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Download Star Knightess Aura Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Star Knightess Aura Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya.

Developer: aura-dev – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2d game, adventure, big tits, fantasy, female protagonist, ntr, turn based combat, rpg, text based, paranormal, mind control, corruption, drugs, sexual harassment

Description Game

Follow the aura adventure when he was pushed into the world of Fantasy Roya. What was originally he believed to take part in conventional plotlines “called to another” -story quickly turned into his worst dream. Damned by the devil king, the aura now has to fight every night to track the nimis and finally hit him.

But his enemies not only lurked in Roya. After entering his mind through the curse of Demon King, another enemy tried to brainwash and a corrupt aura from within. Faced with a two-branch attack on his body and mind, can aura complete his worst enemy without losing him?

Star Knightess Aura is RPG with NSFW erotic content, made with MZ RPG maker. This game displays the theme of corruption, brainwashing, mental change, ownership, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Star Knightess Aura
Download Star Knightess Aura
Download Star Knightess Aura

0.34.0 (25.08.2023)

  • Added Wearing Richards Ring H-CGs
  • Added Soap Job 1 + 2 H-CGs
  • Added lewd scene Rose Seduced by Richard 8
  • Added lewd scene Lewd Streaming 2
  • Added scene Infiltrating Cheerleaders 4
  • Added scene Hooking up Elizabeth 3
  • Added scene Hooking Up Elizabeth 4
  • Added scene Tutored By Richard 4
  • Added scene Lewd Streaming 1
  • Added mental change Install Lewd Streaming
  • Added map Heavenly Path 1
  • Added boss Gluttoney & Envy Demon Generals
  • Added boss Fire-Duelist Lara
  • Added boss Knight-Duelist Francis
  • Added boss Misfortune
  • Added boss fight Darry & Barry+
  • Implemented custom Bless Menu
  • Implemented custom Crafting Menu
  • Implemented option to gift companions books
  • Implemented option to gift companion consumeable items
  • Remapped Entertainment Den map
  • Implemented scene Start Reverse Ritual Summon
  • Implemented remaining rescuable prisoners
  • Implemented finishing quest City of Envy and Gluttony
  • Implemented Eligoss, Balor and Astaroth gluttony absorption
  • Implemented state update in Winterfall after defeating demon generals
  • Gave Hi-Demon Beelzebub damage skill scaling on number of Cursed Gourmet Meat
  • Enabled souldust based respawn on death during reverse summoning ritual
  • Added companion book progress to update messages
  • Increased max killed bosses to 102
  • Increased max mental changes to 128


  • Increased number of obtained ropes from stealing to 5
  • Gave Brittle II auto skill ability
  • Removed -4 DEF debuff from Platform Heel Transformation and make knowing Seductive Stance II negate the AGI debuff


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed SAVE and RESTORE costume common events not being capable of handling nested costume changes
  • Fixed not being able to perform item locked actions because of Blessed, +, etc modifiers
  • Fixed bomb areas that don’t use the obstacle choices plugin
  • Fixed Elite Soldier Raging on attack
  • Fixed wrong enemies being enhanced in second Barry and Darry fight
  • Fixed incorrect companion names being shown when gifting books
  • Fixed companions being unable to read Reading Proficiency book
  • Fixed Paul(ina)’s gift option being in a different choice index to the others
  • Fixed missing encounter check for sending to docks for male inn prisoners in rooms
  • Fixed missing crystal mines teleport functionality
  • Fixed James using contract after slaying Leviathan
  • Fixed issue with reading books
  • Fixed vitality potion event in Nephlune Underground
  • Fixed Hooking Up Elizabeth 4 not getting unlocked in clear room
  • Fixed lewd events with doubled stat increases
  • Fixed wounded adventurer looping and crashing the game
  • Fixed book crash issues
  • Fixed incorrect speaker when arriving at Northern Mines
  • Fixed duplicate quest objective in Luck Professor vice option
  • Fixed broken rope and chain tiles in festival tileset
  • Fixed teaching lewdness to First Mate’s wife not resetting Womb of Lust
  • Fixed wrong stat shown in First Mate wife choice and no non-lewdness leave option
  • Fixed dynamically-generated text not being added to the Backlog
  • Fixed incorrect vice increase variable in Rampaging Golem event
  • Fixed incorrect Bonding with Slime scene number in recollection crystal
  • Fixed dialogue about open domain spell being displayed even when Open Domain I is not known

