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Download Star Knightess Aura Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Star Knightess Aura Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya.

Developer: aura-dev – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2d game, adventure, big tits, fantasy, female protagonist, ntr, turn based combat, rpg, text based, paranormal, mind control, corruption, drugs, sexual harassment

Description Game

Follow the aura adventure when he was pushed into the world of Fantasy Roya. What was originally he believed to take part in conventional plotlines “called to another” -story quickly turned into his worst dream. Damned by the devil king, the aura now has to fight every night to track the nimis and finally hit him.

But his enemies not only lurked in Roya. After entering his mind through the curse of Demon King, another enemy tried to brainwash and a corrupt aura from within. Faced with a two-branch attack on his body and mind, can aura complete his worst enemy without losing him?

Star Knightess Aura is RPG with NSFW erotic content, made with MZ RPG maker. This game displays the theme of corruption, brainwashing, mental change, ownership, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Star Knightess Aura
Download Star Knightess Aura
Download Star Knightess Aura

0.43.0 (31.05.2024)

  • Added H-CGs Hallway Bullying 7
  • Added H-CGs Infilitrating Cheerleaders 6
  • Added Slutty Bikini Character Art
  • Added Pink Highlights Character Art
  • Added Alicia pixel artwork
  • Added mental change Purpose Question
  • Added mental change Pink Highlights
  • Added mental change Weakness Hate 2
  • Added mental change Corrupt Kindness Orb 2
  • Added mental change Insert Assertiveness Orb 2
  • Added mental change Superiority II
  • Added mental change Slutty Bikini Underwear
  • Added lewd scene Late Night Sex With Richard 1
  • Added lewd scene Late Night Sex with Richard 2
  • Added scene Hanging Out At Richards 2
  • Added scene Hanging Out At Richards 3
  • Added scene Going To Hair Salon 8
  • Added scene Dating Richard 6
  • Added scene Social Ranking 1
  • Added scene Social Ranking 2
  • Added scene Social Ranking 3
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 3
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 4
  • Added scene Lewd Streaming 6
  • Added scene Dating Richard 7
  • Added scene Social Order Ranking 4
  • Added scene Social Order Ranking 5
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 5
  • Added lewd scene Lewd Streaming 7
  • Added scene Wanting To Be A Model 8
  • Added scene Slutty Bikini Underwear 1
  • Added lewd scene Lady Charlotte 1
  • Added quest stub Demon-cracy
  • Added secondary lewd check after losing to toll bandits for blowjob scene
  • Added Submission tag to Richard Social Entry
  • Improved option description of External Save Directory option
  • Added lewd passive Life’s Purpose: Pleasure Seeker
  • Added sensitivity/fetish desire passives
  • Added Charlotte passive Chest Bloom I
  • Added locations to compendium
  • Increased max mental changes to 158


  • Gave Toll Bandit Leader 1 time per battle use Aphrodisiac Bomb
  • Changed Curiosity to give strong WP loss until Desire is developed and extra sensitivity/fetish point even for non-pink version
  • Decreased Mantrap HP from 1800 to 1500 and make swamp enemy attack patterns more deterministic
  • Improved enemy placement in Persephone Domain


  • Fix typos
  • Fixed visual glitches in Hanging Out With Richard 3
  • Fixed missing Dating Richard 6 recollection crystal
  • Fixed invisible Richard in Dating Richard 2
  • Moved Ray Social Entry to Refugee Camp Location
  • Fixed incorrect Flooded Vault Location unlock in Compendium
  • Fixed Mantrap gluttonous trait having no effect
  • Fixed vulgar keyword typo
  • Fixed interaction between Mantraps and Flash Bomb
  • Added missing Winterfall teleport to compendium
  • Fixed mapping issues in Mount Firestorm and Richard Domain
  • Fixed Richard Attraction Memory not being marked as available mental change
  • Fixed incorrect social compendium entries
  • Fixed Mountainreach appearing in social compendium before unlocking it
  • Fixed mice having same as characters priority
  • Fixed Rose Bond not applying when reading a lewd book

0.42.3 (17.05.2024)


  • Fixed public typos
  • Fixed residual hex highlight when cancelling battle submenus
  • Fixed skill and item window hit areas being too low down
  • Fixed Alchemist lewd choice showing 1 for requirement instead of variable 562
  • Fixed being able to read books on the day Rampaging Golem starts

0.42.2 (10.05.2024)

  • Expanded Social Compendium with additional NPCs
  • Added location and additional walking image functionality to compendium


