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Warlock and Boobs [v0.502.0.1]


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Warlock and Boobs Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for…

Developer: boobsgames Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Turn based combat, Futa/trans, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Oral sex, Religion (Nun), Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Transformation, MILF

Description Game

Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!

Screenshots and Gameplay


It fixes two bugs where you get stuck in the table during the orgy, and when you start walking through walls after

Warlock and boobs v0.502


It fixes the issue with getting out of the new location, the triggering of the scene with elf femboy and battle nun, and the scene with Paladin being spitroasted additionally being triggered at night by mistake

It fixes some lighting issues

Warlock and boobs v0.500

Warlock and boobs v0.441

Warlock and boobs v0.440

Hotfix v0.432.0.2
It fixes scene with Jill only triggering at morning, missing Eric’s scene’s variants, and Eric’s titfuck scene not triggering if you sleep in the bed right before that, and fixes the lab event that unlocks Meril’s blowjob. Also added a cheat the change relationship between Eric and Astra

Warlock and boobs v0.432

Hotfix v0.431.0.1
It fixes an issue with the scene with Derek, Taisha and the goblin girl

Warlock and boobs v0.431

Hotfix v0.430.0.1
It fixes the dialogue with Great Paladin that prevented you from starting the quest “Field research”



Hotfix 0.412.0.1
It fixes some missing translation, a problem with the orcs, flirt with Paladin, and wrong trigger in the monastery

Hotfix 0.411.0.2
It fixes the last room in the dungeon, adds cumflated image for Juliette’s scene, and hopefully fixes the spa bug (I hope it was fixed this time)

Hotfix 0.411.0.1
It fixes Volt’s new scene not triggering. You will need to watch him fucking Golem Nun again

It fixes the test event in the elven forest, some translation issues, and the bug with he golem near the spa.

New quest. Talk to Melissa when Brother Volt is snooping around in her tower to start it.
Golem Nun upgrade mechanic. Can be unlocked during the quest.
You can use a certain resource to give her fun upgrades (lips, nipples, etc).
You can remove the upgrade to get the resource (pieces of slime) back and use it on another upgrade. 10 slime pieces are needed for one upgrade, and 50 in total for the full upgrade. Only lips upgrade has a scene at the moment
New senes:
[*]Busty Elf oral. During the hunt or after defeating a Busty Elf in the elven forest
[*]Melissa oral. After completing her new quest and after that via flirt menu.
[*]Jill and Astra oral. Talk to them when Jill is massaging Astra’s butt during sunbathing event. Requires 200+ lust and 30+ relationship points with both
[*]Golem Nun oral. Give her lips an upgrade and test them out at night. The illustrations are placeholder, I think I will replace them in the future
[*]miniscene with stone boobs. No illustration
New pictures:
[*]Busty Elf oral. 6 variants
[*]Melissa oral. 3 variants
[*]Golem upgrades. 26 variants
[*]Jill and Astra oral. 3 variants
[*]Golem oral. 2 variants
Small things:
[*]new decoration elements in the dungeon,
[*]A number of reported bugs


This update is mostly focused on scenes.

Drinking event with orc chief Mushra now has alternative ending with Krowly being on top.

Option to invite Alice in the spa at Monday day time. Has a variant of her bathing scene and reactions on Krowly’s getting massage from the elves

New scenes:

  • Jill’s oral scene. Can be triggered if you have 200 or more lust when you give her the cream during the sunbathing event at the morning
  • Alice’s butt can be seen at Sunday morning in her house
  • Krowly fucking Mushra, the orc chief. As a part of the drinking event with her. You need to find a way to over-drink her
  • Threesome scene with Krowly, a pregnant snake girl and Eric. During the hunt in two dungeons. Also has a variant for Kaaren, without Eric.