 0.33.0 (28.07.2023)

  • Integrated updated John character artwork
  • Integrated updated Desmond character artwork
  • Added H-CGs for Full Service Job 1
  • Added H-CGs for Full Service Job 2
  • Added lewd scene Slime Bonding 2
  • Added lewd scene Slime Bonding 3
  • Added scene Rose Infiltrating Cheerleaders 3
  • Added scene Going To Hair Salon 6
  • Added scene Going To Hair Salon 7
  • Added scene Night Club 5
  • Added memory First Place At National Exams
  • Added mental change change interactions with richard in first place with national exams memory
  • Added quest “Entertainment Magic”
  • Added slime summoner club NPCs
  • Added Astaroth Domain
  • Added Eligos Domain
  • Added Balor Domain
  • Added boss demon Astaroth
  • Added boss demon Eligos
  • Added boss demon Balor
  • Added map stubs for Entertainment Den
  • Added missing Pacify II skill to Magic Academy and option to learn Pacify I
  • Added skill Summon Slime II
  • Added skill Morph: Earth
  • Added skills Bonding II and III
  • Created tag or special random move command for enemies with random movement that prohibits moving backwards except if necessary
  • Implemented duplicate Attack skills for non-dark element attacks
  • Implemented objective to talk to party about Reverse Summoning Ritual
  • Added some of the remaining rescueable prisoners
  • Major refactoring of book events
  • Increased max mental changes to 127
  • Increased max defeated bosses to 97


  • Equiped Hunger fragment with Primal Hunger skill
  • Increase Congregation Vice chest to 3000 Gold
  • Removed corruption gain from taking keys for vice chests
  • Increased vice chest reward in Lord Nephlune mansion to 4000 Gold
  • Increased ATK check for Nephlune Vice chest to 45 ATK
  • Reduced required Trust for learning Shadowcloak I and Horror I to 50
  • Reduced Ogre King HP by 500
  • Reduced Corruption gain from Maleficum back to 2


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed various glitches in First Sex With George Memory
  • Added migration rule to gain Feed skill
  • Fixed broken slay demon objective in Winterfall quest
  • Fixed slime bonding 2 being called in slime bonding 3 recollection entry
  • Fixed incorrect level check to start Bonding 3
  • Fixed Summon Slime II MP cost being the same as rank I
  • Fixed Skillbook: Bomb Proficiency II using The Art of Tremor’s progress variable
  • Fixed crash when Copy Resistances is used by Slime is in party
  • Fixed Tongue of Envy disabling non-lewd martials at non-zero willpower
  • Fixed incorrect jump move in Eligos domain
  • Fixed incorrect characters displayed in Congregation after Rampaging Golem quest
  • Fixed White Priestess Bless removing Cursed Gourmet Meat
  • Fixed Balor resistance and stat reversion not working
  • Fixed number popup on “Leave” option in cheat console
  • Fixed map passability errors
  • Fixed Medium Thunder Slime learning Thunderbolt I again on level 10 instead of Thunderbolt II
  • Fixed Roland telling Aura to strip in roland3
  • Fixed Small Slime powering up twice at 25% HP
  • Fixed George portrait not appearing during going_to_hair_salon scene
  • Fixed not being able to save Lord Winterfall
  • Fixed persistent state icons always appearing on Aura

0.32.0-Prerelease 1-4 (23.06.2023)

