixed EXHAUST state being incorrect added when Rampage I is used as last skill
  • Fixed various dialogue issues when mixing up orders between Sick Workers / Locate The Abductees / Maid Job 1-2

How To Install Game Star Knightess Aura

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Star Knightess Aura Free Download

Android: MEGA

Walkthrough: GDRIVE



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