Updated scenes:

  • Snake girl’s oral scene. Updated illustration, plus pregnant snake girl’s variant

New pictures:

  • Jill’s oral scene. 2 variants
  • Alice’s butt
  • Krowly fucking Mushra. 2 variants
  • Snakegirl threesome. 24 variants

Updated pictures:

  • Snake girl’s oral scene. 4 variants
  • Alice bathing. Added 2 variants for the spa
  • Alice’s buttfuck. Added 2 variants for the spa

Small things:

  • Small changes to the start of the game. The game asks less questions, but I added a suggestions to check content settings in the menu.
  • Small changes to sex stats window


  • event with Jaina’s training should be working right now

Version 0.401 with RTP.
The saves from the previous version will work.

New scenes:

  • Threesome with Jenna and Eric. You can join them when they are having sex at night. Requires 50+ relationship points with both of them
  • Astra and Jill sunbathing at Tuesday morning near Ironheart mansion. Astra has unique illustration, Jill will get one in the future.
  • Maruna titfuck. After you helped her tribe you can join Maruna when she is bathing in her pool (Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening)
  • Meril oral. After event with Agatha, and after restoring the Magic Eye (in the lab) at the enter of the lab an event will trigger, that will unlock the new scene with Meril (and more stuff in the future)

Updated scenes:

  • Flower girl titfuck. Replaced illustrations
  • Jaina rimjob. Added illustrations

New pictures:

  • Flower girl titfuck. 2 variants
  • Jaina rimjob. 2 variants
  • Maruna titfuck. 2 variants
  • Threesome with Jenna and Eric. A lot of variants
  • New battle background for one of the ruins’ type
  • Astra sunbathing
  • Jill naked
  • Meril oral. 2 variants

Small things:

  • Added translucent effect to the ingame menus


  • A fix of the sleeping script
  • Multiple other fixes

Dreams. The sleeping event were remade. It was very complicated and messy, so I have to change it. It will allow me to more easy add things in the future, and will make it more easy to avoid bugs. This is mostly technical thing, but it needed to be done, and it took some time. Also I added “dreams” – oneliners that describes what Krowly was dreaming about. These are just for flavor. Some of them are normal, but some are generated by a script were added, so they might be a little strange (as the dreams often are)
Shaved pussy. An option in settings to set “hairy pussy” to less. For now it affects only Fina, making her pussy shaved. In the future it’s planned for Carla, Astra and Agnieszka. Maybe for goblins

New scenes:
Astra’s facefuck. When Astra visit Krowly at night if he has 200 lust and 30 relationship with her, he can choose to facefuck her.
Krowly fucked by Mattew, the caravan guard. No illustrations. Tuesday or Friday night, if you have already titfucked Iss. Bring Goblin Ale.
Samantha’s titfuck. Stare at her boobs and then ask for a titfuck ^^ Has some extra lines from Juliette and Fina
Krowly’s night activity now has an option to use fingers or dildo on his butt in his bed, before sleep. Works with Jade Dildo or the one that you can buy from Raina.
Jill and Carla. Friday night in Carla’s bedroom. (option to join might happen in the future.)
A painting of a demon girl with an orc on a wall in Fina’s mansion. +futa variant

Updated scenes:
Staring on Samantha’s boobs. Added illustrations with her showing off her cleavage.
A mini-scene where we catch futa elf fapping got an illustration (a variant of the existing one)
New pictures:
Astra facefuck (variants made from existing illustrations), 2 total
Samantha’s titfuck and cleavage. 13 total
Krowly’s dildo and buttplaying. 28 variants total
Jill and Carla.12 variants total
Demon girl and orc painting. 2 variants.
Updated pictures:
Faries buttfuck. Updated illustrations. I made them in July, but forgot to add in game. +2 more variants
Added about 29 variants of Fina with shaved pussy.
Goblins shouldn’t be chasing player offering snu-snu anymore

UPD: hotfix 1. it fixes Taisha’s quest, brings back the time cheat, fixes broken events with Jill and Samantha, fixes scene with Derek and Jenna, etc

How To Install Game Warlock and Boobs

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Warlock and Boobs Free Download


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