  • Added map Winterfall Church Interior
  • Added map Winterfall Congregation Interior
  • Added map Winterfall Inn
  • Added winterfall caves encounters and loot
  • Changed prostitute hairstyle to Open hair style
  • Added sample prisoners to save
  • Implemented option to poison demon worshipper food
  • Added curse Tongue of Envy
  • Appied improvements to Roland belt position in CGs
  • Increased max killed bosses to 92
  • Added Prostitute costume
  • Added mental change “Corrupt First Sex With George Memory”
  • Added scene “Unsexy Times With George 3”
  • Added scene “Aura Streaming 2”
  • Applied skill list skin from the Skills menu to the NG+ skill selection menu
  • Removed animation wait delay in AoE attacks
  • Added Loveley Degredation lewd soundtrack
  • Increased max mental changes to 125
  • Added scene Night Club 4
  • Added quest stub “City of Envy and Gluttony”
  • Added map Winterfall City
  • Added map Winterfall Caves
  • Added curse Stomach of Gluttony
  • Added boss Demonic Knightess of Envy
  • Improved battle flow
  • Increased max killed bosses to 90
  • Added mental change “Reduce Sexual Compatibility George 1”
  • Added mental change “Reduce Sexual Compatibility George 2”
  • Added scene “Tutored By Richard 2”
  • Added scene “Tutored By Richard 3”
  • Added scene “Attending Classes 4”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richards Ring 1”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richard’s Ring 2”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richard’s Ring 3”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richard’s Ring 4”
  • Added scene “Unsexy Times With George 1”
  • Added scene “Unsexy Times With George 2”
  • Increased max mental changes to 124


  • Increased price of Emerald Leaf to 135 Gold
  • Increased gold loot for Winterfall corpses
  • Changed Blessed Water to increase in Value instead of Price
  • Give POISON ability to negate 50% healing
  • Increased HP of Dragon Firestorm to 12000
  • Increased POISON duration for Poison Coating to 4
  • Increased POISON duration for Blessed Poison Coating to 6


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed 4-line willpower tutorial message
  • Fixed Fulfillment+ having same effect as Fulfillment
  • Fixed incorrect interests book check in Estrangement Drain
  • Fixed Duel state not reapplying with using Remove Collar in Intermediate Adventurer duel
  • Fixed Slime Summoner not having boss collapse effect
  • Fixed typo in Sick Workers quest objective
  • Fixed typos in prerelease content
  • Fixed crash when using multi attacks
  • Fixed Night Club 4 not getting unlocked in Recollection Room
  • Fixed George standing image not disappearing after he goes home in Unsexy Times with George 2
  • Fixed typos in prerelease content
  • Fixed corpse glitch
  • Fixed wrongful chase trigger in Winterfall
  • Fixed George standing image glitch in Night Club 4
  • Fixed missplaced lower rope event
  • Fixed resists not working against states of the same category
  • Fixed water passability in Winterfall caves
  • Fixed Rose character sprite in scenes not changing to gyaru sprite
  • Fixed missing adult options read in Unsexy Times With George

 0.31.0 (26.05.2023)

  • Added Special Study I H-CGs
  • Added Special Study II H-CGs
  • Added Special Study III H-CGs
  • Added Roland 1/2 H-CGs
  • Added Masturbating 4 and 7 H-CGs
  • Added Paul and Paulina character artworks
  • Added IRL blonde Aura artworks
  • Added lewd scene “Roland 3”
  • Added lewd scene “Roland 4”
  • Added lewd scene “Roland 5”
  • Added lewd scene “Roland 6”
  • Added lewd scene “Roland 7”
  • Added lewd scene “Roland 8”
  • Added mental change “Improve memory of Alicia and Aura reunion”
  • Added mental change Insert Alicia into Evening Relationship
  • Added mental change Socializing 3
  • Added mental change Blonde Hair
  • Added scene “Veronica and George 1”
  • Added scene “Veronica and George 2”
  • Added scene “Night Club 1”
  • Added scene “Night Club 2”
  • Added scene “Night Club 3”
  • Added scene “Going To Hair Salon 5”
  • Added repeat Night Club event based on progression of main Night Club event line
  • Added quest “Luck Is Also A Skill”
  • Added dungeon Mount Firestorm Caves 3
  • Added dungeon Mount Firestorm Caves 4
  • Added boss Phoenix
  • Added super boss Dragon Firestorm
  • Added boss Thunder-Duelist Rene
  • Added debuff Tired
  • Added item Hyperreaction Drug
  • Added item Formula: Hyperreaction Drug+
  • Supported elemental drain type resistance
  • Simplified Happiness room mental changes
  • Refactord handling of on-day start lewd action
  • Applied promise training refactoring for magic academy to other skills
  • Made disclaimer skip work with touch input
  • Show objective update for every freed abductee in Price of Freedom
  • Registered new Roland events in Masturbation Is Not Enough start
  • Added Remove Collar option to cheat Jump Points
  • Added passive Turned On By Committing Evil
  • Added fangirl reactions when progressing Roland
  • Added afterimage effect when using Step of the rat on-map
  • Added CG markers for Special Study Roland scenes
  • Added CG markers for Roland 1/2
  • Increased max Vice to 20
  • Increased max mental changes to 122
  • Increased max defeated bosses to 89