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed off-by-one in Tutored By George 3 check for Tests Are Out 6
  • Fixed missing dialogue for repeat talking to Roland before joining the Adventurer Guild
  • Fixed books once and for all for all times forever
  • Fixed BGM not changing when entering Lord Trademond’s mansion from Roya map
  • Fixed Paul and Paulina logic errors
  • Fixed crash from nonexistent images trying to preload in Steam version

0.42.1 (03.05.2024)


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed Unearth option at Jacob’s house available before unlocking quest
  • Fixed books still not targeting correct actor under some circumstances
  • Fixed auto-corrupt on indecency not triggering properly
  • Fixed Power of the Horse tags showing MATK instead of ATK
  • Fixed Victor blocking Desmond if A Just Reward and Meeting Victor trigger at the same time
  • Fixed sexual subcategory icons staying on screen after navigating to other categories in compendium
  • Fixed Aura standing image remaining after Hermann wedding sex if day continues after first sex
  • Fixed interpreter issues when loading saved choice lists
  • Fixed interaction between forced lewd event and Mountainreach church teleport
  • Fixed max vice being 25 instead of 29

0.42.0a (27.04.2024)


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed Aura not getting Submission Fantasies
  • Fixed missing condition allowing Tutoring to trigger before Infiltration
  • Fixed incorrect learning time increases

0.42.0 (26.04.2024)

  • Added George maid costume
  • Added Lord Trademond 1 H-CGs
  • Added Lord Trademond 2 H-CGs
  • Added Brothel Customer 2 H-CGs Variations
  • Added Tutored by Richard 5 H-CG Variations
  • Added character asset sexual underwear
  • Added character asset slutty clothing
  • Added mental change Superiority 1
  • Added mental change Implant Modeling Knowledge
  • Added mental change Slutty Clothes
  • Added mental change Corrupt Selflessness Orb 2
  • Added mental change insert corrupted Selfishness Orb 2
  • Added quest Rotten Love
  • Added scene Dating Richard 2
  • Added scene Dating Richard 3
  • Added scene Dating Richard 4
  • Added scene Dating Richard 5
  • Added scene Wanting To Be A Model 6
  • Added scene Wanting To Be A Model 7
  • Added scene Lewd Streaming 4
  • Added scene Lewd Streaming 5
  • Added scene Lunchbreak 9
  • Added lewd scene Infiltrating Cheerleaders 6
  • Added scene Infiltrating Cheerleaders 7
  • Added scene George and Veronica 3
  • Added lewd scene George and Veronica 4
  • Added scene George and Veronica 5
  • Added scene George and Veronica 6
  • Added scene Cheating on George 5
  • Added scene Being Lazy 1
  • Added scene Being Lazy 2
  • Added scene Lewd Thoughts 6
  • Added lewd scene Hanging Out At Richard’s 1
  • Added scene Hooking Up Elizabeth 5
  • Added scene Hooking Up Elizabeth 6
  • Added lewd scene Tutored By Richard 5
  • Added lewd scene Tutored By Richard 6
  • Added map Persephone Domain
  • Added map Hermit interior with Vice chest for Mana Catalyst
  • Expanded Social Category in Compendium to include Roya locations
  • Added Slutty Clothing pixel costume
  • Added passive Sex Duties of a Demon Queen I
  • Added passive Lazy I/II
  • Added passive Beauty Sleep Is Important
  • Added passive Learning Skills Sucks
  • Added lewd passive Submission Fantasies
  • Added lewd passive skill Modeling Proficiency I
  • Made slight alteration to Alchemist apprentice interaction
  • Added item “Mutated Skin”
  • Implemented cursor blink effect in windows that currently lack one
  • Implemented walking character for selected save file
  • Added critters into Poison Swamp map
  • Reworked Recess in Nothing But The Truth to cause a day end and let the player resume when they can pass the Vice check to commit to a route
  • Expanded Francois pure path brothel scene
  • Added Handsome tag to select enemies
  • Added infamy 10 event Meeting Victor
  • Added boss Persephone
  • Added Expert Rank upgrade option
  • Added clearing bridge bandits to requirements for unlocking Poison Swamp
  • Increased max mental changes to 151
  • Increased max killed bosses to 113


  • Changed Mutated Serpent drop to Mutated Skin
  • Add autoskill Flight to Scorpion Bees
  • Gave Mantraps adds
  • Added Cycle of Life and Gluttonous trait to Mantraps
  • Increased Scorpion Bee HP
  • Increased Swamp Constrictor def
  • Gave Swamp Constrictors skill Wrap
  • Replaced Prime Fangs and just have a double attack for Mantraps/Serpent
  • Increased Mantrap HP
  • Changed Temperance II Auto-Corrupt condition from Rising Heat to Lewdness >= 40
  • Doubled effectiveness of Rising Heat I/II/III