  • Gave Pyroflower, Greater Salamander, Waterspirit and Hi-Aethon drain resistance
  • Added +1 Alicia Relationship to Doubting Rose 2
  • Added +1 Alicia Relation to Evening Chat 2 and set minimum for Going Home to -55
  • Disabled heat damage in Auto-Skill Turn 0
  • Changed extra willpower malus from Evil Can Be Good to apply to Low Vice actions instead of High Vice Actions
  • Auto-applied Masturbation Is Not Enough after experiencing sex for the first time
  • Reduced Corruption costs of Temperance orb by 1 per orgasm (Min .1)
  • Reduced Corruption reduction for Selflessness orb past by 1 per 1 Vice past 10 Vice
  • Reduced Corruption reduction for Diligence orb past by 1 per 1 Vice past 5 Vice


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed inaccessible event page in injustice drain
  • Fixed incorrect speaker during infiltrating cheerleaders makeover
  • Fixed Seductive Stance issue
  • Fixed that saving during a scene and then loading said save restores the script to the point after making the save
  • Fixed happiness room issues
  • Fixed self switch mismatch in self-acknowledgement generator
  • Fixed missing switches for Roland scenes
  • Fixed black screen while accessing backlog on Android
  • Fixed missing closing brackets in recollection character restoration
  • Fixed missing BGS fadeout in Roland 8
  • Fixed incorrect data used in certain obstacle choices
  • Fixed HUD battlers not updating after unsummoning Slime
  • Fixed incorrect flavour on sack in northern mines area 4
  • Fixed noTeleport flag not resetting if Arwin’s maid still has luck book

0.30.0 (28.04.2023)

  • Added Homewrecking 3 H-CGs
  • Added Charlotte character artwork
  • Added dungeon Mount Firestorm Caves 1
  • Added map Main Cathedral
  • Added quest stub “Reverse Summoning Ritual”
  • Added scene “Vulgar Language 1”
  • Added scene “George Nickname 1”
  • Added scene “Hallway Bullying 5”
  • Added scene “Library Club 9”
  • Added scene “Homework Project 5”
  • Added scene “Rose Infiltrating Cheerleading Club 1”
  • Added scene “Rose Infiltrating Cheerleaders 2”
  • Added scene “Bad Guys Meetup 3”
  • Added scene “Aura Masturbating 5”
  • Added scene “Aura Masturbating 6”
  • Added scene “Aura Masturbating 7”
  • Added mental change Orgasm Afterglow
  • Added mental changes George relationship lever
  • Added mental change language “Derogatory George Nickname”
  • Added mental change lewd control crystal
  • Added mental change Perverted Fulfillment+
  • Added boss Hi-Aethon
  • Added item Stasis Bomb+
  • Added item Emerald Tea+
  • Added item Vitality Potion+
  • Added items Elixir of Power, Elixir of Magic, Elixir of Speed
  • Added book “An Advanced Guide To Focusing Your Mind”
  • Added book “Encyclopedia Alchemica Volume II”
  • Added book “Holding Your Breath”
  • Added lewd book “Master Class Techniques To Make A Male Cum”
  • Added skill Shadowcloak II
  • Added skill Bless II and Blessed versions of Coatings and Drugs
  • Added Ex-Knight-Commander Lorraine
  • Added Verdeaux Book Cafe Pastries & Books
  • Added Verdeaux Verdeaux Elixir Alchemist
  • Added Luck Professor NPC stubs
  • Added event meeting with Arch-Cardinal and Gabriel
  • Added Verdeaux shrine
  • Added variation for meeting Roland after starting Reverse Summoning Ritual
  • Added Gabriel post-meeting dialogue
  • Added Dolus post-meeting dialogue
  • Added minor Main Cathedral NPCs and flavor books
  • Added end of content point at party discussion
  • Added difficulty modes Explorer, Renamed Hard to Nightmare, and add easier Hard mode
  • Moved Lumerian Bread to Book Cafe and change Bread Merchant to a Material Merchant
  • Improved side-ways stairs to be more mouse and mobile friendly
  • Improved wildlife
  • Improved Ladder behavior for events such as evented ropes
  • Improved Color of HP/MP/WP text in the main menu
  • Renamed header for Special/Magic/Martial from “Skill” to “Special/Magic/Martial”
  • Added option to directly enter Mount Firestorm when possible
  • Added paper doll plugin to layer pixel art parts for actors
  • Refactord wildlife additions using TemplateEvent plugin
  • Increased max killed bosses to 86
  • Increased max mental changes to 122

0.29.0 (31.03.2023)

  • Added Homewrecking 2 H-CGs
  • Added dungeon “Forest of Runes: Far Eastern Caves”
  • Added dungeon “Mount Firestorm Entrance”
  • Added scene “Gossip About George 3”
  • Added scene “Tutored By George 2”
  • Added scene “Tutored By George 3”
  • Added scene “Dating George 3”
  • Added scene Cheerleading Practice 8
  • Added scene “Wanting to Be A Model 1”
  • Added scene “Tests Are Out 6”
  • Added scene “Richard Tutoring Aura 1”
  • Added scene “George and Rose Meetup 2”
  • Added scene “Hooking Up Elizabeth 1”
  • Added scene “Hooking Up Elizabeth 2”
  • Added scene “Streaming 1”
  • Added memory “George Confession”
  • Added mental change “Accepted Confession out of Pity”
  • Added mental change Dreamjob Model
  • Added Brothel
  • Added Erotic Bookstore
  • Added Artifact Workshop
  • Added quest “Journey Of A Hero”
  • Added quest stub “Duelists of Verdeaux”
  • Added boss fight Mature Spider Queen
  • Added boss fight Medium Earth Slime + Medium Thunder Slime
  • Added boss fight Behemoth
  • Added boss fight Greater Salamander
  • Added boss fight Cockatrice
  • Added item “Blessed Water+”
  • Added lewd scene Soap Job 1
  • Added lewd scene Soap Job 2
  • Added lewd scene Full Service Job 1
  • Added lewd scene Full Service Job 2
  • Added lewd book “The Art of Lewd Horror”
  • Added lewd book “101 Prostitution Tips”
  • Added lewd book “How To Use Your Female Charms Defensively”
  • Added lewd knowledge trainer to Erotic Bookstore
  • Added lewd skill trainer to brothel
  • Added skill Flashing Crotch Kick II
  • Added skill Seductive Stance II
  • Added skill “Fast Items Stance I”
  • Added skill “Divine Guard I”
  • Added skill “Peaceful Mind I”
  • Added artifact Orb of Light
  • Added artifact Orb of Air
  • Added artifact Magic Enhancer
  • Added Clemence duel
  • Added option to learn Fast Item Stance I from duelist
  • Added item Lumerian Bread
  • Updated shop menu to include number of owned items column
  • Implemented Nephlune White Priestess founding Church
  • Gave Mana Skin II ability to negate minor damage from HOT areas
  • Added prototypes for cosmetic fish, dog and cat sprites in major cities
  • Added prototypes for cosmetic wildlife to first three Forest of Runes areas
  • Expanded Verdeaux with various minor NPCs
  • Reduced copy & paste in flavor events #3497
  • Restructured menu image folders
  • Refactoring pass of all active plugins
  • Updated Homewrecking 2 CGs with fixes
  • Improved pixel positioning of various cosmetic events
  • Increased max killded bosses to 84
  • Increased max mental changes to 118

0.28.2 (10.03.2023)