  • Fixed typos
  • Disabled save naming due to too many unsresolved bugs
  • Fixed missing restore opacity after George And Veronica 5
  • Fixed Rotten Love loop when talking to Elaine while in Chapter 1
  • Fixed Victor available before introduction event
  • Fixed sv_actors playing idle motions when under timestop (only visible on slime)
  • Fixed save list characters disappearing when dragging mouse
  • Fixed Paulina gaining Maid Score after killing Asmodeus
  • Fixed incorrect mention of black priestess info when interacting with northern mines anchor without talking to black priestess
  • Fixed turn-end damage not showing popups

0.41.0-prerelease-3 (15.03.2024)

  • Added Paulina Training 1-4 H-CGs
  • Added lewd scene Full Service Job 3
  • Added lewd scene Full Service Job 4
  • Added lewd scene Lord Trademond 1 (High Obedience)
  • Added lewd scene Lord Trademond 2 (Low Obedience)
  • Added lewd scene Lord Trademond 2 (High Obedience)
  • Added quest stub “Poison Swamp”
  • Added curriculum poster in Magic Academy base floor


  • None


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed Evolved Sahaking not displaying pack leader trait
  • Fixed Lightning Jam Coating tags not reflecting mat bonus change
  • Fixed killed bosses variable going up by 2 instead of 1 in Trademond Tunnel slime battle
  • Fixed incorrect condition for lacking Paul dialogue in Crystal Caves Vault
  • Fix being unable to read Tenacity II if player previously selected a companion with less than 300 HP in the menu
  • Fix Sahagin in troop 245 not having Sluggish trait
  • Fix Roland adoration check in Luck Professor debate options working the wrong way round
  • Fix Queen Slime small slimes transforming into the wrong enemy ID
  • Fix Obedient Maid showing NaN values if the player has not saved yet

0.40.0 (23.02.2024)

  • Added Maid Training 4 H-CGs
  • Added Gyaru Laura Character Artwork
  • Added lewd scene Hallway Bullying 6
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 3
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 4
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 1
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 2
  • Added scene Hallway Bullying 7
  • Added scene Sexual Harrassment 3
  • Added map Maid Academy Upper Floor
  • Added map Richard Domain 2 – Wrath
  • Added boss battle Demon General Asmodeus
  • Added boss Sathanas reencounter
  • Implemented sneak mini puzzle Maid Academy North Wing
  • Implemented Maid Academy Graduation
  • Improved Magic Academy teachers to only enable options the player can select
  • Added minor text extensions to Paulina Training 3 and 4
  • Implemented generic logic to handle updating active enhance or stance skills when learning the next rank
  • Changed stance and enhance skills activate from the list like autospells without requiring actor selection
  • Handle case of killing Sathanas before meeting him at Draknor Fortress
  • Implemented gaining more Magic Thread after initial graduation
  • Updated Paulina location after Paulina submission
  • Updated Hermann wedding based on Paulina submission
  • Updated Reverse Summoning Ritual based on Paulina submission
  • Updated Paulina Adventurer Guild world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Albrecht Speech world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Hermann Marriage world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Reverse Summoning Ritual world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Hunting a Demon King world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Handled case of ending patronage when Paulina returned to being Paul
  • Added obstacle in Maid Academy to enter Upper Floor from Hidden Room
  • Turned Library 1 Schrödinger’s Cat punishment joke into bullying foreshadowing
  • Added special clear state for recollection room crystals indicating that they have been done in the current playthrough
  • Removed page up and page down buttons in save menu when using a mobile device
  • Increased max killed bosses to 112


  • Added perk to destroy minor obstacles with Rampage II to at >= 60 ATK
  • Reduced obstacle level for greed chests to 25
  • Added Infamy to Paulina corruption decisions
  • Added HP cost to Break Bondage skill and make Libidas give MDEF, DEF buffs as well as HP regen
  • Gave Lilim+ Tenacity I and have Overpollination give Resistance to Light like Obscurum
  • Reduced Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +4 and Blessed Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +6
  • Added +2 ATK to Draconic Scales
  • Increased HEAL RATE reduction from POISON from 50% to 75%
  • Limited Workshop cost increase on Hard+ to Enhancements
  • Reduced MATK boost from CONCENTRATION to 75%