  • None


  • None


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed switch initialization in tavern happening after chinchirorin trigger check
  • Fixed various 4-line dialogue boxes
  • Fixed inconsistent vulgarity in Bonding with Slime scene
  • Fixed Alicia not walking to trash can

0.28.0 (24.02.2023)

  • Added CGs for Homewrecking 1
  • Added dungeon Central Lake: Underwater
  • Added dungeon Central Lake: Depths
  • Added dungeon Central Lake: Flooded Vault
  • Added quest “Special Study Program”
  • Added scene “Cheerleading Game 1”
  • Added lewd scene “Cheerleading Game 2”
  • Added lewd scene “Aura Masturbating 4”
  • Added lewd scene Special Study 1
  • Added lewd scene Special Study 2
  • Added lewd scene Special Study 2
  • Added lewd scene Roland 1
  • Implemented vulgar language mental change
  • Added Star Knightess costume
  • Added Magic Academy
  • Added Kraken + Sahaking boss fight
  • Added Lamia + Jellyfish boss fight
  • Added Hydra boss fight
  • Added Mutated Rafflesia boss fight
  • Added double Kappa boss fight
  • Added Siren boss fight
  • Added skills Splash I
  • Added skill Flaming Robe II
  • Added skill Air Bubble II
  • Added skill Stone Mind II
  • Added skill Brittle II
  • Added skill Tailwind II
  • Added special skill “Ascend” to return to last Dive Point from an Underwater dungeon
  • Added passive “Rising Heat II”
  • Added passive “Desire To Be Dominated By Evil I – III”
  • Added item Formula: Gamma
  • Added item Lightning Jam Coating
  • Added item Castitas Rune
  • Integrated shop menu overhaul
  • Added Star Knightess Theme
  • Switched Arwin and Aura sides in Festival of Greed second and third stage battle
  • Added options to learn all non-rare rank I and II spells at Magic Academy
  • Added “Knight’s Keep” base map
  • Added Roland at Adventurer Guild before registering
  • Added basic Roland at Knight’s Keep
  • Added practicing/fighting knight stubs at the front of the Knighthood center in Verdeaux
  • Increased max mental changes to 116
  • Increase max killed bosses to 78


  • Reduced Air from Air Bubble I to 500
  • Only apply SLIP if UNDERWATER when casting Vortex
  • Rename Ogre Bone to Giant Bone and replace second Gourmet Meat drop from Sahaking with Giant Bone
  • Reduce slip duration from vortex by 1


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed states with different durations stacking e.g. BLIND[5] and BLIND[10] instead of extending the existing effect
  • Fixed Underwater tutorial message not displaying
  • Fixed Radiance secretely giving +4 MDEF
  • Fixed Phantom encounters in Underground Vault not affected by Radiance
  • Fixed corruption/lewdness/vice display for Festival of Greed companion battles
  • Fixed casing of resource name for shop plugin
  • Fixed desync of enemy movement routes because of different off-screen updates
  • Fixed incorrect armor in aura portrait
  • Fixed Evolved Jellyfish + Lamia encounter glitches
  • Fixed passability bug in Central Lake Vault
  • Fixed Rose seduced by Richard scene when adult content is off
  • Fixed issues with key items in shops and stock display
  • Fixed enemy names in battle HUD going out of bounds
  • Added conditional branch to rating dialogue in gofer 3 scene
  • Fixed teleporting to incorrect mirror after high school reunion memory
  • Fixed various bugs with chinchirorin minigame
  • Fixed controller icons not displaying in intro tutorial
  • Fixed missing through flag in harvested Ether
  • Fixed incorrectly-named single tap property
  • Fixed Desmond event in Adventurer’s Guild overriding lewd scenes
  • Fixed special study recollection always replaying latest special study event
  • Fixed passability bug in Central Lake Vault
  • Fixed dialogue issues in study scenes
  • Fixed viewing first sex with George resetting the hating books scenes
  • Fixed cheerleading game scene resetting recollection room progress for practice scenes
  • Fixed issues with Air Bubble
  • Fixed Encyclopedia Alchemica not appearing in Nephlune shop

How To Install Game Star Knightess Aura

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Star Knightess Aura Free Download


Walkthrough: GDRIVE


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