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed variant drugs not being usable in John Rising
  • Fixed status scene causing a stack overflow with multiple party members
  • Fixed z-ordering issues from * tile and event character interactions
  • Fixed save menu showing variable IDs instead of values for stats
  • Fixed game crash when ExtraWindows plugin is turned off
  • Fixed Passion getting Exhausted instead of Animated Robe in troop 447
  • Fixed skill text in compendium being able to overlap traits
  • Fixed John Rising incense lure not removing drugs
  • Fixed viewed scene script lines being in the wrong part of their events
  • Fixed battle crash when pressing left on skill list
  • Fixed blue crystal appearing instead of white under some circumstances in recollection rooms
  • Fixed Lewd Streaming 3 having incorrect variable assignments in recollection room
  • Fixed Roland forced quests not leading to lewd scene afterwards
  • Fixed infinite lewd scene loop in some circumstances
  • Fixed Paulina still being interactable in adventurer guild when invisible
  • Fixed duplicate Letter of Recommendation if killing Asmodeus after graduating maid academy
  • Fixed missing speaker portraits in intro
  • Fixed Jelly Jam not restocking at Verdeaux merchant
  • Fixed detection check in Trademond Congregation
  • Fixed Aura portrait remaining after Nothing But The Truth evidence check
  • Fixed Bondage Fibers remaining after Asmodeus fight
  • Fixed remaining minor missing Paulina dialogue variations in Reverse Summoning Ritual

0.39.0 (26.01.2023)

  • Added Laura character artwork
  • Added Paulina Maid character artwork
  • Added Maid Training 3 H-CGs
  • Added Lewd Streaming 3 H-CGs
  • Added lewd scene Maid Training 3
  • Added lewd scene Maid Training 4
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 1
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 2
  • Added scene Homework Project 6
  • Added scene Homework Project 7
  • Added mental change Corrupt Diligence Orb 2
  • Added mental change insert corrupted Deliquence Orb 2
  • Added mental change Weakness Hate 1
  • Added map Richard’s Domain first level
  • Added map Maid Academy North Wing
  • Added map Maid Academy Hidden Room
  • Added passive “The Strong Stand Above The Weak”
  • Implemented new android port
  • Set fast-forward on Android to enter SKIP mode
  • Implemented NEW marker in item and skill menu
  • Move Maid Academy unlock to finding James documents
  • Expanded Maid Academy with additional NPCs
  • Implemented Womb of Lust completed version and add it upon completing all 4 maid trainings
  • Implemented Swap UI for circle navigation #5167 (Thanks to Gaurav)
  • Implemented analytics tracking of item spending
  • Implemented analytics tracking of gold spending via resource events
  • Auto-applied “no backward when moving randomly” behavior to all detectors instead of using tags
  • Improved android external saves stability
  • Improved parallel execution of android external save file system operations
  • Implemented display of loading effect when waiting for external save export/import to finish
  • Implemented event Bringing Party to Richard’s Anchor
  • Implemented event meeting Richard in Domain Level 1
  • Added red fog effect into demonic domains
  • Implemented analytics scene
  • Implemented Paulina Maid Score
  • Added puzzle hints to office for Nothing But The Truth
  • Added Luciela hints during trial for Nothing But The Truth
  • Changed promise skill learning text for day 1 to say Aura begins training instead of continues
  • Improved new marker and make it a toggle option
  • Upgraded to RPGMaker 1.8.0
  • Increased max mental changes 144


  • Reduced Air Bubble I and II MDEF requirements to 40 and 60
  • Reduced stats of base Hi-Greed and Hi-Wrath Demon
  • Upgraded Acid Bomb x 1 in Mount Firestorm Caves 1 to Acid Bomb+ x 1
  • Replaced Acid Bomb x 2 in Mount Firestorm Caves 4 with Stasis Bomb+ x 3


  • Fixed typos (Thanks to Kytt)
  • Fixed event-based states overriding limited resists
  • Fixed incorrect TLB alias in advanced_states
  • Fixed android saves disappearing when not restarting when turning off external saves
  • Fixed Tenacity not working properly
  • Fixed Maid Training 4 giving 25 maid score instead of 30
  • Fixed Maid Academy negative energy scene repeating if you leave and come back
  • Fixed Delinquency Orb 2 being corruptible in Chapter 2
  • Fixed issue with skills and items disappearing in battle lists when scrolling with touch input
  • Fixed quests that get added to the log if they are undefined failing after saves
  • Fixed New marker show option reverting to true when the game is started
  • Fixed wrong Jellyfish being enhanced in Lamia troop
  • Fixed Greater Salamander missing an enhancement battle event
  • Fixed Hi-Aethon refined nose reveal having the wrong enemy ID
  • Fixed Bloodshot Eyes[22] lasting 15 turns
  • Fixed bestiary resetting if not skipping intro in NG+
  • Fixed skill selection window no longer showing for John Rising
  • Fixed Paul’s Soul-Contract not updating name when cursed
  • Fixed passable wall in Arwin Cellar
  • Fixed cliff passability issue in Winterfall

How To Install Game Star Knightess Aura

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Star Knightess Aura Free Download


Walkthrough: GDRIVE


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